Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio woman with Aquarius man.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man – Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan


He would come down laughing over something fearfully
funny he had been saying to a star, but he had already
forgotten what it was, or he would come up with mermaid
scales still sticking to him, and yet not be able to say for
certain what had been happening. It was really rather

Maybe what he needs is a periscope. It would, at least, be something. When the Aquarian man is helplessly submerged in the Water element of a Scorpio woman, because she’s enticed him with the mysteries of her “deep,” he can’t help but wonder what’s happening in the outside world, above and beyond. At first, he may not be sure he really wants to leave behind this thrilling green world of romantic suspense, where he never knows, from one day to the next, if he’s going to be treated to the sight of breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs, some incredible buried treasure, glittering and gleaming in the half light, a sudden school of golden fish, playfully swimming by or will step on a stingray or get caught up in the tangled seaweed of her dark depressions. He hesitates to float to the surface, lest he be unable to find his way back again. The depths of the Scorpion ocean are always moving, changing, deceptive .. . misleading you with strangeness, just when they seem to be familiar.

Still, he’s fairly bursting to know what’s occurring to all the birds and sailors and ships up there. A periscope is the only answer during this initial stage of his relationship with a Scorpio female. Having one, he can continue to paddle around in the intense emotional involvement of their love affair, and simultaneously be aware of what’s going on in the real world. He can attach it to his shoulders, and the end of it will bob merrily above the waves, while the all-seeing eye of its lens flashes to him a picture of north-south-east-and-west, and he won’t feel so left out of everything.

Even with a periscope, however, the Aquarian male who needs an excessive amount of air to breathe (both symbolically and literally, because his physical circulation is poor) may find his tank of patience running short of oxygen. Scorpios tend to be possessive when they love, and Aquarians simply will not be possessed for more than brief periods of time. Yet if he really cares about this intriguing, magnetic girl, he may discover that being possessed is preferable to becoming unpossessed and depossessed at the same time, when he’s hurt her by demanding too much freedom. Then she’ll no longer care where he goes or what he does, and may even behave as though he’s not still among the living. There’s no use banging on her door, calling her on the phone or writing her letters, because why should she answer the phone or door to a nonexistent entity – or read letters from an invisible man?

The deep freeze of an angry or wounded Scorpion can leave a Water Bearer with a frostbitten heart, and frostbite can be a serious thing. He might wish she’d start being possessive again. It was certainly more pleasant swimming around in her cool, calm “deep” than it is shivering under her disapproval.

Of course, her icy detachment is probably a pretense, her defense against further hurt – her way of teaching him a lesson he’ll remember. When other people become invisible to Scorp, they usually remain that way, but when her heart is involved, she may try to pull off the same sort of revenge, then discover she doesn’t really mean it, yet not know how to stop, until it grows into a situation of silent desperation, as unpleasant for her as for him. An emotional deadlock. But if anyone can break a deadlock of any kind at all, it’s this man. His finest talents lie in breaking things – breaking the orthodox, breaking convention, shocking people with bolts of Uranus lightning and buzz saws of erratic, totally unexpected remarks and behavior. He’ll jolt her out of the romantic deadend they’ve reached in some eccentric Uranian manner – then they can go swimming together again, more cautiously this time. It’s to be hoped that she’ll have learned the valuable lesson that he can bear emotional intensity only sparingly.

Otherwise, he’ll lose his tenuous hold on his self-control. He’s not nearly the expert in self-discipline that she is. The lesson we hope he’ll learn is that, although Scorpio feelings may churn and burn within, the features (except for rare moments of weakness) remain composed and placid. The quieter this woman is, the more upset she feels.

The Water Bearer rejects such disguises. When he’s genuinely upset, she won’t have to guess. He’ll make it abundantly clear. However, while he may not use a mask to cover his more volatile emotions, the Aquarian does enjoy surprising people. He won’t always announce his thoughts aloud, and there are a couple of reasons. Sometimes, his thoughts pop into, and right back out of, his mind too quickly for him to remember, let alone to verbalize. At other times, he wisely refrains from voicing what he’s thinking, because he senses he’ll be changing his mind or idea in a few minutes, so why waste energy expressing something so transient? At still different times, he keeps his thoughts to himself because he secretly thinks it’s kicky to see her surprised look, or her shock, when he says or does something special for which no preview has been given.

(You can’t blame him, nothing is more soul satisfying than forcing a Scorp to show shock.) She’ll complain about the car’s shabby looks and performance for weeks, without receiving a single word of sympathy or agreement from him, his blank, faraway gaze indicating he’s meditating on a number of other things and hasn’t even heard her. Then, PRESTO! – some marvelous upside-down morning she’ll glance out the window to check the weather, and a new car will have materialized in the front yard overnight – her favorite color, rich dark wine. When she runs to embrace and thank him, he’ll feign innocence, claim no knowledge of how it got there and insist the leprechauns left it.

