Libra And Aquarius Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius.

Air – Cardinal – Positive
Ruled by Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Day Forces – Masculine

Air – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Day Forces – Masculine

The bubbles of many colours made in rainbow water they
treat as balls, hitting them gaily from one to another with
their tails, and trying to keep them in the rainbow till they

Libra is forever blowing bubbles, and Aquarius is forever bursting them. For a while, it’s all hysterically funny, full of joy, like a game. But after a time it wears a little thin. Then Libra will become cranky, and Aquarius will be furious over being misunderstood.

Libra will accuse Aquarius of being stubborn. (That’s true – Aquarius is a Fixed Sign.) Aquarius will accuse Libra of being bossy. (That’s also true, because Libra is a Cardinal Sign of leadership.) After they’ve told each other the truth, Libra will try to be fair, and admit to a touch of bossiness, apologizing so sweetly the Water Bearer feels mean to keep insisting that he (or she) is not stubborn. Yet Aquarius will go right on being mean in not admitting this character flaw, because people born under a Fixed Sun Sign nearly always find it impossible to see their faults as anything but virtues. Besides, Aquarius thinks such discussions are a waste of time. People either get along or they don’t. If they don’t, they shouldn’t even be talking together. They should wave goodbye, and head on down the road. If they do, they shouldn’t be expending energy on fighting. Life is too full of interesting things to do. That’s how Aquarius wins arguments. (These people are extremely practical when it comes to wasted motion, and a trifle selfish when it comes to seeing any side but their own.) What I should have said is that’s how Aquarius wins arguments with most people. It will not be quite so easy to win when Libra is the other member of the debating team. Very few people top Libra in the argumentive, debating or discussion department.

Aquarians have a way of winning a fight with their hats. They put them on and leave. It’s a strategy the Water Bearer may utilize when he (or she) senses Libra is winning through pure logic.

Because both of them belong to the Air or mental element, when they’re not involved in a verbal dispute, they’ll be sharpening their fine minds with positive conversations, which are never less than stimulating and challenging, all the way from exciting to inspiring. Also, since they’re under the influence of the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration, only rarely will a Libra-Aquarius disagreement be serious or lasting. There will always be an emotional and mental foundation for forgiveness and a new start. Even among those very few Libra-Aquarian people who part and are no longer close friends, who eventually drift away from a dayto-day association for some reason, the chances are that neither will retain any bitterness or speak harshly about the other, for whatever these two may say or do, beneath it all, they understand each other better than they do most other people they both know. Libra and Aquarius often have a common interest in children, animals, higher education, travel to foreign lands, religion, philosophy and the arts. Their Suns are trined, and this gives them intertwined dreams and ideals, regardless of any personal differences they may have from time to time.

Whether the Water Bearer admits it or not, he (or she) recognizes and respects the fact that Libra always tries hard to be fair and impartial. Whether Libra admits it or not, he (or she) recognizes and respects the Aquarian quality of tolerance and the Uranian humanitarian goals. The inescapable admiration and respect are always there between them, even when all that air is being blown around in an intellectual confrontation. The basic compatibility is strong and good, for these two understand each other’s motives, however often they may heatedly try to deny it.

There may be occasions when the delicate balance of Libra’s Scales is temporarily upset by the eccentric behavior of the Uranus-ruled person. Aquarians tend to behave in an extremely emotional manner when they’re angry, and at such times Libra can actually become physically ill from the tension. Venus people require harmony, and tension can affect their nerves to a marked degree. There may be other times when Libra’s tendency to always look at both sides of a question will seem like disloyalty to Aquarians, who believe, as I’ve already mentioned, that there is only one side – their own. The opinions of a Fixed Sign are, quite naturally perhaps, more fixed than flexible. Aquarians are truly totally unprejudiced and tolerant, except when it comes to a personal, emotional confrontation.

