Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra woman with Libra man.

On cover image- Famous Libra Woman and Libra Man – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Tink was not all bad: or, rather, she was all bad just now,
but, on the other hand, sometimes she was all
It was a sanguinary affair, and especially interesting as
showing one of Peter’s peculiarities, which was that in the
middle of a fight he would suddenly change sides. 

Ordinarily, in the 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern chapters of this book, when it comes to the male-female section, I place the woman of the Sun Sign first in the title, then the man. After all, that’s only fair. Since women have been locked up, put down, kept in virtual slavery, unfairly paid and, in general, unjustly treated by men for so many years, we surely deserve some of what I believe is called “overcompensation.” However, I’ve deliberately listed them in the above order, naming the Libra man ahead of the Libra woman, for a good reason.

Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, ruled by a feminine planet – Venus. This means, quite candidly, that it’s the nature of Libra individuals of both sexes to be neither decidedly male nor female, but to partake almost equally of the masculine and feminine qualities, sometimes even in the molding of the physical bodies, often in the voice quality – these being also a bit of each. No offense.

Such equal measure merely results in Libra women being unusually handsome creatures of great sentiment – and Libra men being unusually beautiful creatures of great strength – although Libra men are also uncommonly (and appealingly) sentimental, while Libra women are also uncommonly (and admirably) strong. You can see how confusing it becomes. There must be a line drawn somewhere, if one is to make any sense of it at all. The fact that they both possess those powerhouse Venus smiles, which can radiate light for a minimum of one hundred yards, doesn’t make matters any easier. To get directly to the issue of why I listed the Libra man first in the heading, something has to give in this situation, and to be fair, it should be the Libra woman. If she truly loves her Libra man, she’ll give him, at the very least, equal billing in their relationship, allowing his masculinity to be unchallenged and unquestioned, so he can appreciate her feminine qualities, and love her as a man loves a woman. To reverse the order of Mother Nature’s blueprint is never wise.

It’s sometimes necessary for the Libra girl, even though she often looks like the seductive personification of every female from Eve to Cleopatra, to remind herself which of the two of them is really the man. The task won’t be too difficult for her, once she realizes its importance to their relationship, because this lady is gifted with more natural charm, instinctive tact, and talents of sweet persuasion than she could ever use in just one lifetime. Astrology isn’t advising her to demurely acquiesce to his demands, or encourage his male chauvinistic tendencies – only to temper her inner strength with some outward gentleness, and refrain from too frequently demonstrating to him that she’s his intellectual equal, if not his superior, in some respects. She should realize that he’s also her superior in some respects. Everything comes out even.

Since they’re both mental Air Signs, and therefore need constant verbal expression of ideas and opinions, these two will be unable to avoid periodic long discussions – which could grow into serious arguments. Not all, but most of their arguments could be avoided, if they made a pact to discuss only subjects on which there couldn’t possibly be any disagreement from any logical thinking person. Then their discussions would be exercises in mutual enlightenment, rather than merely windy verbal excursions that threaten to stir up trouble between them.

It’s safer that way, and there are hundreds of subjects from which to choose, topics even the Hatfields and the McCoys or the Capulets and the Montagues would agree upon. For example, there’s the despicable action of our government toward the American Indians at Wounded Knee – Ma Bell’s strangling dictatorship and potential telephone-tapping possibilities – the unpredictable service of the struggling, overloaded United States Post Office, that falls somewhat short of the speed and reliability of the Pony Express and makes the United Parcel people seem like angels straight from heaven – and many, many others.

With a minimum of effort this man and woman should be able to achieve a mentally stimulating, yet an also peaceful and emotionally secure relationship.

Both the Libra man and the Libra woman are usually willing to compromise to obtain harmony. They’re cooperative by nature, except when something they feel constitutes a moral or ethical issue is involved. Then they’ll each be equally difficult to sway from an opinion. If either feels the other is treating him (or her) unfairly – or if some situation seems to be unjust, the usual Libra “compromise” and “cooperation” may be replaced by tornadoes of temper and hurricanes of anger.

Librans are always verbal when they’re agitated. Neither he nor she is likely to pout sullenly in the corner or retreat in silence. They’ll probably talk about their complaints until they’re resolved, one way or the other, even if it takes all night on occasion – which isn’t a good idea, because they both need more rest and sleep than most other people, and when they’re deprived of it, their normally fine, alert Libra minds become dull and fuzzy. Yes, even illogical.

This kind of Libran debate will have the happy result of deepening the bond between them, not straining it – and maybe helping the rest of us too,since they might decide to do something aggressively positive about the issues they ponder. The next night these two Libran lovers logically discuss the major contribution made to the End of the World by Washington’s Atomic Energy Commission, Con Edison, and other nuclear-powered industries who have refused to convert to solar energy for the insane reason that they can’t monopolize or make a profit upon it.


