Libra And Capricorn Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra and Capricorn.

Air – Cardinal – Positive
Ruled by Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Day Forces – Masculine

Earth – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by Saturn
Symbol: The Goat
Night Forces – Feminine

The pandemonium above has ceased almost as suddenly as
it arose, passed like a fierce gust of wind; but they know in
the passing it has determined their fate.

The challenges thrown in the path of people influenced by any of the 4-10 Sun Sign Patterns are considerable. But the soul testing required of a 4-10 relationship in which both people were born under a Cardinal Sign (of leadership) is even more formidable. The 4-10 Cardinal vibrations are: Aries-Cancer, AriesCapricorn, Cancer-Libra and Libra-Capricorn. (For more information, see special sections in the back of this book.)

When two Mutable Sign friends, relatives, business associates, lovers or mates are plagued by the tense 4-10 vibes, they either triumph over their difficulties and claim the rewards in solid (and usually urgently needed) character development – slip away and separate gradually – or lead “double-lives” (meanwhile “communicating” rather noisily when they do squabble, for all Mutable Signs are “Communicators”).

When two Fixed Sign “Organizers” are confronted with the 4-10 influence, they either succeed in achieving harmony through the kind of supreme mutual effort that brings a new inner confidence and satisfaction – stubbornly avoid each other as much as possible – or walk away to “reorganize” their lives, and never return.

However, when two Cardinal Sun Sign people enter into the 4-10 competition together, they either settle for a neck and neck finish (a tie) with the dominance of the relationship evenly divided between them – or one “leader” clearly conquers the other “leader” in a sweeping (but unfortunate) victory, leaving the vanquished one sadly defeated. The latter will accept his (or her) fate by eventually becoming an introverted and reluctant follower (always an unnatural situation for a Cardinal person) or finally manages to permanently escape, and in this manner, gain back the self-confidence lost through the relationship. The neck and neck finish is obviously the better goal for Libra and Capricorn, as with all Cardinal combos. It’s never easy to make “a tie” hold, of course. Someone is demanding a recount – and the two participants may be forced to go to the polls (the starting gate or whatever) more than once to confirm the votes for their equality of popularity and authority. But it certainly beats the other choices.

It’s true that the Masters of Karma require a lot of those who connect their lives through the complicated 4-10 threads. Yet, as I’ve said before, the rewards of victory are sweeter than those bestowed upon the more “fortunate” compatibility combinations. One thing is certain. If you know a 4-10 team, such as Libra and Capricorn, and they tell you their association has been very happy and harmonious for many years, you can be certain of one of the following – that (a) the Luminary (Sun and Moon) and Ascendent aspects between their horoscopes are conjunct, sextile or trine (b) that one of them was adopted and given a false birth date or (c) that these two Earthlings deserve the kind of respect and admiration usually reserved for heroes and heroines, because they’ve successfully molded their mutual personalities and characters into the shape of the unselfishness and tolerance needed to adjust to one another’s totally different attitudes and motivations – into the blend of self-control and compassion of which sainthood is woven. They may not quite be saints, but they will be nearer that level of self-discipline and genuine inner happiness than are most struggling souls. Submission, humility and selflessness are synonymous with rich peace and other inner and outward serenity, but few believe it till they’ve tried it – and since they don’t believe it, not many try it!

Admittedly, it can be a dull and dreary experiment if only one person is trying, and the other won’t cooperate. Martyrdom is dreadfully boring, unless both people sacrifice together. Otherwise it isn’t fair, the halo gained feels more like an iron band, and doesn’t have much glitter. The wings are rather sparse of feathers too, somewhat skimpy. It’s rough to work for the rank of saint or angel all by one’s self. Then “sweet humility” can cross over the line into masochism, if one isn’t careful. It’s a fine line, and masochism is not synonymous with sainthood, never mind what all the Polly Perfects and George Goodies tell you.

Capricorn is a feminine Sun Sign, ruled by a masculine planet (Saturn). Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, ruled by a feminine planet (Venus). This is extremely helpful in assisting the Libra and Capricorn men, women and children to achieve a harmonious blend in their association, since they each possess the blend themselves, and can trade it back and forth. The proper blending of the “feminine” qualities of gentleness, patience and sensitivity and the “masculine” qualities of energy, firmness and idealism.

Now that we have Libra’s Scales swinging in the soft breeze of happy balance, all smiles and dimples – and Cappy pleasantly nodding in wise agreement that Peace is better than Conflict – we’re off to a good start at post time with these two competitive people. It should be, therefore, a friendlier race to the exciting photo finish. (Libra will want to be sure that he – or she – looks attractive, if there’s to be a photographer around, while the Goat will grumble that it doesn’t matter, but secretly glance in the mirror to be sure his tie is straight – or that her hair is behaving reasonably.)

