Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo woman with Capricorn man.

He was never more sinister than when he was most polite,
which is probably the truest test of breeding; and the
elegance of his diction, even when he was swearing, no less
than the distinction of his demeanor, showed him one of a
different caste …
… he did it with such an air, he was so frightfully
distingue, that she was too fascinated to cry out… 

It’s always something of a shock when a Capricorn man and a Leo woman become emotionally involved or marry – a puzzling surprise to friends and strangers alike, even to their relatives. That’s the common reaction, whether the names of the Lioness and the Goat are Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, Emmylou Dreyfuss and Patrick Plato, Susan Auberjonois and Rudolph Fingall, or Gertrude Franz and Cassius Pendleton. Whatever their religious creed, nationality, or station in life, these two are recognizable as markedly different; whether the Goat owns a junkyard, a fleet of tankers, a used-car lot; oversees a government, a shoe store, or a film company – whether the Lioness presides as Queen over the Salvation Army, an empire, or country, the housekeeping department of a motel, a cosmetics firm, a designer-label fashion house, or a cocoanut-juice stand on the Micronesian island of Truk – people will wonder, whisper, and conjecture. A lot of good it does them, because neither Leo nor Capricorn will stoop to discussing their personal lives or explaining their private behavior. Both of these Sun Signs consider it vulgar to take the slightest notice of gossip. Nevertheless, people continue to wonder.

How could a conservative Goat be attracted by an extravagant Lioness, who is so impulsive, so dramatic of speech and action, who majestically demands that her every whim be granted, who expects to be worshiped and looked up to, yet who refuses to look up to or worship any man? (A Leo woman will either look down on – or over to – others, but never up to them, a Leonine fact I’ve explained before in this book, but a vital facet of her personality well worth pondering more than once.)

Likewise, what could a warm-hearted, magnanimous Lioness see in a cautious Capricorn, who is more silent and brooding than Glamorous and Gregarious (the two G’s of the Leo nature), who pinches the pennies she tosses away like confetti, pays compliments only rarely, usually dislikes parties (unless there’s a practical reason for them), frowns on luxury (unless it has a practical purpose) and is singularly undemonstrative and undramatic regarding his emotions and feelings?

It’s a good question. Or rather, two good questions. But astrology has the answers. The Goat and the Lioness have more in common than meets the astrologically untrained eye; they possess more mutually fascinating qualities and character traits than the esoterically uninitiated might suspect or be able to recognize without a little study of metaphysics.

Consider the nature and needs of the Goat: The typical Capricorn man prefers marrying up the social ladder to down. He’s secretly and shyly impressed by – even in awe of – fame and success, whether on a local community, national, or worldwide basis. He obtains great inner satisfaction from possessions of quality and value (whether inanimate objects, real estate, or women) which other people admire and envy. A male Goat is touchingly drawn to the kind of women who promise to bring some sunlight into his heart by virtue of their ability to coax him to expand his emotional horizons, which he privately longs to do, no matter how gruffly he may deny it.

Consider the qualifications of the Lioness: The typical Leo woman realizes, relatively early in life, some measure of prestige and status, some degree of public notice or social distinction. This girl’s activities can range from being queen of the prom, head cheerleader, chief of the local firefighters in a small town – to becoming a politician, a well-known actress, an educational leader, a pioneering scientist, or a successful career woman in a variety of endeavors. She is almost always admired and envied by both her peers and her inferiors (she has no superiors). Sunlight she possesses in abundance, and she adores guiding conservative people toward more exciting horizons, in every direction, on every level. Now, consider the nature and needs of a Leo woman: Turning around the emotional law of supply and demand, a Lioness needs to exist within the shining aura of success. She must have a mate she can respect (she may dally with a drifter, but she won’t remain with him), a man who isn’t lazy, and who is a true achiever. She’s touchingly drawn to the kind of men who will be calm and patient with her thoughtless arrogance and dramatic manner. She seeks a man who will never humiliate her in public by a lack of breeding or good manners.

She requires a male who’s capable of earning enough money to support her in comparative luxury (comparative in relation to the way most of us peasants live) and who will, further, allow her total freedom of behavior and not deny her the inner satisfaction that comes from taking permanent possession of herself through expressing her womanhood by impressing the world in some manner.

Consider the qualifications of the Goat: A Capricorn man has perhaps more potential of gaining the worldly recognition and material security admired by a Leo girl, from Ohio or Australia, than any other Sun Sign male (with the possible exception of Cancer, Taurus, or another Leo). His quiet ambition and driving determination to reach the summit of the nearest or highest mountain peak will find royal favor in her eyes. She’ll appreciate the fact that his cool, hard head matches her cool, languid poise. Because he is never lazy, this permits her to be periodically lazy (Leos need lots and lots of rest to look beautiful and charge up their powerful solar energy). His normally dignified behavior will meet with her regal approval, and the bashful sweetness he reveals to few people (she being one of the lucky ones) arouses all her warm and protective tenderness. His sense of loyalty is identical to her own. In addition, his seemingly endless Saturnine patience with her fiery temperament brings to her a relaxed sense of emotional security.

So far, everything is mellow and marvelous and melodious between them. However, if the Sun and Moon between their horoscopes are in unfavorable aspect, they’ll have to struggle hard for compatibility. He’ll accuse her of being vain, smug, spoiled rotten and selfish – she’ll accuse him of being cold, cruel, stingy, unemotional and selfish. (Selfishness is a trait they share in common.) Even if their Luminaries are in positive aspect, they’ll face a few tensions, like everyone else. It’s the problem contained near the end of the paragraph before the last one, beginning with the words: “… . and who will, further..” that causes many of the conflicts between them. Not all, but many. Go back and read it again, please. Do you see the problem? If not, I’ll explain.


