Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio Man with  Sagittarius Woman.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman – Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson


This dread made her forgetful of what must be Peter’s
feelings, and she said to him rather sharply, “Peter, will
you make the necessary arrangements?”
“If you wish it,” he replied, as coolly as if she had asked
him to pass the nuts.

I once observed and overheard a meeting between a girl Archer and a man with a Scorpio Ascendent. At the time they were introduced, she was about eighteen, and typically believed she was going to remain in that glowing chronological niche forever. He was soft-spoken and intelligent, perhaps three decades or so her senior. A quiet man, of distinguished appearance, who wore glasses, and whose hairline was slightly receding.

He was completely kind and courteous to her when they were introduced, but shortly afterward, she turned to her companion and whispered, “He’s really proof of life after death, isn’t he?” Then she exploded into peals of laughter, in appreciation of her own cleverness. Astrology often takes an amused, tolerant view of a Sagittarian’s ability to kill with a word, but there are times when the frankness of a Sag exceeds the boundaries of sensitivity and good taste, and can be described as nothing short of inhuman and indecent cruelty. Now and then, these Archers need a slap of truth themselves. A sharp slap.

A female Sagittarian who crosses the boundaries of good taste with a Scorpio male will find that her romance has a miserable ending before the first chapter is even written.

Fortunately, most Sagittarian women are the kind whose Jupiter rulership causes them to spread more joy and sunlight than pain. And it’s this type of Sag who can truly bless an Eagle with her holly-berry personality, touching honesty and generosity. Symbolized by the Centaur (half horse, half human), she sometimes stumbles clumsily, sometimes glides gracefully into his life, trailing brightly colored streamers of hope and optimism. Her contagiously cheerful smile flashes into the dark corners of his soul like a remembered song from a happier time, and lights up his buried dreams, resurrecting them with the promise of new life. Unless he locks her out.

As pleasant and mild as he may appear to be on the surface, the Eagle is a man of many brooding moods, inexplicable spells of depression and self-doubt.

He may break her heart without meaning to, when he refuses to be caught up in her enthusiasms, because this searching girl needs another human being against whom to bounce her bubbles of happiness, or they simply burst and disappear into the air, just when she thinks she’s created them with enough strength to float around for a while, so she can watch their rainbow streaks as they change hues with each new exciting idea. It’s not much fun to blow bubbles with someone who won’t chase them with you. The Sagittarian girl requires lots of traveling; she needs lots of pets and people around her. If she’s denied a frequent change of scene, or her animal and human companionship, she’ll become a restless, dissatisfied woman. Nothing can be sadder than the expansiveness of a Jupiter person being held captive.

When the Sagittarian enthusiasm and gregariousness are confined or smothered through circumstances or restriction of any kind, the Archer will sink into severe mental and emotional anguish, leading to despair, a very real danger to these people. Sagittarius must, literally, exist in an atmosphere of hope and happiness, or the spirit will die, and the health will be severely afflicted on all levels.

To smack down this girl’s friendly, optimistic outlook is an act of great unkindness. Unlike her, the typical Scorpio man dislikes crowds of people, although he’ll usually be kind to animals, barring some Jupiter or Neptune affliction in his nativity. He needs long periods of solitude and quiet, time to meditate and enter into the core of himself. He needs privacy.

Naturally, this can cause conflicts between them. It’s not, however, an insolvable problem. (No problem is.) He should make a sincere effort to curb his possessive urges and allow her to seek the bright lights, changes of scenery and stimulating conversation she needs, rather than trying to keep her on a leash, as though she were a pet herself. Even real puppy dogs don’t like leashes, and Sag is very much like a friendly puppy dog. Of course it makes her happier if he’s with her when she’s socializing, but if it disturbs his tranquility, it’s better that they allow each other the right to retain the earlier individual life-styles without feeling they must force them to overlap.

