Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus woman with Cancer man.

He had one of his dreams that night, and cried in his sleep
for a long time, and Wendy held him tight. 

The Cancerian male secretly desires to be babied by his woman. A Taurus female loves to spoil her man. Add these two astrological facts together and what’s the result? Love at first sight? No, not quite.

A Crab doesn’t rush into anything, including romance. Not only is rushing against the Cancerian grain, but it’s impossible for a Crab to advance directly, in a straight line. All Crabs have this funny side-waddle. Did you ever watch one? First, he veers to the right, after which he turns to the left. Finally, he appears to be retreating backward – until the object he wants tries to escape, then he lunges forward, grabs hold, and hangs on – until he loses a claw. Even if he does, he’ll just grow a new one, which is why Cancerians are called “tenacious,” and that’s often too mild a word for them.

Neither is a Taurus girl the type to leap overboard into a sea of passion, trilling ecstatic songs of eternal love. This woman wants to be wooed, and I mean really wooed. She’ll expect a mountain of proof from a lover before she commits herself. So you can see that “love-at-first-sight” is not quite what happens when an Earth Sign like Taurus meets a Water Sign like Cancer. It takes time, usually months or years, seldom days or weeks. However, once committed, the Taurus woman knows how to keep her man sweetly contented. And the Cancerian man, once he’s decided to make his forward lunge, is a lover to end all lovers, particularly in persistency.

The Crab’s secrecy about his feelings and intentions during the courtship period is not exaggerated. The spring of 1973,1 received in the mail a hard-cover copy of my first book, Sun Signs, from a Cancerian man in London, who attached this note to the book: “Dear Miss Goodman, I am in love with a wonderful Taurus girl. She is everything you say in the chapter about ‘The Taurus Woman,’ and I’m going to marry her. I would really appreciate it, if you would autograph this copy of your book To Maggie, a lovely Taurean, and return it to me at the address below. Very sincerely yours, etc…. ” There was a P.S. on his note. It said, “Please don’t write anything in the book about Crabs. She doesn’t know I’m doing this, and I’m having a friend drop it off at Heathrow Airport, where she works, so she won’t have any idea it’s from me. I don’t want her to guess how I feel about her. We only met a few months ago. Thank you.”

I was a little concerned about Maggie, but I resisted the temptation to tip her off. Knowing she was a Taurus lady, I figured she would have the patience to wait till he decided to openly declare his devotion. Since that was a number of years ago, I doubt if she escaped the Crab’s tenacity. They’re probably married by now, and the proud parents of some little Bulls or Cows or Crablets. If  so, I take this opportunity to congratulate them!

A relationship between Cancer and Taurus may seem nearly perfect, and it is undeniably a better than average romantic combination. But that doesn’t mean it will be totally free of flaws. For example, there’s the Cancerian mother complex. He may be one of the lucky ones who managed to graduate from adolescence into manhood, adjusting himself to the image of his mother as just another person – a wonderful person, to be sure, but just another human being involved in his life. If so, the Taurus girl will be lucky, because his strong admiration and respect for his mother will simply give him an increased measure of devotion for all women, including her.


But he could be one of those Crabs who never quite solved his mother hangup. This type of Cancerian male (and remember, the sign of Cancer symbolizes motherhood, and the part of the body it represents is the breasts) carries a fierce, subconscious resentment against being weaned. So he solves his secret dilemma by either coldly rejecting his mother – or by remaining completely dependent upon her. Neither attitude produces a healthy emotional scene, and the woman he marries is sure to feel some occasional repercussions.

Assuming he has chosen not rejection but dependence, it can create a few problems, which might try the patience of the average female. Fortunately, a Taurus girl is not an average female, and patience is one of her strong points. (So is a temper when she’s pushed too far and decides to put her foot down rather heavily, which seldom fails to put the Crab in his place, and makes everything very clear, with a powerful hint that enough is enough.)

