Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Virgo Man with  Aquarius Woman.

On cover image- Famous Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman – Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards


He tried to argue with Tink. “You know you can’t be my
fairy, Tink, because I am a gentleman and you are a lady.”
To this Tink replied in these words, “You silly ass,” and
disappeared into the bathroom.

One thing is fairly certain (though few other things are with these two). Virgo and Aquarius will not keep a lifetime contract unless there’s true love between them, which can be determined from their Moon Signs and other mutual planetary exchanges in their horoscopes. The rule seldom applies so frequently to all 6-8 Sun Sign Patterns as to this one, due to the peculiarities of their natures. Anything less than real and deep love (such as an Aquarian Age “friendship,” with sex thrown in) will never last. No way. You might say that’s true in general of all couples, born under any stars, but you would be wrong.

Many Sun Sign combinations will remain together through the years, so long as they share a mutual respect and a comforting empathy, lacking the energy, desire, or burning need to pursue a deeper relationship with someone else and settling for what is acceptably nonabrasive, even if not the “grand passion” dreamed of in youth. Not so Virgo and Aquarius.

Virgos will cut emotional ties (which make them uncomfortable at best) if they begin to ravel into nothingness. Only a special and meaningful romance can cause Virgo to become involved in the first place. If he discovers he’s been wrong, he’ll retreat into stubborn silence, refusing to further share his heart – and, not always, but more often than not, remain so throughout his life. Since Virgo is basically a loner anyway, why should he go against his nature again? He considers himself lucky to have escaped the first marital goof. It’s safer to live alone, punctuating his bachelorhood with occasional, lighthearted affairs – than to risk another failure of a shared life, which would make him vaguely uneasy, even if it worked out. Virgo singer-entertainer Maurice Chevalier was a perfect example of this astrological truth. He continued to be, until the very end of his life, a gentle, subtle sex symbol to women, and he engaged in several flirtations and brief liaisons over the years – but he wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice and allow himself to be seduced into another permanent tie, after the first one turned sour in his youth.

When a Virgo man is disillusioned by love, the disenchantment only proves to his analytic mind and heart that he was right in his instinctive, original suspicion that there is no such thing on this planet as even a near-perfect relationship, so why court certain and repeated disappointment? He’s wrong, of course, but did you ever try to prove a Virgo wrong?

As for Aquarius, the typical Water Bearer (male or female), once a mistake has been recognized, will have no compunction about continuing the love search, discarding old relationships for new until a reasonable facsimile of the first idealized romance of youth is found (which could have been a grade school idyll or a high school puppy love, so stubbornly clung to that it may be the underlying cause why the first real, adult love affair or marriage didn’t work. Who wants to share a mate with a ghost? ).

Some – not all – but some Aquarian girls are capable of tossing out some pretty salty verbal sallies when they’re trying to shock a Virgo male into noticing them or trying to jostle him out of his constant and annoying emotional Declaration of Independence with some unexpected and quite weird behavior. This being the dawning of the far-out Aquarian Age, with the vibes of the unpredictable Uranus blasting all young people in varying degrees, whatever their Sun Signs, I can’t say for certain that he’ll blush and be romantically rattled by mild profanity from the sex traditionally imaged as “sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice” – but in the “olden days” before the sexual revolution, Virgo men tended to look askance at ribald language or unconventional behavior from females. Let us not forget that the symbol of Virgo is still the Virgin, representing an innate essence of his inner nature which even the changing times can’t completely cancel.

