Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo Man with  Capricorn Woman.

He was tingling with life and also top-heavy with conceit.
“Am I not a wonder, oh, I am a wonder!” he whispered to
her; and though she thought so also, she was really glad for
the sake of his reputation that no one heard him. 

The Leo male believes that he is, by far, the most practical person he knows.Whatever the actual truth of the matter may be, this is what he believes. He glances in the mirror, and the image he sees reflected there is that of a handsome hero-type, smooth and unflappable, who clearly has it together. Such is the flattering picture of himself he carries in his mind in all his dealings with those less fortunately endowed. Then he falls in love with a Capricorn girl. Suddenly, with no warning, he feels all feet, all thumbs, awkward, impulsive, impractical – maybe even a little foolish. For a Lion, that’s a mighty unpleasant mixture of feelings.

Naturally, he doesn’t let on right away that he’s so discomfited in her presence. What, him worry? Like Alfred E. Neuman, of Mad Magazine, he goes right on grinning, bluffing his way out of his uneasiness by going through the motions of being on top of the situation, pretending a cool poise he doesn’t really feel. The discomfort begins when he senses this odd “teaching thing” about her. Or is it judgmental? He can’t decide whether she makes him feel like he’s dealing with his mother, his fourth-grade schoolteacher, or his older sister, who’s always putting him down. Is it his father she reminds him of when she ? No, of course not. That’s silly. How could such a soft-spoken lady remind him of his father? But he wonders, as she begins to quietly confide in him her opinions about abstract art versus the masters, why she’s determined to visit Europe, what’s wrong with today’s educational systems, how she thinks building your own home is a more intense and total experience than buying or renting someone else’s concept of living .. and possibly legalized abortion. Something cozy and protective about him makes her trust him enough to tell him all these things. Normally, she doesn’t air her views openly, or freely discuss her personal convictions. He should be deeply moved by her decision to trust her mind and its thoughts to him, which is this timid girl’s careful security-check before she trusts her heart to him. But is he? No. Usually, he is not. He’s too busy thinking about his masculine ego requirements.

He listens to her benignly, with a kind of amused tolerance, taking advantage of her earnest concentration to study her womanly charms and mentally plan his seductive strategy, lazily calculating how long it will be until she’s lying back contentedly in his arms, and then he’ll…. wait a minute. She has paused momentarily, to see if he’s been listening. To prove to her then that he didn’t miss a word, he’ll affectionately, but firmly, scold her about some of her opinions, confidently pointing out where she’s wrong. Warming up, he tells her how she should wear her hair and what kind of sweater he thinks would be more becoming on her than the one she’s wearing. Since she’s so quiet and doesn’t interrupt him, he’s encouraged to tell her how she could improve her mind, her appearance, and even her health – by allowing him to guide her life-style from now on.

Something is wrong. She’s too quiet. He thought she had such lovely eyes, so soft and shiny, so twinkly with subtle humor .. but why do they now suddenly remind him of two steel bullets – or a pair of glittering marble aggies? Her gimlet stare is as cold as her voice when she speaks. “It’s late. I have to be up early. I’ll see you next week – maybe.”

It’s about now that those feelings of fumbling awkwardness and foolishness envelop him. He feels rejected, humiliated. He shouldn’t. It’s just that her reactions are controlled and guided by Saturnine instincts. She’s extremely selfprotective, and she has the common sense to withdraw from an approaching battle before love is seriously wounded – or killed. It’s more loving of her than he realizes to call time out for contemplation. If he would stop thinking of himself as the priority problem, and think more of her, he would receive her silent message .. . “Let’s take some time apart to think, because I don’t really want to stop loving you, and I might if you keep pushing me. You’ve almost made me afraid to confide in you again. Please realize what you’re doing. I don’t want to drop back into the lonely way life was before you came along. Maybe a week or so away from each other will make you understand the things you do and say that hurt me.”

