Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus Man with  Capricorn Woman.

“I won’t go to bed,” he had shouted, like one who still
believed that he had the last word on the subject. “I won’t,
I won’t” then Mrs. Darling had come in, wearing her
white evening-gown.

The practical side of a Taurus man will respond, with excitement (as much excitement as a Bull can arouse) to the practical side of the Capricorn girl. He’ll admire her self-sufficiency, and her air of well-bred, dignified reserve will intrigue him, not to mention her quiet beauty. Taurus doesn’t like anything to come easy, including love. This girl’s love never comes easy. Since the Bull believes nothing is worth much if he doesn’t have to work hard to get it and keep it, Cappy will interest him right away. Her affections are difficult to capture, for she does not yield her inner self lightly, or quickly. Obviously then, she’s a prize the Bull deems it worthwhile to pursue.

But he may not respond with the same fervor of excitement to her apparent lack of sentiment. Despite his feigned disinterest in mushy declarations of love, Taurus is the most sentimental of all the Sun Signs. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but it’s in the right place, however well hidden from view. It beats faster when he plays their favorite song, smells her perfume unexpectedly somewhere, or hears a laugh that reminds him of hers.

The female Goat is not quite so bowled over by nostalgic memories when a love affair is over, nor by the daily reminders of it while it’s still alive. That’s not to say she isn’t capable of a deep devotion. Her loyalty, in fact, is unmatched by any other female on the astrological wheel, once she finds a man she thinks is worth loving wisely and well. She can also be tender and funny and gentle and comforting, all those lovely, feminine things. After all, Capricorn is a feminine sign. But it’s also a negative Earth Sign – and Cardinal too – which means she doesn’t want a man to dominate her completely, and she’s not about to submerge herself in sentiment that might cloud her judgment or cause her to make a mistake she’ll have to live down.

You notice I didn’t say a mistake she’ll regret. Cappy doesn’t waste time on regret, which she considers a useless, maudlin emotion. But she does feel obliged to live down an action not based on good sense. It’s the yoke of punishment Saturn places on her shoulders when she goofs, a stern reminder not to goof again. To her, “living it down,” means taking her medicine straight, without whimpering.

This pretty, feminine woman is as tough as a gold miner’s old boot, although she can have exquisitely tender feelings for those nearest and dearest to her, and she’s quite capable of being faithful, if her mate was chosen by both her heart and her head. When she occasionally slips up, and allows her heart to rule alone, her head does not quickly forgive her. She must be somehow self-punished, according to Saturn’s stern discipline. But she’s not burdened with the kind of idealism that causes people to mask unpleasant facts behind a veil of sentimental evasion. She corrects her mistakes, then plods right on, along the rocky trail, seldom looking back. This girl is enormously practical, and imbued with a great deal of common sense. For example, very few Cappies become hookers or call girls, but their choice has little to do with sentimental morality. I once had a conversation with a female Goat about prostitution. She was decidedly contemptuous of women who sell their sexual favors in the market place, not because of moral or emotional objections, but because, in her precise words: “the profession involves so many middlemen that the prostitute ends up a financial loser, as well as a social outcast – and she can work for such a limited number of years. Then what does she do? It just isn’t practical.”

So, back to what we first discussed. The Taurus male will admire her common sense and practicality, because they match his own, but will probably be shocked (or hurt) at her lack of sentiment. It can put him in a twin dither of STOP and GO urges with her. But since their chemistry is so right, he’d be wise to swallow his shock and hurt with patience (another quality they both possess in abundance) until she’s made one of her combined head-and-heart decisions to love and marry him. After that, she’ll probably be as sentimental with him and with their family (including her parents and siblings, whom she’ll stick to like a burr) as he could possibly desire. Married to the right man, no one makes a better wife and mother than Capricorn. She may appear snobbish and cold and a bit of a social climber to the rest of the world, but her husband, children and relatives will know only her warmth and love.

Jealousy will probably not be a large problem with these two. Neither the Bull nor the Goat is as mortally wounded, in an emotional sense, by an isolated act of infidelity as a Fire or Water Sign would be. With these two, it’s more as if someone has robbed them of a valued possession. A Taurus man will become just as furious if an intruder steals his wife’s affections as if he had stolen his car or his checkbook, about which he is more or less equally sentimental. A Goat Girl will be as coldly angry if a woman flirts with her Taurus husband as if she had caught the vixen trying to steal her mother’s heirloom bedspread, or her father’s antique clock.


When you comprehend how painful it is for both the Bull and the Goat to give up cash, or material things, I suppose you might say that unfaithfulness is no more pleasant for them than for the more emotional Sun Signs. But neither he nor she is inclined to throw away a secure relationship or a marriage over a single act of infidelity. Bulls and Goats have little desire to tamper with or to destroy an existing situation. When they do, which will be a rare occurrence, you can be sure of three things: (1) they will never forgive, (2) they will never forget, (3) they will never turn back and start again, with fresh hope in a new beginning. What’s lost is lost, what’s gone is gone. Finders may be keepers, but losers are never weepers, when they are Taureans or Capricorns.

