Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus woman with Aquarius man.

Wendy, Wendy, when you are sleeping in your silly bed you might be flying about with me saying funny things to the stars.” “Oo!” She was wriggling her body in distress

Very little comes as a surprise to an Aquarian man, considering his intuitive nature. Still, he may not be prepared for what happens after he knocks around with a Taurus girl for a spell. Here he is, a man with a firm set of ethics (they may be peculiar, but they are his own, and they are firm – or rather, Fixed). He has a great feeling for humanity. He’s interested in everybody, he has no prejudices against the female sex, the male sex, or people of any other sex. Yet, look at the hurt he’s caused her, all unawares. How can he have hurt her? They had so much fun together at the zoo. He was just trying to be her big brother. Her friend. Her pal. Her buddy.

A Taurus girl was formed for romance by Mother Nature, and this is not a female who argues with Mother Nature. Where he made his mistake with her was back at the beginning. The first time he found himself concentrating his fitful, but flattering attention on her, asking her shocking questions of an intimate sort, and pulling on his ear sympathetically when she cried, he should have made a special effort – to notice that she’s a woman. She’s certainly aware that he’s a man. She noticed it right off. And to her, the romantic arithmetic then became quite simple. One male plus one female equals ecstasy – on several levels, not the least of which is the sensual gratification of touching.

Aquarians reading this may need an interpretation of the word “touching.” It means kissing, hugging, holding hands, and all sorts of things. It means, like – well, human bodily contact. Flesh-to-flesh. Human bodily contact is something which not all, but many Water Bearers, fear as they fear the black plague. (The black plague is what you get if someone uses your towel or toothbrush. Or the white plague. Either one. Both deadly.) It isn’t that Aquarians are against touching itself, but it leads to – what do they call it – two becoming one? Or some nonsense like that. Aquarius feels safer when two remain two. That way, he’s sure of where he stands. Alone. Free of obligations, and in no danger of losing his individuality. If you’re going to go around touching people, especially girl-type people, who knows what you’re letting yourself in for? Especially if she forgets to bring her own towel when they go swimming. Maybe even the black or white plague!

Perhaps he was devoting himself to her for the purpose of taking her apart to see how she ticks or tocks, with the same fascination he has for all forms of experimentation. But she didn’t realize she was only a guinea pig for his curious mind. When he invited her to bring her own pizza and cream soda, and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade from his roof, she thought he was, well – to be honest – a little crazy. Still, it was a wonderful kind of crazy, and when she considered it carefully (as Taureans always do) she decided he wouldn’t invite just any old girl to hang around on his roof with him. She then concluded it meant he loved her.

Maybe he did. But an Aquarian man has a way of switching love-at-firstsight into friendship, as a sort of test of its deeper worth, then letting it rust there. To a Taurus girl, such neglect of mutual emotional needs is a sure way to become a real-born-loser. She believes that genuine love doesn’t strike but once (sometimes not even that often) in a lifetime.


Why risk missing it by not recognizing it, and giving it a chance? She’s astrologically right. Real love (meaning the twin soul union) is a rare and beautiful experience. It’s a sad thing to miss it, and have to catch up with it in a future incarnation. Even though Aquarius is the natural ruler of the eleventh astrological house of “karmic love,” many Aquarians do miss it. They rank right alongside Virgos and Sagittarians in their inclination toward bachelorhood, and in their desire to avoid confinement in the institution of marriage. Of course, there are compensations. They also avoid mistakes. That’s a good thing to avoid with this Sun Sign combination, considering it’s a 4-10 vibration. If it should happen to be a mistake, and they get married, it won’t take much strain to unravel the knot.

There are exceptions, but the average Taurean girl who is unhappily involved with an Aquarian male is more vulnerable to being devastated by it than he is. Once she falls in love, she intends it to last forever-and-three-days. That would be his original intention too, except for his proclivity for eccentric action, which she may not anticipate, because he can’t even predict it himself, and heaven knows he can’t explain it. He’s a Fixed Sun Sign, so it is conceivable and even possible for him to remain contented with the right woman for a lifetime. But when he’s not contented, his Uranus vibes will make the final split much easier for him to bear than for her.

Aquarius adapts smoothly to change, when it’s necessary (sometimes even when it isn’t), despite his Fixity in daily, personal habits. Taurus does not. To her, change is frightening. It means the new, the strange, the untried and the unfamiliar. She feels emotionally safe, secure, protected in her lover’s arms, once there’s been intimacy between them. She’s used to him. Like she’s used to her hair style, her faded jeans, her old records, her broken-down coffee pot, and her broken-in tennies – with much more depth of feeling, of course. Even if living with him is full of friction, to the point of being unbearable, she’ll postpone ending the misery through separation or divorce as long as she stubbornly believes there’s still hope. You have to admire her staying power.

