Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra Man with  Scorpio Woman.

On cover image- Famous Libra Man and Scorpio Woman – Jeff Goldblum and Patricia Gaul


I know not why it was, perhaps it was because of the soft
beauty of the evening, but there came over him a desire to

Here’s an astrological insight about a Libra man his Scorpio woman may already know. He’s softer than most men, more gentle, more easily hurt. Just as the female of his Libra Sun Sign is stronger, tougher underneath than most women.

It’s a contradiction faced by the two sexes of any masculine Sun Sign conflictingly ruled by a feminine planet. I digress deliberately, for this subject will sooner or later be of vital importance to these particular lovers. Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, ruled by the feminine planet Venus. Capricorns, for example, face the same dilemma, Capricorn being a feminine Sun Sign under the control of the masculine planet Saturn. It makes the men of the sign a little more feminine than usual – the women of the sign a little more masculine than usual, which is beneficial in an evolutionary sense. A man is not less macho because he’s sensitive enough to weep (Jesus wept), nor is a woman less feminine because she knows her own mind and has the courage of her own convictions.

The problem repeats itself in an even more concentrated way with all the Sun Signs. The masculine Sun Signs also ruled by a masculine planet – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius – make it difficult for females born under their influence to convince their lovers they’re really girl-types, longing and needing to be cherished and conquered, never mind how they sometimes behave or how many banners they carry in Women’s Lib parades. The feminine Sun Signs also ruled by a feminine planet – Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces (yes, Virgo’s true ruler, Vulcan, is a feminine planet) present the converse problem to males born under their influence, making it difficult for them to project to their ladies that they’re really strong, courageous types, longing and needing respect and recognition, never mind that they sometimes behave as if they couldn’t care less about such things.

For the foregoing reasons, the both masculine planet-ruled and masculine Sun Signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius often produce males who are a shade too masculine – while the both feminine planet-ruled and feminine Sun Signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces often produce females who are a shade too feminine. Out of balance, so to speak. (Libra will understand that!) These are the girls who infuriate the ERA leaders, the ladies who enjoy being submissive to their husbands, and don’t really want their “freedom.” Gemini, we’ll skip. Geminis are Twins, and that should be self-explanatory Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is a tricky, double-talking magician, who changes sex when it suits some Mercurial purpose, in the twinkling of an eye.

Is Scorpio one of these sexually upside-down, out-of-balance or overly balanced (sexually) Sun Signs? Any astrologer who claims an absolute “either-or”

answer to that is less cautious than I care to be concerning the mysterious planet Pluto. Scorpio is, of course, indisputably a feminine Sun Sign. But.. Pluto? Scorpio’s ruler? The awesome force and explosive power of Pluto is that of Mother Nature herself – and has anyone ever dared to call Mother Nature a man? Yet – force and power of such magnitude as Pluto’s are normally associated with the masculine gender. It bears consideration and meditation. In both natal (birth) aspects and astrological predictive work, through transits and progressions, Pluto likes to hide the truth, to explode the unanticipated, often indicating the opposite polarity of a hidden meaning to disguise a karmic purpose. Would you really like to know the sexual secret of this dark, silent and enigmatic ruler of Scorpio – Pluto?

All right. It’s contained within the mystery of the Holy Trinity. An in-depth explanation of the sexual identity of the planet Pluto is hidden within “The Twelve Mysteries of Love” in the front of this book, beginning on page 12. I told you Pluto likes to hide things. (Scorpio people even hide things from themselves – and then forget where they hid them.) Pluto doesn’t forget. And so you certainly couldn’t expect the answer to Pluto’s secret to be contained within any Scorpio chapter, where you’d be likely to look. Like everything else about Pluto (and Scorpios), it will be waiting somewhere inconspicuously, silently .. . for those who care enough to search.

And so, although we know that the Libra man was born under a masculine Sun Sign but is ruled by the ultrafeminine planet Venus – adding an attractive depth to his emotional nature and interesting sensitivity nuances to his personality – we aren’t sure about the Scorpio woman. Is she ruled and influenced by masculine or feminine forces? When you discover the answer (in the place where Pluto has hidden it, within this book) you will comprehend the true reason for the power behind the minds and wills of Scorpios, including the women born under this Sun Sign.

I introduced this in-depth gender meditation for two excellent reasons one being to hint to my readers that astrology is very definitely on the side of equality of the sexes – the other being that the subject matter itself will keep Libra and Scorpio busy arguing back and forth with each other for many hours, while we discuss their areas of compatibility and incompatibility. After a time, while the Libra man is still making reasonable, fair and logical points about it, the Scorpio girl will suddenly freeze, stare or glare at him, murmur something like: “I happen to know. You do not,” then lapse into her Fixed Sign silence. That’s the way many of the quarrels, discussions or whatever climax between these two, with Libra still pressing arguments for his side – and his Scorpio woman holding tenaciously, intensely to her deep, inner conviction, totally unimpressed with all his logic and charming persuasion.

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This should give the Libra man a clear idea of what he’s facing with a Scorpio girl. His dimples and charming manners may have other females palpitating the moment he grins and projects his brilliant mind toward them like a romantic laser, but this woman will see through him. She’ll know right away whether he’s  playing a game with her, as Air Signs are wont to do – or seriously attracted to her. In other words, she’ll know if his intentions are honorable or not.

