Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of  Taurus Man with  Gemini Woman.

He loved flowers (I have been told) and sweet music (he
was himself no mean performer on the harpsichord); and,
let it be frankly admitted, the idyllic nature of the scene
stirred him profoundly. Mastered by his better self he
would have returned reluctantly to the tree ….

Someone once wrote a verse about a man nothing could deter – “nor rain, nor storm, nor gloom of night could keep him from his appointed rounds.” The reference has been applied to a postman. But it certainly must have been a Taurus postman, probably delivering a Valentine.

The slow, smoldering passion of the Bull is not easily, nor quickly, aroused. It grows in him, you might say, rather insidiously, sneaking up on him gradually, and gathering great strength as it sneaks. After this man’s senses have been ensnared, or his Venus-ruled heart has been touched, he’ll seldom, if ever, go back on his choice (unless his Moon or Ascendent is in Gemini, Sag or Pisces). His instinctive attitude toward involvement is total, and he’ll follow it through to the bitter (or sweet) end, through rain, sleet, snow – yes, often even through the Gemini girl’s unexpected hurricanes of anger or tornados of emotion. He’s a regular Pony Express, all by himself, the Taurus man.

Nothing and no one, no consideration of reputation (normally his chief concern), no negative opinions of relatives or friends will stop or even slightly sway
this otherwise sensible male when he’s fallen in love. The moment a normally practical Taurean gets caught in a romantic web, his common sense is buried beneath his newly discovered sense of touching, hearing, smelling and seeing the girl of his quiet, but nonetheless deep, dreams. He’s capable of making promises of eternal fidelity, and keeping them – faithful, steady and loyal almost beyond belief. Once truly in love, Taurus is in love for keeps. If it doesn’t work out to a faerie-tale ending, the Bull may pine away in heartbreak, or drown himself in other sensual experiences, like becoming a morose alcoholic (one of the most terrifying mistakes a Taurean can make), or a gluttonous gourmet, an equally unnatural state to Taurus, since the Bull’s higher instincts are to avoid excesses of any kind.

He sounds like every girl’s imaginary romantic daydream come true. Except to the Gemini girl, whose daydreams of love are not quite so all encompassing, or down to earth. Gemini is airy. Gemini flies free, like a kite, sometimes buffeted by the wind, falling, then rising again on the whim of a passing breeze – but always soaring beautifully, catching the sunlight between clouds, and reflecting it back again.

Comedian-actor Orson Bean once quite precisely described a Gemini girl he knew. He asked her, “What is your husband’s birthday?” And she immediately exclaimed, “Oh, good grief! I don’t have a husband.” “You sound as if you don’t like men,” he said to her then, surprised. “No,” she replied merrily, “I adore men! It’s husbands I can’t stand.” Bean persisted.
“But why? What’s wrong with husbands?” Gemimi mused thoughtfully for only a second, before she answered. “Well, they’re so darned possessive. Like, they want to know who you’re dating, and ” her voice trailed off.

Now, to the average person reading this, and surely to the Bulls reading this, that Gemini girl’s answer may seem shockingly sexually promiscuous. Not to an astrologer. I analyze her answer differently, understanding Mercury double-talk as I do. You see, she was simply being true to her Twin Self. A “date” to Gemini can be a harmless appointment with her hairdresser, a jet-set makeup consultation with Way Bandy, a trip to the dentist for some cap work, a visit with her psychiatrist or her brother-in-law. This woman is always making dates to meet people, then shows up late, or forgets all about them. It isn’t that she’s seeking an affair or a casual sexual encounter, just someone who’s fun to be with, and exciting to talk to, who will stimulate her imagination. At least, that’s the way it begins, and that’s where it will usually remain, if she’s properly understood. Remember, there are, at all times, two of her, and how can one man keep two girls happy every minute of the day and night? It becomes, after awhile, a sort of a mathematical problem, you see. (Taurus may not see.)

Her social need to move around, and mix, in the company of both sexes, needn’t destroy a relationship. She can be deeply committed to one man, even though she needs the company of several dozen, on occasion. But try to get a possessive Bull to comprehend such a need. I mean, she can try, but she’s taking a chance. It would be better if she explained it all to him before they marry, then all he can do is pull a slow burn and stalk off in anger. If she waits till later, when he considers her his lifelong possession belonging exclusively to him, in every way – and then tells him that she’s simply got to get out and tumble with the acrobats and spin around on the Ferris Wheel once in a while because she’s often so bored – or else go daffy – his reaction may be identical, but his anger won’t be so controlled. The typical Taurus man will not take kindly to the discovery that his woman wants to run to the carnival every fortnight or so. You can bet on it.