Then they can weigh the morality of the American film Jaws, that made its producers so wealthy by being directly responsible for the enormous upsurge of shark killings – unleashing such powerful, invisible vibratory waves of human fury and hatred that a group of California thrill seekers, after the film’s success, went to Australia, where they amused themselves by feeding sharks punctured cans of Drano – and tossing them hand grenades, wrapped in meat – then watched happily as the animals writhed in agony, delighted with the way their heads were blown off.

When one of their grenades blew a hole in their boat, they were forced to swim to shore in water teeming with sharks, yet none of these human beasts were harmed by the animals. Since Libra rules Justice, the two Libran lovers can ponder what cosmic punishment should be meted out to those who spread to millions of people all over the cowardly falsehood that sharks lie in wait to attack humans, when the absolute truth is that sharks have no instinct or desire whatsoever to attack humans. When they do bite, rarely, it’s a mistake, never intentional – and nearly all these rare occasions are caused by the shedding of blood through spear fishing. They can use their Libra fairness to decide what sort of Galactic Oscar the Jaws producers, directors, and actors deserve for the distinction of having now guaranteed the speeded-up extinction of, not only the Great Whites, but also the gentle Grey Nurse sharks, who so vitally insure the ecological balance of our oceans.

They might even turn to a long, compassionate, Venus-inspired discussion of Sheldon Levy, head of New York’s Action Movie News, who publicly states his approval of his camera crew’s urging a lost and lonely, suicidal soul to jump to his death – because “that’s the only way we can get salable footage” for the network and local TV news shows. Perhaps our two Librans can offer Mr. Levy the loan of their Scales, so he can weigh common decency against financial greed and contempt for human life.

There are a multitude of subjects two Libra lovers can use to bring them closer together – matters about which any two sane people on Earth would have to be in agreement – without choosing topics certain to lead them into selfish disputes, causing their love to shrink into hurt feelings, then gradually fade into disinterest and the emptiness of apathy.

An interesting facet of astrology is that Libra lovers and mates frequently bear a pair of alliterative names. Like Henry and Helen. Mack and Mary. Jim and Janet. These are all actual double-Libra couples I know as good friends.

I’m so accustomed to finding Libra teams like Henry and Helen, Mack and Mary, Jim and Janet – I would seriously suspect the validity of the October birthdays of any Libra lovers named, for example, Gregg and Melinda.

Back to those couples who are friends of mine (or any other Libra man-woman combinations). It’s best to remember that they are equally as often – only fairly called:
Helen and Henry, Mary and Mack .. . and Janet and Jim. Don’t forget that Libra is a masculine sign, with a feminine ruler, Venus. No fair allowing one sex to take priority of mention over the other. Everything must be nicely balanced.

The sense of poetry and beauty and harmony in Librans extends also to the equality of their relationship. It’s clearly not “harmonious” to always name the man first – or place the male’s wishes ahead of the female’s. Just is just. Male chauvinism is so .. . uncoordinated .. . so unpoetic. Don’t you think? Helen and Mary and Janet think so. Henry and Mack and Jim had better think so – if they don’t want to start one of those long Libra discussions she almost always wins. Who can fight an iron fist in a velvet glove and come out victorious? Not even a clever Libra male. After all, whose side would you expect Venus to be on? You are right. She is.

As in all 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern relationships, the Libra man and woman must realize that the combining of their similar characters, personalities, and traits imposes an obligation to be alert to the danger of a doubling up of their mutual negative tendencies. Both people influenced by the 1-1 vibration must be more careful with each other than they need be with others – of emphasizing the qualities in themselves they aren’t proud to possess. They’ll have to beware encouraging in one another the Libra love of parties, which could lead to various forms of overindulgence and dissipation – the Venus love of sweets, which could lead to a double overweight problem (she loves to bake cakes, he loves to eat them, and vice versa) and, as I’ve already mentioned, the Libra argumentative aspect, which could, if not controlled, its energy rechanneled into positive directions, lead to continual conflict – which will eventually, in turn, lead to anything from an actual physical allergy to each other, to matching nervous breakdowns in His-and-Her beds at the hospital, because continual conflict can be seriously harmful to Libra mental stability and emotional health. Last, but not least, the Venus compulsion for romance can cause the winds of unfaithfulness and jealousy to blow the roof right off the cozy nest of these two lovebirds.

If they must be romantic, they should send all their valentines to each other, and confine their flirting to each other too, which will have the exciting result of keeping their love alive and thrilling long after other Sun Sign couples have become emotionally lazy, and therefore, romantically bored.

Of course, there’s also the bright side of the penny in a 1-1 relationship the emphasizing of the good and beneficent Libra qualities. These two will probably never be starved for compliments, they’ll usually be graciously considerate of one another’s feelings and enjoy many of the same interests, often centering around music and painting, or other art forms, long walks, and lots of reading. A double Libra marriage almost always produces a sizable library and record collection.

