Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio woman with Pisces man.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man – Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard


Spirit that haunts this dark lagoon to-night,” he cried,
“dost hear me?” 

Silly question. Of course she hears him. If the Scorpio woman and Pisces man we’re considering are lovers or mates, and not simply friends, she heard him calling many years ago, quite probably when she was a little girl, dreaming about her soul mate .. . who was, she was certain, somewhere on this Earth .. . also dreaming of her. Where would they meet? When would they meet? How would they meet? All these questions concerned her, but never the question of “if” they would meet. That she knew, as she has always known many matters of the heart, the spirit and the future.

Faint though the echo might have been, Neptune also whispered into the inner ear of the Pisces man when he was a young boy, that someday, somewhere somehow .. . he would meet someone who would understand the way he looked at things, who would see things, not as they are in reality, but as they might be and should be.. . as he remembered them to be in some half-forgotten, misty world of long ago, maybe in a dream.

Then he met all those fascinating girls, proper ones, improper ones, the straight and the crooked ones, the shy and the bold ones .. . but they all seemed so shallow compared with the girl in his dreams. Just when he would think he  had found her, she would say or do something to make him know she was not the one at all.

You can imagine, then, how he must have felt that soft purple twilight when his eyes first fell upon this strange creature, who seemed so quiet and gentle, yet in some way so strong, but most of all – so deep, not shallow. She gazed at him intently, not seductively or flirtatiously like all the others, but clearly… and unafraid .. . until he felt lost in cool, green water. He returned her gaze, and something happened. Later, neither of them was quite sure just what it was. They just knew it had happened.

They were falling in love, of course, in the typical Pisces-Scorpio way – actually, the way most all Water Element people do. Not with skyrocket force and bursting stars like the Fire Sign 5-9 vibration couples, nor floating in clouds as experienced by the Air Elements of this 5-9 influence, nor with the pounding thunder of two Earth Element five-niners, but drowning in mystery, as a Fish and a Scorpion quite naturally should.

Once these two have formally and officially fallen in love, Life will not ever be the same again. Life will have more depth, more meaning, more excitement and wonder than either of them ever dreamed possible, and that’s saying a great deal, considering that dreaming might be said to be an area of expertise for both Pisces and Scorpio. But Life will also hold some heartaches, irritations and frustrations. Not even the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern guarantees absolute harmony every moment – unless they have a single or double Sun-Moon conjunction, sextile or trine between their nativities, then they might achieve something close to perfection.

Otherwise, with all their considerable compatibility – and it is considerable – there will be a learning process. He will have to learn, for one thing, the hard way, that the habit he developed over the years before he met her of using his imagination to color the facts – or of elusively avoiding direct questions spells trouble. First of all, there’s no point in telling even the smallest white lie of convenience or courtesy to this woman. She can spot a lie of the tiniest dimension .. . miles away. Light-years away. Secondly, there’s nothing that infuriates her more, even though she tries not to show it, than sensing that the man she loves is holding something back from her, keeping a secret, however minor and unimportant. What makes this so frustrating is that she will expect to be able to keep her own secrets when she chooses. It’s all right for her to hold back a part of herself, but it’s one of the seven deadly sins should he do so.

If the Moon was in Libra, or Libra was rising on the eastern horizon when she was born, she might be a little more fair. Otherwise not. Since the typical Pisces male prefers to keep his private affairs to himself, and be somewhat silent about his plans until he’s ready to carry them out, you can see the problem.

What kind of plans would a man keep from the woman he loves? He may be thinking of changing jobs, or quitting his steady employment to follow a career dream, but he’s not sure yet. Or he may be thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but he’s not certain that’s what he really wants, mulling over whether or not to go on a diet… whether to pull up the chickweed and plant lilac bushes .. . or wondering whether he should join a yoga class. It doesn’t have to be anything dark and sinister, or a threat to their relationship. But a Fish can often make it seem that way with his innuendos and evasions.A Scorpio woman knows what she wants and where she’d like to be going, even though she doesn’t announce it to the public or talk about it constantly.

She knows. And she has the necessary drive to get there – or to help him to get there. She can exhibit amazing stamina toward reaching a certain goal and her efforts can be tireless. It’s not a matter of patience and faith. Somehow those words don’t describe it. It’s better described as a sort of inner intensity that makes her persevere with sheer will to force a particular outcome she desires. Obstacles are as nothing to Scorpio.

The Fish isn’t all that intensely determined to get anywhere. He enjoys the trip and the travel too much to be unduly concerned over the destination. He’s not too sure that anything in life is worth the kind of effort that drains all one’s mental, physical and psychic energy. And so, there are times when he’ll procrastinate or move too slowly to please her. A little shaking up of his adrenalin, now and then, would be good for him. And she could stand to be softly persuaded to ease up on the intensity within. It causes ulcers, even in women. (Yes, I know she appears to be Miss Serenity herself on the surface – that’s the problem.)

