Virgo And Capricorn Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn.

Earth – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Mercury (also by the Planet Vulcan)
Symbol: The Virgin
Night Forces – Feminine

Earth – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by Saturn
Symbol: The Goat
Night Forces – Feminine

“All look your best,” Peter warned them. “First
impressions are awfully important.”
He was glad no one asked him what first impressions are;
they were all too busy looking their best.

One strong tie between the Virgins and the Goats is their matching need to be thought of as proper people, therefore to speak and behave and live as properly as possible, so as not to incur either disapproval or ridicule from friends, relatives and neighbors. One does not make one’s self a laughing stock if one can help it – and one can help it if one tries. The way to be respected is to be respectable. Nothing could be plainer, more precise than that.

A second strong tie between these two Earthy ones – whose four symbolic feet are planted as firmly and practically on the ground as feet can be without being nailed down – is the attitude they share about money. It is something you earn. It is something you save. It is something you spend sparingly and wisely. It is something you absolutely never waste or throw away carelessly.

Another strong tie between them is the way they both feel about duty and responsibility. They love it. They adore it. The Virgin and the Goat would each be equally lost and aimless without it. Give them a sacred trust, a duty to perform, a responsibility to fulfill – and they’re in Seventh Heaven. It’s an interesting place for them to be – Seventh Heaven (especially for Cappy). Because Saturn, ruler of Capricorn has long been claimed by mystics, as well as hinted by the ancients, to be a Seventh Dimensional planet. (Never mind what you see with your eyes on Saturn, like on the Moon and Mars and so on. What you see with your eyes is very unimportant. We’re talking about the function of the planets.) Now, I can’t explain to you in detail exactly what it means that Saturn is a Seventh Dimensional planet. But perhaps generally .. .

You see, here on Earth, we are existing, living on a Third Dimensional planet, giving the large majority of us, at least, a third dimensional awareness (of Truth). The next, or the Fourth Dimension, is Time itself. Very Einsteinish. Gets into linear conceptuals and that sort of thing. (See Leo-Aquarius chapter.) The next level after the 4th is (logically) the 5th. The Fifth Dimensional level of awareness has something to do with Vulcan, the true ruler of Virgos, but I can’t tell you exactly what. Moving right along to the 6th dimension and the following one, well – look at it this way: if we haven’t the foggiest notion of what the 5th and 6th dimensions relate to, consist of, etc. – then it’s no wonder we’re totally baffled by the Seventh Dimension of Saturn. I mean, how are you going to comprehend the 7th if you don’t know a particle about the 5th and the 6th? That makes good, common sense, doesn’t it?

And that’s another thing Virgo and Capricorn share – good common sense. They have sensible heads on their shoulders. But we were discoursing about dimensions, a sound and practical thing to do, since we’re all involved with them, whether we like it or not. Isn’t it interesting that the word “dimension” contains within it the words “die” and “dies”? Especially interesting since one does have to experience some sort of death to reach a Higher Dimension. (Not necessarily, however, death of the flesh body.) You see how appropriate this is now, because Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is the planet astrologically associated with matters related to the dead. (Saturn and Pluto, between them, rule death in all its various forms.)

Our dimension discussion isn’t a digression. Not to the Goats and the Virgins, who are both super-alert to the fact that it’s very healthy to exercise one’s mental muscles now and then, not to mention one’s spiritual sinews. Dimensions, then. Take a shadow. What is a shadow? It’s a Two Dimensional object, having height and width, but no depth, correct? Yes, that is correct. Virgo just nodded in agreement, and Virgo always knows what is correct. Cappy is still silent. Goats never offer an opinion or endorse anything until they’ve had time for long and careful deliberation – whereas Mercury, the foster ruler of Virgos, causes them to speak up a bit more quickly (but never carelessly or impulsively).