He needn’t worry that she’s being unfaithful to him when she’s out walking the dog, riding her horse, chasing deer with a camera or roaming through the woods alone. A strange peace descends upon her when she’s close to Nature, and the solitude he needs so much – that she rejects herself – would be as healing to her spirit as it is to his if she’d allow it to be. (Since Scorps like to meditate mysteries, the Eagle might ponder over the use of the word “nature,” as in human nature – the reason this is the word used to describe the true inner essence of a person. There’s much food for thought in contemplating word

As for other men, the typical Sag isn’t likely to carry on a secret affair. Secrecy is Scorpio’s department, not hers. If she ever felt she was falling out of love with him and falling in love with someone else, she’d probably pour out her troubled feelings to him before he himself even suspected anything was wrong.

Since Scorpios are “by nature” suspicious, also uncannily perceptive – and know nearly everything about everyone close to them before they know it themselves – you can see how quick she can be to speak the truth. It’s quite a feat to beat a Scorp to the punch .. of any kind of knowledge.

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The one thing that will cause a Sagittarian woman to fall out of love faster  than anything else is boredom – whereas the Eagle stops loving only after he’s decided his partner is no longer worthy of his devotion, because she has, in some way, not measured up to his ideal of strength of character. Scorpio does not admire weakness, or people who give up easily. He may have compassion for losers, but he respects only the winners.

In the beginning, at least, there should be no boredom between these two during their sharing of physical intimacy. In this respect, her frankness can be a shining virtue, her sexual expression of love as open and honest as such feelings are meant to be – and this is a powerful emotional magnet to a Scorpion. He’ll eagerly respond to her fiery passion, just as she’ll respond with sincere and flattering interest to the varied facets of his always slightly elusive sexuality, which fluctuates from gentle affection and tenderness to intense sensuality.

But if the Luminaries between their birth charts are square or opposed, she may thoughtlessly make a critical remark immediately before, during or just after their physical closeness, which pounds like a hammer on this man’s trembling sensitivity.

In return, he may retaliate with a sudden coldness and disinterest that cause her to feel both unloved and undesirable, bringing on a scene of tearful reproaches for she won’t hold her frustration inside. As a Fire Sign, she’s capable of being consumed by the torturing flames of jealousy, and may angrily accuse him of being in love with someone else when he’s hurt her by one of his spells of sexual passivity.

Probably not. The sense of honor is as strong in him as the sense of honesty in her, and it’s a rare Scorpio who can live a lie.

If they talk it over, they’ll uncover the real reason for their tension, and be surprised to discover what a small wound, easily healed, it really is. She’s always willing to talk it over, but he may pout and brood, keeping his feelings bottled up, which is the worst thing he can do with this woman – also the worst thing he can do in relation to the churning and boiling within himself, beneath his mask of indifference.

There’s little use to talk, however, regarding money. Let her have her own to spend, then drop the subject. If he wants to save his, and lock it in a safe, fine. If she wants to throw hers away, fine. Unless their Moon Signs and Ascendents soften this area of difficulty, all the talking in the world won’t bring their divergent financial outlooks together. They should both handle their own money, as they did before they met.


When they quarrel over anything and stop speaking for a few hours, the situation will be much harder on gregarious Sag than on the Eagle. Scorpios are more or less used to being alone, and you get good at being alone when you’ve had enough practice. Still, loneliness, even for brief periods, is not a happy feeling. The Sagittarian woman is usually pretty predictable.

Her explosions of temper, her impulsive generosity and forgiveness, her serious, philosophical moments … . are all easy for the intuitive Eagle to anticipate. But she feels far less secure about his emotions. Dealing with Pluto is rather like coming to a yellow stoplight when you’ve been daydreaming, and you try to guess whether it’s next going to turn red or green. She’ll never fathom his silences completely; his yellow traffic light stages will always puzzle her, for he is Water, she is Fire.

But this is a 2-12 vibrational influence, so he will be learning more from her than he’ll ever admit, while she finds an unexpected tolerance for his moods eternally springing from somewhere within herself, originating in the deep well of karmic memory.

This is a man who knows how to will and image things into existence – if he wants them intensely enough. This is a woman who needs a goal, something to strive for, to look forward to, tomorrow, next week or next year. Her enormous  capacity for faith harmonizes beautifully with his vast reserves of will power, so that together, these two can make anything happen they desire deeply enough and long enough – including permanency in their love for each other. Then all lights will be Green for Go.

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