Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo Man with  Aquarius Woman.

It was not his courage, it was not his engaging appearance,
it was not…. there is no beating about the bush, for we
know quite well what it was, and have got to tell. It was
Peter’s cockiness
“I don’t mean a kiss,” she said. “I mean a thimble.”
“What’s that?”
“It’s like this.” She kissed him.
“Funny!” said Peter gravely. “Now shall I give you a

Make no mistake. A Lion will be as startled and confused as the “ordinary” male by an Aquarian girl’s unique manner of speech and singular behavior. But his response will be typically Leonine. He’ll pretend he hasn’t noticed. An open display of confusion might indicate weakness, so he’ll act as though he’s taking her eccentricities in stride, with a calm and unruffled, rather benevolent (if slightly patronizing), air.

If she chooses to call a kiss a thimble, then so will he. And his languid naturalness will be so convincing, she’ll never suspect it threw him in that first moment before he caught himself. A Lion can never let on that he’s been caught unprepared, let alone “thrown.” If she tells him she wants some cherimoyas in the backyard, he’ll yawn, tell her he’ll think it over and let her know later. By the following day, he’ll be an expert on cherimoyas. When she tells him to be sure and pick up some yogurt on the way home because she needs to take it with her to the photographer’s, he may be burning with curiosity to learn what yogurt has to do with a camera, but he won’t ask. The next day, before he drives her to have her picture taken, she’ll solicit his opinion. “Should I use the yogurt before I get there?” His reply will be casual. “Why not?” he’ll offer smoothly, never revealing his utter bewilderment. (Use it?) He’ll breathe a secret sigh of relief when he discovers she uses it as a facial. He had started to wonder if she really needed therapy. Nor will he raise an eyebrow when he finds an Oriental vase in the freezer section of the refrigerator, filled with freshly sharpened pencils. By this time he’ll have learned at least part of the combination lock to her mental process, and he can guess the riddle rather easily. He figures she thinks the pencils write better when the lead is chilled. He’s beginning to know her. That’s right. They make a cleaner, neater mark on the page.

He’d never give himself away by turning pale when she runs into his arms, weeping inconsolably and crying out, “He’s dead! Joe is dead!” He’ll soothe her as best he can, hoping she doesn’t feel the wild thumping of his heart, until he gradually learns that “he” is the small lizard in the garden she named Joe, of whom she had grown quite fond. No matter if she sews up the hem in her skirts with Elmer’s glue, rinses her hair with 3.2 beer to make it sparkle, enjoys the mystical feeling of taking her shower with no light in the bathroom – just one lone candle on the sink – or runs to the kitchen to grab the bottle of vanilla extract and dabs it behind her ears before they go out for dinner because it’s her favorite perfume. He’ll remain blase about it all. To exhibit spontaneous surprise is beneath his dignity. It implies that there could be something he doesn’t know – and since a Leo knows everything – quite logically, how could anyone surprise him? This girl can surprise him, whether he shows it or not. She completely floors him. He’s never met anyone quite like her before. She breaks all the rules, follows no predictable pattern and keeps him guessing almost continually.

Of course, the fact that he refuses to openly indicate that he finds her to be a challenge will only make her more determined to find a way to shock him – to see what he’s like when his poise is shattered. It fascinates her that a man can be so unflappable, so lazily confident, so immune to being caught off-guard. No wonder astrology calls him the Big Cat, she muses. That describes him perfectly. Always alert, ever watchful. Aware of the slightest scent of danger to his well-being and his “pride,” and ready to pounce on that danger first, before it descends on him. Perhaps a Lion does deserve to be called the King of the Jungle.

She can’t help admiring him, but that won’t halt her attempts to rattle his composure, disturb his dignity and baffle his regal bearing. She’s heard he’s a Fire Sign, and she knows there are banked fires somewhere beneath all that smooth self-control and graceful movement. She’d like to coax the flames to leap out where they can be seen. It could be exciting, she thinks. It could also be unwise. He’s not a kitten, he’s a cat, and there’s a vast difference. As playful as this man can be, as warm, sunny and lovable as his nature is – he is a survivor. Anyone who tries to make him seem foolish will be taught a swift and impressive lesson about Leo’s own personal law of the jungle in human society. Noble, generous and affectionate, often gentle, he nonetheless will establish his authority by rising to the fierce heights of his Solar rulership when he’s threatened. And he will never submit to defeat or failure. In the end, he will triumph Leo is not cruel – but neither is this man soft and humble, self-effacing or submissive. He doesn’t waste his splendid energy without a cause, but when a just cause arises, he has the strength to enforce his will – and on such occasions he becomes decidedly dramatic. In no way does a Lion retreat, although he may disdain to expend his emotions on matters he considers too petty and trivial for his attention. Most of the time, he organizes his emotional reactions as efficiently as he organizes everything else around him.

