Taurus And Cancer Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus and Cancer.

Earth – Fixed – Negative
Ruled by Venus (also by the
Planet Pan-Horus)
Symbol: The Bull
Night Forces – Feminine

Water – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by the Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Night Forces – Feminine

“I will tell you where they are…they are already in their
home under the ground, a very delightful residence…

Cancerian Crabs love their mothers, their homes, money, babies and food. Taurean Bulls love money, their homes and mothers, food and babies. You can see these two Sun Signs are uncommonly alike, except for a few minor changes in the order of priorities.
One thing that becomes clear right away about both Crabs and Bulls, if you study astrology, is that they both want people to be nice to them. In fact, they desperately need people to be nice to them (though you might not guess it from the way these two behave, at times). The very nicest thing Cancer can do for Taurus is to cook up a big dinner (which they’ll both enjoy eating), then sit around and talk about how to make more money (which they’ll also both enjoy). The very nicest thing Taurus can do for Cancer is to buy an almanac to keep track of the waxing and waning periods of the Moon, and treat the Crab’s changing moods accordingly. Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, and therefore are constantly affected by its fickle, fluctuating influence.

Since the practical Bulls have too much common sense to let the Moon push them around, right away that makes Taurus sorry for Cancer, which will please the Crabs immensely. It’s not that they consciously seek pity, but they do like to know that people sympathize with their problems, instead of always accusing them of exaggerating life’s daily tragedies. How can you exaggerate a tragedy, for goodness sakes? A tragedy is a tragedy, like a rose is a rose is a rose. And Cancerians take their tragedies seriously.
They’re not only serious much of the time, they’re cautious too. As serious and as cautious as Crabs John D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, and various other assorted rocks. They have depressed periods of black melancholy that would frighten Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven into flying right off the mantelpiece. Then they flash a “funny,” and their crazy Lunar humor has everyone giggling. You think a sad-faced, morose comedian is a non sequitur? Image the late film actor Arthur Treacher. (You know, the one who always played the butler.) You say a compulsive wife and mother, full of fears and insecurities, always worrying about her brood, whose career is making people laugh, is a non sequitur? Image American comedienne Phyllis Diller. Both Cancerians. Also, the two of them have managed to pile up quite sizable green nest eggs through their Looney Bird antics, like proper Crabs. (Green for m-o-n-e-y.) Sometimes, Lunar people are silent and timid, and at other times they chatter your ear off. Like I said, they’re moody.
Despite their having so much in common, Taurus finds it difficult to understand the moods of the Crab. To the Bulls, it’s a waste of time and common sense to weep and moan about a situation. Taureans seldom weep or moan (although they occasionally moo) and they’re rarely moody. However, once Taurus men, women or children dig in their heels, and get set for a spell of the blues, rare as it may be, they’re not kidding around. They’re moping in earnest. When a Bull takes a notion to have a mood, you’d better know it’s a good, strong one, that’s going to last for months – even years. And it won’t be interrupted by silly fits of giggles.
Cancerian moods, on the other hand (is there a Libra in the room?), usually don’t last more than a few hours, a few days at the very most – and they cover a wide range of emotions, from tender humor to cranky criticism, from intelligent, vivacious conversation to trembling shyness. They switch from laughter to tears, from faith to cynicism, from bitterness to joy – and then they snap at you, “What do you mean, I’m moody? You’re the one who’s impossible to get along with.” (We won’t tell the Crabs that a preposition is a poor thing with which to end a sentence, or even to end a sentence with – until the next mood switch to sweet and submissive. Otherwise, we may be snapped at – I mean, they may snap at us.)

Because Cancerians are so sensitive, they’re aware of what’s going on inside of people, and are, therefore, usually compassionate. Yet, their sympathy may come and go, especially when they’re looking for sympathy themselves, which is frequently – and most especially if the sympathy entails a loan of money. Then the sympathy is much more likely to go than to come. Crabs think twice before they whip out their checkbooks. This is another area where Taureans and Cancerians have a great deal in common. The Bulls not only think twice before whipping out their checkbooks, they stop, pause, and think once again, just to be sure. However, both Sun Signs are truly generous to old people and to children. They’re just a little tough on everybody in between. If it will put a hot meal into a child’s tummy, or help a relative or loyal friend pay the mortgage on his or her home, Cancer and Taurus will relax their financial caution – or, when either of them have fallen in love. Romance warms their hearts and opens their pocketbooks miraculously.
The reason these two are slow about spending their money isn’t because either of them is stingy. They’re thinking of the future. There’s always a rainy day to save for, right? (I can visualize the Crabs and Bulls reading this, nodding their heads, and asking silently, almost desperately, “Isn’t that right?”)
Well, yes, astrologically, that’s right. There is always a rainy day to save for (for which to save). It’s guaranteed to arrive, when you want it that much. I’ve never yet met a Taurean or a Cancerian who saved for a rainy day and failed to see that rainy day arrive, right on schedule. There’s an ancient metaphysical truth, that warns: Be careful of what you want (or what you image) because you will get it. No doubt about that. None whatsoever. If you concentrate on sav ing for a rainy day, sooner or later you’ll get caught in a downpour. How about imaging love and happiness and security instead? That sort of “wanting” and imaging will manifest into reality just as surely, under the very same Universal Law.
Now about that secret worry all Cancerians and Taureans have that they’re going to end up in the poorhouse someday if they don’t take care of their as sets – I have some fantastic good news for them. Are all you Crabs and Bulls who are reading this section paying close attention now? Okay. Here it is: They don’t have poorhouses anymore! Honest. They stopped building them years ago. Isn’t that great news? So you can all go out and buy the luxuries you’ve always wanted – pianos, stamps for your stamp collection, antiques, old coins, caviar, gold frames for your baby pictures, cameras and what’s that? Now you’re worried about all the people who are broke, and the families in the poverty belts who don’t have a poorhouse to go to? Oh, good grief.
I suppose, to be fair, we Fire and Air Signs should take it a little easier on watery Cancer and earthy Taurus about their mutual tendency to worry. If it were not for the Cancerians, we’d never have had any CARE packages, or orphanages, or foundling homes, or lend-lease (the United States is a Cancerian country, you know). If it were not for Taurus, we’d never have any big empires, or huge industries that employ thousands of people, like the Hearst Newspapers Syndicate, and many, many others (William Randolph Hearst was a Bull) – no real estate companies (mostly Taurus) or banks (mostly Taurus or Cancer) or farms (mostly Taurus). Admittedly, the mutual Cancer-Taurus traits of care, caution, worry and conservatism keep all of us sane and secure. When you think of all the Cappies and Virgos (and some Scorps) they have helping them, it really makes you feel like going to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and lighting a candle in sheer gratitude for the way they protect the rest of us from our reckless follies and selfishness. (Or the church of your choice, of course. It’s just that not all places of worship offer the beeswax for the ritual, you know?) While we’re there, we may as well light another candle for Cancerian and Taurean humor. Humor, like cleanliness, is very definitely next to godliness. Humor on one side, cleanliness on the other, with godliness in the center – like a spiritual sandwich. (Although Crabs and Bulls prefer theirs with an extra helping of lettuce.)
Real humor stems from tragedy, which is why the serious-minded Crabs and Bulls are often so hilarious, especially when they team up as a couple in business, love, friendship – or within the family circle. During the lulls between their comedy routines, sometimes a Bull will show a stubborn streak, but the Cancerian will usually have a lot of patience with the Taurus pouting. The Crabs have so much experience with it themselves, you see.

