Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio Man with  Capricorn Woman.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman – Adam DeVine and Chloe Bridges


But unfortunately Mrs. Darling could not leave it hanging
out the window; it looked so like the washing and lowered
the whole tone of the house. She thought of showing it to
Mr. Darling, but he was totting up winter greatcoats for
John and Michael, with a wet towel round his head to keep
his brain clear, and it seemed a shame to trouble him.

With the rarest of exceptions, when an Eagle and a girl Goat fall in like with each other, then fall in love, they will play it by the rules. They will pay for the license, complaining about inflation, submit stoically to the needle for their Wassermans and seek the benign blessing of a man of the cloth or, at the very least, the respectable approval of a legally authorized Justice of the Peace. They will marry, dear hearts, they will marry. They’re certainly not going to carry on an endless love affair. What future is there in that?

Their friends and neighbors will innocently sigh, and remark among themselves that this is surely a union of blissful perfection. Their close relatives will know otherwise. That is, they’ll realize that these two are as vulnerable to an occasional problem of adjustment as every other man and woman who struggle to harmonize their natures and habits within the intimate confines of marriage.

The reason Scorp and Cappy’s friends and neighbors are fooled is that these two are normally not the kind of couple to wash their dirty linen in public, as the saying goes. Not so much as a hanky of hankering or an old sock in the heart (let alone punch in the nose) would the Goat and the Eagle dream of laundering in public. Nor will they hang their differences out to dry in full view of strangers, neighbors, the postman, the telephone repairman, passing pedestrians and curious joggers. They’ll wash out their quarrels behind closed doors, quietly and discreetly, making certain that all spots of hurt are removed, bleaching them relentlessly until they are – and they’ll wait more or less patiently until their relationship is thoroughly dry of tears before wearing it again. (Wearing damp differences of opinion can give you an emotional cold, which could develop into flu, and even into pneumonia. Then love can die.) Capricorn and Scorpio are as practical about love as they are about everything else.

Their romance must pass a stern reality check, and score high on a reliability test. Sturdy. Durable. Long lasting. These two insist on receiving their money’s worth with furniture, clothing, college degrees, used cars, grapefruit, broccoli, real estate and so forth. They make no exception of their relationship – or the money they laid out for their marriage license, let alone the two dollars he tipped the minister. And when you add the corsage he bought her that day, plus the room at the wedding-night hotel, even though it was a bargain, because they took advantage of the weekend summer rates – one just doesn’t permit something that costly to deteriorate without making every effort to save it – in private, of course.

Nor does one allow a small crack in the surface to go unattended until it  spreads into a major problem and the ceiling falls in. No, the tiny crack must be plastered and puttied and painted as soon as it’s noticed. So it is with the smallest conflict of opinion between Cappy and Scorp. They’ll normally repair the damage before it becomes a real threat to their harmony. Such constant watchfulness can be exhausting, unless there’s great patience and will power, but this man and woman possess an abundance of both, an ever-flowing supply, from the combined strength of their rulers, Pluto and Saturn.

The Aquarian Age may have zapped society with revolutionary changes, but Scorpio and Capricorn have not been basically affected by the vibrations of Uranus. The conservative natures of Eagles and Goats remain essentially the same at any chronological age – or during any astrological Age. The new social mores might have turned many a Capricorn female into an independent women’s libber, but even these emancipated Goats don’t flaunt their private lives, or wear their ERA buttons on their sleeves. The new Age may have freed many a man from self-doubt, and allowed him to be more open, but the Scorpio male’s inner confidence needed no improving. He does not wish to become “more open,” thank you just the same, and if he did, he wouldn’t need to seek permission from the Aquarian Age, society or anything else. He has always done pretty much as he liked, and always will, though “Ages” may come and go.

