Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio woman with Capricorn man.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man – Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan


For long there was no answer; then again the knock.
“Who are you?”
No answer.
He was thrilled, and he loved being thrilled.

The male Goat is handcuffed by his warden, Saturn, and although he serves his time as a model prisoner in the jail of restricted emotions uncomplainingly, he nevertheless longs for parole.

Anything that promises or threatens a thrill titillates his imagination, and stirs his blood with the call of the wild. This man is more imaginative than you might suspect. Just because he doesn’t tell faerie stories in public – or write poetry, then frame it and hang it on the wall of his home, doesn’t mean he’s not capable of feeling all fresh and rain-washed inside when he smells lilacs or sweet peas in a summer storm. He’s not immune to an appeal of the senses.. the scent of grass or freshly turned warm spring earth makes his heart beat faster, and as a boy, he even wished on stars .. when he was sure no one was looking.

He enjoys music and art too. Of course, it must be sensible music and classic art. He won’t dawdle over the doodles called pop art, and he won’t suffer the deafening decibels of punk rock. But try him on “Clair de Lune” or “Rhapsody in Blue,” show him a truly lovely sculpture or a beautifully molded piece of turquoise, and you’ll see that slow, shy grin appear. Capricorn’s grin is incomparable – it makes you feel good inside, just to see it. That may be because it’s displayed so rarely, so when you’re treated to it, you know it’s genuine, not just an empty smile formed by social expediency. The Goat grins when he’s happy or amused or when there’s something to grin about. Wearing a continual “happy face” and smiling just to be polite is, to Capricorns, hypocritical. Perhaps it is, to some extent. But it’s also more open, tentatively inviting friendship. Cappy does not invite friendship casually.

This man seldom monopolizes a conversation. He doesn’t speak often, but when he does, the Capricorn wit shines through to mix with the Capricorn wisdom, and his rare witty remarks are often the kind you’d like to write down so you can remember them to quote later. Stern wisdom and clever humor make a fascinating blend. It’s no wonder his Saturnine aura magnetizes a Lady Eagle. The Goat is a great deal like herself, and that’s why she feels strangely secure when he’s near – even across the room, before they really know each other.

She won’t allow him to be aware of how she feels right away. In fact, she may exert all her considerable self-control to make it appear that she doesn’t realize he even exists. He may sense that she’s looking at him, but the moment he looks back, her eyes are gazing in another direction, and he believes he only imagined she was looking his way. He didn’t imagine it. She was looking when she thought he wasn’t looking. Later, when she’s decided she’s tortured him long enough, she’ll not only look at him, she’ll stare at him, with a steady gaze that flusters his  poise, and it is not a small thing to possess the ability to fluster a Capricorn’s poise. She possesses it.

He is intrigued. Who is this mysterious woman who has such power over his rigidly controlled emotions? Oddly, many men find it difficult to think of this female as a “girl,” even when she’s in her teens. Something about her seems to fit “woman” more than “girl.” Her eyes held whispers of secrets from the time they first opened, after her birth, increasing in depth each year of her life. The imponderable. The unfathomable. It’s easy to see why he’s thrilled, and feels little shivers in her presence. Not necessarily shivers of fear, or even curiosity .. just shivers.

Capricorns fear nothing, except poverty. And since they are not curious, in the normal sense of the word, if they bump up against a mystery or a secret, they won’t pursue it. They’ll wait until it unfolds, in its own time. So his shivers are caused by something else. Mostly, from the unexpected knowledge that someone may be about to penetrate his secrets, the inner self he guards so well behind his careful composure. He has an idea she may understand that his surface coldness and sternness cover an affectionate nature, and a heart that aches just as painfully as any other heart when it’s wounded, maybe more so, even though it never shows. He has the right idea. She does understand this.

His first reaction may be to behave in even a more stuffy manner than usual toward her. His innate shyness may deepen, his timidity tremble, and his formal attitude grow even more formal. But gradually, gently and inevitably, he will slowly relax through their unhurried conversations together, and finally risk giving her that special grin. His eyes will shine, saying so much more to her than his spoken words.. and her heart will turn over suddenly. It isn’t easy to make a Scorpio’s heart turn over, especially suddenly. But this man’s soft eyes and shy grin can do it. The quiet wisdom behind his calmness helps too. And this is how the Goat and the Scorpion fall in love. Never noticeably, almost soundlessly.

It takes their friends and family some time to realize what’s happening. His normal Saturn allotment of no more than three close friends. And his family. Her family too, but it’s his family that counts. He won’t want to do anything to displease them or make them unhappy – or be forced to spend a lot less time with them just because he fell in love. I mean, they’re used to his being around – or at least hearing from him by phone or letter once a week or so. And if they should need his financial assistance from time to time, well….