Of course, if his Moon or Ascendent happens to be in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Leo or Aries – or if his natal Mars or Venus is in Gemini, conjunct her Sun – everything could be peachy. He’ll have the stability and the quiet soothing influence of his Taurus Sun Sign to affectionately pin down her wings when she needs it, but just enough “air” to fan her enthusiasms, or just enough “fire” to catch the spark of her freedom himself. As for her, if her Moon or Ascendent is in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces or Cancer (it will help if she has Mars or Venus in Taurus), she’ll be content to sit cozily at his feet much (not all) of the time, and let him scratch her head while she purrs like a pussycat or moos to match his mating sounds.

Otherwise, he’ll find it difficult to communicate with her, and she’ll find it difficult to cope with him. For example, in the area of money. She delights in spending it, he leans heavily toward saving it. In the area of food. He’s obsessed with eating it (though usually not to excess, depending) and she probably despises cooking it. Salads she can toss with one hand behind her back. Anything more complicated she’d just as soon leave to the chef at her favorite French restaurant.


He’ll have heavy trouble understanding her Mercurial moods, and this girl can change moods like some people change shirts in a tropical zone. It started back when she was a child. First she wanted to be a nun. Then she wanted to be a priest. Things like that. Now she switches from gay to depressed, from generous to stingy. First she wants to be an actress, then she wants to get a degree in anthropology. A Bull can become understandably edgy when she’s pulling one of her quick changes. He’ll walk in some late afternoon, give her a big, warm bear hug, and she’ll shock him by nearly swooning in his arms.

TAURUS: What’s wrong, sweetheart? You’re as white as a sheet.
GEMINI: Oh, I’m so weak, darling. Please, help me to the couch.
TAURUS: But, baby, what is it ?
GEMINI: There are colored spots before my eyes, and the room is spinning around. I’m so dizzy. And there’s a sharp pain in my head. My arms and fingers are numb. Look – I can’t move them.
TAURUS: My God! I’ll call the doctor right away. Just lie there quietly, now, and don’t move.
GEMINI: May I put my head on your shoulder?
TAURUS: Of course.
(Five seconds pass, by the clock.)
TAURUS: HOW do you feel, darling? (Lifting the receiver, and preparing to dial the doctor.)
GEMINI: Great! Let’s go swimming! I’ll race you to the pool!

Oh, I don’t know. I suppose, after all, maybe a Taurean could cope with it better than most other men. You must admit it takes nerves of steel to handle a scene like that, several times a day. And most Bulls do have steel nerves.

Their sexual relationship can be just as changeable. She’ll cuddle up to him some evening, right after dinner, and whisper, “Rudolph, let’s go to bed early tonight, and pretend we’re on our honeymoon, back in that little cabin in the mountains in Switzerland.” Well, you certainly don’t have to hit a Bull over the head, after a hint like that.

TAURUS: (his passion pounding) Wait until I put out the lights, sweetheart. I’ll be right there.
GEMINI: (already in the bedroom) Hurry, darling, hurry! Oh, just look at the Moon! It’s so beautiful, and the stars are so bright. I think I’ll make a wish on one of them … .
TAURUS: (already snuggled beneath his favorite Teddy-Bear blankets) Honey, will you please get away from that window, and come here, close to me ?
GEMINI: Okay, but do you know where the yardstick is? I want to measure something right away.
TAURUS: You want to do what?
GEMINI: I want to measure this wall, to see if there’s enough space to have a fireplace built in here, just like the one we had in our honeymoon cabin. Wouldn’t that be romantic? Hand me the telephone, will you, Rudy? Be an angel. I want to call the carpenters right now, before they close the office. Put on the light. I can’t find the directory in the dark, for heaven’s sake.

Yes, it takes nerves of steel. Taureans are sensual, erotically inclined, and deeply passionate lovers. Gemini approaches sex as just another exciting adventure into the magic fairyland of the imagination. All Bulls possess a rather basic (sometimes slightly crude) sense of humor about sex, but he may miss the joke when she keeps slipping away from their intimacies into her own private world of fantasy.


This man wants to squeeze a real woman, not a misty nymph or an astral body. Her mind is her playground, full of fascinating images, but that sort of thing is far too intangible for a Bull, whose feet are planted firmly in reality. There will have to be compromises.

What will confuse the Taurus man most about the Gemini girl he loves may be summed up in one very simple question. Who is she? Is she truly his very own woman, the one he’s been waiting to possess for the longest, longest time – or is she just a product of his wishful thinking! He so very much wants to fly high with her, up into the clouds, but he’s not sure he knows how, and his wistful puzzlement is described in this verse:

Is it You?
or is it just that I’ve made you wear
those love robes I’ve been saving
since the days when my sand castles
were big enough to walk around in…
and strong enough
to stand against the tides

I can’t remember who first said
that – “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you”
but what’s-his-name was wrong
supposing I climb all the way to the top of the tree
then find out… it’s not really You

how do I get back down again
all by myself?
I’ve always been afraid of heights *

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