Pisces And Pisces Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces.

Water – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Night Forces – Feminine

Water – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Night Forces – Feminine

They gathered round him; all eyes averted from the thing
that was coming aboard. They had no thought of fighting
it. It was Fate

Four Fish, when they’re involved in any sort of an association together (each Pisces person represents two Fish, you see, swimming in opposite directions), have
several choices of behavior open to them. They can both get lost in the euphoric escape of drugs or alcohol become exquisitely creative in many forms of mutual endeavor, from the arts to architecture explore places like Oz and Wonderland team up to teach schools of small minnows, patiently and perceptively…. or just swim and pal around together, avoiding the seaweed, making friends with the sharks, talking to the dolphins, waving cheerfully to the sea gulls overhead, frolicking through the waves, and playing tag with each other. The choices are much the same, in general, as when the other two Water Signs are involved in the same sort of 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern influence, although normally not quite so intense as the double Scorpion vibration – nor quite so materially oriented and possessive as the double Cancerian vibration.

There’s a certain softness and placidity inherent in the Pisces Sun Sign, which may, in varying degrees, diminish vitality of motivation and consequent action. Pisces people are usually extraordinarily sensitive or “psychic,” although the quality often manifests itself in a passive way, the Fish depending upon dreams, intuition, and instant impressions in his (or her) daily, personal life. The drive and forcefulness that creates mystics who are also great leaders is sometimes lacking, Pisces preferring to spread their light quietly, behind the scenes.

Albert Einstein and Rudolph Steiner, both Pisceans, had other powerful planetary configurations present at their births which considerably diluted the dreamlike, procrastinating quality of the Sun Sign and made them practical visionaries.

Two Pisceans must always be aware of the various aspects of the negative polarity of Neptune’s psychic bequest to them: delusions, false illusions, idle daydreams, and self-deception, as well as the subtle temptation to mislead others in some way. Much will depend upon the Moon Signs of the two Fish, as to their individual destinies and the fate of their 1-1 association. If the Sun-Moon exchange between the two nativities is favorable, harmony will be easy. If not, much watchfulness will be required, lest they drown one another’s initiative and ambition.

There’s a good chance that there’ll be a scattering of petty bickering, crossness, and irritability between them now and then, but generally, they won’t face
the kind of difficulty understanding one another’s basic natures they experience with other Sun Signs, such as Gemini and Sagittarius, for example. The Neptune-ruled not only easily comprehend each other’s secrets and elusive personalities – they also possess an instinctive sympathy for one another’s woes and sorrows. It’s rare for two Fish to meet and not almost immediately sense this empathy, never mind the other planetary positions in their birth charts. All 1-1 associations feel the same mutual familiarity, but none of them sense it so quickly and so deeply as Pisces and Pisces (with the possible exception of a couple of Scorps).

These two gravitate toward each other naturally and smoothly. Often, they’ll meet at the seaside, or over a drink, whether it’s a glass of Perrier water, or something stronger. They can, of course, also meet in a concert hall, in the park, in a hospital, newspaper office, the theatre, a convent, a monastery, or a science lab involved in any sort of occupation or career that allows Pisces to provide some kind of creative “service” to others (if only to entertain them) with minimum authority required – and maximum freedom permitted.

Pisceans are ordinarily outwardly gentle, soft-spoken, and accommodating. They’re not perfect, they have their naughty moments, but the Fish aren’t usually inclined to make a major issue out of a minor slight. They bear their troubles rather lightly and casually, and when the burden becomes too heavy, the Fish are more apt to simply drop the problem and walk away from it than to struggle in futile fashion, fighting fate – or what they view as the inevitable.

