Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio Man with  Aquarius Woman.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman – Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves


A strange smile was playing about his face, and Wendy saw
it and shuddered. 

As intuitive as she is (and she’s superbly intuitive), it shouldn’t take an Aquarian girl long to catch on to the coded meanings of this man’s smiles. His features being under Pluto’s iron control, every fleeting expression permitted to pass across his face has a definite purpose. There’s never so much as an idle, uncalculated raising of an eyebrow. Every wink, blink and nod is planned for a precise reason.

Scorpio almost never frowns. Replacing the frown most people resort to when they’re displeased is the Scorpion’s blank stare. That is, his features stare blankly at you, if you know what I mean, without giving a hint of what’s on his mind. His eyes contain the secret, but they gaze at you with such hypnotic intensity when his emotions are aroused that, even if they do give you  a hint of what’s going on within, you’re thrown into a trancelike state that causes you to immediately forget what you thought you almost knew.

His smiles are the most complicated code of all, the most difficult to translate for the amateur (slightly easier for the Aquarian woman). There’s that heart-tugging grin, containing all the innocent delight of childhood, the one he used to grin when he was a little boy, before he mastered the impassive trick . . . seen so rarely, she’s never sure if she really saw it or only dreamed it. (It’s real. However rare and fleeting, it’s real. She didn’t dream it.) Then there’s his quick, broad smile (you have to look fast, or you’ll miss it) of pleasure, happiness and approval, so seldom bestowed, it’s all the more a blessing when it appears … fasting for many days, and at last being treated to the ecstatic taste of just one delicious raisin, or sip of grape juice, which is tantamount to banquet.

And there are his laughs, but the ones that last a while are so soft and modulated, you can barely hear them – and the ones that are loud and merry whiz by in such a few microseconds that the memory finds it hard to retain them, although the haunting, persistent effect lingers on, like that of the subliminal messages sometimes flashed on the screen at a movie theatre which make you go out in the lobby to buy popcorn, even though the naked eye and ear saw or heard nothing – and sometimes, just as potentially dangerous.

Last, but indubitably not least, there is his…………well, “sinister” is a harsh adjective, and we should apply it only to the unevolved Grey Lizard type of Scorpio male .. . so I’ll say, instead, his warning smile, the one that says, when you’ve broken its code: “Look out, little lady. You are very near the precipice of pressing me too far, and that isn’t a wise thing to do, for I may have to teach you a lesson, which I’d rather not do, but will if I have no choice.”

I feel compelled to interrupt myself here and ask the Aquarian girl reading this to turn to the fifth paragraph in the Libra Man-Aquarius Woman segment of the Libra-Aquarius chapter of this book and ask herself what she imagines a Scorpio male might do under the circumstances therein described. It’s an excellent meditation in caution for her. I won’t go so far as to say it might save her life (though under extreme circumstances it might), but it will save her her romance, love affair or marriage involving an Eagle. So .. read it and think. What if a Scorpio man, rather than a Libra man, were the victim of a Uranus caper of this kind? A truly frightening idea, right?

Interestingly, in the eyes department the Aquarian girl sometimes succeeds in confusing even the Eagle, which is a fairly impressive accomplishment. She won’t stare at him as he does at her, with a penetrating gaze burning into his very soul. Her trick is different. Aquarian eyes can suddenly, without warning, cloud over with a kind of haze. Like a veil. Or several layers of veils. He can wave his hands in front of her, and she won’t blink. He can say, “The building’s on fire!” (as a test), and her dreamy look won’t change, as though she hadn’t heard him. The reason is logical. She didn’t hear him, literally. When this woman gets that faraway look, not even a Scorpio can follow her to the place reflected in her eyes. She’s somewhere high above the Milky Way, beyond all rainbows .. . perhaps floating on Spica, Arcturus or Uranus, but definitely not on this Earth, not in this world. It will frustrate him, and good enough for him.

It’s about time he learned what it feels like to be frustrated in a game of peek-aboo. After the Eagle carefully studies the Aquarian girl, he’ll decide that he admires her independence, her individualism and refusal to conform. These are qualities that match his own. Of course, she displays them more publicly than he’s accustomed to doing, with a shameful lack of subtlety and discretion. Still, he secretly respects her for her determination to do her own thing and be her own person, her way of telling the world to go ride its tricycle and let her hopscotch in peace. Even if she’s one of the shyer, quieter Aquarians, with a gentle, feminine manner, and a voice like molasses, whispery-soft, you will not push the lady born under this Fixed Sun Sign into doing anything she does not privately really wish to do – nor will you change her behavior one whiffle by warning her that “people are talking.” She’ll merely shrug daintily and say, “Let them talk. hey don’t own me. I belong to myself.” And so she does.

It’s easy to see why her attitude strongly appeals to the Eagle, who likewise belongs to himself. On the surface, he may adapt to what people expect of a normal Earthling in a roomful of people, but when he’s on his own, in the woods, in his home – or anywhere else – he will do exactly as he pleases, just as he always thinks exactly what he pleases.

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Because theirs is a 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern vibration, there may also be other causes for an initial interest between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman. Matters related to his or her career, their families – their work – or something strange, unusual, out of the ordinary, like a mutual fascination with astral travel, frogs, elephants or King Tut.