If he could have looked in her window after he left that night, he would have seen that her eyes were no longer cold with stern determination, but soft and shining .. . with unshed tears. She tries hard to stop her tears, this girl, before they escape and expose her innermost feelings, and usually she succeeds. But not always. If he had been able to see her on that night, he would have watched her weep for a few brief moments, her sobs muffled by the pillow she clutched, pretending it was him. The only way the Lion will ever really understand this quiet creature, who seems so eternally cool and composed, is to observe her through the windows of his heart when she thinks she’s all alone and no one can see or hear her troubled emotions. Even as a little girl, she kept all the nameless fears of childhood locked within, presenting to adults the image Saturn insistently whispered to her that they demanded. “What a well-behaved child,” they would always say, nodding in approval. And so her small heart knew that she was liked, the security all children so desperately and silently seek. Saturn teaches all Cappies, from infancy, to behave properly in public and they never forget the lesson. The Capricorn woman subconsciously feels that if she’s guilty of a public display of emotion, she’ll be scolded in disapproval. Therefore, the habit of self-control deepens every year, offending some and sadly leaving her to wonder privately what she has done wrong.

She’s not the only one. The Lion in our example is also tortured by wondering what he has done wrong. If he thinks it over with careful introspection, he’ll realize that he made several common mistakes with the Goat Girl: believing he could wind her around his little finger by the sheer force of his presence – failing to show respect for her very sound and already carefully thought out ideas about matters of vital interest to her – and expecting her to be delighted over his offer to mold her, like a piece of damp clay, into his image of the ideal woman. This woman is not a piece of damp clay, waiting for Svengali Leo to mold her. She’s made of solid rock, plus mounds of earth (but remember that earth can be warm and safe and protective too). A chisel, or perhaps a few caps of dynamite might change the structure of her thought patterns and habits (slightly), but nothing less than this. Certainly they won’t change through thoughtlessly arrogant lectures from a smugly confident Lion, however magnetically exciting he is to her otherwise. (Leo represents the eighth house of sexual mystery, among other things, to Capricorn.) She’s not about to change her clothing, hair style, or opinions for any man, not even this proud one with the graceful walk and powerful jungle appeal, who undeniably makes her knees go weak when he grins at her, and causes her to be depressed herself when she senses he’s sad, whether she expresses her compassion verbally or not. Maybe he can gradually change her – very gradually – one soft step at a time. But instant change he can forget. A Capricorn girl does nothing instantly, and regal commands, even loving ones, have the effect of bringing out all her stubbornness to strengthen her already-steely will.


His sunny disposition and air of confidence, however, melts her more often than he guesses, at the same time inspiring her and lifting her Saturnine gloom more than she confesses. She’ll listen attentively when he talks about his giant goals and future ambitions. She’s on the side of the good and the right, so his idealism will please her – and she’s definitely on the side of ambition, of all shapes and sizes. The grander his goals, the more she’ll support them, though she won’t hesitate to identify any flaws that threaten to make them impractical.

He should appreciate her sensible advice, heed her instinctive wisdom, not resent it. Capricorns have quite a marvelous knack for turning dreams into reality. Counterclockwise, she should be more often guided by his courageous personality, and listen to him when he tells her to ease up on the caution before she smothers them both in negativity. There are joys known only to those free spirits who follow the song of the skylark, and who realize that taking a chance now and then makes Life more lyrical. The Lion was born knowing that the Kingdom of Happiness is not paved with insurance policies against possible disappointment and disaster. He is a King, and therefore he can teach her the nuances of nobility. But he should lead her out of the dark dungeons of depression into the sunlight tenderly, not with a large shove.

The Lion in love with a Capricorn girl should memorize the proverb of the tortoise and the hare, even though the ending may annoy him, remembering that she is the tortoise, he is the hare. He’s magical and powerful enough to turn himself into the shape and style of a tortoise if he really wants to win the race. But trying to rush the tortoise only delays his own progress, and won’t stop Cappy’s slow, deliberate pace to cross the finish line. Time is her friend. Saturn. Old Father Time. No one ever beat him yet. These two are almost certain to have approximately one debate per month regarding money. Such a waste of loving-hours, and so easy to circumvent.