I know a Canadian man with a Scorpio father and a Capricorn mother. As he was beginning his college education, he became romantically involved with a girl, but they weren’t sure their feelings about each other represented a forevertype love, so they decided to live together at college in Montreal for a year or so, to test the relationship. The Papa Eagle and Mama Goat were horrified. A family powwow was called, during which the young man and his girl friend were forced to listen respectfully to the parental advice offered. First, the Capricorn mother explained to the girl that she must consider her future. What if she should discover later on that it wasn’t really love? Then her reputation would have been permanently damaged, and no decent man would ever marry her.

She might spend the rest of her life as a lonely spinster. “Besides,” Mama Goat told her, “since you’re both planning to work for your doctorates in zoology, you might both someday achieve the kind of scientific recognition that would qualify you to be listed in Who’s Who, and if they found out the two of you lived together out of wedlock for a year, you could be blacklisted. They have rules about that kind of thing, you know. I’m sure they do. If they don’t they should.”

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Then it was the Scorpio father’s turn. He had come to the meeting prepared to win, armed with a list of figures he had run up on his calculator the night before. Staring at the two of them, he said: “You see, as a legally married couple, the premiums you pay on your car, life and hospital insurance will be much cheaper. In just one year, you’ll save a substantial sum of money on the difference. If you study these figures, you’ll see that marriage is the only sensible answer.”

The young couple thanked his parents for their concern, and left. They did live together. They did not marry. They finally separated, in friendly fashion. She married a zoologist from France, moved with him to Europe (where no one knew her shady past) and became the mother of several happy children. He managed to avoid poverty, despite paying all those “single man” premium rates for his auto insurance and such – later married a lady lawyer, dropped zoology, switched to archeology and received worldwide acclaim for one of his Egyptian expeditions. Both he and his wife were listed in Who’s Who for their individual accomplishments (the Who’s Who committee did not blacklist him for his illegal  interlude with his college girl friend). Eventually his Scorpio-Capricorn parents recovered from the shock of becoming grandparents of triplets.

Astrologers are always insinuating that Scorpio men are oversexed, passionate male animals, ready to seduce, or even rape, every female they see. I trust this chapter will correct that impression. True, he does have intense inner sexual drives, but “sexual” is a word with more than one meaning, and the Plutoruled male can be downright old-fashioned in his ideas of love and marriage. Not every Eagle is Richard Burton. Besides, if you ever lived with this Scorpio Welsh actor, you’d realize he had very sound and practical reasons for buying Liz all those diamonds. They represented a double investment – in career publicity and future financial security for both of them. You’d also quickly learn how he feels about the breath of genuine scandal should it touch his woman.

Gossip column lies don’t count. I said genuine. Fun is fun, but don’t carry it too far with a Scorpion. These men are possessive in love and circumspect regarding their personal lives, and don’t you forget it.

Scorpio being a Water Sign, naturally there are male Scorpios with afflicted natal Suns who temporarily slip into the clutches of demon rum or drugs. Even so, the Eagle will never lose control of his dignity, or his sense of right and wrong. This man will never allow himself or any member of his family to play the role of fool. He cares very much what people think about his public image (although he believes his private behavior is none of their business), and so does the girl Goat. Everything she does is done with an eye out for getting ahead in Life, and on her reputation in her community. There may be a few Capricorn females who have loose morals and behave with sybaritic abandon – about twelve, maybe, on the entire planet. But we’re not concerned with them. We’re discussing the Capricorn woman worthy of the Eagle’s intense and loyal devotion, and she will be a lady. Or she can find another man.

The Capricorn woman seldom reveals her inner emotions by her outward manner. Neither are the Scorpio man’s innermost feelings imprinted on his features, or exposed by his speech and actions. That’s why it’s not easy for them to fall in love. Both of them are wearing masks when they meet. It takes a while for these two to trust each other enough to remove them, and even when they do drop their disguises of protective poise long enough to become their real selves – to know and to confess that they love, they won’t continue to walk around with their naked emotions showing. They’ll embrace, declare their need for one another, marry – then tie their masks right back on for the benefit of the rest of the world, taking them off again only when they’re alone together.