Now, don’t jump to the conclusion that I’m accusing the Aquarian girl of being vulgar. I am not. It’s just that she’s usually more outspoken and frank than her other Sun Sign sisters (except Sagittarius). Not only more outspoken and frank, but also more independent, unconventional, unpredictable, unusual – and just plain more cuckoo and kooky. As an example, the older generation can use cigar-smoking Aquarian, Tallulah Bankhead, who liked to be interviewed by reporters, stark nude in her birthday suit, to test their shock threshold – never mind that her daddy was Congressional Speaker of the House. The younger generation can use Helen Gurley Brown, the sweet-faced, soft-spoken Aquarian female who zigzagged Cosmopolitan magazine from red-ink losses into black-ink profits by featuring the first nude male centerfold. Or you might consider one of my very favorite Aquarians, Mia Farrow, a freckled, fresh-faced, and clean-scrubbed Water Bearer, who resembles a faerie-tale princess – the actress who projected such girlish naivete with Frank Sinatra then cut her beautiful long tresses, when Sinatra made her angry, to the same length the nuns used to shear theirs before they entered the convent, causing her to more resemble a sad Easter egg than a princess … . then grew her hair long and shining again was acclaimed for her acting in several pictures was raped by Satan (on film, of course) in Rosemary’s Baby … . after which she gave birth to twins by composer Andre Previn, sans wedlock (ignoring, Aquarian-like, society’s hypocritical standards), marrying him later, almost as a casual afterthought.

But Mia’s Uranian intuition appears to have been merrily in tune, for theirs has been, thus far, an uncommonly happy marriage, overflowing with plump, jolly youngsters with everyone seeming to be having a rollicking good time, amid lots of genuine love and laughter.

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Aquarian women care nothing for public opinion or gossip, only for their own inner measurement of honesty and decency. To live their lives by the dictates of society would be, to all Water Bearers, the height of hypocrisy. The degree of the strain of Uranian unconventionality varies, but you won’t have to look far to find it running through the personal lives of even the most poised, quiet, and conventional-appearing Aquarian females. The neighbors are always shocked, along with the relatives, when a quiet, apparently docile Aquarian wife suddenly and unexpectedly leaves her husband to become a dancer, a painter, an actress – or to open a health spa in Siam. There’s this funny thing about a Virgo man. Having been born as what astrology terms one of the “human Sun Signs” (symbolized by the “human” Virgin), he has no animal instinct to guide him when he falls in love, so at first, belonging as he does to the Earth Element, he draws back into the cool woods of his deeper self, until he’s had time to analyze these new feelings. It might help the woman who loves him to know that Virgos tend to fear and mistrust what they most desire.

There’s this funny thing about an Aquarian woman. Having been born as what astrology terms one of the “human Sun Signs” (symbolized by the “human” Water Bearer), she has no animal instinct to guide her when she falls in love, so at first, belonging as she does to the Air Element, she draws back into  the clouds of her deeper self, until she’s had time to analyze these new feelings. It might help the man who loves her to know that Aquarians tend to fear and mistrust what they most desire. You can see that this pair is well matched in some respects, at least.

Neither is noted for being intensely matrimony-minded. There are more singles of both sexes among these two Sun Signs than among those born under the influence of the other ten stars. However, once Aquarians have carefully selected the right mate and decided to marry, they usually rush right in, headlong and heart first, which is seldom the Virgo marital pattern – so their romantic timing may be slightly off, and they’ll have to synchronize their idiosyncrasies to make it to the altar. Otherwise, they’ll just have to share the same sleeping bag, hang up one of those posters that says TARZAN AND JANE ARE LIVING IN SIN, and laugh it off as a fun thing. That is, they’ll try to laugh it off, but neither Virgo nor Aquarius is cut out for hilarity when it comes to the serious matter of love or even the more serious matter (to them) of sharing their sleeping bags, hair brushes, bank accounts, vitamins, wheat germ, and sweet solitude.

Women’s lib aside, it has been wisely and correctly stated that a woman’s tenderness is scarce in men, but when a man is tender, he’s more tender than a woman ever could be. In either an illicit or a legally and socially sanctioned union, this is doubly true of the Virgo male. (I didn’t say spiritually sanctioned, because all real love is spiritually sanctioned, whether wedlocked or unwedlocked.) This man’s tenderness can be almost a tangible thing, touching upon every area of his relationship with the woman he loves temporarily or permanently, including sexual expression. Lots of women would find this a quality to treasure, a precious and comforting trait in a lover or husband. But the Aquarian girl will accept tenderness from a mate in their physical consummation of love with pleasure and gratitude only for a certain length of time. Then she needs a change. She prefers every experience to be fleeting, not too lingering, so she can savor its joy, then pass on to the next experience.