Why argue? It’s really none of his business how she handles her money; none of her business how he spends his. The simple solution is for the Lion and the Goat to keep their financial affairs entirely separate, forever and a day. She may want to earn her own cash, and he’s totally selfish if he pouts over this. Should he want to share his income with her after they’re married or committed (because Leo is generous, unless he has the Moon or Ascendent in Capricorn, Cancer, or Virgo), she should accept it in the spirit it’s given, not get all stuffy and independent about it.

However they work it out, she should be free to “sock” her money, invest it as she pleases, count the interest from her savings every night if she likes, without being tortured by his lectures on stinginess. Likewise, he should be free to make a kite from dollar bills, give his money to the needy, buy extravagant gifts for himself and others, lose a stack of it on a dream or a lost cause, or use it to light the wood fire on chilly winter nights if that’s what makes him happy without suffering stern looks of disapproval from her. It’s the only way. Money madness murders love. Yet it’s nothing but green paper, bearing pictures of past presidents, unattractive pieces of metal, or checks printed with wild geese and scenic sunset views, which are also .. . simply paper. Only love is real.

Money is an illusion, a mirage. They should split it between them as equally as possible, then forget it. Ignore it. Never discuss it. Their physical relationship, because their natures are so different, depends upon the aspects between their Luminaries, Ascendents, and other planets in their horoscopes. If these are unfavorable, he may feel she’s unresponsive to his hunger for affection and sentiment during lovemaking – and she may be unable to express her love for him in a physical way when he makes her feel inadequate by finding fault with her sexual behavior, which may not be fiery or demonstrative enough for him – which has the unfortunate dual result of breaking her heart and freezing her emotions.

There are a few (a very few) Capricorn females whose sexual mores have become pathetically twisted because of some sort of rejection by their families, which is always a severe psychological wound to a Goat. This kind of rare, insensitive Capricorn girl accepts sex as casually as she accepts a handshake, an attitude caused by the negative side of Saturn’s influence, which hardens her emotions and her conscience simultaneously.

She goes through the mechanical motions of erotic behavior, leaving her partners feeling cold and empty, but not nearly as cold and empty as she is left herself. Subconsciously, she uses sex to gain favors, or something she needs, creating a distortion of the positive practicality of the Saturnine essence of “I use.” But this kind of Goat Girl is not likely to appeal to the proud and jealous Lion, and the great majority of Capricorn women symbolize promiscuity’s opposite – romantic shyness and sexual faithfulness. If certain planets, including the Luminaries, are in harmonious aspect between the charts of a Leo man and a Capricorn girl, their sexual expression can be a lasting ecstasy when he has waited for her Saturn-restricted emotions to be gradually released, through learning to trust him. Then their physical Oneness will possess the new and trembling dimension of tenderness, and he’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that he’s awakened the amazing depth of her latent passion, which will from that time forward be shared only with him. Nothing is a more soothing balm to a Lion than knowing he alone possesses his woman’s secret sexuality, a part of her intimate self she’s revealed to no one else but him.


She should tuck a small card in her savings account passbook (where she’s sure to see it frequently) printed with the words: Don’t drown his enthusiasm and generosity with excessive pessimism, depression, or unnecessary caution, and never wound his dignity and pride with cold criticism, which he’ll interpret as rejection.

He should tuck a small card in his car mirror (where he’s sure to see it frequently) printed with the words: Be kind and respectful to her family, stifle your lectures, and be gentle with her quiet heart. Understand that her conservatism springs from an inner fear of poverty and loneliness, some haunted karmic memory. Don’t forget that she needs sincere compliments and appreciation even more than you do, and remember that she only pretends to dislike sentiment and bear hugs.

On reflection, make that a very large card for the Lion. Maybe an eight by ten. In a gold frame. Twenty-four-carat gold, to make him happy. Antique, to make her happy. She feels safer around old objects from a more secure yesterday, fashioned by master craftsmen, who loved their work. That’s a hint of the kind of gift he can give her on the anniversary of the day they met. She may never mention it, but she knows the date. She wrote it down in her diary, then hid it under the mattress with his first love letter he thought she threw away. He should have known better. Cappy never throws away anything of real value. It’s up to him whether that includes his love for her.

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