Although they don’t turn on the spigots of tears or hysteria, rejection or failure can, nevertheless, hurt them both deeply. But a Goat and a Bull will not sniffle in front of nosy neighbors. They’ll brood in dismal melancholy privately, until finally, after weeks, or months, or years of inner sadness, they decide that the continuation of grief over spilled buttermilk is just not practical. Then they’ll brighten up a little. Since this is a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, it will take a really major catastrophe to break a tie they have cemented together with sincere intentions.

Sexually, they are firmly and comfortably mated, because the physical relationship is usually – not always, but usually – more satisfying when the man is the Taurus, and the woman the Capricorn, than when the team shifts sides. He is a quietly sensual lover, full of the erotic ability to stir her passions, yet capable of also expressing himself with honest affection, combined with the kind of respect for sex (and for her womanhood) that she demands. She’s not a girl who will expect long hours of preliminary romancing, and sentimental whisperings before their physical Oneness. Nor will she require her lover or husband to spend another several hours murmuring drowsy endearments, after the passion of their love has been fulfilled. The natural, silent feeling of closeness following sexual union contents her, and gives her a feeling of completeness. Why gild the lily? It’s no wonder this woman can lure a Bull more successfully than a flaming Fire Sign female (who might frighten him away) or a changeable Air Sign lady (who might drive him into confusion).

However, the sentimental Bull may require more than five minutes to demonstrate his devotion to her. Since Cappy is no more inclined to shirk her marital or love responsibilities than any other kind of duty, she’ll usually respond beautifully, by genuinely trying to match his more leisurely Taurean lovemaking pace herself, and they’ll become happy romantic, as well as sexual, lovers – so that, by the time they reach their Golden Wedding anniversary, they’ll have the whole Sex-Love relationship bound up together in a lovely, warm unity. An occasional Capricorn woman may tend to separate sex from love, due to bitter memories of youthful hurt. The Bull may have fallen into the same pattern, unconsciously, and for the very same reasons. (Both Goats and Bulls have incredibly long memories.) But together, they can teach each other how well these two needs blend, and she’ll awaken, through his tenderness, to the childhood dreams and innocence she lost through the premature growing-up all Capricorns experience – while he’ll gradually forget his painful memories of the past, as she gently replaces them with warm and loving images for tomorrow’s remembering.

The typical Taurean is rather uncommonly devoted to his family, which is a good thing, because it will help him tolerate the Goat Girl’s obsession with hers. A Capricorn’s devotion toward family ties can be summed up briefly, with Milne’s poem:

James James Morrison Morrison
Weatherby George Dupree
took great care of his mother
though he was only three

The verse is appropriate to the Saturn-ruled, whether the Goat is male or female. In the latter case, just change the name to Jane Jane Morrison Morrison Weatherby Elizabeth Dupree, and know that she, also, “took great care of her mother, though she was only three.” Not only that, she’ll take good care of her family when she’s past one hundred, and her parents are pushing the second century mark. Unless some traumatic and tragic experience in youth has left a neurosis of bitter rejection – between these two, and their mutual families, holidays will never be lonely and guest rooms will always be filled. The Bull will benignly approve of his Goat Girl’s attitude toward both her own and his relatives, unless his mother is a Cancerian, and then it might get a little sticky. (Or if his Moon or Ascendent is in Cancer.) It could create anything from a mild emotional tremor, now and then, to a full scale earthquake on occasion.

A Cancerian mother is intensely possessive of her son, and a Capricorn wife is intensely possessive of her husband. (Jealousy and possessiveness are not quite the same thing.) It’s possible that such a situation could cause the Goat Girl to feel tugged on from both sides, until she decides (figuratively) to butt her tough horns against one side or the other. But the Bull has horns too, and it’s only fair to warn Cappy that the odds are stacked against his using them against Mama. For either a Capricorn woman – or a Bull with a Cancer Moon or Ascendent – to be forced to choose between love and family ties, is like being condemned to the horrors of a Tchen-type Oriental torture chamber.


They are good for each other, in so many ways, the Goat and the Bull. After a while, they can even read one another’s thoughts, so closely attuned can Taurus and Capricorn become, throughout their years of togetherness.

HIM: Would you like to.. .
HER: Yes, if we can get there in time for the first feature. Shall I.. .
HIM: No, don’t call them. Let’s go by ourselves. Remember .. .
HER: .. . our first anniversary, when we couldn’t afford to go anywhere, so we stayed home, and .. .
HIM: YOU wore your white evening gown anyway, and I.. .
HER: .. . spilled grape juice on it, and I.. .
HIM: And you laughed. Most women would have cried. Then I.. .
HER: Then you said you were glad of me .. .
HIM: Wasn’t that a .. .
HER: A silly, sentimental thing to say? Yes, but I’ve never forgotten it. Look at the time! If we don’t hurry, we’ll miss the first feature. Do you .. .
HIM: Still want to go? No. Let’s stay home tonight, and .. .
HER: Yes.

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