Leo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Leo  Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo Man with  Libra Woman.

How sweet!” cried Wendy. “Yes, I’m sweet, oh, I am sweet!” said Peter, forgetting his manners again.

She can pay compliments so beautifully, you can almost imagine harp music in the background. She can also be bossy and domineering, in a graceful, gracious kind of way. But bossy is bossy, and domineering is domineering, sugarcoated or not. The Lion will lap up her compliments as a cat laps up cream, but he’ll shake his mane and toss her an injured look if she gets too heavy-handed with her manipulative Venusian subtleties. Translated, this means trying to run his life, telling him she knows what’s best for him, and trying to make him see things the logical and fair way – which often means her way. He likes things his way.

What other way is there? Well, granted, there may be other ways, but his is obviously the only sensible and correct way. He will try to teach her this, tenderly at first – then firmly. She will pretend to learn, but beneath her demure demeanor she’ll never give in and admit he knows everything, because she’ll always be convinced she knows what’s proper at least half of the time. She’s Cardinal Air, he’s Fixed Fire. And so, the decision of who rides the lead horse in the parade will be a constant draw. The least she can do, he pouts, is allow him to be drum major, since the drumbeat sets the pace of the parade. If he doesn’t retain an outward semblance of authority, the Leo male will sulk in the corner and refuse to march. He won’t even carry the banner she painted so nicely for him, bearing the words: LOVE IS COMPROMISE. He’s not buying any of that Libra Lib lingo. A Libra girl usually comes on gently, with a penuche fudge voice, starlit smiles, a hint of autumn’s golden-scarlet hues in her aura.

She makes you think of football games, soft cashmere sweaters, toasting marshmallows in an open fire, walking through burnished leaves, Indian summer .. sunset.. the smoky season. She makes you think of.. well.. television newscasts. (You didn’t know Barbara Walters is a Libra? Now you know.) Look and listen. Weaving through the smoky haze is a “take-charge” air that’s unmistakable. Perhaps not unmistakable to the Lion. He may miss it, however, at first. He may miss it for some time, in fact. Leo males are so easily smitten by beauty, and what with hearing all those harp chords every time she smiles, who notices the background static? It takes another woman to sense what’s behind the Libra girl’s Velveeta-cheese manner.

Women are more sensitive about such things. An Aries woman can sense it right way. That’s because (a) the girl Ram is a little bossy herself, and it takes one to know one, and (b) the Sun Signs of Libra and Aries are opposed or opposite each other on the astrological wheel of Karma. While one is strongly attracted by the opposite sex of one’s opposite Sun Sign, one is acutely alert to warning nuances in the same sex of one’s opposite sign. Study that, please. It’s fraught with ancient truth. It’s why the Libra woman we’re discussing probably once imagined herself to be in love with an Aries male (however far back in her past) and usually (not always, but usually) keeps her distance from Aries females – for more than just the reason that they are harmoniously trine to her Lion’s aura. It’s why the Leo man may have once thought he loved an Aquarian girl (however far back in his past) but usually keeps his distance from Aquarian males – for more than just the reason that they are harmoniously trine to his Libra woman’s aura.

If one’s own Moon was in the sign opposite one’s own Sun Sign in one’s own horoscope at birth, all these “opposition” rules are canceled. Well, perhaps not canceled, but modified – some increasing in meaning, some diluted or negated, depending. Astrology can be tricky if you try to speed-read the planets. But if you take your time, you won’t fail to be graced with wisdom and insight. The Libra woman receives her charm, her dimples, her honeyed voice, curvy figure, and general beauty (also her appealing manners) from her Venus rulership. Her masculine Sun Sign is responsible for her lingering air of feminine macha. (Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as feminine macha. Lucy has it. Ask Charlie Brown.) Her symbol of the Scales gives the Libra girl her indecision traumas and torments. (It may not torment her, but it traumatizes everyone around her when she’s deliberating one of her dual decisions.)


The Leo man’s Sun rulership is the source of both his pride and his passion, along with his generosity, warmth, and benevolence. The Sun is the most powerful astral influence in the system which is named after it, the Solar system. From his masculine Sun Sign he receives his courage, his own male macho. His symbol of the Lion is responsible for his sensuality and his sense of superiority, also his regal arrogance. It’s what causes his weakness for wallowing in the catnip of compliments.

But it makes him a sensational lover. Venus does the same thing for her. They’re both enormously affectionate and demonstrative of their feelings with one another. In today’s emancipated society especially, if Leo and Libra marry, they’re both likely to work (even Libra wives in the Victorian Age managed to find something to manage outside their homes, husbands, and children). Whether the occupations that draw them are the law or architecture, the theatre, publishing, or commerce, they’ll both aim toward either independence or some sort of authority over others, the former being preferable.