Some experiences, of course, are worth repeating a number of times, and tenderness is undoubtedly among them, but she may expect to share with him this sort of lovemaking only periodically, replaced from time to time with other sexual experiments – from a primal passion or the abandonment of sensual surrender – all the way to the delicate and controlled oriental Tantra method of sexual-spiritual union. (I’m not referring to the degrading aspect of Tantra taught by some lustful gurus, who advocate switching mates if one’s partner lacks the proper “aesthetic qualities” for such sensitive coupling, but the pure and true form of Tantra, before it was distorted by these misled and promiscuous disciples.) To keep his Aquarian lady interested and seducible (since the truth of the matter is that she’d just as soon take a hike in the woods and sing along with a chipmunk as indulge in sex merely for the sake of sex anyway), he’ll have to remember her basic need for change in all activities. The problem is that the typical Virgo male finds wild caveman abandonment – or any kind of abandonment requiring surrender of the total self – difficult to master.

The Aquarian woman shouldn’t expect her Virgo man to alternate lovemaking techniques every other night. Every other month or so constitutes about the limit of his ability to cope, lest his gentleness become crankiness. She should also never forget that a virginal-type, feminine purity and modesty, in or out of bed, is more likely to turn him on (allowing him to play the alternating roles of jungle man and Tantra guru) than brash expletives, like Tink’s “You silly ass!” and similar endearments. Swearing and other freaky habits – like turning cartwheels while she’s watching the weather report on radio (that’s what I said) are definitely not designed to help him retain his tenderness charisma, which is at the same time, both his most endearing and his most enduring romantic charm – as well as the one she’ll eventually find more satisfying and fulfilling  herself after they’ve experienced all the others (including possibly a few tentative and lonely experiments with celibacy).


Because all Aquarians are light years ahead of the world, and whole paragraphs ahead of normal discussions and average conversations, she may throw him off balance when he questions her about a small speck he noticed on a cup and saucer she just washed, and she skips merrily ahead with an instant return query about spacecraft. (The word “saucer.” That’s what tripped her out, you see.) Although it seems Aquarians are seeking information when they query, what they’re actually doing is trying to discover what you know.

That’s why she always answers his questions with another question. She’s an expert at the fine art of sneaky Socratic dialogue (Socrates was definitely an Aquarian), and she may use this disconcerting talent when they’ve had a quarrel, and have agreed to separate for a time .. . believing, as she uses it, that her estranged Virgo can’t see through her game to her real intent. (She hasn’t studied her Sun Signs. Virgo can see through anything.)

For example, while they’re apart, each thinking it over and trying to decide between a clean, final break and a possible reconciliation attempt – she may write him a tentative letter, closing with one of her clever Socratic questions:

“I hope that, whatever happens, we can still be friends. We will always be friends, won’t we, darling?”

Surely a Virgo man is alert enough to recognize that sly Aquarian query for what it really is – a Uranus test of romantic worthiness. If he truly wants her back, he should sock her with her own Socratic subtlety (firmly) when he answers her letter, writing:

“No, we cannot still be friends. Definitely not. It has to be love between us, or nothing. You already know that. You were just trying to find out if I knew it too – weren’t you, darling?”

Do you grasp the strategy now? Just answer her question with another question, the way she does. It will drive her crackers, and teach her a lesson. If she truly wants him back too, she’ll call on the phone and tell him he’s not such a “silly ass” after all, then dash over to him with a bottle of vitamin C for his sniffles, without stopping to play with any chipmunks along the way. She is being clocked – and this is no time to be late again.

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