Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Libra woman with Scorpio man.

On cover image- Famous Libra Woman and Scorpio Man – Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale


In her dream he had rent the film that obscures the
… Elation must have been in his heart, but his face did not
reflect it.

As bright, intelligent and logical as she may be, the Libra woman can spend a lifetime unsuccessfully trying to read the innermost feelings of her Scorpio man from his bland features. She’ll never penetrate all the secrets behind his impassive mask. He’s a walking enigma that will forever resist a final solution. If he loves her, he’ll share more of himself with her than he ever will with anyone else, but this doesn’t mean he’ll either invite or permit her to wander around in the more private recesses of his mind, heart or soul. These secret compartments are reserved for himself and his Maker – his God.

If he should happen to tell her this, her fine Libra mind will probably find it a good excuse to initiate an argument (excuse me, a discussion) on the subject. “What do you mean, your God? Aren’t you aware that we have co-Creators, that there is a Mr. and Ms. God, that even your Maker has a female counterpart, as does everything in the entire Universe?” Libra girls are always a trifle Women’s Libbish, even when they disguise it with their perfumed femininity and dimpled smiles, but she’s on the track to truth when she offers that particular spiritual conjecture. Right on! Libra, and bless your Venus wisdom.

Buried just beneath the surface cool, in even the most evolved of Scorpio men, is the revenge syndrome – so she should beware of driving him into too many inlets of resentment. The retaliatory surprises of a wounded or angered Scorpion can seriously shake her Libran equilibrium. This man is deeply sensitive behind his image of self-sufficiency and confidence. Now, a word of warning to him. Despite her soothing voice, beautiful features and sparkling toothpaste smile, Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, also a Cardinal Sun Sign of leadership. A smart Scorpio man knows the Webster definition of both “masculine” and “cardinal.” So he should comprehend that this.girl, with all her womanly ways, will not become a contented concubine, not even for him. She can, at first, be undeniably convincing in her pose of soft feminine submission, especially if she really loves him.

But behind her cheerful countenance and satiny facade, she’s miserable unless she’s made responsible in some way regarding matters of importance. Brooms, mops, dishwashers and diapers don’t fall in that category. I mean, they’re important.. but they’re not challenging or mentally stimulating, and if she isn’t mentally stimulated she’ll become a very sad lady. Of course, admittedly, there’s nothing more stimulating than trying to capture the love of an Eagle, but once she’s won that round, slike to so need the comfort of a cozy marriage, yet to be constantly longing to dash out and conquer the world at the same time. Do you see why her Scales keep dipping in indecision and frustration?

Because Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth astrological house of other people’s money (among other things) and, in addition, represents the second house of money and material possessions to Libra, these matters will assume more importance with this couple than with most. The income of either or both will be the subject of much emphasis in their relationship. Whether this financial emphasis is positive or negative will depend on the Sun-Moon aspect they share, and other mutual planetary influences, plus – as always – their own efforts to harmonize in this area of their life together. But they can be certain that money will rear its little (or large) green head as an urgent problem for decision and discussion, not infrequently. Separate checking accounts. I strongly advise separate checking accounts. Actually, that’s good counsel for every couple of any Sun-Sign composition, but especially for this one. A Libra woman will not be happy asking her man for a few dollars when she wants to subscribe to Ms. magazine or go shopping. Even Pisces girls don’t do that anymore, and Libra women were liberated long before they or you or I ever heard of ERA – when they were born.

If she wants to go to work, he should be enthusiastic. He may as well be because she’ll do it anyway. Scorpio can be intimidating, but a Libra woman is not easily intimidated. She’ll seesaw back and forth for a while, pretending that her indecision trauma is caused by a concern that her taking a job might upset him or their home life. She’s putting him on, using these anxieties as excuses to cover her necessary but frustrating period of Scale balancing. In the end, she’ll do exactly as she wishes to do. Whatever that might be. It’s hard to guess. But when she does finally decide, she’ll be quite firm about it, you can be sure. If it’s a job with a title, and relates somehow to the arts, so much the better. She’ll be touchingly happy, for Libra must lead in some manner – and to her, anything artistic or beautiful isn’t work, it’s play. The happiest careers are always those in which we would become involved by choice, even if we weren’t paid. To work with love is a holy thing.

