Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Virgo woman with Aquarius man.

On cover image- Famous Virgo woman and Aquarius man – Cass Elliot and Jim Hendricks


 once she even had to tell him her name. “I’m Wendy,”
she said agitatedly.
He was very sorry. “I say, Wendy,” he whispered to her,
“always if you see me forgetting you, just keep on saying
‘I’m Wendy,’ and then I’ll remember.”
Of course this was rather unsatisfactory

The Aquarian male’s eccentricity often stops just short of the altar. In his choice of a lifetime mate, he tends to be slightly old-fashioned. Maybe that’s because there’s room for only one cuckoo in a clock.

Since a Virgo female won’t compete in the cuckoo clock Olympics, you can see that a mating between these two can work out nicely, since sex, to the virgin, is also only one of several interests. She can probably keep his socks washed and matched, the buttons sewed on his ears, remind him of his name and phone number, be a conscientious mother, an intelligent career woman, and a bright conversationalist with his friends – all at the same time. Their relationship contains all the ingredients of success, but they’ll have to work at it. Correction: she’ll have to work at it.

For one thing, she’s too discriminating to flip over all the odd, assorted friends he may bring home at various hours. (I know one Virgo wife whose Aquarian husband expected her to play hostess to a snake wrestler from Pakistan for two weeks while he practiced with his reptile in the basement in preparation for the worldwide Python Tournament Match – and that’s a true story.) For another thing, she’s not a torrid sex symbol. But let’s face it, he might not know what to do with Raquel Welch if he had her.

It’s easy for a Water Bearer to make mistakes handling a Virgin. She has such a large capacity for patient, sympathetic understanding when he’s physically ill or emotionally drained, it’s a temptation for him to take advantage of her tender consideration. However, just because she often seems willing to outgeisha a geisha girl, doesn’t mean her whole purpose in life is to wait breathlessly for his unpredictable arrival each evening – or to faint quietly in his arms when he deigns to notice her by tossing out something like, “You’re okay, buddy!” Her ideas of a full love relationship are not quite that skinny.

The reason she fell in love with him was because he saw rainbows no one else knew were out there, and she thought it would be a mad and marvelous thing to chase them with him (since Virgos are never as stuffy as the old astrological textbooks would have you believe, now that their true ruler, the thunderous Vulcan, is so near to being discovered and identified). The reason he made the great sacrifice of allowing her to wash his socks is because she didn’t laugh at his rainbows .. . because she had enough sense to see that they were painted in practical colors. But sensible or not, rainbows are rainbows – and they’re pretty scarce around washing machines, dust pans, sweepers, or diaper pails. He may neglect her a bit while he’s out looking for a purple cow, inventing a bed that walks over to you when you’re tired instead of making you walk over to it – or fiddling around with a dozen or so other fascinating projects which engage his hopscotch mind from time to time. If he refuses to allow her to join him in his eternal search for tomorrow, the glue that first stuck these two together may start peeling around the edges.

To be honest (as Virgos insist on being, however painful), any stalemates they face could be more than half her fault. A Virgin has a way of allowing herself to let duty take over, then silently blaming her man for the dusty corners she’s swept herself into through her own choice. She often trudges wearily far beyond the path of duty, then cries because she’s lost in the woods of waiting on his whims. It’s her ingrained sense of loyalty to the man she’s promised to love, honor, and serve, with or without benefit of clergy. And you know how a Virgo is about promises – a regular nut when it comes to integrity. This girl can also be critical on occasion. In fact, she can be critical on lots of occasions. But she does it so sweetly – and the Aquarian male, when he has a mind to, can split a pretty thin hair himself.

The whole thing is that they’re both dreamers at heart, never mind how acute their mental capacities may be or how fixed their habits may become. Theirs are not the wispy images of Pisces or the wild goals of Aries. They have more concrete foundations. But still… they’ll have to hang on to those dreams if they want to hang on to each other.

The oversolicitous Virgin should encourage her Water Bearer to climb his beanstalks alone once in a while. If she persists in enveloping him in her earthy, exaggerated sense of responsibility, he may turn into a sadistic, bullying dictator (especially if he has a Scorpio, Leo, or Aries Moon Sign or Ascendent), or he’ll take an extra hour or two in town every chance he gets. Remember that Aquarius is an Air Sign, and all people born in this element need lots of the stuff to breathe – and to wander around in.