I said she would know his intentions, not necessarily base her decision on the degree of their honorability. (If there’s no such word as “honorability,” Webster has goofed, and you may so inform them. It’s kind of like “nobility.” I just coined it.) Honorability may not be the deciding factor with her. She just likes to know things. To Scorpio, knowledge is power. If his initial intentions aren’t honorable, she might even be intrigued. Scorpios of both sexes enjoy experimenting with challenging emotional situations. If he’s not honorable now,

perhaps she can make him honorable later, by the sheer force of her animal magnetism. The Libra male is hereby warned that what begins as a casual flirtation with a lady Scorpion may very well end up being a long-term commitment, and for years he’ll wonder how it happened. If their Sun-Moon positions are compatible, he won’t really care how, he’ll just be glad it happened. He’ll be happy she “guessed” that his feelings were genuine before he knew it himself. But if their Sun-Moon positions are incompatible, he may later have cause to regret his airy, amusing (he thought) excursion into her deep emotional waters.

It may take Pluto power for the Scorpio woman to enlighten this man to the awareness that he’s not flirting, that he really loves her – but it won’t be so difficult to make him realize he wants to marry her. If he’s a typical Libran, he was born to form a partnership, either business or marital, and his romantic nature prefers the latter. The unhappiest people on the planet are Librans who, for some unique reason, never married. They go around singing the “People” song from Funny Girl: “Lovers .. are very special people .. they’re the luckiest people in the world .. ” – so wistfully they can break your heart. To this man, wedlock can be beautiful. But the trouble with wedlock, as Christopher Morley once observed, is that there’s not enough wed – too much lock – and such could become a legitimate complaint of the Libra man married to a Scorp. Because she feels everything so intensely, her possessiveness and jealousy are far more than temporary feelings or passing moods. Her need to know he’s faithful to her is a fierce need. She can burn with torment if she even suspects otherwise, and she can be the most suspicious of women. The Libra man is so handsome, romantic and gentle (most of the time, when he’s not being cranky) that women often are fascinated by him, and some of them will seek excuses to engage him in intellectual conversation – with other things in mind than the intellect.

How can he help it if he’s so attractive to the female sex? He’d better help it, if he’s made a promise to a Scorpio woman. In his wildest imaginings, he might not be able to image some of her reactions, her ways of getting even, if she’s been really hurt, her pride deeply wounded. They will be subtle, perhaps, but they will sting. Libra is known to astrology as “The Peacemaker,” but although he may breezily and effortlessly settle disputes between his friends, he may have to call for help in the form of an outside mediator at home when his wounded Scorpion is inwardly boiling in outrage. “Don’t try to charm me, I know you,” she’ll tell him coldly. This lady may be deceptively sweet and quiet much of the time, but that’s just her mask, to hide her inner turmoil. She is no doormat for a philandering male. In no way is she this.

On the brighter side, it’s almost certain he’ll enjoy making love to her, because her sex drive is as deep and trembling as he’d like his own to be. She’ll teach him many lessons of ecstasy. Without her, his attitude toward physical love might have remained somewhat shallow, and he might have searched for a long time for the kind of loving he always believed in but had never found. As a lover, this man is both susceptible and sentimental, both romantic and affectionate, and these qualities will appeal to the Scorpio woman who longs, and truly needs, to possess entirely the man she adores. Initially, she may be the dominant partner in their lovemaking, and this could disturb his sense of balance, but eventually he’ll find a tender way to teach her their mating will be more intense if they play an equal role.

There’s a sweetness to the Scorpio sensuality that almost approaches spirituality, for every Scorpion subconsciously knows that sex and religion are, in some mysterious way, interrelated .. and this will touch his heart in a haunting way. Yes, these two are usually well mated, with much sympathetic magnetism between them physically, assuming there are no severe afflictions between their birth planets or their mutual Suns and Moons.


His sense of fair play will appeal to her own sense of justice and good judgment. Scorpio is loyal and honorable, and so will admire this in others. In most

general matters, they’ll be in agreement, but in personal matters, he must take care not to injure her dignity. That’s always a calamitous mistake with a Scorp. As for his real need to argue or discuss things verbally until a solution is reached, she’ll go along with it, even enjoy their private debates – they keep her from being bored – but when one of their discussions has reached a climax,  bringing on her silent stare – when she closes up and indicates that the matter, as far as she’s concerned, is settled, he’d be wise not to pursue it further. Although she’s capable on rare occasions of exploding into fury, most of the time she possesses the wonderful patience of all Water Signs, and is therefore  nicely suited to cope with his changes of mood, when his Scales dip up and down. If any woman knows how to help him become balanced again, through gentle persuasion, it’s this one. Call it subtle or call it sneaky, it’s her talent.

He’ll feel that, with her, in some way things always turn rightside up again more easily and quickly than with most other people. He thinks it’s some strange, intangible vibration in her aura. No need for him to know it’s her power to plant mental suggestion almost hypnotically when he’s down, to bring him back up. The result is what counts.

She will be moved by his tenderness and his sentiment. Libra men are so sentimental, they’ve pretty nearly taught women to be sentimental too. I know it’s supposed to be the other way around, but if you believe that, you haven’t read the first page or two of this section of this chapter closely enough. Would you care to discuss it? Let’s don’t. If we do, we’ll be in this chapter forever. She won’t give in, and he won’t give up trying to make her give in. You know?

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