In astrology, Libra is closely associated with the law, among other matters. So he shouldn’t be surprised if she often sounds like a lawyer when they’re debating (I mean discussing) some point of disagreement. Even if he’s an attorney himself, she’ll rock and sock him now and then with her Libra logic. He may think he’s fallen in love with, not a woman, but his old college law professor, and have to look closely to be certain. Those starry eyes and chiseled features and that voluptuous Venus figure should quickly reassure him. Yes, she is a female. Still, her masculine mental processes will give him a start now and then. She’ll take turns being sweetly bossy, then docile, which will confuse him, and very few things confuse Scorpio. It can throw him into periods of inexplicable depression, during which he’ll ask himself who is really in control of the relationship.

(It’s a valid question.) On the other hand, his habit of silently appraising her virtues, when she needs to hear them praised aloud, of being critical in a detached and unemotional way, can trouble her more than he guesses. The Libra woman will have to call on all her considerable reserves of charm and tact to learn to be tolerant of this man’s dark moods, his long silences.

He hasn’t left her, he’s only swimming out a little further from shore than usual, into the deeper waters of meditation upon life’s mysteries, and he doesn’t need a bodyguard to float along beside him. He prefers to make such nocturnal excursions alone. Chattering, or insistent questions like “What are you thinking about?” or “Why are you so quiet, sweetheart?” will be answered with a cold stare and more silence. Even the talkier Scorpions with several planets in Gemini, Aries or Leo, will have reclusive moments. In the beginning, it will cause no small amount of tension between them that he sometimes communicates best with a glance, or perhaps a touch – while she communicates best the way all humans were made to communicate, verbally, with sounds called words. A Scorpion, however gregarious he may be regarding other areas of his life, will never find it easy to be excessively verbal when expressing his emotional or sexual or romantic feelings. If there’s a harmonizing Sun-Moon aspect between their birth charts, she’ll understand this, begin to measure her words and communicate more often with her dazzling Libra smile – and an eloquent silence.

Should they, however, share a square or opposed Sun-Moon aspect, the prognostications for permanence are not good. If he’s one of those Scorps with a weakness for drugs or alcohol, and she’s one of those eternal “party girl” Librans, there will be trouble. Libra creates the social atmosphere to tempt Scorpio’s latent weaknesses. Her fondness for fun and people and entertaining can be a sticky net for the Scorpion who’s easily lured into losing himself through various escapes, from drinking or the temporary high (or low) of grass, to ever more dangerous artificial stimulation. Life is always ready to seduce the Pluto ruled into dark waters, and a dimpled, charming Libra girl can be pretty seductive.

However, an evolved Scorpio male of tenacity and purpose (and there are plenty of these) who can resist such siren songs – and the enlightened, mentally stable, emotionally balanced Libra woman (the kind who far outnumber the Libran party girls) have a solid chance to form a strong association when they fall in love with their heads and hearts in equal measure. He may sometimes suspect she’s not completely leveling with him, not saying what she really believes, never mind how many words she uses. Are they reflecting her true feelings? He wonders, for he is suspicious by nature. It’s a dual problem, because she’ll be troubled by his subtle manner of avoiding an immediate answer to her questions. What lies behind those impassive features? She wonders, for she is curious by nature.

There are moments when he’ll appear to be more stubborn than
he really is, when he insists on a course of action without explaining to her logical mind why he’s so set on it, believing she should trust him to have the wisdom to know what he’s doing – and he usually does. It’s safer for their marriage if she trusts him than if she doubts him. Yes, I said marriage. None of these loose, Aquarian Age live-in plans for the Libra female. She may go along with a live-in arrangement for a while, but eventually she will marry, or leave. Marry her, or you’ll lose her – to another man, perhaps – or she’ll find a sensational career to wed. Just so she’s not alone, and she knows where she’s going. Libra women play all games for keeps.

