Libra Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Libra Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra Man with  Pisces Woman.

On cover image- Famous Libra Man and Pisces Woman – John Krasinski and Emily Blunt


The loveliest tinkle as of golden bells answered him. It is
the fairy language. You ordinary children can never hear
it, but if you were to hear it, you would know that you had
heard it once before.

Ah, yes .. . the tinkle of golden bells. They hear them together, the Libra man and the Pisces girl, when they’re cuddling and crooning before a crackling fire on a cold winter night… with Jack Frost making beautiful crystal etchings on the window panes .. . while outside, the snow falls silently past the yellow glow of the street light.

It’s a cozy canvas of contentment, easily and casually painted by this man and woman, because Pisces and Libra are in no way “ordinary” children of Mother Earth. He’s airy and dreamy, faintly scented with the sandalwood of Far Eastern mysteries, yet also touched by familiar apple-pie, swing-on-thefront-porch charm. She’s misty and dreamy too, dreamier, even, than he.. . with the sound of the surf in her eyes, softly foaming against the shore. Yes, I said the sound of the surf in her eyes. It’s called “poetic license.” Every Libran and Piscean owns a poetic license, neatly framed, and hanging on the walls of their romantic minds.

Suddenly, there’s a chill in the room. Small icicles form between them, and the warm, peaceful scene turns frosty, as their harmonious conversation hits an unexpected discordant note. Because Pisces is overwhelmingly sympathetic to friends and strangers alike, and Libra is usually well informed on current topics of the day, it was only natural that they drifted into a discussion about the drug problem of some friends. The girl Fish was seriously concerned because one of the friends had been led into the habit of “sniffing” cocaine on a weekend ski trip to Aspen last year. She tried to explain to her how cocaine destroys the nasal tissues and cartilage, about the alarmingly rising numbers of those who use it who’ve been forced to have plastic surgery…. and even so, later on the nose simply caves in, leaving the face looking like a grotesque mask. There’s little warning. One day, it just happens. The nose collapses, and can never be permanently repaired. Not ever.

She shuddered, leaned closer to her Libra man, and asked, “Isn’t that horrible?” He didn’t answer her right away, so then she told him how the friend, instead of being grateful for the warning, had just said coldly, “Mind your own business,” and how it had hurt her to be so unkindly treated, when she was only trying to help. (The girl Fish spreads so much sympathy around so much of the time, she has every right to occasionally seek a few drops for herself.) She listens for his sympathetic words. He’s still silent. But the girl Fish is patient, and she doesn’t press him. She waits. Finally, he sighs, then looks straight into her eyes, as he says sternly, “Why are you so shocked at the horror of collapsed noses in cocaine users? Did you ever stop to think what your lungs look like, struggling with all that black glue of the accumulated tars you clog them with from your cigarettes? When are you going to stop smoking? Lungs are just as important to human health as noses are. You need them both to breathe.”

It wasn’t quite the response she was seeking. How could he be so unfair as to attack one of her few weaknesses, when all she was asking was some understanding from him about something that was troubling her so much? She drew back then, and as all Pisceans do at times – turned into a “cold Fish.” It reminded her of the week before, when she had enthused for half an hour or so about how much she enjoyed the reincarnation plot of the movie they’d just seen, while they were driving home. He had enjoyed it too. She knew he had by his behavior in the theatre – the way his fascinated eyes never left the screen, and he didn’t make a move to leave his seat until the end of the credits, when the house lights went on. Then when she wanted to share the experience with him, he frowned, “I thought it was a big bore,” he told her. “Warren Beatty and Julie Christie were okay, but it never got off the ground, because the plot was too thin, not complex enough. The dialogue was terrible too.”

What is it with this man? Does he have a doctorate in sadism? Does he lie awake at night, figuring ways to put her down, every single time she tries to be cheerful and positive? He’s the one who insisted firmly that they stop visiting the friends who introduced the other friend to cocaine. He remarked just yesterday that he had a good notion to punch the husband in the mouth. How can he change his views so drastically for no reason? Maybe he has a touch of schizophrenia, and needs to see a psychiatrist? She’s wrong on all counts. He’s not a sadist, he doesn’t hate her, and he doesn’t lie awake at night figuring out how to cruelly put her down. It makes him ache inside when he knows he’s hurt her, so why should he do that? Nor is he a schizophrenic. He’s a Libran. He’s symbolized by the Scales, therefore unconsciously compelled to weigh everything submitted to his ears for judgment. The trays have to be kept even. It isn’t fair to hear one side of anything, without attempting to balance it out with the opposite side.

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If she had handled it differently, she would have received the responses she needed from him. If she had mentioned her warning to the friend about cocaine destroying the nose, then sighed and added, “But I have no right to caution her, since it looks like I’ll never give up smoking, and I’m sure my lungs are in far worse shape than her nasal tissues,” her Libra man would have said something like, “What do you mean ‘never’? You stopped once before, darling, and you can do it again. Besides you don’t smoke enough cigarettes to cause anywhere near the damage cocaine will cause to Cindy’s nose in a much shorter time period than all the years you’ve been smoking added together. She was ungrateful to treat you so rudely when you were only trying to help. I’m going to call her and tell her so tomorrow.”

