Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra woman with Capricorn man.

On cover image- Famous Libra Woman and Capricorn Man – Marjorie Elaine Harvey and Steve Harvey


and she sat with him on the side of the bed. She also
said she would give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not
know what she meant, and he held out his hand
“Surely you know what a kiss is?” she asked, aghast.
“I shall know when you give it to me,” he replied stiffly.

In the beginning, the Libra woman will judge the Capricorn man as too stiffly old-fashioned, stuffy, dull and stodgy to fit the rosy-pink image of her dream mate, spun from the silken threads of her rosy-pink imagination.

She’ll think he’s impossibly conservative, set in his ways, stubborn, prosaic, humorless and depressing. He is also, she decides, unduly pessimistic, opinionated and emotionally cold. After tossing all these assessments into one tray of her Scales, she certainly ought to make an attempt to fill up the opposite tray with a few of his virtues. Otherwise, the Goat, astrology – and I – will accuse her of being unfair to this man’s potential as a lover or husband.

You wouldn’t want all three of us against you, would you, lovely Libra lady? All right, then here are some Saturnine virtues for you – to give your analysis of the shy Goat, who’s captured at least your attention, if not yet your heart, a little more perspective and balance. Stubborn he is. We’ll give you that one. There’s no getting around it. He was born under an Earth Sign, not a mental Air Sign like your own, and can therefore be immovable when he gets a notion into his head. To an extent, oldfashioned too. But in a kind of charming way, don’t you think? It’s one of the restful, peaceful things about him. Surely you, as a Libra female, have nothing against restfulness and peace.

Stuffy and conservative? Well, it depends. One needn’t be stuffy just because one is conservative. To be true to your Libra Sun Sign, you’ll have to examine your charge more carefully. The meaning of “conservative” is relative.

An ordinary mugger is conservative to a big time stock manipulator or clever bank embezzler. The sadistic behavior of Nazi Storm Troopers seems conservative in comparison to the reliable reports of brutal beating, choking and sometimes permanent crippling of helpless victims by particular bullies on the Los Angeles Police Force – and similar “law enforcement” beasts in Chicago, New York and other cities in this land of alleged “liberty and justice for all.” Public nudity on beaches is “conservative” to patrons of the new Roman orgy Sex Palaces being built by entrepreneurs like the owner of the Benihana Japanese restaurant chain. A Porsche and a BMW are “conservative” to the owner of a new Ferrari or Lancia. The Beatles are “conservative” to the Rolling Stones, who are likewise to “Kiss” (the rock group so far-out, they returned before they left).

Everything is circular, and if you’re going to measure a circle’s circumference, it really doesn’t matter where you begin.

For example, measuring the circle counterclockwise, Lincoln biographer Capricorn Carl Sandburg presents a “conservative” image compared to Capricorn Richard Nixon. Capricorn Howard Hughes is (not was) “conservative” compared to the chaps who run the Summa Corporation. When you check the list carefully, in a circular direction .. . on reflection .. . you might decide to reverse your decision, and classify “conservative” not as “stuffy,” but as the lesser degree of Whatever on the Way to Nothing and Nowhere, you know? So maybe you should change your mind and switch his conservatism over to the Positive tray of your Libra Scales, as a sort of beginning balancer.

Yes, the Goat is definitely opinionated, but you might add to the Positive tray also the reverse, which is that he’s not wishy-washy. Emotionally cold he sometimes is, granted, but you can fill up the tray containing his virtues even more by adding the fact that neither is he rash and impulsive, prone to passionate, angry outbursts (and you know how you recoil in distaste from that kind of thing) unless his birth chart is extremely afflicted, which can happen to any Sun Sign, not just Capricorn. Even Libra. Now, if you don’t mind, eliminate from the Negative tray of your Scales the term “humorless.” Because you’re wrong about that. Wait till you know him better. You’ll discover that he has a delightful, whimsical sort of humor that’s acutely tuned-in to the vibes of the ridiculous behavior of Earthlings.

It’s rare and subtle, but his sense of comedy timing is exquisite. He’s also gentle and loyal. Dependable and earnest. He’s a hard worker, never lazy or shiftless. He possesses an appreciation of art and music he doesn’t talk about much. Nor does he rent a billboard to advertise his deep and instinctive wisdom regarding human nature.

How are your Scales balancing him now? Almost even, with his shortcomings on one side and his longcomings on the other? You’re still undecided about his pessimism and its depressing effect on you? Well, have you thought of looking at it from the other side – like, his side maybe? Which could end up by also being your side, when you view it dead-center, because this man secretly wishes he could raise his pessimism a few notches toward your optimism – more than he lets you know. Isn’t that your favorite endeavor, cheering the sad and lonely, teaching the futility of futility? He honestly needs the magic touch of your sunny disposition and your airy mental challenge to release him from his inhibitions and to fill the emptiness he often feels, but won’t confess, even to himself. He’s much too shy to tell you that your smile brings tears to his eyes.