A love affair or a marriage between these two is never going to be anything less than highly instructive, enlightening and interesting. Harmonious it may not be, at least not in the beginning, but harmony can always be attained with the application of astrological wisdom, and the conflicts between them are usually the kind that cause both the feelings and the intellect to stretch and grow.

Aquarius is ahead of Scorpio on the karmic wheel of life; therefore he has lessons in living to learn from her, although he’ll never confess it in a billion years. Nevertheless, he’s wise enough and perceptive enough to sense this, and will silently imitate her more than he admits, even to himself. Her more casual approach to problems, her ability to forgive and forget, her airy dismissal of misery and bitterness before they’ve had a chance to carve themselves into her memory bank, the Aquarian detachment that keeps her inner emotions pliable, are all traits Scorpio could profitably acquire.

With all her endearing mannerisms of absentminded genius and her Alice in Wonderland innocent curiosity, this woman has a t-e-m-p-e-r and, at times, it can be as devastating as a tornado. When he’s first exposed to it, the Scorpio man may draw back in surprise. (A Scorpio – draw back? Yes.) Not that temper itself shocks him. Hers may be like a tornado, but his own resembles a volcano on those rare occasions when it’s activated. But it takes so little to trigger her scenes (which occur as infrequently as his), whereas he always has substantial cause to lose his cool, and then only after a long period of controlling his boiling inner fury. In this respect, she might beneficially imitate him. All Aquarians could use a shade more control. If she wants to keep his respect, she’ll have to put the lid on the tornado episodes and learn to imitate his poise, especially in public.

The sexual dimension of their relationship can be either a constant contest of conflicting desires, or a mellow message of love between them. Much depends on the emotional harmony indicated by the Sun-Moon aspect in their birth charts. If his Sun is in negative aspect to her Moon, or vice versa, her airy response to lovemaking will only skim the surface of his deeper hunger for fulfillment – and his concentrated approach to sexual expression will cause her to feel tense, at a time when she should feel relaxed and happy. If their Luminaries are in positive aspect, however, their lovemaking can be memorable for the renewal of tenderness exchanged between them.

One important difference in their attitudes is that Scorpio tends to be intensely emotionally involved in the physical act of loving, while Aquarius never seems to quite lose the Air Sign’s sense of emotional non-involvement. It’s as though part of her is actively and enthusiastically engaged in the physical demonstration of her feelings, while another part of her remains detached and objective. Also, the Aquarian mind is inclined to change levels of awareness more quickly after total togetherness, whereas the Scorpion mind requires a more gradual floating back to Earth from the heights of passion. Obviously, then, it’s her responsibility to make a conscious effort to retain the unique kind of spiritual intimacy that follows physical union .. . to match the time period of his need for nearness, not to suddenly “leave,” as if she were catching a plane for Alaska, leaving him behind, waving goodbye. Symbolically speaking, of course. There’s always the Pluto revenge compulsion to consider. A Scorpio is quite capable of getting even for that kind of romantic desertion by literally catching a plane for Alaska some morning after he’s been sexually ignored often enough – or, even worse, a slow boat to China.

The Aquarian woman who loves him may have to learn the hard way that a little extra compassion and comprehension of her Scorpion’s ultra-sensitive emotions and touchy feelings are better than being left alone to commune with herself. How is she ever going to locate him in China? Admittedly, Aquarians are born detectives, but even Sherlock Holmes himself couldn’t locate a Scorpio who wants to hide in a pagoda.


The Scorpio man and Aquarian woman who love each other will place his career (and hers) first on their list of goals. Second, always, with these two, will come the security of a home. Third will be the issue of his family and hers. After all these matters, their more personal desires, hopes, dreams and wishes will be given consideration. This is the general pattern followed by all 4-10 Sun Sign couples, whatever their birthdays or Sun Signs, when their association causes the blend of these 4-10 “career-family” vibrations.

An Aquarian woman is always ready with a change of pace, a change of mind or a change of conversation. Scorpio doesn’t shift so easily from one gear to another, but he’s equipped by Pluto with enough patience and forbearance to successfully tune in to her frequency rate of change, when he makes the effort. (Scorps can do anything when they make a Pluto effort.)

The Scorpio man is full of contradictions, mystery and unexpected moods. The feminine Water Bearer is very much like this herself, except for the mystery. The Uranus influence helps her to pick up his vibrations intuitively and almost instantly. And so, they are not so far apart as it may appear at first. The thing they most have to watch is the Fixity they share as Fixed Signs. It’s difficult for either of them to apologize. Both tend to show their regret through actions, not words. Scorpio believes, with the poet, that “little said is soonest mended.” Nevertheless, when dealing with his Aquarian lady, he would be wise to remember Ben Jonson’s warning that “silence in a woman is like speech in a man.”

When this girl grows silent, it’s time to wonder in which direction those Uranian wheels are spinning, for he can be sure she’s up to something unexpected. Like changing her name, painting the house purple, adopting a Vietnamese orphan, enrolling in a computer programming night school course, maybe suggesting that they catch a plane for Alaska or a slow boat to China – together.

Why Alaska? Who knows, with Aquarius? It could be she wants to make a wish on the Aurora Borealis, or bask in the Midnight Sun. Why China? She’s always wanted to see the pagoda he retreated to when he left her that time they quarreled .. . then enigmatically returned, because he hadn’t yet pieced together the jigsaw puzzle of her. Scorpio never gives up until the case has been solved.

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