There’s a strange aspect to the love between this 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern composed of the Water and Earth elements, created by their ruling planets, Saturn (Capricorn) and Pluto (Scorpio). In one way or another, either a heavy or a light influence of death and secrecy will link their hearts. Their life together will be touched by echoes of the past, however faint. This may not occur within the first few years, but the shadow eventually falls … . and seems to soften their love in a haunting way. Third house matters of relatives and siblings are often involved, also motherhood. Pluto rules death itself, as a process – also birth, regeneration, reincarnation and sometimes adoption. Saturn rules all matters pertaining to the dead themselves, also self-discipline and duty. Obligation.

Both planets have a powerful affinity for deeply felt and long-held secrets, and no emotional relationship between these two Sun Signs will escape some trace of such vibrations. Nearly every Goat Girl and her Eagle contain within themselves some unspoken, buried sorrow of the past, mutually experienced, that forms a strong tie of shared memory between them and somehow draws them closer.

Beneath her air of self-sufficiency, her seemingly cold ambition for herself and her family, and her apparent lack of sentiment, the Capricorn woman’s heart aches silently for affection. Her emotions are touched by suffering more than she’s able to tell, and she’s stirred more than she can show by great music and art. With his penetrating insight, the Scorpio man perceives this, and it arouses in him a fierce desire to love and protect this funny little creature with the droll humor and soft, shining eyes, who is so loyal and dependable and honest. He’s also aroused into deeper desires by her calm manner and gentle ways.

The sexual magnetism between Scorpio and Capricorn is clear and uncomplicated. There’s an unexpressed loneliness in both of them that calls out to itself, a need to reach for emotional security through companionship. His odd blend of tenderness, mystery and controlled intensity hypnotizes her, and she’s able to relax in his arms, welcoming him into the coolness of her quiet waiting. Every part of her Saturnine being is enriched by his more passionate nature. Like all Scorpios, he’s conscious of secret longings and vague yearnings he can’t define, and these seem to be transmuted into a feeling of peace during their physical togetherness, like coming home from a foreign country, to where everything is once more safe and familiar.


Just so they don’t allow familiarity to breed contempt. Scorpio and Capricorn, as a couple, tend to drift into habit patterns over the years that can cause not only their sexual expression but all facets of their love to become stale and uninspired. Like all 3-11 vibrational couples, they will be friends, as well as lovers, and so the natural ease of friendship can be used as a bridge over which they can find their way back to each other when their passions have cooled and their emotions are locked – when long periods of pouting or boredom have separated them by numbing the need they used to feel.

Change is the exhilarating cold shower that will bring love alive again for Scorpio and Capricorn. Travel is a terrific tonic for these two, but even small changes can free them. The Goat and the Eagle may go to bed at night, and awaken in the morning within seconds of the same time for years. They should change their schedule drastically, let the lights burn and hang the electric bill eat out several nights a week in a Japanese restaurant, sitting on the floor, study Iridology together (look it up, don’t be lazy) and give each other some different gifts.

Must she give him a billfold every single Christmas, birthday and anniversary of his life? She can give him a telescope on Guy Fawkes Day. He can bring her a kaleidoscope simply because it’s Tuesday. But the Iridology is best. While they’re becoming experts in this fascinating, ancient science, on their way to the exciting new joy of being able to help and heal people, they’ll need to practice on each other. He’ll have to stare deeply and steadily into her eyes for a long time – and you know what that means with a Scorpio.

Listen, you know that Scorpio-Capricorn couple who live down the block, in the house where the lights go out after the eleven o’clock news every night, so you can set your clock by them? The ones who seem so blissfully happy? Go to a health food store, get an Iridology book by Bernard Jensen and leave it on their front porch some sunrise. Then see if you don’t notice something different about them the next time they come outside to sprinkle the hedges. Something about the way they smile at each other like a shared secret. After a week or so, you’ll notice that she’s changed her hair style, he’s wearing a bright, rainbow-striped shirt – and you won’t be able to set your clock by them anymore.

They’re free again! And all because of your silent gift. Astrology will send you the Good Neighbor Award for Rejuvenating Love, and that’s even more important than winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or being listed in Who’s Who.

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