They’ll have a marvelous time going to the movies, and sharing their opinions afterward, of the dialogue, acting, direction, lighting, camera
work, and plot. Librans are born critics, especially those who have a Virgo or Gemini Moon Sign or Ascendent. But they should stay away from the refreshment stand in the theatre. Libra is the sign of beauty, and although this means that all Librans are, in some way, strikingly beautiful or handsome, possessing at least one perfect feature – it also means that Libra appreciates beauty in others, and when either or both of them are no longer physically pleasing to gaze upon, they may look elsewhere for beauty. Yet, the Libra man or woman who temporarily strays usually feels uncomfortable. Even mental infidelity subconsciously troubles the Libran sense of morality and fairness – and compels them to return to each other’s familiar, intimate smiles and dimples, accompanied by waterfalls of tears. Librans always weep at weddings, and cry over happy endings.


The sexual chemistry of their relationship, if one could analyze it in a laboratory, would reveal itself to be made up of 70 percent mental affinity, 20 percent affection and sentiment – and 10 percent physical passion. Don’t be misled. That 10 percent can contain a more powerful potency, by anyone’s quantitative analysis, than the same percentage of passion between other men and women. The combined ingredients of mental affinity, affection, and sentiment act as the perfect catalyst in a formula for sexual fulfillment.

Libra love always has the magic of imagination through it, and this keeps their physical union open to all kinds of possibilities of change and variety. Their lovemaking will never be dull, never grow stale. It’s more likely to suffer from periods of elusiveness and detachment when he smothers himself in a load of work – when she devotes her entire attention to an outside job, or makes a totally time-consuming career of homemaking and motherhood. But the Libra man and woman’s desire for each other, however long it’s been allowed to lie dormant, is eternally vulnerable to being rekindled by the smallest gesture or incident.

It could be something as fragile as the fragrance of the cologne she used to wear that he’s never forgotten, and that she casually sprayed on her hair, because it was a Christmas gift from a neighbor who didn’t suspect what an aphrodisiac it would be … . a poem one of them comes across in a book, bringing the memory of the night he whispered to her, long ago, when he was selling cars in Pittsburgh to help pay for his tuition at night school to get his law degree … . an old love letter, found unexpectedly in a drawer the smell of frost and apples in the air on a golden-blue October day, in football weather … . and always, the rush of feeling that never fails to fill their hearts (and bodies) to overflowing, when they hear the music of “their song.”

There’s not a Libra man and woman anywhere in this solar system who don’t adopt a special song, within days of their meeting, which becomes, from that moment forward, a sacred symbol of the thrill they knew when they first loved, increasing its nostalgic power over their emotions with every passing year.

Whatever recording artist sang it the night they heard it together will be their heroine or hero, whether it was Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Helen O’Connell, Elvis Presley, Linda Ronstadt, or Ringo Starr. If it was Peggy Lee who first blessed their theme song, they’ll follow her concerts and personal appearances to the Moon and back, to relive yesterday. If it was the late Nat “King” Cole, they’ll become enthusiastic fans of his daughter, Natalie. Librans are as sentimental as a lavender sachet, tucked away in a trunk in the attic.

The typical Libra man is usually successful in a material sense, either independently following a specialized profession, or securely locked into a position of authority, at the head of some major endeavor. He’ll seldom last long, or be completely happy, as an employee, taking orders, for Libra is a Cardinal Sign of leadership, and needs to be in charge. During forced, nonoptional periods of playing the role of employee, he may be super bossy at home, because he must boss someone. (But he’ll do it sweetly most of the time.)

The typical Libra female is a Wonder Woman as a hostess. Their home won’t be a shabby shack or a cluttered cubicle. Her talents and taste will transform it into an oasis of peace and charm, a harmonious haven filled with gracious and beautiful vibrations, soothing to the troubled spirit. She’s remarkably cool and calm in a crisis (although afterward, she may collapse in his arms, when the danger’s over), fiercely loyal, and cheerfully adaptable to change. His dreams are her dreams, and she’s both strong enough and devoted enough to make them come true for this gentle-mannered man she loves, who’s so intelligent, often cranky, but always optimistic that tomorrow will be brighter – very much like herself.

She’s the kind of woman who will make any sacrifice to help her man graduate from police or plumber’s school, obtain his medical or law degree, achieve his goal to be an actor, writer, artist, or musician – become the chief executive of an  airline or a lollipop store. Whatever he wants for himself, she wants for him, with equal fervor.

He’s the kind of man who will romantically give his woman a diamond or a poem (does it really matter which? ) because he suddenly realized, one autumn afternoon (flying home to her from a business trip) an unexpected truth – that without his Libra lady’s “iron fist in its velvet glove” – he’d still be back in Pittsburgh, selling Buicks.

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