Notice him the next time you smile at him the way only a Libra girl can smile, brightening the room like a thousand candles, suddenly flaming all at once. See how he turns his head quickly, pretending he’s busy, and you’re disturbing his work or his thoughts? When he turns back around, his manner is more crusty than before, his voice gruffer. Self-control does that to a man. Saturn’s self-discipline, instilled in him when he was born, blankets him with a chilly charisma that sends people away, never suspecting how much he wants them to stay.

But if you’ll take the time and trouble to gaze deeply into his eyes, you’ll see hiding there the Goat’s soft twinkle of happy, longing to escape and smile with you, if only he could be sure it’s safe to trust his feelings. The eyes are the windows of the soul. When you catch him off-guard, you can look through them and see the warm fires inside, behind the frosty winter exterior he sometimes projects.

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The sexual compatibility between Libra and Capricorn doesn’t always fall into place naturally with the first embrace they share. She may feel hurt and rejected by a certain indefinable coolness in his approach, which she mistakenly interprets as disinterest – and he may also feel that her aloof response to his advances indicates detachment. Just as the elements of air and earth in Nature are strangers, so are the Air and Earth human natures of Libra and Capricorn puzzling, each to the other. Gentle and persistent effort can slowly and surely, however, bring an unusual enchantment to their lovemaking. The attraction of the “different” can be a powerful magnet to sexual desire. It’s as though they never run out of things to teach one another about themselves. His reticent manner at first disturbs her, then gradually draws her, curiously, with a strange wanting to penetrate his quiet, to fathom its depth. The elusiveness of her airy freedom of behavior and expression holds an intense fascination for him, like the call of a sea gull when you’re walking along the shore .. . both tantalizing

and haunting. Even if they spend a lifetime together, she’ll never completely uncover this man’s deeper self – nor will he ever succeed in completely capturing her changing passions. A desire thus not quite satisfied can take one of two paths. It can intensify their intimacy with a silent challenge that makes their sexual expression always exciting with promise, which can be rekindled and newly aroused even after prolonged periods of mutual withdrawal – or it can cause them to gradually lose interest in lovemaking because of the frustration of being unable to comprehend how to fulfill each other. Which path it takes depends a lot on the aspect between their Suns and Moons in their nativities, also the relationship of their mutual Mars and Venus positions at birth. Even more, it depends on them . . . how much they love.

A Libra woman speaks musically, moves lyrically. She’s graceful, tender and sentimental… as intoxicating as a fragrant rose. Yet she is also determinedly in dependent, however well hidden may be her driving ambition and intelligent mind behind the satiny facade of her velvet Venus smile or dimpled grin. She can coax and cajole most any man into willingly (even ecstatically) doing things her way. But the earthbound Goat may resist her charm, when “her way” conflicts with “his way.” Consider Jayne Thompson. She’s an Aries woman, but no matter, because both Aries and Libra women are equally free and independent, liberated females by nature. Jayne is the pretty, dark-haired wife of “Big Jim” Thompson Governor of Illinois – a former public prosecutor (Jayne, not Jim) and an ardent ERA advocate.

When they were blessed, in 1978, with the first baby born to an incumbent Illinois Governor in seventy-two years, they gave her the nostalgic name of Samantha, and rocked her in an appropriately old-fashioned, antique cradle – to match her father’s old-fashioned ideas about parenthood (never mind Mama’s ERA leanings). “This one is going to wear dresses,” Samantha’s father stated firmly in an interview – then glancing at his sleeping infant daughter, “because Daddy is not going to buy you anything but dresses.” (Samantha being a tiny Lioness, wish him luck!) Although Gov. Thompson is  an earthy Taurean, it’s all the same. An Earth Sign male is an Earth Sign male.

In certain respects, there’s not a great deal of difference between a Bull and a Goat (or a conservative Crab, for that matter). The Capricorn man may be funny, lovable, devoted and affectionate (as is “Big Jim,” with his warm and friendly ways) but all Goats are a shade chauvinistic about the women in their lives.


Since the Saturn-ruled man can’t help being immovable regarding his favorite notions, and since his Libra woman is more flexible, guided by her Air Element, it’s easier for her to change her position than for him to do so. Consequently, much of the responsibility for the success of their relationship may fall upon her dainty but strong shoulders. If she really tries, her lovingly grateful Goat should reward her with a romantic honorary degree for the “fine art” of harmonizing her personality to blend with his own, maybe a gold bracelet to encircle her arm, inscrbed in Latin sweet talk with: Artium Elegantium Exquisitariumque Doctoris.

Then she can give him an old-fashioned pocket timepiece, complete with an antique watch fob and chain, to add to his dignified appearance .. . recalling all the sweetness of the past… engraved inside the case with the words: stuffy and conservative equals serene and cozy. Or maybe a more private code between them, like: 4-10 is the lucky number of the angels.

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