Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo woman with Scorpio man.

Which of these adventures shall we choose? The best way will be to toss for it.

I have tossed, and the lagoon has won. This almost makes
one wish that the gulch or the cake or Tink’s leaf had won.
Of course, I could do it again, and make it best out of three;
however, perhaps fairest to stick to the lagoon.

The deep lagoon of a Scorpio man’s inner nature will inevitably win out and dampen the flaming defense of the Lioness in any serious conflict between them. He’s a Water Sign, and water is the strongest of all the elements. Fire consumes, and what is left to conquer after the opposition has been consumed? But water just drips away, drop after drop, penetrating the surface of even rock and granite, in the precise pattern water chooses. Even a boulder tossed into a stream won’t change the stream’s course. But toss a blazing torch into the ocean, and how long do the flames last?

Of course, the size of the body of water can change the outcome. A huge bonfire will cause only a few drops of water to sizzle, then disappear. But most Leo women and Scorpio men are more evenly matched, and in the more common associations between the Leo and Scorpio whose individual vibes are balanced, the lagoon (water) will conquer. Scorpio possesses a great deal more soul experience than Leo, being ahead of Leo on the horoscopic wheel. It’s handy to know this when you start out. It can become complex though, since one never knows for sure which of the two Sun Signs is ahead of the other on the number of trips around the wheel. However, you can be sure that even a Lioness on her millionth time around the circle has been placed, by her own Higher Self, within the Sun Sign vibration of Leo in a certain incarnation because the lessons of the seven signs ahead have not all been completely mastered yet. Since Scorpio is astrally ahead – even if only experiencing his thousandth trip around, comparatively – in this special relationship, within this particular existence, he is karmically destined to teach her a few things she needs to learn, whether she likes it or not.. and she won’t be wild about it, I can assure you. The same thing is true when the sexes are reversed to the Leo man and Scorpio woman. Leo can’t fight this predestined, starry Kismet and win, so it’s wiser to relax and accept it.

The outward manner of the Leo girl may be warm, generous, gregarious, and friendly. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be overjoyed to discover herself being dissected like a butterfly beneath the incredibly deep, steady gaze of a Scorpion who’s trying to probe the very depths of her mind, heart, and soul, let alone her body. If his eyes become too intimate too soon, even though she’s magnetically drawn to him, she’ll not hesitate to turn his Water Element into ice with her frozen, royal dignity. The Lioness dislikes familiarity from strangers, so wait until you know her better before you stare her into a Pluto trance. One doesn’t stare at a Queen. It can get you banished from the ball with a contemptuous, regal wave of her hand.

Their first clash may be over money. She likes to spend it, even though she can be surprisingly practical about how and where she distributes it, going overboard only infrequently in binges of glamourous extravagance. He can be touchingly generous too, on occasion, but he’ll frown on her attempts to control his spending. At the same time, he’ll have no qualms about controlling her spending, a contradiction of character which is more than a mite selfish, and unfortunately shared by both of them, by turns. It’s an unusual Lioness who will submit to that sort of arrangement without periodic roars of feminine outrage. A mutual budget almost always spells trouble for these two. She’ll spend freely yet become petulant or openly hostile when he complains that all the cash is used up for the month. A Scorpio man will take this situation for an extremely limited length of time. Then he’ll retreat into threatening silences and stony stares, hardly an ideal atmosphere in which love can be expected to flourish.

Harmony can be established by a decision to have separate bank accounts, with no questions asked and no accounting demanded regarding who spent how much for what, even if her checking account is possible only through the gift of a portion of his earnings. That will seldom be necessary however, since the typical Leo woman will already have saved some money when she first meets her Eagle and falls in love with him. Ninety-five percent of all Lionesses are career girls. She may enjoy drenching herself in domesticity for a while after  she’s contentedly mated with a man she adores, but it won’t be long until she feels a strong urge to spread her sunbeams, and begins to long for an interest outside the home to increase her sense of self-importance.