Virgos and Capricorns share something in common with us all, for here on this Third Dimensional planet called Earth, we are, every one of us, Three Dimensional entities. We have height, width – and depth. (Depth being the third requirement for the third dimension.) Of course, so has a building, so it would appear that being three dimensional is not much of a distinction. Still, We (and the New York Public Library) are Three Dimensional objects – and when Brother Sun (a vital facet of this meditation) shines upon us, through us, from behind us or whatever (the terminology is relatively unimportant) we Three Dimensional objects are then able to cast a Two Dimensional shadow on the street or the ground, correct? Virgo says yes. We are correct. Cappy is still silent.

A One Dimensional object is a fine line which has only height (length) and no width at all, certainly no depth, impossible for us to image perhaps – but be assured that it does exist. The thing is that, if we are Three Dimensional objects, who cast Two Dimensional shadows (but only with the help of Brother Sun or one of his weaker, light bulb assistants), then THINK! Would it not follow that we, ourselves, might be merely Three Dimensional shadows, cast by our Four Dimensional Selves? Silence now from both Virgo and Capricorn. Well, I’ll tell you, even without seeking their approval. We most definitely are just that. This is exactly what we are – Three Dimensional shadows who have been cast (through the alchemy of Light many times brighter and stronger than Brother Sun himself) by Fourth Dimensional beings – called the Supra-Conscious, the Higher Self, the Higher Angel of One’s Self, and so on. There are many names for the Fourth Dimensional entities who cast us as their shadows. Capricorn is wondering now about the buildings, and Virgo is wondering about the New York Public Library. No. Buildings do not have a Supra-Conscious. The difference between the Two Dimensional shadows they cast and the ones we cast is that their shadows can’t move. Neither they nor anything higher than themselves have any choice in the matter. They should be glad we even allow them to cast a stable, unmoving shadow, that we permit them to be three dimensional at all. And we do allow it, for we created these inanimate objects in our own “three-D” image, you know. Like dolls, toy trains and the like. For our own amusement, shelter and other trivial and serious uses.

What sort of choice do our shadows have? They can’t move without our decision. We control them, as our Higher Selves control us. The only way we can gain that sort of control over ourselves (our destinies) is to get in touch with the Fourth Dimensional being who has the control, tune in – and cooperate, demand some choice over our “shadow selves” – or should I say – over ourselves, mere shadows that we are. Our own shadows are silly things or they could do the same – demand of us that we give them more choice over their own selves. The symbolism of Peter Pan and his shadow was intended by author James Barrie to be far deeper than simply an amusing bedtime story.

None of the multi-dimensional entities, of course, have any power whatsoever without the Sun – and beyond that – ever greater Lights. Otherwise, all beings, of whatever dimensional awareness level, are helpless puppets. Including us. Praise Brother Sun! Likewise are our powerful Fourth Dimensional Supra-Conscious Selves totally dependent for their power to “cast the shadows of us” upon even more brilliant Light than our Sun. No bright, dancing colors would be created by prisms or crystals without Light. In darkness, there are no rainbows. In darkness, stained glass windows are dreary and lifeless. There are no reflections. In effect, be kind to your shadow. It needs you. You are its Creator. What you do and think, it also does and thinks. Well, Virgo and Capricorn, can you prove that shadows don’t think? Believe me, you may not pay constant conscious attention to your shadow, but you’d be lost and drifting, with no Saturnine or Virgo responsibility, were you to be without your shadow. You would miss it dreadfully. Because, to live without your shadow would be to live in darkness. Now you understand why Peter Pan was so upset when he lost his shadow. And wasn’t it nice and kind of Wendy to sew it on for him, attach it so he’d never lose it? Wendy was a Cancerian, but sewing Peter’s shadow to him, so it would be safe, was such a practical idea, she clearly must have had a Virgo Ascendent and the Moon in Capricorn.