To illustrate the quality of accommodation, which is so ingrained in the Neptune nature, check the table of contents in this book. You’ll notice that all the other Sun Signs are listed in columns of gradually diminishing length. Since Pisces is the last sign covered in the compatibility analysis of each of the previous associations, by the time I reached the Pisces compatibilities (while blocking out titles), it was clear that it could contain only one chapter – that of “Pisces-Pisces” – all other Pisces relationships having already been discussed at the end of each of the other eleven Sun Sign sections preceding the Piscean one. Not wanting to slight my Neptune readers, I tried several variations of format, to rectify this seeming ill-treatment of the poor Fish. But each change I tried was confusing in relation to all twelve Sun Signs. Finally, I decided to leave matters in their natural astrological order, realizing it wouldn’t make a particle of difference to Pisceans. Your average gentle Pisces soul expects to be last, to have least, to end up with the smallest piece of fudge cake, and to be the one head in the crowd most favored by a low-flying flock of pigeons. Believe me, Pisces folk might be nervous if they saw an entire section of twelve chapters devoted exclusively to them.

The Fish will feel more secure when they discover themselves hiding, as usual, in among the other Sun Signs, making their own individual compatibility associations with other signs difficult for the rest of the readers to find. They like it that way. All their friends will have trouble locating them and learning how they get along with people, isn’t that right, Pisces? But you’ll know where to look for yourselves, even though you may be overlooked by everyone else. (Aren’t you always?) It doesn’t ruffle your calm to be “last, with the least” instead of “first, with the most” – because you remember the biblical warning that “he who is first shall be last and he who is last shall be first.” (To be fair to women’s lib, we’d best say “he-she who is first shall be last, and she-he who is last shall be first.”) And what was that other Pisces promo in the New Testament? “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”? Poor Neptune souls. If they ever did inherit the Earth, the inheritance taxes would probably shrink it so they’d be left with only the Bronx – and maybe a small slice of Siberia.

There’s this medium-famous Pisces rock singer from Indiana (I won’t embarrass him by using his name, he has enough problems), but during his very first television appearance, after the big build-up by the announcer and cheers from the studio audience, he began to play and sing his hit record – and after just two bars, he dropped his guitar pick down inside the hole in the instrument. Fortunately, the show was taped. That sort of thing frequently happens to the Fish.

Pisces men, women, and children are always being overlooked by friends, neighbors, relatives, and business associates – sometimes even by their own lovers or mates. But you needn’t feel sorry for them, truly. Actually, they prefer to enjoy the passing scene around them while being unobserved themselves. Pisces is deliberately unobtrusive. These two aren’t in the habit of carrying large banners, spelling out HERE I AM! in bright red and yellow lettering (they hate wearing name tags at conventions), and so, a couple of Fish can easily pass, almost completely unnoticed, in a crowded room – unless, of course, one of them should happen to become tipsy from too much tequila and knock over the aquarium or the potted ferns, which would cause the unfortunate Fish to blush, and suffer acute shame, not because of being tipsy or clumsy, but because of attracting so much unwelcome attention. There are a fair number of Pisceans who are in the public eye, through their choice of profession, but they never really enjoy it, and I never knew a Fish who complained about not being in the public eye. You must always think of the symbol of the sign, in the case of Pisces, the Nature fish. Would you say that trout, salmon, or any other kind of fish are apt to leap up out of the water, just to be noticed?

It’s no wonder they hide, with all those fishermen out to hook them painfully in the mouth, then leave them to die slowly in a basket, gasping for breath, telling you that it doesn’t matter, because the fish “is a cold-blooded animal.” Anyone who’s watched a fish thrashing about in agony wonders at the kind of intellect that claims this creature feels no pain or terror. The cold-blooded animal is the fisherman, though he may have no deliberate intention of unkindness. Not every nervous system in nature is identical, but the will to live is equal in all, through a kind of consciousness unknown to humans – yet as to its level of awareness, perhaps very akin, who knows? Certainly not insensitive scientists, hunters, or fishermen.

