Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra woman with Aquarius man.

On cover image- Famous Libra Woman and Aquarius Man – Kelly Preston and John Travolta


Tink,” he rapped out, “if you don’t get up and dress at
once I will open the curtains, and then we shall all see you
in your negligee.”
This made her leap to the floor. “Who said I wasn’t getting
up?” she cried.

Unless they both enjoy having their emotions blown about in continual hurricanes and tornadoes, it will be best to establish in the very beginning who of these two walks in front in the game of follow-the-leader these two play. The Chief walks in front. The Squaw walks a few steps behind. Smoke that in your Peace Pipe, please, for the sake of tranquility.

The Libra girl will simply have to understand that she is the female, the lady, the woman – and he’s the masculine half of the duet. He sings baritone, she sings soprano. She might have been born under the influence of a masculine Sun Sign, but she’s under the guidance of the gentle feminine planet Venus. No one, not even Bella Abzug, plus the entire staff of Ms. magazine, will ever successfully remove the femininity from Venus, with any amount of liberation surgery. This isn’t to say that I’m not with you, Bella. I’m with you and Gloria and the others all the way. I’m an Aries Ms., and Rams come kicking and screaming into this world liberated before the umbilical cord has been cut. (I even named my new girl kitty ERA – before I knew for sure she was a girl.) But Truth is Truth, and Venus is Venus. To put it another way, Truth is Beauty, and Beauty is Truth. All those platitudes. I didn’t invent the wisdom behind them. Mr. and Ms. God invented it. Our co-Creators. Protest to them, not to me. I’m a mere astrologer, an interpreter of the law, not its architect.

The Aquarian male was born under the influence of a masculine Sun Sign too, but unlike the Libra woman, he is, in addition, under the strong and rather arrogant guidance of the masculine planet Uranus (the male charisma is always a bit arrogant, don’t you think?). There are certain astrological birds and bees blueprints that have nothing to do with chauvinism or equality of the sexes, or with any of those transient things. They simply exist. Even in the area of the Aquarian-symbolized homosexuality, they exist. That’s not to imply that all Aquarians are homosexual, only that the Aquarian essence is tolerant of all lifestyles, representing brotherhood and universal love, unprejudiced by male-female hang-ups, which sometimes gets translated into the homosexual concept by members of all twelve Sun Signs who become confused by the vibrations of Uranus, even stronger now, in the dawning of the Aquarian Age. It’s a simple matter of respecting individuality.

The planetary blueprints exist as unavoidably as the two distinctly different kinds of anatomical design of male and female exist. As free and equal as women ever aspire to be, they will be, for all eternity, designed differently from men, and astrological influences are just as inevitable and unchangeable.

A Libra girl may try to sweetly and softly maneuver for position with her Water Bearer, to manipulate him into her own program and pattern of living, and he’ll go along at first, when he’s overcome by her dimples and divine charm not to mention her starburst smile – but there will come the time when he will  balk. The stubbornness of a Fixed Aquarian male when he’s had enough makes a mule look like the most docile, easily led and persuaded creature in the world. This man won’t move a fraction of an inch when he believes he’s right. His personal code of manhood and his general public code of morality were delivered to him engraved on a stone tablet, from a hand extended behind a burning bush, maybe belonging to a relative of Moses, who knows? But he remembers the day well. It was before he was born. No influence on this Earth will sway an Aquarian from a course of action he honestly thinks is right and just. You’ll notice I said right and just (according to his personal code) – I didn’t say anything about fair. Fair is her department. And this is what will cause a major portion of the trouble between these two who are basically so truly compatible – the definition of what is fair. I’ll give you an example.

A number of years ago in New York, I knew a Libra girl and her Aquarian friend. (I guess they were friends. They didn’t say anything about being lovers, but you never know with Aquarius, because this man is unable to distinguish between love and friendship, and if it’s the former, he’s not the kind to buy a billboard to announce it.) But anyway, the Libra girl gave her Aquarian friend a gift, a fat, chubby St. Bernard puppy. It grew. It grew into a Giant Dog at the same rate the Aquarian man’s devotion for his new pet grew. Eventually, the two of them quarreled. (Not the St. Bernard and the Water Bearer, the Libra girl and the Water Bearer.) She weighed the whole situation carefully (and I’m sure sincerely) on her Scales, to try to reach a fair solution. After many traumatic hours of deliberation, she arrived at what she saw as a fair decision.

He had made a promise to always be her friend. Then he started behaving like the Loch Ness monster, completely ignoring his promise, and after all, he was the one who kept harping on the holiness, the sacredness of friendship “If you’re really my friend, you’ll do this or that” – or – “If you were really my friend, you wouldn’t do this or that,” he was always telling her. She had given him the St. Bernard when she thought they were friends. It had been a gift predicated upon the association, which no longer was valid. And now she had ade up her mind. (Once Librans finally make up their minds, they don’t fool around.) She called the sheriff, and insisted that the dog be returned. The Water Bearer was furious. He considered all manner of things in reaction to this injustice. Maybe even painting her hair green, or tossing a live hornet’s nest into her bedroom window. The St. Bernard had become his best friend in all the world, and now she was taking back her gift – kidnapping his buddy?