As for trying to imagine what a 5th, or say a 7th dimensional being would look like, I believe you won’t go far wrong if you image the 7th dimensional “being” as looking and behaving quite like Capricorn. Stern, but loving. Wise. Patient and quiet, stable, dependable, and reliable. (But also more than a trifle stubborn.) Like most all Goats. The 5th dimensional “being” or entity strongly resembles Virgo. Stern, but loving. Wise. Patient and quiet, stable, dependable and reliable. (But also a little critical, cranky and restless.) Now you know what the higher dimensional “angels” look like. A Goat and a Virgin. At least when you step off the escalator on the 5th and 7th floor levels. We may not know a whole lot more than when we began, but I told you I couldn’t explain it all in detail. Just generally…

Virgos intensely dislike generalities. They are refined men and women, with alert minds, acute perceptions and an exquisite sense of discrimination. They analyze every feeling, then say they’re not that way at all. (That’s because they’re analyzing your analysis of them.) The Goats find no wrong in Virgo’s attitude. It seems sensibly cautious to Capricorn that Virgos should devote the time and trouble to take clocks and problems and people apart to make sure the works are in good shape before they “buy” the clock, solve the problem or decide to be friends with the person. Both Virgo and Capricorn have a certain sweetness and gentleness about them, a shy and reserved manner that seems to quietly draw them together. There will be times when Cappy thinks Virgo worries too much, talks things over to excess. There may be times when Virgo thinks Cappy is too stubborn and set in his (or her) ways, refusing to compromise or submit to the excitement of mental stimulation. Nevertheless, these two are far more alike than they are different, far more compatible than not. Their association is graced by the sympathetic 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, making it easier to relate and to forgive each other’s mistakes.

Every Capricorn projects a singular kind of detachment. When an obstacle appears, the Goats just step over it and climb steadily on their way to the top of their goals. That’s what makes Saturn-ruled people sometimes appear to be cold and unsympathetic – their lack of outward emotional response to stress and strain. They consider unnecessary displays of emotion to be wasteful and extremely non-productive. Most Sun Signs are unable to comprehend such an attitude, and so mistakenly interpret it as cruelty or at the very least, a lack of warmth. Yet a Virgo will instinctively know that Cappy is truly brokenhearted beneath Saturn’s iron curtain of composure, and the Goats are pathetically grateful for the Virgin’s compassion.

In the same way, Cappy comprehends the hurt felt by Virgo when others call him (or her) critical, fussy and uptight. No one can better relate to Virgo’s self-chastisement and guilt over neglecting duty and responsibility better than the Saturnine man or woman. Cappy senses the gentle dreams and longings locked up inside Virgo, needing so much to escape, yet kept firmly subdued beneath a surface reticence and shyness. The Goats know. For they are much the same. They too have yearnings difficult to express. The Virgo’s declaration that he (or she) prefers to be a loner, Cappy knows is not really true. It’s just an easy way to hide your loneliness from those who would only ridicule you if they knew how vulnerable you are, how much emptiness you feel at times. Yes, Capricorn well knows Virgo’s need to pretend to be more self-sufficient than he (or she) really is, recognizes it as a form of protection against hurt. Both Capricorn and Virgo take Life seriously. They’re both earnest and sincere, loyal and dependable. And both realize the frustration of being the often unappreciated guardians of common sense and practicality among those who find “taking care of business” boring, and are able to accept the process of living more casually and carelessly than either the Goats or the Virgins can bring themselves to do. Yes, the 5th and 7th dimensions of awareness have much in common. For one thing, 5 and 7 are “odd” numbers, not “even.” There’s an implied isolation about being “odd,” whereas the “even” people are more adaptable. Virgins and the Goats are lighthearted when they’re together, because they know each other’s secrets. They trust their private selves with one another, and this allows them to laugh and weep together, to share the kind of excitement, daydreams and rich experiences only Earth Signs can fully enjoy. Deep down within the Earth lie veins of pure gold, waiting to be discovered – just as deep down within the quiet hearts of Virgo and Capricorn lie veins of pure golden wisdom, far more beautiful than any metal ever mined – for those who are patient, and know where to look.

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