She’ll be miserable and unfulfilled if she’s forced to spend too many months as a temporary typist in a pool, or an assistant anything, though she’ll try cheerfully to make the best of it – and he’ll never be content to lead guided tours through Disneyland. Creating a Disneyland, that’s his kind of challenge, not walking people through another man’s dream. A Lion who isn’t either boss of himself or boss over others at work will sometimes excessively assert his superiority at home, over his woman. Who else can he rule? It will seem to her less arrogant of him, if she analyzes the cause. It won’t hurt to allow him to be King for a Day now and then, in his own lair. But she should never let him suspect that her meekness and mildness is deliberate medicine for his bruised sense of importance. There shouldn’t be any really serious financial fusses between these two.

Basically, they both look at money in pretty much the same way. It buys the beauty and comfort they both like and need. He may be a trifle stingier than she is – not with their money, with her. There are Leonine laws of the jungle to be memorized pertaining to shopping and making purchases. It works like this: If it’s something she wants, it’s an unnecessary extravagance. “We don’t need a pair of antique brass candlesticks, dear. Besides, they’re overpriced.” If it’s something he wants, regardless of its cost, it’s “practical,” and it will, of course, “save money in the long run” – like a tricolor, flashing light to snap on his ankle when he’s jogging at night, a slightly used Rolls Royce, or a new movie projector, plus a new wood-paneled viewing room for home screening of great film hits. You know? Another woman might be frustrated to the point of tears of anger over such consistently (shall we say selfish? Yes. Let us say selfish) .. . over such consistently selfish behavior.

The Libra woman will explode when her Scales happen to be out of kilter, on an occasional Thursday, but normally she’ll just smile brightly, cheerfully agree with him, and keep the peace. “You’re absolutely right, sweetheart.” Later, she’ll return to the store alone and buy the brass candlesticks. He won’t find out about them right away. It will be an enchanted evening when some people they’re entertaining (preferably someone important) enthusiastically admire the way they gleam in the candlelight. Then he’ll notice. (She brought them out for this special occasion from their hiding place in the laundry room.) He’ll beam, as he remarks, “Her exquisite taste is only one of the reasons I fell in love with her.”

She smiles one of her melted-butter, dimpled smiles at him. He sighs. Camera fade-out. This is but another of the many examples I keep giving you in this book of a Libra woman’s “iron fist in a velvet glove.” Aside from skirmishes over who’s going to be first on the escalator and things like that, she’s a fine, intelligent companion for the Lion, and her gracious talent for harmony is her most important attribute as his lady. She somehow knows exactly how to smooth his troubled brow. This is an enormously poised woman, unless she’s upset, then she can be totally unreasonable. Nevertheless, she’s well suited to marriage. Librans so much need to be married, they often rush into wedlock with the wrong mates. But practice makes perfect.


A Libra woman needs lots of romance in her lovemaking, despite her feminine macha, and the Lion can provide it, if he will. Leos are very Valentinoish. His languid sensuality answers her need for voluptuous passion through the eternal cosmic compatibility of the Sun and Venus. She’s an intuitive, responsive mate for the impulsive Lion, who can anticipate his fiery desires.

She can also fulfill them. When two people love, the same character quirks which cause trouble in other areas of their relationship carry over into their sexual life, although they may be more disguised, abstract. Remember the law of the jungle regarding purchases? Very subtly, it’s also there in their lovemaking. When she needs him, on a night when he’s particularly tired, physically, she’s being sexually demanding and not considerate of his rest. When he needs her, on a night when she’s particularly weary, it’s a normal and healthy demonstration of their love which will make both of them sleep better, and feel more rested in the morning. Other than this, however, their sexual chemistry is nicely balanced, and their mating can be a mellow experience for both of them. Leo men are always more faithful, genial, and relaxed after marriage than before. They need a castle, someone to protect, and the steadfastness of having someone who loves them waiting there every night. Libra girls are magnetized irresistibly toward the mutuality of partnership, and so marriage is good for these two lovers. Very good. Things won’t be dull, and that’s always a plus.

It keeps love exciting. There are times when she’ll accept all sorts of nonsense with beautiful calm. Other times she’ll fly into a rage or dip into an argumentative mood for the slightest reason. Her emotional balance is upset, maybe because she wishes her hair could be darker (or lighter), the leg on the coffee table is crooked, and he didn’t fix it, the color of the bedspread makes her nervous . . . or a chip in her cut-glass pitcher may be the catalyst for her contrariness. Never mind. He’ll affectionately cuddle her out of it, in his warm, cozy, Leonine way .. until she’s smiling her brilliant smile, and they’ll return to being as happy as fools again. (Fools are always happier than the rest of us.) A man and woman in love become romantically apathetic with only the sexual mating game to interest them. These two will never feel apathy toward one another. There’ll always be something to talk about. She will, of course, be properly and charmingly grateful for the wisdom she receives from her Lion, and she’ll make him aware of this. On the other hand, though she’ll spend her whole life educating him, the beauty of it is that he’ll probably never know when she’s doing it. It’s no good for a man to know how much he needs to learn from his woman – especially a King.

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