This man and woman are under the influence of the polarized 7-7 Sun Sign attern vibration, so their views are often diametrically opposed – and they may find themselves frequently settling into the extreme ends of the emotional hermometer. Yet this opposition of their Sun Signs on the horoscopic wheel may help to balance out the matching double masculine challenge of their personalities. They were both born under Fixed (stubborn) and masculine signs.Also, his ruling Sun is masculine (very!) and her ruling planet Uranus is likewise masculine. This creates a lot of positive, aggressive and determined vibes round them – and clearly requires that they both make a mutual attempt to add some of the so-called “feminine” qualities to their relationship, such as passivity, tenderness, patience and tolerance


She can’t understand why he’s so vitally concerned with his own image, when she’s concerned with all manner of things outside herself, as befits her Air Element. His vanity perplexes her. And the way he pouts when he doesn’t receive the respect to which he believes he’s entitled. She’s considerably more carefree about her appearance – and as for what people think, it seldom even occurs to her to wonder, let alone care. She doesn’t need to be respected. She respects herself – and isn’t that all that matters – what you think of yourself, not what others think of you? This is one of the several invaluable lessons she can teach her Lion if he’ll forget his pride long enough to realize how much happier he’d be if he saw the wisdom of some of her Uranian philosophy.

She can also learn from him some important things. Self-control is the chief one. Her sudden impulses and tornadoes of emotion can cause his fiery inner nature to explode so that neither of them can discuss anything calmly. Air has the ability to whip fire into a frenzy but can also cause it to burn more  brightly, and there’s no doubt that she stimulates him in a positive way too. The typical Aquarian woman outwardly appears to seek only tranquility, peace and quiet. Lots of girl Water Bearers are quite soft-spoken and mild-mannered ladies. Then suddenly, without the slightest warning, or even any real provocation, they’ll erupt into a stormy scene – throw something across the room or out the window – or if nothing else, slam the door, lock it, draw the shades and play hermit for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But pouting is a mistake, because she’ll never win the pouting game with a Lion. A Leo man is an absolute expert in the strategy of pouting when he’s been injured or wounded. She can’t top him there. He’s the champion.

Because a male Lion often subconsciously associates powerful emotions (whether positive or negative) with sexual desire, one of the most surprising things about their relationship can be the way a quarrel, even a violent one, will renew their longing for each other – and culminate with the consummation of unspoken need. There’s something feral and primitive about the kind of lovemaking that silently demands surrender of the passion of the mind and emotions to the passion of the body. Afterward, it’s like the calm that follows the storm, when everything is peaceful and still again .. . fresher and sweeter than before. However much their personalities may struggle and clash in other areas of their togetherness, these two can nearly always count on the restoration of harmony between them when their sexual expression of love transforms the Leo man into his Lion self… and she becomes, no longer his opponent, but his mate. The challenging creature to whom he must prove either his equality or his superiority. He’d prefer it to be the latter, but he’d save lots of energy for other interests in his life if he’d be satisfied to just aim for the former with this lady.

The sexual chemistry they share is so magnetic it usually resists destruction by the other tensions of their relationship (unless there are severe afflictions between the Ascendents and Luminaries in their birth charts). Of course, there will be occasions when his pride will be deeply wounded by her periodic inability to be as affectionate as he’d like. Leo requires much warmth and tenderness blended with his lovemaking – and she may sometimes be unintentionally cool or detached. Her inner self vibrates to the element of Air, which can never match the heat or brilliance of the Solar-Fire influences that guide her Leo man’s sexual passions. But he can console himself with the knowledge that she’s probably warmer with him than she could be with anyone else, because their 7-7 opposition brings out in her as much wholehearted involvement as she’s capable of giving to physical union.

They’ll probably shower each other with lavish gifts and crazy surprises at unexpected times, these lovers. They’ll both be refreshed and inspired, excited by change, travel and creative projects they can plan together. But she’ll have to be careful that her tendency to gather armfuls of friends of both sexes into their private circle doesn’t offend her Lion. Leo smolders with jealousy within for a long, long time before it bursts forth in anger. He’ll never be able to curb her urge to be herself. This woman must be both allowed and encouraged to follow her impulses, or her normal cheerful disposition will be strangled. She’s a spontaneous free spirit, like all Aquarians, and to stifle this Uranus quality can result in a serious neurosis.


A Lion can become neurotically morose too, if he doesn’t receive the attention he needs on a regular basis. Her mind is on such a number of things, she may forget he’s there at times. She’d better remember. To ignore a Leo man too often is to lose him for a certainty. He’ll freeze into an icicle – and there’s always someone waiting out there to melt him with honest appreciation.

Since the sages tell us that a word to the wise is sufficient, and astrology tells us that Leo is wise – here are a few words that should be sufficient in counseling a Lion who loves a Water Bearer. In several Aquarius chapters I’ve advised various Sun Signs that it’s prudent, if at all possible, to aim to be the first love of an Aquarian. Aquarians always remember wistfully the first love (which was probably a platonic friendship). But there are other sound reasons. The following lament from the pen of Dorothy Parker rather concisely describes the Uranian romantic quandary of a female W.B.

Oh, gallant was the first love … and glittering and fine the second love was water… in a clear, white cup the third love was his, the fourth was mine and after that, I always get them all mixed up. All things very carefully considered, a Leo man should try to be the third love of this lady. Yes, definitely Number Three for the Lion. And seal it off right there. Beyond that point, it gets pretty risky. The glitter and the white cup are passing ecstasies. And Number Four is out of the question for any Leo. Three is the magic Number. Then lock up her Chinese abacus .. . and throw away the key.

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