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There’s a kind of secret surprise to their sexual compatibility. A Virgo woman I know (and this is a true incident), who had been widowed a number of years, became lonely. Normally, a Virgo woman would leave well enough alone, since, as you know by now, Virgos of both sexes are basically loners. But this one had a number of Leo planet positions in her birth chart, and therefore she felt the need of romance in her life. So she joined one of those dating services, and for a couple of years she received several mailings per week from them, each containing a half dozen or so photographs of eligible men, along with an analysis of their characters, professions, hobbies, and so forth. She carefully checked them out – one by one – then turned them all down flat.

They weren’t quite what she was looking for, you see. Three hundred and twenty-one men fell short of her expectations and didn’t measure up to her image of what she wanted. Think of it. This is why the Aquarian male, with his infinite variety, has a good chance of hitting the right formula with his discriminating and difficult-toplease woman – and that’s the secret surprise of their sexual compatibility! The sexual side of their love, as with all 6-8 Sun Sign Patterns, can be, therefore, unexpectedly rewarding, but for more unique reasons. His Uranus shock treatment and imaginative surprise maneuvers may spark fires in her she didn’t know existed before he came along to try to drive her as wonderfully  crazy as he is himself. He won’t succeed, of course. She’s Earth, he’s Air.

But trying will be stacks of fun for his curious psyche. What he well might succeed in doing is bringing her sexual fulfillment, however. One of his many changeable sexual attitudes may be just right – perfect for her requirements. There’s an aura of mystery about a Virgin that intrigues the detective in Aquarius. She can keep him guessing for years about her secret self, and guessing is his favorite pastime. Then too, his airy detachment regarding physical intimacy (although it could conceivably be mixed with some far-out experiments at times) will blend rather nicely with her own cool approach to sexual matters, and probably won’t disturb her sense of propriety. (Except for those rare, but possible, farout things, which could be as innocent as his preferring to make love outside in the backyard, in a tent, where he can smell the grass and count the stars.) Passion won’t be lacking in their relationship, because she represents the eighth house of the mysteries of sex to him, therefore she may arouse more desire in him than other girls have done in the past – which will flatter her and make her feel needed. You know how happy being needed makes a Virgo, so it could all work out in an unexpectedly satisfactory way for them both.

Aquarians like to tease, but it would be a mistake for him to tease her to the point of tears too often. Virgins are capable of making a decision to cut out and find another man after long deliberation – and of then acting with icy-cold, almost surgical precision. He might also note that her beautiful, clear eyes need a change of scene now and then, as do his – and her lucid mind needs more stimulation than “What’s for dinner tonight, buddy?” Granted, she has her own little drawbacks, like picking fuzz off the blankets on a romantic summer night when fuzz-plucking is the very last thing on his mind – or telling him it’s freaky to wear brown socks with black shoes (which won’t rattle him in the slightest  since he considers freakiness a virtue, except when someone else’s interferes with his own fixed personal habits). She may lean a little heavy on the martyr syndrome and fuss too much over punctuality – or worry and fret if he refuses to take a bath in Vick’s salve when he sneezes. But these are all symptoms of a Virgo woman who’s being taken too much for granted. Serving dinner late in a sloppy kitchen and neglecting to brush her hair one hundred strokes each night (or their equivalents) are her warning signals of boredom.


When she first met him, he used to watch TV standing on his head and munching Goobers peanuts. Now he walks around on two feet like any ordinary, dull Earthling. As soon as that happens, it’s time for the Aquarian man to grab his Virgin and charter a plane for Egypt to ponder the puzzles and master the mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza – standing on his head, of course, in the king’s chamber or the tomb room.

Then they can stroll along the Nile in the moonlight while she whispers softly, “Darling, I have a fantastic idea. Why don’t you build an alarm clock into the head of our bed?” – and he can murmur back, “Let’s just keep dreaming like this. Who wants to wake up?” – and she can state, Virgo-like, “But we’re already awake.” Then he can feign surprise, Uranus-like, and exclaim, “No kidding? I thought we were here in our astral bodies.”

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