Since Pisces, along with Scorpio and Sagittarius, is astrologically inseparably linked to “religion” (or more accurately, to spiritual truth), this Pisces-Pisces chapter of Love Signs is an appropriate place to remind the reader that Jesus was not, as some people falsely believe, a fisherman. Jesus, like his father, Joseph, was a carpenter by trade. In fact, not fiction, he drew most of his disciples away from their occupation of fishing, promising to make them, instead, “fishers of men” (and of women too, of course, but the Bible is full of male chauvinism). The Nazarene was not by any means a chauvinist, but he had no control over those who wrote about him (especially not those who tampered with the various accounts of his ministry in later centuries). As supported by both the protests of the prophets – and the more recently discovered and translated Dead Sea Scrolls – Jesus not only was well versed in astrology, but he said: “Seek not the law in your scriptures, for law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. I tell you truly, Moses received not his laws from God in writing, but through the living word.”

Also contained within little-known New Testament manuscripts which exist in the library of the Vatican, in Rome, are some texts dating from early Christian centuries, containing writings which refer to otherwise inaccessible words of Jesus, such as: “For I tell you truly, from one mother proceeds all that lives upon the earth. Therefore, who kills, kills his brother. And from him will the Earthly Mother turn away, and will pluck him from her quickening breasts …kill not, neither eat the flesh of your innocent prey … . for that is the path of suffering, and it leads to death. But do the will of God, that His angels may serve you on the way of life. Obey, therefore, the words of God: Behold! I have given you every herb bearing seed in which is the fruit of a tree, yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

One wonders at all the great truth and wisdom contained within the Vatican library, yet not spread to the multitudes who spiritually hunger and thirst for it. But one must be grateful, at least, for the access to truth permitted searching scholars. In this respect, the Catholic Church deserves a bright, shiny, gold star. It seems a non sequitur to teach falsehood (interspersed with truth) while at the same time allowing suppressed truth to be researched. Yet, let us not question, but rather be grateful for such blessings, lest even these be denied us.

The alleged instances of Jesus, who ushered in the Piscean Age of the Fish, partaking in the eating of flesh, including the flesh of fish, is nothing short of blasphemy upon his actual teachings of love and life. The false stories spread by the gospel “correctors” down through the centuries have too-long profaned the message of the simple carpenter. Certainly the ethics of the Galilean were not less righteous and compassionate than those of his fellow Essenes, the very ones who “prepared him for his mission” (whose own written records have not been so tampered with and profaned), who clearly both respected and practiced astrology – and sternly opposed the sacrifice and eating of the lamb, as well as fish, and all flesh.

There was no blood spilled in Eden. It was only later that man became a flesh eater – “and the fear of him, and the dread of him was upon every living thing, even the fish in the sea.” And the fear of her. The women flesh eaters. This ringing truth may be heard echoed today by the faint, sad voices of the whales, dolphins, and baby seals, foxes, and deer…. if one listens with the Neptune-guided heart. The carpenter came (and shall again, unsuspectedly soon) to teach us how to regain our lost manhood and womanhood, how to return to that Golden Age when .. . “there shall be no more harm or hurt upon my holy mountain”… and this time, he will once more, quietly .. . and perhaps as before, nearly unnoticed, try again to bring about, in the new Golden Aquarian Age, the realization of “Thy will be done on Earth, even as it is in Heaven.”

A rather simple rule for truth and kindness, for those Pisceans who would follow the true teachings of the carpenter, not the distortions of his message, and therefore be gratefully recognized by him this time, is: avoid eating the flesh of your animal brothers and sisters, who bear their own young – or any creature who has eyes with which to look back at you. As noted by the clear eyed, clear-minded, New Age apostle, Upton Ewing, a return to a condition of Life before the first blood was let in Eden, when men and women, and all living creatures, lived in peace upon the fruits of the soil – would truly be proclaiming an acceptable year of the Lord.