Most Librans, except for those who have heavy afflictions to the natal Sun in their horoscopes, influenced as they are by the gentle planet Venus, possess what Hemingway called “grace under pressure.” This will come in handy when Aquarius unpredictably blows a Uranus fuse, for the Water Bearers are susceptible to electrical impulses from the cosmos, and whatever they do, they’re likely to do it impulsively and suddenly. The Libra person often brings on the very problems he (or she) wants to avoid by not leaving well enough alone. After a typical electrical outburst of eccentric behavior, Aquarians normally disappear, and refuse to communicate at all for a period of time. If they’re left alone, they’ll eventually forget what it was that troubled them and become their normal crazy, lovable and fascinating selves. But Libra may keep pressing for an explanation or continue to try to win a decisive victory regarding the disagreement, rather than allowing it to be forgiven and forgotten. Aquarians can’t stand being pinned down for an answer. It makes them feel like a butterfly caught in a jar, and that’s a mighty uncomfortable feeling. Librans don’t mind in the least being pinned down for an answer. It gives them the golden opportunity to weight the pros against the cons, an exercise they find enormously energizing, as long as everyone remains polite and considerate, and no one starts yelling in an uncouth manner. Their individual reactions to conflict and controversy constitute an important basic difference between them, but once they’ve comprehended this, and made allowances for it, Libra and Aquarius can float around a home, a classroom, a laboratory, a space capsule, an office or a barn on the fluffy clouds of mutual cooperation.

Libra can teach coolness and calm to Aquarius, and the Water Bearer can teach Libra that nothing in this world is black or white, one or the other – everything is grey, a mixture; therefore, tolerance is the only way to balance life on anyone’s scales. Aquarius is the inventor of new ideas; Libra is the architect who designs them for practical use.

Libran sensibilities are easily offended; yet the human mind has never conceived of anything capable of offending the Aquarian sensibilities. Absolutely nothing shocks an Aquarian, while any idea, conversation or object that doesn’t have flowers painted on it in pastel shades will shock Libra’s refined tastes. Being a Water Bearer, and also being deeply concerned about the future of the planet, it’s only natural that an Aquarian will become enthusiastic over the sound ecological concept of something like the Mullbank waterless toilet. The Water Bearer will excitedly point out to Libra that this is the only way to save all the waters on Earth from fast approaching total pollution, because of the ever-growing population, and the resulting additional tons of sewage spilled into our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans each year. As he (or she) warms to the subject, the Aquarian will expound the theory that the government should pass a law requiring every home to use a waterless toilet, allowing the cost to be deducted from the sum of money owed to the IRS that year by each person who installs one to replace the current polluting and water-wasting flush toilet plumbing. “Just think!” exclaims Aquarius, “there’s absolutely no odor, and the only waste to be disposed of once a year for a family of six is what would amount to a coffee can of ashes (also with no odor) which can be sprinkled on the grass or the garden to make everything grow better and faster!” (See page 910 for manufacturer’s addresses.)

Now, Libra would very much like to espouse anything that guarantees keeping the ecological “balance,” but the detailing of anything so scatological concerning the indelicate process of elimination is likely to cause furious blushing, and an expression of extreme distaste, to pass across those beautiful and even Libran features.

“Okay, okay,” shrugs Aquarius angrily, “if you’d rather go on drinking and bathing in water polluted by other people’s body waste, and insure that your grandchildren, and maybe even yourself and your own children, won’t have a drop of pure water to drink in a decade or two, keep flushing your damned toilet, and spraying your bathroom with artificial carnation scents in aerosol cans that are destroying the ozone layer around the Earth, but just remember, you were warned. It’s peat moss, compost and manure that are going to save this planet, not perfumed luxury, bubble baths and all your fancy art and music.”

Out stalks the Water Bearer in a huff, leaving Libra behind to lie down and recuperate from the ugliness of it all, in a state of near nervous collapse from the ordeal of mentally weighing the trays marked: Survival – and Judgment Day.

A few minutes later, the Aquarian suddenly returns, shouts loudly, “I SAID MANURE!” then slams the door and leaves again. Libra’s dimples collapse, in a state of shock. That’s how Aquarius wins an argument.

Libra’s seesaw indecision will cause Aquarius to become rattled, just as the Uranus tendency of Aquarians to pull a complete turnabout, once a decision has already been made (Libra never does that), will drive the Libra man or woman squirrels. “Make up your mind!” yells Aquarius.

“Well, at least I don’t change my mind, once it’s made up, the way you’re always doing,” replies Libra defensively, but softly.

“How would you know?” retorts Aquarius. “You’ve never made a decision in your life.”

Libra smiles radiantly. The room lights up with a thousand candles, a million Suns. “I made the decision to be your friend, didn’t I? And I’ve never regretted it. Other people may think you’re crazy, but I think you’re a genius. Did I tell you I ordered a waterless toilet?”

Aquarius is shamed into silence. Libra smiles again, dimples winking on and off. “Gee, I’m sorry,” finally mumbles the contrite Water Bearer. “Sometimes I say the nuttiest things. I really don’t know what I’d do without you.” (And that’s how Libra wins arguments.) It requires study.

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