After the film, in the car, if the girl Fish had remarked, “I don’t know why everyone’s raving over Heaven Can Wait. It’s just a re-make of an old movie plot. I didn’t see anything so special about it, did you?” – then for the rest of the trip home, Libra would have praised everything about the picture, the acting, directing, plot, color and sound. “What do you mean, there’s nothing special about it? How can you say- that? It’s been years since I’ve seen a film I could just relax and enjoy that much. It was terrific?” Now do you see where Librans get their reputations for being “impossible” people, cranky crocodiles, and all that? They get it, poor dears, from simply trying to be fair and just. Libran film star Charlton Heston personifies every astrological claim ever made about this Sun Sign, every dimple – including that making-you-go-weak-in-the-knees smile, the powerful virility and strength, balanced in equal parts with gentle tenderness – the pulsating masculine macho,

blended harmoniously with beautiful sensitivity .. . intelligence, chiseled features … . the whole Venus rainbow! The perfectly balanced, gleaming golden Scales – but also, the Libran indecision and struggle for fair judgment that occasionally clouds his noble Moses-Ben Hur brow.

When he was interviewed on television regarding the both criticized and praised behavior of (Aquarian) actress Vanessa Redgrave, in making a political speech when she received her Oscar in 1978, Libran Heston’s “noble brow” was clouded. As one reporter asked him if he agreed with Vanessa’s critics, he replied (fairly) that “Well, she’s always been a very political lady, but she’s also a very fine actress, and I don’t think people should judge her just because…” Suddenly, another reporter’s interjection stopped Libra in the middle of his sentence, asking, “Then you are defending her?” upon which Heston continued his sentence in reverse, winding it up with the words .. . “but on the other hand, I don’t think it was fair of her to air her views on such an occasion.” Vanessa herself probably still isn’t sure what Charlton really thought about the incident. I can tell her. If that pesky second reporter hadn’t confused him, he would have defended her.

As with all 6-8 Sun Sign Patterns, with the differences between their basic motivations being so pronounced, it’s never easy for the girl Fish and the Libra man to fall in love. However, once they do, the differences often blend in a surprisingly satisfactory way, benefiting both of them equally. They share sentiment and sensitivity in common, as well as a love of beauty. Each of them prefers peace and harmony to aggressive behavior and the strain of controversy.

(Libran arguing is never “controversy,” you see – simply pleasant discussion!) Neither Libra nor Pisces can long endure the sharp reality of tense conflict, and if it should develop because of the severely afflicted horoscope of one of them, the other will soon float away (Libra) or swim away (Pisces) and probably not return. The nice side of it is that the two of them together will also float or swim away from outside pressures, escaping into the haven of each other’s arms for the quiet and peace they need to remain balanced (him) and tranquil (her).

This man and woman can create a romantic bond through their sexual closeness that goes a long way toward smoothing over any difficulties they may have in adjusting their personalities and life-styles. He fills her tender Neptune heart with all the affection she’s ever yearned for, instinctively knowing how to demonstrate his love for her physically in the gentle, considerate way she needs, a way that makes her trust him. She brings the same kind of fulfillment to him, sensing his desires almost telepathically. There’s a rich passion, interwoven with a dreamy quality, to their lovemaking .. . and perhaps not all the time, but most of the time, it reaches the level of ecstasy poets try to express. These two can express it naturally with each other, composing their own original music and lyrics as they go along… never the same, changing with their moods, but always soft with promise.


The two of them may have to be careful that they don’t lead one another into procrastination and pleasure seeking, because both are susceptible to nearly any form of seduction, whether it’s laziness, drugs, alcohol… or daydreams that never leave the ground. Otherwise, Pisces and Libra can be very happily mated, as their hearts gradually learn to beat to the same rhythm. Her mystical, unswerving faith in him, and his optimistic, cheerful support of her occasional feelings of inadequacy form a strong and beautiful foundation for a lasting kind of love.

She may sometimes complain that he isn’t perceptive enough to seek the reasons behind the reasons for some of her moods and feelings, that he’s often too coldly logical and detached in his approach. But she’s perceptive enough herself to realize he’s only that way half of the time – and if she’s patient, if she waits a little while, his compassion will shine through his smile again. He may be disturbed because the house isn’t as neat as he’d like, when she casually postpones things he wants her to do, and he may be puzzled by her faraway look when he’s trying to explain things to her reasonably. But she’ll wrap him in the quilts of emotional peace and coziness he needs, and this will make up for all the rest. She’s so innately sympathetic, and he’s so innately fair, there’s always a way to solve their disagreements.

The Pisces woman and the Libra man are both wise, each with a different kind of wisdom. His is acutely intellectual (despite his sentimental, romantic leanings) and hers is deeply emotional (despite her outward calm, cool poise).

It’s a magical alchemy, and since they’re both usually willing to compromise, they can make each other very happy. But if she smokes, she’ll have to give up those cigarettes to prove she loves him. And he’ll have to stop being so judgmental. She’s not his housekeeper, his laundress or his valet. She’s his partner . . . his woman. The sea nymph with the sound of the surf in her eyes, who fits so snugly in his lap, before the fire, when the snow is falling outside. Do you hear the tinkle of golden bells? I believe we’ve come full circle, back to their beginning.

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