CANCER: Sweetie pumpkin, I’m sorry I’m late, but I dropped by Mama’s, and we got to chatting about old times, and say, look, Mama sent you this huge basket of fresh strawberries from her garden. Aren’t they yummy looking?
TAURUS: Strawberries give me hives. I have told both you and your mother that strawberries give me hives at least a dozen times. (Pregnant pause.) Since you weren’t here, I had to put up the window shutters by myself. How do they look?
CANCER: Well, they’re nice, Honey-cakes, but
TAURUS: But what?
CANCER: It’s just that Mama says shutters are more trouble than they’re worth. The slats keep breaking, they’re hard to dust – and like she says,
drapes are ever so much richer, and more colorful, and all. Don’t you think?
TAURUS: NO, I don’t think. I have no brain. I’m a drone. A robot.
CANCER: Now, don’t get upset, Sugar-lump. You’re just all tuckered out from working so hard. You deserve a nice treat. Let’s have dinner out tonight, and catch a movie afterward. 
TAURUS: I’d rather stay home and watch the Academy Awards on television. We can send out for pizza.
CANCER: Mama says it can make you blind, and cause symptoms of paranoia.
TAURUS: Eating pizza?
CANCER: Watching color television so much.
TAURUS: I feel like pizza, and I want to watch the Oscars tonight, so let’s not discuss it any further.
CANCER: All right, but Mama says it can clog your arteries.
TAURUS: Just how does your mother figure color TV affects the arteries? I’m fascinated by her medical knowledge.
CANCER: The pizza. Mama says starchy dough and hot spices are poison, and we’ve been eating a lot of that kind of thing lately. Tell you what, let’s just run over and have dinner with Mama tonight. She’s all alone, and she’s making chicken dumplings, and
TAURUS: Dumplings aren’t starchy, huh?
CANCER: Not the way Mama makes them. She what are you doing?
TAURUS: Hello, is this the Pizza Parlor? This is Gertrude Glassberg. Send me up a small pizza, please. No, I don’t need a large one this time. My
husband and I have decided on a trial separation.
CANCER: What did you say? Honey-cakes, I really think
TAURUS: (grimly) Pack your bags. And hurry. Mama’s dumplings are getting cold.


There’s a limit to Taurean patience. Naturally, not all Crabs are so tightly knotted to the maternal apron strings as this one, but it can be rough, living up to an image of perfect womanhood. Still, a Taurus girl can cook up a mean dumpling herself, she often sews her own clothes, she’s thrifty, she smells good (girl Bulls adore perfumed soap, and all the accessories), and she’s uncommonly sensual. So, you see, she has a few things going for her that Mama can’t top.

The physical relationship between them will be ideal – or as ideal as they want it to be, and encourage it to be. The potential for harmony is surely there. Her sexual nature is deeply affectionate, tender and uncomplicated. He is also deeply affectionate, tender – though perhaps a bit more complicated. The tangible satisfaction of the senses, and the earthy reality of passion, is important to a Taurus woman, whereas the emotional release of sexual union is important to a Cancerian man, but these slightly different requirements need not conflict. Instead, they can blend, and create a physical relationship of rare completeness. There’s something warmly protective in the Taurean expression of sexual love that seems to answer the silent cry of Cancer to be enveloped in clouds of tenderness, to have someone wipe away all her tears – and all her fears of being alone and unwanted. When a Taurus woman expresses her devotion through lovemaking, there are no games, no fantasies, there is no false modesty – just a  comfortable feeling of giving. In spite of his own more imaginative approach to lovemaking, this is just the kind of sexual security a Cancerian man secretly longs for, in his heart.

Two people who love can’t avoid hurting each other occasionally, but with the Bull and the Crab hurt can last longer than it does between other Sun Signs. They’ll have to realize that this is an unnecessary waste of time and emotional strain, since the hurt itself is unintentional. Rather than talking it over, like Gemini or Libra – getting it off their chests by exploding in temporary anger, like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius – or rising above it in detachment, like Aquarius and Pisces – this man and woman may allow the hurt to take deep roots and grow into a coldness that would be more dangerous to the relationship than the original misunderstanding. When a Taurus woman is upset, she tends to pout, then freeze into a forbidding rock of stubbornness. When the Crab has been wounded, he withdraws into his shell, to cry and pity himself alone, afraid to make any move, even a move toward forgiveness and apology, lest it bring on more hurt. So there you have it. A stubborn Bull, refusing to say “I’m sorry,” when she truly is sorry, and even taking her own sweet time about accepting a shy peace offer from the partner – and the shattered Crab, peeking out timidly from his hard shell, quivering with heartache inside, sometimes snapping in crankiness to cover the pain of being unloved, however temporarily. It’s hardly an atmosphere conducive to reconciliation.

Perhaps it would help if they looked at it this way. Pouting in silence is impractical. (They both hate to be impractical.) It leads nowhere – except into the dark tunnel of more loneliness. (They both hate dark tunnels.) What she should do is use her beautiful, Venus-inspired patience (Venus is her ruling planet, you know, until Pan-Horus is discovered and named, and Taurus returns the borrowed Venus influence back to Libra, where it belongs.). If she waits for the next change of the Moon (his ruler) all she needs to do is smile and whisper “I love you” – and he’ll pop right out of his shell into her arms. What he should do is use his beautiful Cancerian perception, inspired by his Lunar vibrations, to understand how much more susceptible this woman is to physical affection than she is to verbal eloquence, and instead of writing her notes bashfully signed, “Guess who?” and tucking them down inside the box of  detergent, hoping she’ll find them when she’s doing his laundry – he should  simply grab her firmly, as only a Crab can grab, and kiss her soundly. Then she’ll cuddle right up next to his heart, where she belongs.

And let Mama stuff the cat with her dumplings.

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