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Many Libra females retain their own names when they marry. It’s a kind of “thing” with some of them. If a Scorpio man permits this, you can safely wager every penny in your piggy bank that he’s one of the very rare, evolved Eagles, and fatten your pig by winning. She may hesitate before deciding, though  what will happen when the children are born? On the other hand, will she miss the warm intimacy of bearing his name while she’s keeping intact her independence as an individual? There are actually two sides to it, you see, and … .After a few hours or days or weeks of her weighing the balance, even a stubborn Taurus man might give in, and say, “Do it! Do it!” So will the Scorpio man.

He’ll likewise become weary of her weighing and shout (though he rarely shouts), “DO IT! For % %¢¢&&**!! sakes, DO IT! Like I said when I first suggested it, I think it’s a sound idea” (even if he secretly hates the idea).

The funny thing is that the idea itself will probably have originally been hers, not his. She’ll sweetly plant it in her lover’s mind so subtly and gently, he’ll forget where it came from and be innocently convinced it was his suggestion in the first place. That’s what astrology means by the female Libran’s “iron fist in a velvet glove.

” When it punches out the perception of a Scorpio, you can be certain it’s mighty powerful, however velvety. These two aren’t as emotionally passionate as they are mentally in tune. Sexually, they can anticipate each other’s wishes, which is good. But they aren’t always aware of how to satisfy those wishes, which is bad. The Eagle should study the verse in Ecclesiastes, which states that there is “a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.” One of the latter times is when she’s struggling through the throes of some important decision.

He may try to relax her, help her unwind with intense lovemaking, then be deeply wounded to discover that his endeavors have only tied her into more pretzels and made her restless, nervous… when the act of love should result in peace and contentment. She can be an ideal partner for him when her Scales are balanced, and at these times, their physical Oneness can bring them so spiritually close to each other that tears could fill their eyes at the wonder of love’s power to transport the soul into beauty through “becoming one flesh.” But when this woman’s Scales are tipping, she’ll be as pleasant to make love to as the Lady Macbeth. The Scorpio man will probably satisfy every sensual and erotic longing, every secret need for affection and fierce devotion the Libra girl has ever dreamed about romantically – except one. He definitely will not recite poetry to her in the middle of their mating – nor will he make whispered declarations of his devotion aloud to her during their intimate moments. She’ll remind him, perhaps even coach him.

He will attempt to comply. But since this sort of thing lacks spontaneity, she’ll begin to think he doesn’t really love her. He does. But this man is uneasy with open displays of sentiment and romance. He thinks he proves he loves his woman by both his loyalty and his sexual intensity. Why should she need words, to hear him repeat “I love you” constantly? I don’t know why, but she does need it. A compromise may be necessary.

She should try to be more gentle, less demanding of him and he should realize that this woman doesn’t take a crystal ball to bed with her, so how is she to know his feelings are as deep and sure as when they first wept together over love’s joy, unless he tells her sol Using Libra logic, I’ll remind the Eagle that a small amount of spoken endearments will prevent a large amount of unreasonable jealousy. Whether his features are plain or handsome, the magnetic force field of Pluto pulses in his aura, and his undeniable magnetism with women can make this lady very jealous. Could Juliet have doubted Romeo, with such constant declaration of his love? Nor did she. Nor will his Libra woman, if she receives her Juliet birthright from him.


Wish them luck in their efforts to blend their vibes. It might be a blessing to us all that they fell in love. She can provide an idealistic outlet for his controlled but driving ambition, helping him guide it into channels that could bring justice to the planet’s abused and weary souls. His deeper wisdom will check her airy indecisions, gently molding them into a sensible approach to her daydreams. Her logical mind will help him straighten out the complicated tangles of career, family or personal involvements which are sooner or later faced, to some degree, by every Water Sign, even invincible Scorpio.

The combining of the Eagle’s bottomless confidence with his Libra woman’s great sense of fairness can be a beneficent thing for everyone within their sphere of influence. Their personal love has an excellent chance to expand outside themselves into a tremendous energy for all mankind and womankind. If the two of them should silently meditate together within the Pyramid or whisper magic mantras in an ancient Incan temple what wonders might occur! Our co-Creators would both approve.

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