I don’t know whether or not the foregoing true-to-the-Pisces-Sun-Sign Essence dissertation has in some way planted seeds for someday soon easing the sad Karma of the Pisces symbol of the fish and all manner of creatures who live in our seas – although one hopes it may have shed a small ray of light. But I do know that it’s undoubtedly destined to cause annoyance to a lot of fishermen, some of whom are very close relatives, others who are dear friends of mine, and sincerely wonderful human beings. I’m genuinely sorry about that. But this is not a book which intends to tread softly for fear of offending. In view of the greatly increasing wholesale slaughter of our animal friends in the woods, the seas, and the air – and through the torture and horrors of vivisection – there is no longer time for politeness. It’s time to face the facts of the degeneration of compassion, on all levels.

If Man and Woman do not soon heed the music of their own souls, and turn their eyes toward the remembered Light of Eden, there will be a time on Earth when all music shall be stilled in wells of absolute silence, and there shall be nothing to see but total darkness. The shadows are lengthening, and such a time is drawing so near – it must now be measured by the year, instead of by the century. This is the hour of self-honesty, and the facing of truth, not evasion a time for uplifting, not further sinking into shadows, deepened by cruelty. Killers are killers, whether, in their present stage of awareness, they comprehend that they are or are not – and calling themselves “sportsmen” doesn’t change Universal Law.

Sometimes truth may be whispered gently, sometimes it needs to be stated in a more thunderous manner. But it may never be suppressed. It’s against the nature of truth to suffer suppression forever, especially not by a “sacrificial Ram” in writing about the “persecuted Fish.” (For more detailed information concerning all of the various, what might be termed “controversial,” matters within the pages of all seventy-eight of these Love Signs combinations, see the recommended list of books that follows this chapter, titled “For the Pilgrim’s Progress.”)

Thanks to their mystical inheritance from the Nature fish, which symbolizes the inner nature of Pisceans (as the inner nature of all twelve Sun Signs may be found within the symbol of each), those ruled by Neptune are not driven to seek self glory aggressively. If glory should decide on its own, so to speak, to descend upon them, they’ll resign themselves to wearing its mantel, uncomfortably, at best. The typical Piscean will never enthusiastically pursue fame. He or she merely bears it, as another of life’s many burdens. For example, neither did Pisces actress Elizabeth Taylor willingly pursue it (then or now), as she’s the first to profess, confess, and freely admit.

Such humbleness is a fine and spiritual thing, but as all qualities of the Sun Sign are intensified and sometimes overbalanced in all 1-1 Pattern vibrations, the double Pisces association must be careful that this normally admirable trait doesn’t cause them, when they exaggerate it in Neptunian unison together, to lose all incentive for actively participating in the life stream. The richness of their creative and other contributions is sorely needed by a jaded, glutted world.

Whatever their other planetary positions in their birth charts may be, any two Pisceans who are brought into close contact will never fail to be aware of the amazing depth of the ESP channel between them. In illustration of this mystical Neptune link of extrasensory perception between Pisceans, I’ll share with you its manifestation between my Pisces next-door neighbor and close friend in Cripple Creek, Colorado, Ruth Cook, and her son, Mike, who’s also a Pisces Sun Sign.

When Mike was a teenager, and was sometimes late getting home at night (as youngsters are, whether they live in a tiny town, high up in the Rockies, or in a major city), because he was involved in the excitement of the various festivities of his local group of buddies, like basketball games, shooting pool, hiking, and such – Ruth worried. Not much, being a typically tranquil girl Fish, but she worried. Since she and her husband, Lowell, didn’t have a telephone at the time, there was no way for her to get in touch with him. No electronic way, that is. But between two Fish, such problems of communication are easily solved.

Piscean Ruth merely sat down in a chair in the front room, closed her eyes, and quietly meditated, imaging her son’s face and flashing him the telepathic message: “Mike, it’s too late for you to be out on a school night, and I’m concerned about you. Get yourself home right away.”