Her inner turmoil, however outwardly controlled, can also be dreadfully wearing on the man who loves her. Which is preferable, a volcano pouring out boiling lava, which you can at least see and avoid until it quiets down – or a volcano smoldering inside, giving you no hint when it might erupt? Smoldering volcanos make the Fish nervous. He’d just as soon, if he had a choice, avoid any kind of unpleasant situation, whether it be one hinted-to-be-on-the-way, or one already here.

He may not have a choice. As much as she sometimes quietly pressures him, as possessive as she can be on occasion when she feels threatened, as explosive as her temper can be when she’s really angry – he loves her. When you really love someone, you don’t run from the things that cause the hurt. You find a way to compromise, to work it out somehow. Because you know that the pain of loneliness is even greater, the emptiness of being without that person will be frightening. Nothing could be worse than that – nothing. So you try. And you try again. And you keep on trying. Pisces is very patient. But even the Fish can finally be unable to swim upstream against the current forever, and this man may dive down and disappear without warning. His disappearance (or hers) will only make them both miserable, so it’s better to try a little harder.

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Lots of love affairs and marriages can’t survive storms, but Scorpio is determined to keep the relationship intact, through her incredible will power. Pisces has the same tenacity when he loves, but it’s less fierce, more gentle and soothing, and he can think up more imaginative ways to steady the ship against the waves. Oddly, and unfortunately, although both of these people have a sound and sane sense of humor, neither laughs too long or loudly when the joke is on him – or her. The well-known Neptune self-effacement and humility seem to run a little dry occasionally in this area. As for Scorp, when did a lady Scorpion ever roar in amusement when the laughter is directed toward her? Never.

The Fish has his own personal and highly individual ideas of how to achieve security for himself and his lady. She may be concerned that he drifts too frequently from one thing to another – or that he doesn’t have enough ambition. He will tell her that if he did it by the rules, if he had taken a correspondence course, grabbed a few degrees, read self-improvement books, minded his own business and behaved himself he might have made it to third assistant manager at a drugstore in a shopping center, without the authority to give change at the cash register.

A Pisces man can talk his way out of just about anything. Except a lady Eagle’s disapproval. Therefore, with her he’ll try a different Neptune illusion.

He’ll flatter her, present his side sweetly and tell her how much her opinion means to him. But that won’t work either. Eventually, he’ll learn that the only effective way to deal with his Pluto-ruled woman is to level at all times – to have the courage of his convictions, yes – but to never try to avoid the issue with charm (or any other Piscean weapon). A Piscean is the kind of man who is offered a job taking tickets at a series of outdoor concerts for one hundred dollars every night it doesn’t rain. Then it pours for twenty-three consecutive days.

The Fish have that sort of luck. So a Pisces male shouldn’t press his luck too far with a female Scorpion. He doesn’t have a lot of the stuff to spare. Sometimes, a Scorpio woman may cry in the middle of physical closeness

with her Pisces man. It’s because she senses they can never really be completely themselves except during their intimate moments. Away from each other’s embrace, there are all sorts of inhibitions and outside influences, but when they’re experiencing Oneness, it seems like the answer to everything in the world – in their world, at least. When they’re alone together, she knows how much he needs her, she knows she gives him peace and that gives her joy. It’s good for a man and woman to know they give each other both peace and joy. He thinks he pursues her in their physical relationship, but she pursues him just as often, although he seldom realizes it. Even when she pretends to be detached, it’s so that he will want her all the more.

It’s hard for these lovers to be all the way honest with each other. But it doesn’t matter. They’ll quickly guess each other’s games, then pretend they haven’t guessed. Leaving something unspoken adds a mystical quality to their lovemaking. There’s often a silence to the sexual expression of Pisces and Scorpio that allows them to say more to each other than if they spoke a thousand and one words. Water is still and deep…. when nothing disturbs it. So is physical love between these two of the Water Element. It may be this quality, or it may be something more inexplicable, but it’s very special, whatever it is .. . a quiet passion, with an intensity behind it, waiting to grow .. . as their love grows.


I once heard a physician describe a delicate operation he once watched, on an injured hand. He remarked that the patient wouldn’t have to worry about a scar, because the surgeon was painstaking, took his time, and made sure the scar would fall in one of the natural creases of the wrist, where it would never be noticed.

It’s sort of like that with the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman when it comes to the normal wounds of any man-woman relationship. There may be some scars in their memories, but they’ll be in the natural creases. These two know how to love all the way, and that’s the very best way to love. But she must learn from his Neptune wisdom how to forgive. He does it so easily, almost casually. She does it at great cost to her proud

spirit. Just as he must learn from her the ability to weather storms, and know – not hope – that the ship will
make it safely to shore.

She can teach him self-confidence, the quality he most needs to master. He can teach her faith and trust, gently lead her to see that suspicion doesn’t rhyme with serenity, but with sadness. For whether he ever wins the Pulitzer Prize or not, he is a poet. If she believes in him, he just might win it. Or maybe the Nobel Prize, like Piscean Albert Einstein. Or, best of all, Life’s greatest prize happiness.

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