Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio  Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio Man with  Pisces Woman.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman – Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes


Perhaps it is tell-tale to divulge that for a moment Hook
entranced her, and we tell on her only because her slip led
to strange results. Had she haughtily unhanded him (and
we should have loved to write it of her), she would have
been hurled through the air like the others.

The strange result the Pisces woman’s entrancement with a Scorpio man leads to, more times than not, is love – followed by marriage. If not that, an intense and usually never forgotten affair. At the very least, her submission to that first moment of enchantment will lead to a strong and lasting platonic friendship.

Unless, of course, they have severe afflictions between other planets in their horoscopes. It’s a rare 5-9 vibration Sun Sign Pattern that ends in either active dislike or coolness. These two were, assuming all other planetary configurations are supportive, made for each other. We needn’t consider the platonic friendships between them, for here we’re discussing only the Neptune woman and the Pluto man who love. The neutral relationship of the Fish and the Scorpion (or Eagle) as it relates to close friends, business associates and relatives, we’ve already covered at the beginning of this chapter.

If the aspect between their mutual Suns and Moons is a conjunction, a sextile or a trine, their love is potentially a gift from the gods, as with any other 5-9 Sun Sign couple. Yet, sadly, some Pisces and Scorpio men and women who are so blessed allow secret fears or procrastination to dim the glory that could be theirs for the asking. If they don’t open their eyes in time, the gods could retract their blessing of grace to these two, and what might have been a beautiful relationship for a lifetime – and beyond – ends in separation. There are several reasons for such a tragedy .. . yes, often a tragedy because, once this man and woman have really loved, in wholeness, the memory of it may linger unto death,
and afterward.

One of these reasons is that either or both may be committed to another when they first meet and know – therefore, one or both may lack the courage to confess the sudden recognition of their hearts, seen through the windows of their eyes, because of a sense of duty. Sometimes, a mistaken sense, because the mate to whom the loyalty is given is the loser, after all, since to possess someone whose true heart belongs elsewhere is a lonely kind of possession. This is not an advocation for either adultery or divorce; it’s an attempt to point out how to avoid both, for men and women do make mistakes, and are ofttimes led astray by their feelings, only to discover later that they should have waited until they felt a deeper passion on all levels of human emotion, rather than having settled for a lesser love of one dimension only. The “old-fashioned” warning that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is not really old-fashioned or outdated, but an eternal, ever-now wisdom. As mentioned elsewhere in this book,

“those whom God hath joined together” are not two people who rushed into commitment before they were wise enough to choose.

Human relationships are always intricate, especially between Pisces and Scorpio, and often only those directly involved can know the extent of the emotional complications. Outsiders cannot judge the truth of matters as they appear on the surface. Karma is a deep well, which cannot be fathomed at a glance, or in a casual moment of analysis. There is no way to translate even mental unfaithfulness into an act of goodness. It is pure negative. Yet there can be no unfaithfulness where there is truth, for unfaithfulness is dishonesty. Truth can solve any difficulty, when it’s faced with openness and compassion.

Sometimes children or other considerations prevent the Pisces man and Scorpion woman from being together, and the tie must be cut. When this happens between a Fish and an Eagle the pain is usually felt deeply, a pain that even Time may never completely heal. It’s just this sort of situation in which, for complex astrological and karmic reasons, and certain nuances of character and personality, Pisces and Scorpio lovers frequently become involved. Some solve it through the cauterizing effect of honesty. Some don’t.

The girl Fish and the Scorpion who don’t face any of these problems (or who solve them together) have an excellent chance for a lasting relationship in which there’s seldom a dull or boring moment. However, one additional warning: If the foregoing reasons for disharmony are avoided, these two may still be tested for worthiness by their own Higher Selves or the karmic masters, and may be called upon to overcome powerful temptations toward excesses in various forms, such as drugs, alcohol – unwise involvement in the darker side of the occult – or sexual promiscuity. These are the dark chasms ever waiting to trap the unevolved Neptune- and Pluto-ruled people who have blended their sensitive auras.