Both of these Sun Signs like to eat, and they both love to cook, so there might be some difficulty keeping their diets under control when they spend a lot of time together. If you know a Taurus-Cancer combination, the best Christmas present you can give them is a copy of a book on nutrition. Like Back to Eden, or a gift certificate, good for at least a year, from a health food restaurant. As for indulgence in the bubbly, Cancer is considerably more likely than Taurus to enjoy a sip of wine or stronger spirits, now and then. The Crab is also better equipped (as a Water Sign) to handle the sips. If the Cancerian tempts the Taurean into tasting the grape too often, there will be trouble. The Bull hates excess, and seldom messes around with it in any form, but when he slips, he does it the way he does everything else – on a grand scale. Taurus is better off at a milk bar, since he (or she) has what you might call an empathy with good old bossy.
Taurus and Cancer get along smoothly most of the time. Even when they don’t there’s not much noise, and seldom any explosive arguments. Both of them normally react to hurt or aggravation by slinking off alone to brood. It doesn’t make relatively quiet. Of course, there won’t always be total silence between them during a disagreement. There will be some soft sounds occasionally, when the Bull sits in the corner like a solid lump of resentment, mumbling under his (or her) breath – while the Crab huddles in the broom closet, crying into several large tissues and emitting periodic choked sobs. Still, the gentle sounds of angry mutterings (Taurus) and sad snifflings (Cancer) are more peaceful than the hollering you can expect with the more volatile Sun Signs. (Not counting the rare and horrifying occasions every ten years or so, when the Bulls fancy they’re in a china shop and someone waves a red flag.)

The meeting of a Bull and a Crab is often a fated one, with an element of compulsion on both sides, since it’s a 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, with heavy karmic undertones. There’s more than a casual interest in each other, and the benefits or hurts resulting from the association usually have a long-lasting effect on both lives, if they continue to see each other for more than a few months.
Taurus and Cancer make an excellent team for any kind of business or industrial ventures, stock brokerages, banks, gardens, nurseries, farms, politics or real estate companies. The Bull will build the foundation carefully, organize it sensibly, and the Crab will run it with careful efficiency, making sure their mutual efforts gain the maximum publicity. (Cancerians may not be extroverts but they’re surprisingly good at getting newspaper space, and getting their pictures on the front page or the TV screen.) The chances are excellent that any Cancer- Taurus business partnership will thrive and stay in the black. If there’s any red on the books, it’s probably from the blood (mixed with sweat and tears) these two pour into any project they’re devotedly dedicated to making solidly successful. Assuming the Bull has the Moon or Ascendent in a Water or Earth Sign (except Capricorn) and the Crab has the Moon or Ascendent in a Water or Earth Sign (except Scorpio) – and sometimes even the parenthesized planetary positions won’t stop their mutual achievement compatibility – these two could both end up in Who’s Who, and likely find also that their personal relationship is harmonious, and comparatively free of tension. However, without such aid from their birth charts, there could be some pouting, muttering, mooing and sniffling, from time to time. Yet, compromise will usually be easier for them than for most other Sun Sign combinations. They each possess a certain amount of placidity, which often creates harmony from the sheer inner need and desire for peace and quiet.

Because Taurus is Earth and Cancer is Water, it’s more probable that the Crab will slowly and gradually grow to imitate the Bull’s Fixed habits, than the other way around – even though Taurus is behind Cancer on the karmic wheel of life. Why? Water is flexible, and does not resist, which is the wisdom of Water. It takes the shape of the vessel into which it’s poured. When that vessel is a Taurean, the shape is usually symmetrical and pleasing. Considering the Taurus feeling for form, and the Cancer sensitivity for color, they can paint some rather nice pictures on the side of the jug too. Then they’ll hang a price tag on it, take it to market, and come home together with a nice fat profit.

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