Taurus Woman and Aries Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Taurus Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus woman with Aries man.

“… unless this tie is round my neck we don’t go out to dinner to-night, and if I don’t go out to dinner to-night, I never go to the office again, and if I don’t go to the office again, you and I starve … ” Even then Mrs. Darling was placid. “Let me try, dear,” she said and with her nice cool hands she tied the tie for him.

In an Aries-Taurus romance or marriage, when the woman is the Taurus and the man is the Aries, the relationship has a slight edge for success over its chances when the sexes are reversed. That’s not a guarantee either way, of course, it’s just what I said – a slight edge. The qualities of passivity, steadfastness, and quiescent receptivity (Taurus) are more natural when exercised through the female. The qualities of aggression, independence and forceful action (Aries) are more natural when exercised through the male – never mind Women’s Liberation, which is right and good and timely and necessary, and all that, but the passage of ERA is never going to forcefully (or any other way) alter Mother Nature’s basic tenets. At the very least, the conflicts may be somewhat fewer in number, when she’s the Taurean and he’s the Ram, in this 2-12 vibration. Still, it’s the intensity of the conflicts, not the quantity of them, that damages any relationship, so these two ought not to become heady with optimism. It depends. Mostly on the Moon and Ascendent positions of each of them.

A Taurus woman, unless the fourth house of her horoscope is severely afflicted, is a born homemaker. (Thank goodness somebody enjoys it!) Even if she has adverse aspects in her birth chart which tend to tempt her into spending a few years as a playgirl type (a most rare occurrence), her basic desire, nevertheless, is to create a comfortable home, filled with fine furnishings, good food, babies and music – with the beds all nicely made, the corners clean, the laundry folded and put away and all the bills paid. Throw in a flower garden in the back yard, and an extra powder room, well stocked with bubble bath. She’s not unreasonably jealous, without good cause; she’s patient and she seldom nags. She’s normally a warm, gracious hostess for her husband’s business friends – and a pretty good listener.

Now, since an Aries male requires a constant and dependable sounding board while he discusses his favorite topic – himself – since he frequently brings people home to sell them a new project or idea he’s dreamed up – and since he’s a little careless with the budget, because he never learned to spell the word “thrift” in grammar school – you can see how a Taurus woman can provide him with a perfect base of operations. Normally, Aries men like sports, and the typical Taurus female loves nature. So if the sport he happens to favor is camping out, or hiking in the woods, add another plus on the potential success side of their relationship. Otherwise, there might be some Saturday-afternoonfootball tension.

The trouble starts in areas they may never anticipate during the mating season. She may prefer living in the country or the suburbs, and most Aries men can’t exist for long, without the excitement and action of the city. There may be some who can, but they’re few and far between, and even they like to flash around in the bright lights on weekends. Camping and hiking aside, he’s not a farm boy at heart. If he has a Taurus Moon Sign or Ascendent, he may plant a few potatoes or milk a few cows, but essentially, for him, the pull of the sod will never replace grabbing a taxi to catch a miracle.

Sparks may also fly in the area of mutual funds, because their attitude toward money is not necessarily mutual. He wants a new car; she wants a new freezer. Things like that. His favorite man at the bank is the one in the Loan Department. Her favorite man at the bank is the one in the Savings Department. You know how bankers like to push their own thing, so these two outsiders don’t help matters any by pulling the Bull and the Ram apart. However, when he spends money on jewelry for her, or on furniture for the house, she may be more loose about it. Taurus females usually appreciate fine jewels and luxurious decor in the home, but they’ll expect these things to be practical, made to last for a few hundred years before they need to be replaced.

Despite her general tranquility, she may lose her cool if he burns holes in her new couch or spills grape juice on her carpet (before marriage, you can substitute her new skirt or her carefully clutched pocketbook for the couch and carpet). It’s hard for him to figure why she gets so upset over such small incidents. To Aries, crying over spilled milk (or grape juice) is a huge waste of time. If something is lost, broken or damaged, there’s always more where it came from. Taurus has a few doubts about that.