The only time a Leo woman is truly happy running a household is when the household is the White House, a towering castle on a windswept hill, or the vast empire of, say, a Greek shipping magnate .. as observe Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, nee Bouvier. Jackie hardly needed to go to work for financial security when she became, very sadly, a widow for the second time. But her astrologically royal blood demanded that she prove to the world, after there was no longer a household over which to preside, that she had a genuine worth as a human being, so off she loped to an office, a desk, and a literary career .. from which we haven’t heard the last.

The sexual adjustment between a Lioness and an Eagle could be delicate. His intense and somewhat mystical lovemaking will delight the romantic in her at first but as time goes on, she’ll need more spoken declarations of affection, richer, more imaginative and tangible demonstrations of his devotion. He’ll find her strange blend of aloofness and fire irresistibly exciting, and will seldom tire of the eternal challenge of conquest she represents. But if he’s rebuffed too often by her icy dignity, he’ll lose that animal magnetism that made her swoon in the beginning; perhaps even punish her by falling asleep while she’s lying there beside him feeling all empty and alone. Using the denial of sexual fulfillment as a method of revenge is one of Scorpio’s most unkind retaliatory defenses when he’s been injured, even when he uses this strategy unconsciously.

If this man and this woman really try, despite the obstacle of their squared 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, they can create a beautiful scene together. They have a lot going against them from the beginning, yet they do have their mutual free will going for them. Imagine a calm, clear lake in the moonlight, a thousand bright flames adrift on its surface shooting sparks of brilliant color toward the velvet midnight sky. How do the flames remain on the water without being extinguished? By being ignited on top of floating logs which support them. To the Leo Fire Sign and Scorpio Water Sign, those floating logs can symbolize a mutual goal.

Once the Eagle and his Lioness have found that mutual goal (or career), one that fits both their dreams, and pursue it together, they can perform the alchemy magic of combining passion and power to turn misery into miracles. His passion – her power. Or her passion – his power. It doesn’t matter, for they each possess both.

Their heartaches will come when he sails off to some exciting adventure without her, leaving her sitting there under the ironing board – or conversely, when she goes dancing off impulsively in the August Sun, leaving him to celebrate Thanksgiving all by himself during a cold November. A deep insecurity lies buried beneath the Leo woman’s bright, brave personality. She can become as bitter and restless as a caged Lioness in a zoo if her mate denies her the right to be an individual. As for him, the Scorpion’s intense need for her brightness to light up his life can cause some violent spells of his Pluto jealousy and possessiveness. He’ll have to realize that this woman simply must now and then bask in the spotlight of admiration – or almost literally pine away. If her adoring friends are sometimes men, it doesn’t have to mean she’s being promiscuous, just exercising her royal right to be worshiped. The possessive Eagle cannot bear to see other men paying court to his woman, but this is what he can expect if he leaves her alone. The Lioness will never be content to sit by the fire, crocheting socks for her mate, polishing his passions at night, and sprinkling powder on his power complex each morning before he swims off into the beckoning world out there in the mist. And so, unless they do things together, the path of hese two lovers can sometimes be rocky. But.. do you know what you do with rocks? Remove them. Just lift them, and toss them over the bank.


If she can learn to appreciate the emotional security and exceptional devotion he offers her – and he can learn to truly value her warm, generous, and sunny spirit, they can transmute the astrological square of tension and conflict between their natal Suns into the square’s equally powerful energy, to create an amazingly strong tie that binds. For love, like a ship, is always safer and stronger after it’s been proven seaworthy.

Despite her flirtatious ways as a young girl, the Lioness will be loyal and faithful to her mate, once she’s been tamed – if the hand of the tamer is gentle, not too strict. And despite his reputation, among the astrologically uninformed, for an obsession with sex, the Scorpio man’s inner and actual compulsion is to explore its mysteries, then raise it to the purity of a spiritual experience. If this man and woman would gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, directly into their own true natures, they would see there’s no need for jealousy or competition between them.

The attempt to cement a relationship with children often fails with other couples. But with Leo and Scorpio, Destiny has mysteriously decreed that if need and desire are intense enough – “a child shall lead the way to Oneness.”

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