Taurus Woman and Leo Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Taurus Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus woman with Leo man.

She had believed in him at the time, but now that she was married and full of sense she quite doubted whether there was any such person. 

Every Taurus woman has an affinity for music. She has a rich, musical voice, whether she’s singing Carmen at the Met or simply saying, “I’ll take two extra pints of cream today” to the milkman. Some Taureans compose music, direct it, or sing it – and all of them bask in it. Listening to its soothing sounds has a tranquilizing effect on the Bulls.

So, how could there be friction when a Leo man, married to a Taurus woman, wants to play music? There can be. And that’s what astrology means by stating that their natal Suns are squared. This is the difficult and tense 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, which may be a challenge, but which is more richly rewarding than all the others, if the challenges are courageously faced and conquered. Incidents which could never become unpleasant between any two other people, based on situations where harmony should naturally exist, can erupt into volcanos between a Leo and a Taurus, unless there’s an unusually favorable SunMoon aspect between them.

A couple of years ago, I was visiting in the home of a Carmel, California couple, who have been an unusually loyal and devoted pair for many years. She’s a Taurus. He’s a Leo. She’s a karate instructor. He’s a poet, and an Oriental art dealer. The evening I was there, after enjoying a delicious dinner cooked by the Taurean wife, the three of us were discussing music, and the Lion and I discovered we had a mutual love for a particular version of “Ave Maria.” When he placed an LP recording of the classic on the stereo, I leaned back in my chair, prepared to enjoy the music bouncing around the rafters from the many speakers the Lion had built and installed himself all over the house.

But as the opening chords swelled out to fill the room, I noticed the Taurus wife had disappeared. Suddenly, I heard a door slam – hard. Her husband, slightly abashed, explained: “Louise can’t stand it when I play the stereo, so I guess she’s gone to bed.” It shocked me so much I couldn’t concentrate on the recording. A normally gracious and hospitable Taurus woman being rude to a guest? A Venus-ruled woman who hates music? Astrologically impossible.

The next morning, at breakfast, she was her usual charming calm self, and when I asked her why she hated music, she replied calmly, Oh, I don’t hate it. I love music. I have, ever since I was a child.” “Then why “I asked. “You mean last night,” she sniffed, icily. “I just can’t bear to be around when Larry plays his stereo. He insists on turning up the volume so high, it drowns out all the tones, and hurts my ears. It’s really a prostitution of music, I think, to play it that loudly, but you can’t reason with him about it, so that’s that.” (The Taurus resignation to the inevitable.) “Tell me,” she said, “since you’re an astrologer – does his horoscope indicate that he’s deaf?” (The Taurean humor, never subtle.)


No, he wasn’t deaf. He was expressing his Leo urge to do everything on a grand scale, even though this particular Lion is the Shy Pussycat type. Whatever type he is, a Leo man can’t bear to do things by half measures, and this compulsion is completely unrelated to his manner (if he’s one of the quieter, less flamboyant Leos, in his outward personality). If it’s a house, it must be large and luxurious, with a private den for him (his royal throne room, in a manner of speaking). If it’s a woman, she must be both beautiful and intelligent. If it’s a ring, it must be glittery, and visible across the room. When the Lion weeps, he sheds great torrents of tears. When he laughs, he laughs long and loudly. When he listens to music, he needs to hear it soar gloriously, to fill his heart and soul and ears. And when he’s hurt, he either roars dramatically, or blushes furiously in humiliated frustration – as my Leo host, Larry, did rather frequently during my visit with him and his Bull wife, Louise.

Ordinarily, a Taurus female would never object to her husband’s playing music, whatever the volume. Yet, I know another Taurus woman who sighed in ecstasy when her Lion courted her with a ukulele, in West Virginia, during their college courting days – then became bored each time he played and sang for her after they were married. You see, it’s not a Taurean antipathy for music these two lady Bulls were displaying. Music, in both cases, simply became the channel for the square of tension between them, and their Leo mates.

Whether or not any individual Leo male possesses the emotional poise to deserve his astrological comparison to a King, this is nevertheless his private ambition – to rule those around him, most definitely including the Lion’s own mate. A Taurus girl instinctively desires to submit to her man, to stick by his side faithfully and loyally through all seasons. But being ruled sounds suspiciously to her like being pushed, and no Bull will tolerate being pushed. Although Taurus women are capable of deep, lasting devotion and a warm-hearted love, they don’t toss around careless compliments, they have no use at all for flattery, and they think worship is for the weak-minded. Since all Lions require and demand compliments, flattery and worship, you can see what’s often missing in the relationship.

Leos are fiercely proud, fiery people, who brandish their own batons and refuse to play second fiddle to anyone. Even the Shy Pussycat Leo smolders with resentment when he’s denied his rightful place in the Sun, preferably a few miles ahead and beyond anyone else who may be soaking up its rays. After all, the Sun is his ruler, which is why he’s so noble and generous, despite his occasional arrogance and freezing attitude of superiority. To him, the Sun is not the center of the Universe, around which all the other planets revolve. Leo is the center of the Universe, around which his family (and hopefully, his friends) revolve – or they’d better, if they don’t want to be frozen and ignored for the sin of not paying due respect at court.

Although this man’s disposition is undeniably masterful, and therefore sometimes a shade tyrannical, he’s a gentle, magnanimous lover, after a quarrel. His Leonine nobility of spirit makes it natural for him to want to kiss and make up. Verbal apologies he can’t handle gracefully. They destroy his vanity. But he’ll show he’s sincerely sorry with a variety of romantic overtures. That’s why these two often sense more empathy and mutual harmony in their sexual relationship than when they’re trying to play the banjo together.