The “good start” between these two may not last long, however. They aren’t to blame. The “mea culpa” admission rightfully belongs to their ruling planets. How could Libra be unfair? How could Capricorn be unwise or rash in any way? They’re both such nice people. No, it’s those pesky ruling planets. They cause all the trouble. To be candid, Venus and Saturn are not exactly what an astrologer would call space buddies. Libra’s Venus tends toward gentle permissiveness, liberal softness, sometimes excesses of spending and pleasure, and a bit of procrastinating now and then. Cappy’s Saturn tends toward stern discipline, conservative hardness and never excesses in anything, especially not for pleasure, definitely leaning more toward economy of the purse, emotions and behavior. As for procrastination (which, to the typical Goat, is synonymous with laziness and the shirking of duty) few Cappies are guilty of postponing until tomorrow what they can force themselves to accomplish today. If circumstances beyond their considerable control should require postponement, they won’t waste valuable time and energy in arguments, debate, discussion, tears, frustration, indecision or any of those Venus-type strategies and defenses. They’ll just resign themselves (temporarily) to Fate, mumbling one of their favorite Saturnine truisms, such as: “time is on our side” – “patience is a virtue” – “haste makes waste” – “anything worth having is worth waiting for” – and so on.

Then Libra will add the favorite Venusian truisms, like: “isn’t it a lovely day?” – “tomorrow will be better” – “everything will be all right” – “don’t worry about the future” – “things are going well” – “it will be sure to have a happy ending” – “there’s a rainbow ’round the bend” – and last, but not least, Libra’s truly-all-time-favorite, “every cloud has a silver lining.”

These particular Saturnine and Venusian philosophies, at least, are in beautiful harmony, each adding the right amount of light and shadow to make a clear and interesting picture (all pictures are flat when they’re painted in one dimension only) and you must admit the foregoing truisms do not conflict with, but rather complement and enrich each other. Although they may appear to reflect different viewpoints they actually reflect the same viewpoint, just expressed in polarized fashion. Sort of like – is the wine flask half-empty or halffull? Is the end of the day the beginning of night – or is the beginning of night the end of the day? Is awakening in the morning the beginning of sleep – or is falling asleep at night the beginning of awakening? When a woman is four-anda-half months pregnant, is she half-past conception or half-way to delivery? Do people take vitamins to stay well – or to keep from becoming ill? It all depends on whether your general outlook is pessimistic (cautious-Capricorn) or optimistic (hope-Libra). If they “half try, they can probably meet one another smackdab in the middle of Cappy’s caution and Libra’s hope.

One nice thing about a linking of these two Cardinal souls is that they certainly do project one huge amount of power as a unit. Make that Power. With a capital “P.” They’re both iron-determined to get what they want, to arrive where they’re going and to bend others to their will. Of course, they go about achieving these goals in markedly different ways, but the bottom line is what counts. (Or is it the top line? ) Once Libra and Cappy have decided to join forces and walk in more or less the same direction, they can accomplish, between them, almost anything they want, whether it’s a personal ambition, a mutual private dream – or some blessed mission of mercy to bring happiness to others.

Since Libra is symbolically (and often literally) “the Judge” – and Capricorn astrologically symbolizes Law and Authority, the Wisdom of Age and Experience – these two might laser their combined attention on a multitude of heartbreaking problems on this planet. Only one of many thousands of these is the 1978 law passed in the Bronx, New York, allowing judges to mete out adult sentences to punish youthful criminals between 13 and 16 years old. A 13-yearold child who kills somebody with a gun (and an alarming number of them are doing just that) can now be imprisoned for life, with no parole. Unsafe streets and the shocking rise in crime among children must be stopped. No one denies that. But is this the solution to halt it? How does a 13-year-old obtain a gun? From adults. Where do children get the idea of violence, of shooting, maiming, killing, crippling? From television.

To program young minds with vivid images, to set a negative example before impressionable youngsters, who always have (and always shall) imitate in order to learn, then punish them for being efficient human computers, and reacting precisely to what’s been fed into them by their parents and the television networks will never balance out as either “logical” or “fair” on Libra’s Scales. Neither will such a solution as life imprisonment be viewed as wise or profound to Capricorn’s sensible way of thinking. Perhaps the two of them might call upon the guidance of their ruling planets to suggest a new way to bring light into the darkness, rather than deepening it. Between the merciful justice and compassion of Venus and the “Dispenser-of-Karma” Saturn’s unerring instinct for placing the blame infallibly where it belongs, maybe the Bronx – and the world – would be a brighter place in which to live. Not exist.