Over and over again, repeatedly it happened. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, her Piscean son would invariably stop talking, suddenly, in the middle of a conversation with his friends, his eyes misting with a faraway look (which was more than a little odd on certain of those nights when he was maternally telepathed while he was in the Cottage Inn, chalking his cue stick, as the band was playing loudly a popular Norbie Larson tune). Finally he would mumble, in a trancelike daze: “Say … . uh, look, I think my Mom needs me for something. I’ll see you later.” Then he’d leave, rush home, open the door, and he and his mother would exchange a deep, knowing Neptune smile, as she said softly, “Well, it’s about time you got here.”

This bit of Pisces magic always worked within five minutes, or less, between them. Now that Mike’s married and lives in Denver, it takes a little longer for Ruth to telegram him to phone her – like maybe ten minutes or so. The Fish save lots of money that way, on their telephone bills. And it’s faster than Western Union, certainly swifter than the snail delivery of the present-day U.S. Postal Service.

It should be noted that all is not sweetness and serenity between two people ruled by Neptune. If one has a conflicting Moon Sign, like Gemini or Sag, a gulf can develop, which is not so easily bridged. Such Luminary inharmony between their mutual Suns and Moons can cause them to get caught in the cross-currents, and chill each other occasionally with silent accusation (the worst kind), sullen detachment, or deceptive answers. But when the Moon of either is deposited in a sign of the Water Element or the Earth Element, the harmony of their relationship will usually be marked and extraordinary .. . as well as their mutual mental telepathy.

Both Fish understand the crosses Neptune people are called upon to bear, like the unjust attitudes of people not similarly motivated, who are overly anxious to accuse the Fish of being sneaky, or lying. This occurs because of the sometimes extreme contrast between the idealistic and altruistic motives of Pisces – and the devious and detoured routes they occasionally follow to achieve a d esired goal. Not all, but many Piscean people are guilty of the frustrating habit of avoiding total truth, to a lesser or larger extent, but the underlying reason is the same which lies behind all Pisces attitudes and actions – to avoid outright abrasive confrontation, which would serve no purpose and only wound unnecessarily.

The Fish shrink from stormy emotional scenes and ugly personal vendettas. They’d rather lie by omission than hurt – or be hurt. Yet one Piscean will normally be more likely to level with another Fish than with any of the other Sun Signs, probably because they realize the futility of trying to fool each other. Consequently, two Fish will often speak the whole truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be, when the discussion is between them alone. They can trust one another, you see, not to cause a loud, abrasive, ugly scene.

For all of their virtues of humility, patience, and unselfishness, two Pisceans aren’t unduly demonstrative in displaying their respect, regard, or affection for each other. Understanding and sympathy may flow freely between them, but it isn’t always expressed in visible, tangible ways, so they’ll both have to work on this “cold fish” quality they each project and readily recognize in one another – but seldom in themselves.

There’s a beautiful part of the Pisces nature two Fish can magnify when they’re together, to the benefit of both themselves and all the rest of us, who so need their calm tranquility and compassionate, listening ear. They possess the rare grace to accept negative or upsetting people and situations – including their own mutual problems – with a kind of gentle resignation. They both comprehend that their human weaknesses (and those of others) are always entwined, somehow, with good intent – and Neptune softly whispers to them that resisting evil only gives it more strength. The Pisces ability to shrug complacently when things go wrong, refuse to make mountains out of molehills, stir up a storm in a teakettle, or cut down a beanstalk for no reason .. . leaving poor Jack to fall to the ground with a thud .. . is such a lovely thing. So, there’s a giant at the top of the beanstalk. So what? A giant has no power over “four” Fish who can, the two of them together, abracadabra him into a docile creature who will invite them to his castle to listen to him play and sing jolly giant songs.

That’s the Piscean formula for magic. Love and mercy. It works every time – and how much more so when the Fish splash it on one another, along with a few sprinkles of the marvelous Neptune humor that allows typical Fish to laugh at themselves, without the burden of false pride restricting their laughter. That’s a talent few possess, which constitutes part of the great golden treasure of those who may appear to be “last with the least” – but who were born wealthy with wisdom, and generously endowed with the fabulous riches of inner serendipity. King Midas himself should have been so lucky!

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