Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Sagittarius Man with  Pisces Woman.


As they lay side by side, a mermaid caught Wendy by the
feet, and began pulling her softly into the water. Peter,
feeling her slip from him, woke with a start, and was just in
time to draw her back. But he had to tell her the truth. 

Some Pisces girls talk quite a bit, some are quiet and seldom initiate a conversation (although once someone else initiates it, they usually won’t be at a loss for words, however shy they may be at first). But the important thing is that, in addition to being interesting conversationalists, both kinds of girl Fish are great listeners. I mean, really great listeners. So far, wonderful, because the Sagittarius man enjoys talking to someone who pays rapt attention to what he’s saying,

equally as much as a Leo or an Aries man – and you know how those two adore an attentive audience. So that should give you an idea how strongly this girl will appeal to the Archer. Of course, in the middle of one of her listening sessions, he’s sure to feel compelled, at one time or another, to make a truthful remark of some sort. If the truth is too blunt, she may stop listening. Pisces women are uncommonly sensitive to hurt – neither do they pursue the unvarnished truth with much energy. This lady prefers truth to be draped in the gossamer veils of “maybe” and “it might have been” or “it could be.” No Fish likes her truth served straight on the rocks, the way Sag likes to belt it. Then he’ll lose her dainty feminine ear, and he’ll wish he hadn’t stuck his clumsy foot in his mouth.

A bit of warning is helpful. Now he may consider himself warned.

Few people realize that listening is truly an art, difficult to acquire, because most good listeners are born, not made. It requires an unusually sympathetic and unselfish nature, because a good listener is genuinely interested in hearing about people and events outside the self, not simply keeping quiet until there’s an opportunity to interrupt the speaker. The girl Fish is able, through some sort of Neptune alchemy, to project herself into the situation being verbally described and become as fascinated by it as she would be by any personal situation. She makes what she’s hearing into her own vicarious experience, melts  into it, is actually part of it, and the Archer knows by her eyes, her expression, her very attitude…..that she’s not just pretending to be polite. No, what he’s saying really matters to this woman. There’s no more soul-satisfying feeling in the world than truly being listened to by someone who clearly cares. Every human being needs the lift of such a therapeutic feeling now and then – the Sagittarian man more often. And since it’s of such value to him, he should try as best he can to avoid shattering this rare gift the girl Fish offers him, which is one of the loveliest parts of her nature.

Despite the fact that this man and woman must face many tensions and testings of their tolerance and patience within the difficult 4-10 vibration that influences the relationship, if he happens to be one of those occasional Sagittarian males who’s often quiet, she’ll have a pronounced beneficial effect upon him.

We must remember that this kind of Archer isn’t quiet all the time (no Sag ever born is that), but if he’s one of the less talkative types – meaning he doesn’t talk constantly, but when he’s decided to do so, he does rather well – no one can draw out his thoughts with more success than a Pisces woman. She’s so good at persuading him to express himself, she makes you wonder why she doesn’t become a psychiatrist and be done with it. Some Fish do choose psychiatry as a profession, but the majority of them do not. That’s because the typical Piscean hates the concept of prying into other people’s secrets (barring an afflicted natal Sun, which can cause the Fish so influenced to become quite gossip-minded).

Mostly, Pisces hates the concept of someone delving into their own privacy. And since the Fish are so naturally inclined to put themselves in the other person’s place, they are reluctant to do unto others what they most definitely do not want others to do unto them

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Nevertheless, without making any particular conscious effort to probe, even in the beginning the Pisces woman will learn a great deal about the Sagittarian man he seldom guesses she’s learning. This lady is powerfully perceptive. She’ll discover things about him he thinks no one knows (or would be able to perceive), without even trying. She can’t help it. It’s instinctive with her to “sense” and to “know” what another person is holding back, especially in a love relationship. It isn’t that she tried to find out. It’s just there for her to read and interpret – as though he might be a human crystal ball she’s gazing into. It probably won’t make him feel uncomfortable, however, because her talent for penetrating private feelings and intentions is such a subtle, graceful art, never pushy or overtly pressing, as a rule, no one ever suspects it’s happening (sometimes not even the girl Fish herself). In fact, if the truth were told, she’d just as soon not possess this aptitude.

To her, it’s an unwelcome ability. It troubles her mind to sense so many things about people. She has enough of her own worries without adding to them by being unable to prevent the unbidden passing through her consciousness of all those uninvited images belonging to others. Nevertheless, she’s fated, it seems, to continually become involuntarily involved in the complications of other people’s lives. It’s her Neptune twelfth-house Kismet, and one must admit, she accepts it in good grace, with minimal complaining. The gentle art of submission to the inevitable is one of her enviable traits of character. Not that the Archer will mind her knowing most of his inner thoughts.