A physical and tangible display of affection is sometimes the only way to reconcile an argument with a Taurus girl. She’ll remain stone-faced and immune to flowery words and persuasive arguments. Long conversations bore her, because she feels only through her senses. Taurus wants action, not words. So she’ll respond beautifully to his passionate acts of love, and it all works out fine. They often reconcile after a squabble without the proud Lion ever having to lose his dignity. Making love is never beneath his dignity, no matter how violently he’s been fighting with the loved one – or how recently. He needs a woman who can both accept and contain the depth of affection and passion he’s capable of  giving, and this one can. Her sensual talents for eroticism certainly won’t displease him either. They’ll make him “feel like a King,” an expression many Leos use to describe their sexual fulfillment with the right woman.

However, her quality of conserving words isn’t quite as soothing to the Lion, outside the bedroom. She may be less than ecstatic when he becomes emotionally aroused, and desperately needs an attentive, approving audience. She may even yawn in the middle of one of his dramatic speeches or lectures, and nothing can so cruelly destroy this man’s sensitive ego so much as an obvious sign of boredom from a rebellious subject – especially from the woman he loves. If she really wants to keep this man forever (and every Taurus woman seeks the security of romantic permanence) she’d better drink pots of black coffee, and make sure she remains wide awake when her Lion is on stage.


The most common complaint of the Lion against a Taurus girl is that she lacks enthusiasm. He often feels like shaking her into action, and shouting,”Say something! Do something! Anything at all. But don’t just sit there.” Her most common complaint against him can be summed up in four Shakespearean household words, “Much ado about nothing.”

He’ll love the way she can turn a leaky tent into a cozy castle, her talent for making a dollar stretch like Silly Putty, and her rich humor – though he won’t appreciate her jokes that ridicule his dignity, or puncture large holes in his ego. She’ll warm up to her Lion’s bear hugs, and intensely admire his ability to organize his dreams into the marble and alabaster of reality. She will not, of course, be at all happy about his extravagant tendencies, or his need to go out and review the troops when he feels the need for a little extra applause from the crowd. They’ll always have their periodic tugs of tension. After all, they are both Fixed. Yet, the secret respect they feel for one another sometimes creates an unexpectedly soft, soothing carpet beneath their differences of opinion.

This lady doesn’t allow herself to display visible anger often. She’s patient, good humored, and willing to bear a great deal of silliness, along with Life’s sadness, without evidencing excessive emotion. But when she does become angry – good and angry – it’s best to get out of her way. Like, across town. Or maybe even another city or state, until she cools off and calms down – which she’ll never fail to do eventually. A Taurus woman is always deeply ashamed of her own weakness, after she’s given in to an emotional tantrum (during which her “creamy-smooth” Venus voice will more resemble that of a drill sergeant who trained for the operatic stage in youth – loud and forceful), and so she may be extra shy and affectionately loving later in trying to balance her act. But the Lion shouldn’t let her sweetness following a disagreement fool him. She remembers what it was he did to arouse her Bull-like fury, and she’ll remember it for years .. . and years .. . and years. Taureans tear into a wild and furious rampage of anger only very rarely – sometimes only once or twice during a lifetime.But it isn’t the quantity of Taurus anger that matters – it’s the quality. Volcanic.

A lady Bull shows her temper more frequently than just mentioned only if she’s constantly and continually goaded by the domineering ways of a Leo who lectures her and scolds her periodically, and then, when she won’t obey his every whim, turns away from her and pouts for long periods. That sort of behavior can rumble any Earth Sign into furious frustration, if it’s prolonged over a long period of time.

This woman is made of more than her Taurean temper and stubbornness.She’s also made of steadiness, courage, warmth, unswerving devotion, placidity, calmness and deep, deep emotions. She’s enormously affectionate and giving,  and her natural ability to laugh at herself is one of her most endearing qualities (unless she has a Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn Moon Sign or Ascendent – in which case she’ll find it hard to chuckle when the joke’s on her). There’s no nonsense about this lady. She’s sensible, down-to-earth, and she never pretends to be something she’s not. She’s real and genuine, honest and reliable – rather worth keeping.

As for him, he’s made of more than his pride, vanity and self-centeredness. He’s also made of sunshine and hope and confidence. His wisdom and benevolence are unmatched, when he feels he’s really needed. The Lion will stand bravely against an army, to defend what he believes in his heart is right and true – just as he’ll fight any force that threatens to harm the woman he loves, however uneven the battle may seem, even when the odds seem to be hopelessly against him. Whatever kind of pain she feels, whether it’s physical or emotional, her pain is Leo’s sworn enemy – something he must defeat, to prove his worth to his lady. Very much like the Knights who fought for King Arthur. Except that Leo is both Knight and King.

In his imagination, he lives in the Age of Chivalry, the Age of Romance. He belongs to another century, another time .. . when there were still worlds left to conquer, visions to follow, and dreams to dream. He tries hard to make the best of being lost somewhere on the time track, in a strange country where his leadership is not needed, and his ideals are not cheered. Even his white horse is gone. And the Holy Grail is only a memory from long ago. Leo, the Lion-Hearted, is therefore more wounded and lonely in spirit than those who see only his surface armour of arrogance ever guess.

No matter how many obstacles this man and woman face in achieving emotional harmony together, they’ll stand by each other, against the whole world, if necessary. When fate brings sorrow or tragedy, neither of them will fail the test of loyalty. And that can be love’s most enduring song – with or without the background music.

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