Following Gilbert and Sullivan’s counsel to “let the punishment fit the crime,” they might begin by lobbying for a law to give life imprisonment, not to children, but to particular television programmers and network chiefs, who are, to a great extent, the cause of the youngsters’ crimes – by feigning innocence, claiming their programs have no measurable negative effect on audiences – and refusing to accept the great weight of responsibility for the mass programming of the human mind. Then, with the real criminals justly and safely behind bars, the youngsters could all be happily re-programmed. Not necessarily with “Andy Hardy,” though that wouldn’t be a bad place to begin, since “Judge Hardy” was a perfect blend of Libra-Capricorn virtues – but at least with something besides cheap comedy, lust, greed, sex, drugs, violence, murder, deadly boring talk and game shows – and an occasional “Roots” and “Holocaust.” The computer programming of young minds who will control the future of the planet (if nuclearpowered industries don’t succeed in negating a future altogether) is a vital NewAge career Libra and Capricorn might consider engaging in together. It’s not an astrological exaggeration to claim that Libra and Capricorn together can create enormous energies and power for the positive, when they choose to combine their vibrations and rise up to (rather than avoid) the 4-10 challenge of their association. The ultimate proof is the September 1978 Summit meeting at Camp David between Capricorn Anwar Sadat, Capricorn Vice-President Walter Mondale, Leo Menachem Begin – and Libran President Jimmy Carter. Whatever occurs or does not occur in the future, the whole Earth brightened a few tones from the great beginning sunrise of that memorable autumn conference of two Goats, a Lion – and the Scales of Balance.

Accused on all sides by angry, disappointed American critics of “constantly changing his mind and his position” had been Libran Carter – who, after all, in being so changeable and having some difficulty in making a decision from time to time, like all Librans, was only being true to his Sun Sign. Until he made (as Librans always finally do) a brilliant decision, the most important one of his life. Librans may drive you crazy while they’re deciding, but when they balance the golden trays of their Scales and at last make a firm one, they don’t fool around. It’s never less than profound, and really worth all the seesawing they subject you to beforehand.

In making his decision, Jimmy Carter rose to the heights of his astrological mission of Libra, the Peacemaker, faced the 4-10 testing with Capricorn Sadat as coolly as he’d been sailing through it with Capricorn Mondale – glorified his Sun Sign and proved astrology’s ancient precepts. Whatever problems arose between the patient and wise, yet sometimes stubborn Goat Sadat and the generous and benevolent but sometimes arrogant Lion Begin, it took a Libran Peacemaker to balance out their differences successfully – to coax them, with his broad Venus smile, to embrace before the world in a display of genuine affection. The entire affair constituted Sun Sign astrology put to its most effective purpose. Cappy “Fritz” Mondale kept Cappy Anwar Sadat cozily comforted, feeling secure and safe (as only two Goats can make each other feel) – while charming, smiling Libran Carter easily smoothed the occasionally ruffled Lion’s mane (and mien) of prideful Menachem Begin (easily because Carter and Begin are guided by the sextile 3-11 vibration) – then turned his Venus tranquility upon Saturn-ruled Sadat, and triumphed over the natural 4-10 natal Sun square between them. When all the strain was over, and the Libra happy ending was in sight, Goat Sadat, ever the Capricorn “family man,” sent to the Lion Begin autographed pictures of himself, Begin and Carter for Begin’s grandchildren. Ever the proud Leo, Menachem royally reciprocated the gift by presenting to Cappy Anwar a medallion by Israeli artist Agam, its theme: The Dream of Peace.

The eternal dream of Libra – peace. The eternal grace of Capricorn – patience and wisdom. The eternal blessing of Leo – beneficence, warmth and magnanimous gestures. Everyone behaving in a manner befitting the most positive qualities of his Sun Sign essence .. . and behold what miracles may manifest! Of course, not being there, I can’t be sure, but I have a hunch the Libran Carter kept his Venus optimism intact during the dark moments of the Summit meeting by repeating the usual Libra mantras to himself. A bird perched high up in a pine tree outside Carter’s window probably heard him sighing more than once to himself that “every cloud has a silver lining” – and sure enough, Libra proved his own truism!

One thing Capricorn and Libra may share is an interest in Art or “the Arts.” Not every Goat is an artist, but nearly all Cappies are quietly inspired by paintings, and so are most Librans. They also share an interest in music, these two. Both of them tend more toward “the masters” in all art forms than toward the more modern idiom of artistic expression. There are exceptions, as always, but they are rare. Libra loves fine and elegant furnishings and beautiful objects, whether they’re chairs and tables or china and crystal. Capricorn admires craftsmanship – articles which are not only beautiful, but built to last longer than a few months after you bring them home. Somewhere near the center of these two views, Libra the Judge (or Judgess) and the Goat (or the Goat Girl) will meet cheerfully and agreeably. Capricorn will be more interested in the price tag and the practicality of everything, from clothing to carpeting, whereas Libra will be more drawn by the colors and fabric, the overall impression of balance – and the aesthetically pleasing. There are lots of areas where these two can find compatibility rather than conflict when they take the time and trouble to make the distinction.

Capricorn, however, may be unable to hide his (or her) disapproval of Libra’s eternal optimism and dances of indecision. And Libra may sometimes feel that hanging out with Cappy is like chumming around with the Warden at Sing Sing or an adult truant officer who turns in guilty adults who occasionally play hooky from the school of life.

But probably, bye and bye, Libra will once more tint the Goat’s seriousness with pastel-colored bubbles of hope… Capricorn will make Libra feel eventempered and snugly protected .. they’ll both look toward tomorrow, which of course will be better .. . realize that time is on their side .. . somehow glue their association back together .. . and race for the photo finish again.

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