This is not a man who makes a big thing out of secrecy. Most Sagittarian men don’t have a secretive bone in their bodies (unless there’s a Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer Ascendent or Moon Sign). The typical Sag will cheerfully confess anything you’d like to know about him – often more than the Pisces woman would like to hear. He has little or nothing to hide. Just ask him and he’ll tell you straight out. If he’s broke, he’ll say so. If he’s worried about his hairline or his boss, he’ll tell you. He believes in truth, not evasion. And he thinks everyone should follow his example, in particular the woman he loves. Since some form or degree of evasiveness is part of her Neptunian essence, they may have more than a few quarrels initiated by the various levels of their different approach to honesty, having to do with his definition of hypocrisy – and her definition of the cruelty of unnecessary candor, impatience, rash speech, and impulsive action. Their attitudes toward all these matters may differ somewhat, to state it mildly. Sexually, the double masculine-influenced Archer will find the double feminine-influenced girl Fish seductively alluring. Nature smilingly cooperates with the physical blending of this man and woman. If only they would cooperate.

After the initial allurement, the Archer may accuse his Pisces woman of being too cool to his advances, her responses not enthusiastic or spontaneous enough to match the ardor of his own desire. There may be more than a grain of Jupiter truth in his analysis. Unless the Moon or Ascendent of the girl Fish was contained in one of the three Fire elements at her birth, she may indeed be emotionally “cooler” and more detached concerning sexual passion than he could possibly ever be – even if he tried (which he’s not about to do).

This means it’s her responsibility to do the trying (isn’t everything always with Pisces? ). She’s the one who will have to make a conscious effort to match his sudden urges of desire with the same visibly demonstrated depth of need. He’ll enjoy her sensitive feminine approach to their sexual union – but he’ll nevertheless be very hurt by her periodic coolness. The problem seems to be a very clear one. Once it’s been analyzed and pointed out, Neptune should instruct her in the ways to solve it. As for him, he must beware of causing her to think his need for her is concentrated unduly upon the physical aspect of love, and be sure to show his feeling for her in ways other than sexual – which will have the nice round robin effect of eliciting from her a more enthusiastic response to his lovemaking. So he as a few responsibilities too. It’s not entirely one-sided.

The Pisces woman needs much gentleness from the man she loves, a whole lot of tenderness. She flowers under imaginative or creative interests, which have the power to enchant her. She blooms visibly when he suggests a trip or change of scene (and so does he). But she wilts into depression when she’s subjected to harshness or tactlessness. Her feelings can be wounded repeatedly before he’s even aware it’s happening, for this woman won’t usually show her hurt the first few times. She’ll try to hide it or subdue it – to either accept it or forget it. But after a time, it will show. This is his warning signal to soften his attitudes (especially his speech) and realize that his powerful “Fire” may be slowly but surely dehydrating her still “Water.”


Of course, it can also work the other way, if she should be one of the Whaletype Pisceans. Then her stronger Water nature can drown his natural Jupiter optimism. And that’s equally as sad a fate for a Fire-Water blended pair of lovers or mates who don’t try hard enough to overcome the problems of their divergent outlooks, attitudes, and motivations. After a while, they may give up on confrontation, and simply drift further and further apart, until they become total strangers living together under the same roof.

There are only two possible ways of dealing with such a situation. Each of them can decide this “stranger” is not the kind of person he or she would like to get to know better – and they can part as friendly acquaintances, rather than allow their relationship to turn them into bitter intimates. Or they can choose the other attitude one sometimes takes with a stranger.

Each of them could decide this is an interesting person he or she would like to get to know better and begin to become re-acquainted all over again, with both of them wise enough the second time around to know that two people needn’t be exactly alike and always agreeing in order to be happy – as long as each respects the other’s different viewpoint. Differences can add sparkle to a relationship – or dull it. Which shall it be? It’s really their move. So let’s leave them alone, pondering  their chess pieces. Especially the knight and the pawn. The strategy of love is a very private thing.

Sometimes, that’s the major problem. This man and woman may lack as much privacy as their relationship needs to protect it from outside destructive forces. So they should fly away somewhere together and discover the power of a simple thing like privacy to heal broken hearts between two “strangers” who once loved so much. It’s often amazing. They can leave the chess board behind, and pick up the game where they left it when they return. Or they can promise to stop playing games with each other permanently. That would be even better – and much luckier for the future of their love affair or marriage. There are some games that no one wins. Not even the high rollers.

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