Once this man and woman have surmounted such soul testings – or in those cases where none of these obstacles to harmony exist from the start – life is a symphony of serenity and joy, peace and pleasure. There will be, naturally, some percussion in the movement of their romantic concert; not all the passages will be played by flutes and violins. A Scorpio man has a strong will, intense feelings and deep convictions, and will strenuously resist any attempt to lead him anywhere he does not wish to go, both symbolically and literally. He will also be more than a little suspicious.

Yet, for all his suspiciousness of her, he’ll expect to be trusted implicitly, not just sexually, but in all his judgments of matters pertaining to both of them. It’s a bit selfish of him. Actually, it’s very selfish of him. But the girl Fish won’t resent his dominant male double standard as other women might (and probably would). There will be isolated instances where the Pisces female will become a regular Whale-type Piscean, possess these flaws herself, and swallow (or try to) the Eagle who dares to criticize or reform her, but as usual, we’re studying the typical or average Neptune-Pluto relationship.

The average Pisces woman won’t panic over her Scorpion’s occasional manifestations of male macho. She may even be secretly amused, and in any case, she can handle it. All the while he believes he’s getting his way, she’ll be sweetly and smoothly bringing him closer to capture in Neptune’s fragile-strong net. In a far deeper sense than the Libra female, this woman possesses within her every single feminine wile man has feared since Eve, and a few more that are uniquely hers alone. Even the awesome power and penetration of Pluto is faint armour against her Total Womanhood. The Eagle burns to solve every worthwhile mystery he comes across (those that aren’t worthwhile, he coldly ignores), but the feminine mystique mystery of the Neptune girl will elude him, always just out of reach… which will chagrin and subconsciously torture him in a large way.

(Nothing Scorpio ever experiences is experienced in a small way.) Yet, paradoxically, such is the very lure that magnetizes him toward this creature of many moods, many auric colors and many shades of both sensuality and purity. Although it frustrates and confuses him, nonetheless it draws him ever closer and closer to her, in an attempt to penetrate the depths of her secret self.

One thing about her which may not draw him closer, but may instead drive him into Pluto’s dark moods or into a sullen, ominous retreat, is her tendency to nag. Not in a harsh or shrill manner. A girl Fish doesn’t do that. She beats you with a feather, nagging softly, almost tenderly, unobtrusively. Unobtrusive, that is, to most males, but the Pluto man’s emotions are so finely tuned he can pick up nuances in her wave length of which other men would be blissfully unaware.

Like a drop of water, dripping steadily, she can wear down a man’s resistance so gradually he’ll barely notice. This one, however, will notice. After steady exposure to her drip-drop of subtle suggestion, he may react with the sort of flash flood he’s capable of releasing when he loses control over his great self-discipline and poise. It’s dangerous to bring on the flood of Pluto anger. It can drown their love. For he will say cuttingly cruel things that tear apart her vulnerable feelings, whereas she can drive him to despair and futility with her excessive tears .. fears .. and elusiveness, despite her seductive mystery charisma. If she’s a Whale-type Piscean, and seriously threatens his manhood, he’ll leave her, though it tears him in pieces, before he’ll sacrifice his integrity as a man or allow his soaring Pluto spirit to be harnessed.

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Yet after he’s left her, if she learns her lesson, he may return. He might not return to another woman, but this one haunts the wakefulness of his sleep . . . and the sleep of his wakefulness .. . in a way that even he will never completely fathom. As with all 5-9 vibrations, breaking up may mean repeated making up. The time between separation and reconciliation may be measured by the brief span of a few hours or days, sometimes in terms of weeks or months, sometimes years. That’s a long time to wait, but both Pisces and Scorpio souls

are patient, and inured to the sacrifices necessary to seeking the ultimate. Instinctively, they each sense the magnitude of the rewards for tenacity in the heart’s faith.