This lady, who is so sensual and graceful, gracious and generous, so sunny and cheerful and proud .. . leans to Leo’s two G’s, the Glamorous and the Gregarious. Not only does she require periodic parties and occasional gala events (where she can wear her crown or tiara and mingle with the masses), she has an equally intense need to be free now and then to follow the Sun on her own free to spontaneously and impulsively decide to attend a christening, a coronation, a bake sale, or a horse show alone, maybe indulge in some cross-country skiing all by herself (not far, just at the edge of town) without formal permission from anyone, including her boyfriend, or even the man she’s permitted to mate with her for life and father her cubs. The Capricorn man who believes this is an exaggeration should question her long-suffering parents. They will enlighten

She’ll also dramatically demand (or privately desire, with unexpressed, dangerously pent-up fierceness) the opportunity to blaze her own path of glory in some creative occupation or challenging career. Leo women tend to retain their own surnames after marriage since the Aquarian Age sexual revolution (although this sometimes causes them to suffer minor traumas over what to do about the initials to be engraved on the satin pillowcases, silk draperies, gold bathroom faucets, and such). Since the average Capricorn man is more than a mite possessive of his lady friend or wifely companion-of-hearth-and-home, he may balk. Further, the Goat dislikes open or active competition, let alone subtle competition (which he really mistrusts). Things could become a little earthquakish between them when he insists on being securely aware of his lady love’s whereabouts and activities to make sure she’s not doing anything which might disgrace the family name. The only solution is compromise.

He’s just going to have to give her a certain amount of freedom, if he wants to maintain a happy and harmonious home – trust her to have sufficient dignity and pride (believe me, she’s overendowed with both) not to disgrace him or herself, or to be disloyal, when she’s roaming the jungle solo, so to speak. If she wants to attend classes in fashion design or animal husbandry a couple of nights a week, he should demonstrate visibly and verbally his enthusiastic – not grudging – approval. It’s important that his approval be enthusiastic, because if it’s grudging, it will cancel out the emotional tranquility it could bring to their relationship. When she wants to visit friends a few blocks or miles away, or see a film he has no interest in seeing himself, he should phone one of his three old friends and invite him over (it had better not be a “her”), or drop in on one of them for a change, without waiting for an engraved invitation. Or he can putter around with the car while she’s gone – his car – she’s driving hers – and that’s another thing, they’ll need two chariots. The new, sleek, and impressive one for her, the secondhand jeep, station wagon, or pickup truck for him. So much for his areas of compromise.

She should try to handle her side of the compromising gracefully. Isn’t that the way royalty traditionally handles everything? When she tells him haughtily that she sees no reason to request his permission, however rarely, for anything she may wish to do, he should inform her, calmly and affectionately, with that funny Goat twinkle in his eyes, that it’s not a matter of permission, but consultation, and that even Queens are expected to at least consult with their Prime Ministers and their Kings – then quote a few historic scenes to prove it. He should remind her that the purpose of such occasionally required royal seeking of consultation is to make sure that major decisions aren’t impractical and impulsive to the extent that they endanger the castle or the Kingdom. If she’s going to gad about for longer than a few hours, it’s more gracious of her to let him

know her general intentions – the kind and considerate thing to do. And this woman is genuinely kindhearted. To make people happy brings her joy. Once he realizes how much happier and content she can make the man she loves by showing some concern for his feelings, she’ll be more sympathetic and solicit his wise counsel more often regarding her plans. It’s not gracious of her to buy a peacock farm without telling the Goat, or trade his trophy collection for a helicopter without giving him a preliminary hint.

He’s a gentle lover, yet his passions run deeper than is ever apparent on the surface. Only the woman who knows the Capricorn man intimately is aware of the true depth of his emotions, the latent power of his sexuality. Until she’s seasoned by several years of love, the Lioness may be too self-involved to express love physically with her whole being, and there may be, in the beginning, something slightly selfish and shallow about her sexual behavior. But he is patient, and willing to wait for the richness he knows lies just beneath her feminine vanity to develop into the kind of mutual experience that will deepen their relationship. His quiet air of waiting, his eloquent silence when he touches her, will gradually move her heart and allow her to demonstrate the rare blend of affection, tenderness, and sensuality hiding within the aloofness of every Leo woman. She is a Lioness; the pure, feral ecstasy of lovemaking is part of her nature, and often a Saturn-ruled man has just the right combination of masculine qualities to arouse these feelings in her to their ultimate expression. His obvious desire for her is the key, for Leo represents the eighth house of sexual mystery (among other things) to Capricorn, and a Leo woman is always irresistibly stirred by the awareness that she’s truly adored, needed, desired, and wanted. If the Luminaries between their nativities are in negative aspect, they may face difficult adjustments, but the best way to meet difficulty is with Saturnine patience (his great gift to her) – and the Sun’s ability to make clouds and shadows disappear simply by shining (her great gift to him).


Her natural elan and nobility of bearing is why he admires her, but her nobility of character is why he loves her. Her great capacity for generosity and forgiveness softens his melancholy and even gradually dissolves his caution. He needs her warmth and courage, just as she needs his strength and stability. They are very different, these two, but when “like mates with like,” love has few lessons to teach – and who wants to stay in grade school forever? For a man and a woman to learn and to grow together is an exciting adventure. Leo’s fragrant, sultry jungle can be a seductive and thrilling new terrain for the Goat accustomed to the continual sameness of rocky ledges – and Capricorn’s “purple mountain majesties” beckon the curious Lioness with the promise of a magnificent view from the top. Such is the eternal and compelling call of the unknown to the human spirit.

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