But when and if she does finally make up her mind to leave him, she’ll go. And nothing will bring her back. That is, if she was serious about leaving, and not just trying it as a last, desperate resort. If it’s the latter, her faith and efforts may be rewarded, because the temporary break provides a change from monotony, and forces him to take a fresh interest in the changing scene. It’s a strategy some Taurus girls use successfully, even going so far as to feign a love affair with a handsome gigolo type, which often has the effect of jerking Aquarius back from his world out yonder, and waking him up to the possibility that he’s losing more than a comfortable friendship.

He may start having nightly hot flashes and cold chills, as he remembers the funny way her nose wrinkles when she laughs, the way she sings off key in the shower – (and uses her own towel) – the sleepy-soft look in her eyes on Sunday mornings, her blueberry pancakes, the little feminine mooing sounds she makes when she’s been well loved, her wacky jokes, her shiny hair, her scented skin, her – well, maybe she was more than just another buddy. She was so great at pulling splinters out of his toes, massaging his back, having faith in his visions, making things cozy, making poverty fun, making his headaches disappear, making potato soup, making money stretch, making love – yes, she’s something more than a pal. She’s really something else.

So, he pedals his bike to her pad, brings her a pet mouse as a peace offering, shoves a bunch of ragged dandelions in her hand, gives her a lopsided grin, and asks shyly, “Hey, sexy! You want to play house again?” However, if she’s not using the walkout as romantic strategy – if it is, instead, the result of her careful deliberation – he can stuff the mouse and the dandelions back in his pocket.A Bull once gone, is gone. He could move a mountain more easily than he could sway the Taurus woman into trying again, once she decides it’s really over between them.

Without a favorable Sun-Moon aspect between this (or any other) 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, the slightest breeze may rock the boat, and cause a shipwreck. Because his Uranus reflexes are quicker than hers, he may sail away before she realizes what happened, and she’ll be left floating around in a sea of emotions without a life preserver, and she’s of the Earth element, not Water. That’s why Bulls are in more danger than Water Bearers when love goes on the rocks. With planetary assistance from a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect in their mutual charts, however, they can survive the storms and knit a bright crazy-quilt of living and loving, stuffed with soft feathers of compassion and affection, to keep them warm and toasty while they fight and kiss and make-up periodically.


Their sexual relationship may be frustrating and unfulfilling, unless she caters to his need for change by matching his madness. If he surprises her by wearing a Donald Duck face mask to bed, or letting their pet mouse loose under the blankets to nibble her toes, she shouldn’t pout stubbornly, or sleep in the guest room. She should shock him right back with her own little surprises, like wearing his dandelions in her hair at night – making a bedspread out of old Union Jacks, wired with a music box that plays “God Save the Queen” when she presses the button – or maybe painting the ceiling with luminous stars and galaxies, like the one at the Hayden Planetarium, so he can lie there and try to spot the Big Dipper while they’re making love. Anything to vary the scene.

He’ll have to take the time, and have the patience, to understand and fill her deep hunger for affection, and for the sensual in lovemaking. She needs expressions of love at times other than their sexual union. But this man can be a sensitive, considerate lover, if the Taurus girl-woman tries a little harder to be tolerant of his little sexual, emotional and romantic idiosyncrasies. She’ll have to realize that his Uranus passion is mental, as well as physical, and find imaginative ways to blend his abstract desires with her more centered and traditional sexual needs. It’s a constant challenge to arouse this man to the point of pure, sky rocket passion, but worth the effort, because Aquarius can bring to sexual Oneness an unexpected magic, that turns on the heart and soul, as well as the physical senses.

One word of warning. The pet mouse he may use as a conciliatory gesture when they’ve quarreled – he’d better make that a gerbil. Taurus people are very closely related, not to just bulls and cows, but also, on a different, but equally powerful vibration, to the elephant. You know what elephants do when they see a mouse. She’s liable to do the very same thing. Scream or trumpet chillingly, toss her trunk in the air wildly, in great fright, and leap across the room .. . into his arms. Oh, I see. That’s why he brought the mouse! Hmmmm. Never underestimate the canny calculations of an Aquarian male. He always knows exactly what he’s doing, however daffy he may appear while he’s doing it.

These two are different. She’s a girl. He’s a boy. She’d like him to treat her as a woman, he’d like to be treated as a man. She deserves it. He may not. (But men are dreary sorts – boys are more fun.) She likes thick carpets and plush, plump furniture. He’d just as soon sack out in a tent. She likes to scrub her skin with a scented back brush, in a tub of water, filled with perfumed oils. He likes to beat his skin with bamboo leaves, Japanese style, in the shower. She’s tuned in to peace and quiet – which he calls boredom. He’s tuned in to excitement and controversy – which she calls bedlam.

She may eventually lose her normally well controlled temper and patience, and tell him to go get someone else to pull the splinters out of his toes. Still, if he can teach her how to fly a little, and she can teach him how to get it together well, who knows? “If is a little word, with a big meaning. But “love” is a four letter word, with infinite power.

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