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Some people call Aquarians crazy, but the Scorpio woman who loves her Water Bearer will find it a wonderful kind of craziness that goes a long way toward releasing her spirit for an exciting trip into the kind of freedom of expression she lacks – although an independent character was hers before she met him. Scorps live their personal lives as they like, refusing to conform to anyone’s notions of proper behavior in private. Yet Pluto restricts her from displaying her true emotions, or verbalizing her deepest feelings, while at the same  time encouraging her to behave in a markedly individualistic manner, apparently scorning any control over her actions. The latter quality is one of the simpatico things between the Eagle and the Water Bearer. The Uranus-ruled man is likewise contemptuous of society’s demands that he live his private life in accordance with other people’s opinions. The difference is that his independence has high public visibility and hers is exposed (usually) only behind closed doors.

Consequently, most of their disagreements occur over his public capers rather than his private behavior. His eccentric antics acutely embarrass her when they’re performed before friends, relatives, neighbors or strangers, but when they’re alone together, she beams at him admiringly. It can be confusing, until he gets it straightened out.

The woman’s Pluto revenge compulsion to even the score may manifest itself years after the heartache that caused it, because Scorpio is always willing to wait for the right opportunity. I knew a lady Eagle who was justifiably angered and wounded over the way her Aquarian boy friend left her and later fell in love with a Libra girl – right before her eyes. She did nothing then but bravely retreat, in silence.

But a couple of years afterward, the chance for sweet revenge presented itself when she ran into the Libra girl, who had just quarreled with the Water Bearer. Scorpio spent the entire day informing the troubled Libran of all the flaws and vices she had observed in the man when he had been her  lover. The stories were basically true, but she related them cleverly out of context, so they sounded much worse than they actually were. Even though the Aquarian man was unaware of it, the Scorpio stinger had finally stung, like a delayed nuclear reaction. The Libra girl, who once believed her Aquarian to be so kind, so special, was never able to feel quite the same way about him again.

This particular Scorpio female is a rather shy, pleasant person, with a great capacity for loyalty; yet Pluto wouldn’t allow her to rest until the score of her old love affair had been settled at zero-to-zero, with no one ahead.

The physical chemistry between them may not be what attracts these two when they first meet. It’s more likely to be some other sort of bond, an odd and unusual mutual interest, perhaps some duty or obligation they share – or the same kind of work. She’ll approve of his humanitarian ideals but may wish he’d spend less time spreading them around with his endless stream of friends and spend more time with her. Gradually, the relationship will grow more emotional in scope, and passion won’t be far behind. He should be aware that Scorpio sexuality is deep and intense but not necessarily promiscuous, as he may have heard. A Scorpion who’s been hurt may turn to casual affairs, because her initial purity has been shocked by the disloyalty of the man she loved faithfully or thought she loved. But the typical Scorpio female thinks of sex in a near-religious sense, subconsciously cognizant of its potential power and affinity with spiritual truth, in some indefinable way.

She should be aware that the Aquarian attitude toward the mating of man and woman is one of almost detached curiosity, and this is not a reflection on her personal appeal. Even after gradually increasing familiarity has deepened their mutual need and heightened their physical desire, she’ll find that this man is a much more satisfactory lover when she’s proven to him she’s really his  friend in every other way. Only when friendship has been clearly established will the Water Bearer give his full attention to the physical expression of love; only with a woman he can completely trust is he comfortable enough to give and receive sexual fulfillment.

Home life, the residence, their careers, their individual families – one or all of these are often the most prominent issues for either tension or harmony between Aquarius and Scorpio. The struggle for a peaceful co-existence will be  much easier if their natal Luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in positive aspect, considerably more difficult if these are in negative aspect. There may be times when she’s inclined to allow the memory of past misfortunes and disappointments to guide her present attitude into the bitter waters of resentment. But he will recall little of the past, even the immediate past, and will have no regret over any mistakes that might have occurred during the yesterdays of his life because his course is mapped in the direction of tomorrow. One of the few things he’ll remember from long ago, with any clarity, is the poignant memory of the first girl he thought he loved, an idealized image, misty and fragile .. . certainly nothing his Scorpio woman need fear or resent, considering her almost hypnotic ability to make rivals disappear (if she calls upon it, and comprehends that it’s there, within her, waiting to be used).


There are some Aquarians, influenced by certain Scorpio planet positions themselves, who will bear grudges now and then, but the typical Water Bearer is too fascinated by the challenges he sees straight ahead to waste energy throwing unforgiving looks back over his shoulder. He’ll probably cheerfully allow her plenty of freedom, because he knows its value, being the prized possession it is to him. Since he’s not made of stone, he could exhibit an occasional jealous moment, but never without a solid reason, whereas she may need only a hint to arouse her suspicions. She could be suffering for nothing, because the Aquarian who can rely on his wife to also be his best friend will almost never be vulnerable to experimental flirtations, once he’s committed.

However, if he’s repeatedly unjustly accused regarding what are merely platonic friendships, he’s not above pretending to be having an affair he’s not really having at all, just to show her it’s not nice to question his word of honor more than once – one of his Uranian lightning bolts of unexpected response, which is strangely similar to her Pluto sting of revenge.

Within the Scorpio woman is an immeasurable depth of suppressed desire and emotion; within the Aquarian man is an inexhaustible supply of irrepressible excitement and inventive ideas. Yet, as different as they are, they both possess self-confidence and a strong will, which is why they just might decide to hang around together for keeps… for where there’s enough will, the heart’s wisdom can always find a way.

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