The violence of his wounded emotions churned within him, until there was  no choice but to leave New York for many months until he cooled off. If this Libra lady had had any hope that her action would bring him to his senses, she had made a dangerous miscalculation of the Uranus vibration. She not only broke his heart, she broke their friendship into a thousand pieces, and that’s almost an impossibility with an Aquarian – especially in a relationship with Libra, because their Suns are trined, and the essential understanding of the 5-9 Pattern influence supports almost every difficulty they might encounter. Not this one. You don’t separate an Aquarian from his Giant Dog Buddy. It’s one of the Uranus laws enraved (also engraved) on that stone tablet. And now it has a large crack in it. A serious mistake, the Libra lady made. She may be able to repair the damage someday, but it will take a lot of patience and humility. If she had just waited a little while longer, he would have stopped behaving like the Loch Ness

One has to give Aquarians time to turn around when they’re temporarily standing on their heads, contemplating the cosmos and chewing peanut
butter balls. Eventually, they’ll apologize for whatever outrageously eccentric behavior they exhibited. But they won’t be pushed into contrition, especially not by dognapping. It was an educational experience for the Libra girl.

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Once these two have reached a comfortable compromise concerning their individual concepts of what is fair, and have developed a slide rule they mutually agree upon to measure justice in a human relationship, they can collect all the rewards and benefits of the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern influence, and soak in the magical alchemy of the double Air Element, with the music of their trined Suns chiming in the background of all their shared activities. As a matter of fact, music is often the golden cord that draws the Libra woman and the Aquarius man

together initially in some manner, either a common interest in it, or the encouragement of one for the other’s pursuit of it. Sometimes it’s art, sometimes religion, philosophy or travel to foreign countries, higher educational endeavors, children, young people or the theatre in some form.. but there will always be multiple areas they can see as smooth stepping-stones into their garden of compassion and warm compatibility of ideas and ideals.

He thinks she’s beautiful, and although love is blind, he’s probably right in his image of this Venus lady’s pulchritude. Most Libra women do possess an extra abundance of ethereal beauty, and even those who aren’t blockbusting beauties have gorgeous smiles that can daze a man’s vision and temporarily paralyze his common sense. She thinks he’s the most super-smart man she’s ever known.

Granted, his intelligence is puzzling at times; it turns and twists down some strange detours, with the unconfined imagination of true genius, bubbling into fountains of brilliance, then erupting into tornadoes of illogical reasoning. The occasional lack of logic in his thinking disturbs her a little, but she’s mentally alert and clever enough herself to sense the scope of the intellect groping within his unpredictable inspiration for a foothold on reality. He likewise appreciates her fine mind, quickly perceives her ability to converse with him on a variety of topics, and therefore hold his interest with more than her curves and dimples.

Still, on the mental and philosophical level, there may be some sharp disagreements. She enjoys luxury, beauty and comfort. Her optimistic nature causes her to turn in distaste from anything ugly, unhappy or depressing, and this Libran languidness may clash with his great, sweeping humanitarian impulses. He’s concerned about the starving children all over the world, the dangerous ecological imbalance, the pollution of our air and water, the plight of the American Indian – all manner of evil and decadence on the human level, and regarding Mother Nature. Her difficulty in coping with the unpleasant will cause him to believe she’s guilty of selfishness and self-indulgence, and he’ll tell her so bluntly. Libra is deeply concerned with injustice in any form, instinctively desiring to bring about equality and goodness in the world; yet she may, like all Librans, shrink at first from facing the necessary specifics of healing the world’s ills because of her natural Venus reluctance to face and accept the negative aspects of Life.

He should lead her more gently into a full realization of her Libra sense of justice, not call her mean things like “lazy,” “spoiled brat” and “uncaring” before she’s found her way to the light from the torch he carries. As for her, she must learn to change her priorities if she’s to live happily with this man, finding ways to make him know that she really does care more about the poverty and misery in the world than the latest fashions, the sleekest cars, parties, good times and culture or the arts. The Libra woman who insists on wearing fur coats, especially sealskin coats, made from the skins of his murdered animal friends, is never going to be adored by an evolved and typical Water Bearer.


Despite these areas of potential tension between them, these two will find calmness and tranquility in their sexual blending. Their hearts and bodies agree with perfect harmony, never mind the occasional confrontations of their minds.

And frequently, the joy they feel when they’re giving and receiving love through its physical expression has the power to heal, or at least soften the edges of their intellectual differences. For Libra and Aquarius, intimacy of the flesh and emotions is easily attainable, and always results in peace of the spirit. In this facet of their love, they are beautifully in tune, their bodies are in key and their passions know the lyric of their lovemaking music by heart. It’s as though they’ve blended in this very way many times before. And they have. For every 5-9 vibration indicates previous incarnations of closeness… a mating of the souls and bodies in half-remembered past lives, still possessing the power to haunt them with an indefinable nostalgia, especially during their times of sexual nearness. The first time of their physical union never seems like the “first time.” There’s something so familiar about the way they feel.

The Libra woman who wants to hold the elusive love of an Aquarian man must allow him to take the lead. There is no other way. Yet it’s more than possible that, after all their disagreements and hurts and heartaches and ego battles are over, she will have the last word. If she’s patient. Her wisest attitude can be summed up in this verse I hereby dedicate to her, called “Pass the Peace Pipe”   or “The Capitulation of a Cardinal Sign.”

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