Fortunately, most of their disagreements can be smoothed over by reconciliations at bedtime since the physical relationship between them can be snugly satisfying. The Aries male is certainly not unhappy about the Taurus woman’s capacity for sensual, erotic feeling, but he may be somewhat frustrated by her lack of mystical creativity when it comes to making love. She welcomes sex as a practical and enjoyable activity that brings a total gratification of the senses and the added bonus of producing some bouncing bambinos. She may, therefore, fail to comprehend why sex should be like a wild dream that transports two souls to the top of a mountain in Tibet, like a comet streaking across the night sky – or a miracle connected with throwing three coins into the Fountain of Trevi, in Rome. To her, sex is sex. Love is love. What does any of it have to do with tossing a few Lincolns into some dirty, green water – or with comets, for that matter? This woman has a funny bone about sex, since Taurus humor isn’t restricted to any one facet of Life. It’s broad. If the Aries man should happen to step on a tack as he’s running passionately toward the bed on their honeymoon, she’ll crack up laughing. His reaction? It may postpone the honeymoon a few days – or nights – until his Martian male ego has recovered.

Still, although she may remain mystified by his romantic idealism during their entire association together, it needn’t necessarily cause complete sexual incompatibility. There are deep emotional wells in her, and it’s possible that her ultra-feminine response to the Ram’s strong, direct love urges, plus her obvious pleasure with his masculine charisma, may eventually make him wonder why he thought he had to go climbing mountains in search of happiness anyway. It’s possible. Not certain, but possible. (Aries is reluctant to accept substitutes for miracles.)

A word of warning: Just because the Taurus girl doesn’t pick up every nuance of the Aries sexuality, this should not be interpreted to mean that she’s not sentimental or romantic. She is. Oh, she most certainly is! If she’s ignored on February 14th, or if he forgets to remember the day they first met (first made love together, first decided to get married, got married or whatever, in whichever order), the inconsiderate, thoughtless Ram who neglected to honor these historic occasions will never hear the end of it. This woman has a memory like an elephant for personal injury and emotional hurt.

Some of the astrological descriptions of the Taurus female make her seem like a contented cow in a pasture, and that’s pretty insulting. So what if she isn’t overtly flashy, the center of attention at every gathering? Her quiet beauty is like a still pool, filled with fragrant lilies, deep in a piney forest. Taurus magnetism pulls powerfully on a man’s heartstrings, because it promises such peace and rich adventure, especially on a Ram’s restless heartstrings. The Aries male soon discovers that this feminine creature, who is so calm and composed (the way he’d secretly like to be himself), can fill his spirit with fresh flowers, fill his house with the music of love and companionship, besides being an uncommonly good cook. In addition, she can fill his heart with lots of laughs, and a loyal devotion that can outlast forever. She also knows how to accumulate and save money. No cow could pull off all that. This girl can well afford to leave the false lashes (which look like spiders’ legs) to the less-female types than she. She’s all warm woman, and she doesn’t need the masquerade of artificial glamour to prove it.

What she may need to do, however, is to climb out of her earthy rut, now and then. A lady Taurean can seem pretty cold and heartless to the friendly, direct and open-hearted Aries man when she’s made up her mind about something, and slammed the door in the face of any further discussion. If he shouts at her that she’s stubborn at such times, it will do about as much good as when she tells him, firmly, that he’s selfish and spoiled. In a word – none.


Who, her – stubborn? Who, him – selfish and spoiled? It wouldn’t be wise for either of them to hold his or her breath until the other admits such character deficiencies.

Lots of affection, plenty of ambition, honesty and the guarantee of financial security are the four ways to her heart. An Aries man can supply the first three with no difficulty, but he may have to make some adjustments in his general life-style to meet her expectations of the last item. Aries incomes do tend to often fluctuate, and that can make this lady very nervous.

Normally, of course, she’s not nervous – only when her emotional or financial security is threatened. At most other times, she exudes a placid mystique that can be deliciously relaxing, in particular, to a Ram. It can also be a substantial aid in recharging the batteries of this man’s dynamic Mars energies when he’s run down from his various mental, emotional or physical excesses. (An Aries man will jog till he drops.) Admittedly, when she goes into one of her very rare rages, her placid mystique can change into anger of volcanic proportions, without much of a warning. But it happens so seldom, it’s one of the least likely causes for trouble in their relationship – unless the Ram is foolish enough to insist on trying to win these infrequent, but dangerous, encounters. It will never happen. Retreat is the expedient strategy. Go fight an earthquake.

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