Whatever disharmony may periodically occur through their emotional chess games, angry spats and pouting silences, the happy times will outnumber the unhappy. The combination and ecstasy they exchange in their sexual intimacy welds Pisces and Scorpio together invisibly, but very surely. If there is a SunMoon conjunction, sextile or trine between them in addition to their trined Suns, once this man and woman have loved in a physical as well as emotional and mental way, each of them will admit, if they’re honest with themselves, that no other experience with anyone else in the past could come near equaling it,

nor could any in the future. Ever. That’s a pretty good reason for remaining together, when you both already know there could be no greater heights to reach than the heights to which you’ve already climbed. The silent intensity and complete concentration of his lovemaking – the miracle of her willingness to both trust him and surrender her whole self to him – when such magic as this is interwoven into the natural passion between a man and a woman who love each other, desire can travel in no other direction save a circle .. . always returning to
its genesis.

When the vibrations of Pluto and Neptune rise to an intensely emotional level, the subject of death may enter the periphery of the relationship. It may touch them closely… or distantly .. . maybe manifesting simply in an involvement in reincarnational and other various matters generally pertaining to death.

Only one example (and there are many) is the powerful bond between actress Elizabeth Taylor and actor Richard Burton, in which the death of Elizabeth’s husband, showman Mike Todd, played a major and mystical karmic role of Destiny – a role they have not themselves yet fully realized or comprehended. I say this, not to invade their privacy, for neither of them has ever tried to keep the pride of their passion and the passion of their pride .. . a secret from the public.

A streaking comet cannot hide its blazing path from curious galaxies. Naturally, death, in some form, will eventually touch any human association, not just that of Scorpio and Pisces. But the essence of death as created through the haunting and haunted blend of Neptune’s and Pluto’s combined pulsations is not an ordinary, but an extraordinary, kind of experience. It invariably contains an air of the compellingly mysterious and inexplicable.

The only really important cause for unhappiness between the Neptune woman and her Eagle (all others are trifling)…. the only danger that ever threatens these two who should find only supreme fulfillment together… is never incompatibility, but the selfish aspect of human emotion lurking behind their devotion to hold them prisoners of their own desire natures. It could be a hasty word, too late regretted, a lack of awareness of each other’s carefully hidden yet quivering sensitivity .. . sometimes unjustified suspicion and jealousy … . damaging escapes from pain and despair, such as drinking and drugs or perhaps some mild form of deception or feigned disinterest that deeply ounds the other. How sad, that this man and this woman should ever forget the beauty of their love’s beginning chords, when the curtain first rose on the drama of their trined and singing Suns.


They might try recalling the prelude carols…. the unexpected music of that morning when she fell straight into his eyes, as one tumbles into a deep well, and made no attempt to swim away. The golden afternoon she laughed in delight, like a small girl, when he handed her, not a diamond, but a bouquet of heather, damp with an April rain… the first time he touched her, and she trembled, then looked up, startled… to find twin tears on his cheek that matched her own. Everything was wild and free and windswept then, like running barefoot through green meadows of sweet grass .. . falcons flying overhead, and a thousand pink-peppermint-striped circus balloons floating all around them .. . when they both knew they could soar around the world in eighty days,

as the lark flies .. . measured by a moment in eternity, flashed by lightning … . when “home” was the circle of each other’s arms. Like all 5-9 Sun-SignPatterned lovers everywhere, Pisces and Scorpio, in the beginning, would have sacrificed Kingdoms for their Grand Passion – defied whole Universes to be together.

Whether their names are Smith, Glassberg, Mendenhall, O’Malley, Zopfi, Marshall or Brewster – if only the Fish and the Eagle would allow their karmic memories to write the third act of their play … .

PLUTO: Miss Lizzie Schwartzkopf, I believe? Forgive me, but I feel I know
you from somewhere. Perhaps we met on the Nile .. . or at the Farmer’s Market. Could it have been Acapulco?
NEPTUNE: (softly, very softly) Yes. Oh, yes! We must have! Because your
eyes .. . are so familiar. I’m trying to recall where
PLUTO: NOW I remember! It was England .. . in the heath.
NEPTUNE: ……..and it was raining.

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