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Yes, this could be one of their problems. The Scorpio woman will find a way to handle it. I shudder to think of the possibilities, but she will find a way. I believe we should say no more about it, now that we’ve pointed out the potential trouble area, but just let them work it out, won’t you? She’ll be sweet and patient for a while, but.. .

The Goat is, by nature, undeniably possessive once a commitment has been made that symbolizes his attempt to make a relationship a permanent thing. The Scorpio woman won’t be happy about this, since she’s always more or less felt that possessiveness is her own exclusive right. It could be interesting when she discovers it works both ways.

She’s probably the one who should make any necessary compromises, however, because a Capricorn man who is really in love with his woman or his wife will seldom demand enough freedom or time away from home to arouse possessiveness in anyone but a woman abnormally possessed of it – and I didn’t mean that to be a pun, it just came out that way. Barring a Fire or Air Moon Sign or Ascendent, or an afflicted Mars or Venus in his nativity, the typical Goat won’t wander far away from the hearth. He enjoys a quiet evening with the one he  loves more than any other activity – besides work. When a Capricorn says he’s working late at the office, he is most likely doing just that. If he’s one of those sports freaks, involved in politics, is some sort of salesman or travels for a huge corporation, he may be gone from her side often enough to give her good cause for annoyance. But the average Goat won’t give her cause. There could be more reason for him to be concerned about her whereabouts.

This woman will usually insist on leading an independent life. She won’t be held under anyone’s thumb. It doesn’t mean she’s not in love with him, or that she’s found another man. It’s just that she needs the freedom to do things whenever she feels like it, whenever the mood strikes her, without having to account for every minute, to ask permission to visit a friend, go shopping, stop at the library or catch a film by herself, like holding up her hand and asking, “Teacher, may I? ” when she was in school. It’s confining.

She should understand that everyone needs this sort of freedom, in varying degrees, whatever his (or her) Sun Sign, and that the way to deal with a possessive person is to make that person know, beyond all doubt or speculation, that he (or she) is wholly loved – and to do so frequently. The more frequently, the better. It’s really not all that difficult to heal possessiveness and its sibling, called “jealousy.” Lots of extra reassurance never fails to do it. It’s as simple as that. Anyone who refuses such reassurance to the one who is tortured (and possessiveness or jealousy is sheer torture for the person suffering with it) has a sadistic streak hidden somewhere. It’s so easy to cure excessive fear, which is exactly what jealousy and possessiveness are made of – fear of losing what is so very much needed, fear of losing love. If you truly love someone, why deny that person a relief of such an awful fear? With enough sincere, loving and affectionate words, and physical touching, the “possessed” person will find that his

(or her) desired “freedom” is surprisingly attainable. It’s worth the extra time and trouble it takes – and if it isn’t worth it, the two people don’t belong together. To hold the formula of the magic alchemy secret, which can translate sadness into gladness, and not use it, isn’t very bright – or very kind. And kindness is what real love is all about.


Sexually, the Scorpio woman will enrich her Capricorn lover or husband’s emotional spectrum of awareness. He is stirred into feelings he never experienced before by the depth of her physical need to give – and to receive. And she will feel comfortable with him, in a cozy way. His quiet strength and soothing gentleness calm the unnamed fears that haunt her, and that lie behind all her mystery.

She may sometimes wish he would be more imaginative, more verbally expressive in his lovemaking he may sometimes feel she expects too
much of him, and this could cause a nameless depression he can’t put into words. Being influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern as they are, this man and woman are friends, as well as lovers, and so they should talk things over more often, with honesty. It clears the air, and allows them to be themselves with each other. Both of them tend to hide their real selves from the curious and uncaring, but the moment of Oneness is not a time to be anything but real. It’s a time

to trust all the way, to do – and to say – whatever is true. These two are both experts in self-discipline, self-control, and may need to learn that controlled passion is not the way to discover fulfillment in mating with the one you love. A change of scene, whether it’s a new residence or a trip, is often the miracle these lovers need to refresh their emotional energies.

The Scorpio woman and Capricorn man are influenced by Pluto and Saturn through all their love for each other, and this is sure at some time to bring back a chord of music from long ago, connected with death, old memories … . relatives or children to touch their hearts with a remembered sadness that deepens love. There is nearly always a secret they share that intensifies their  devotion. It forms a circle of strength around them, helps them to be more patient with each other – and patience is one of love’s best friends

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