Virgo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Virgo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Virgo woman with Libra man.

On cover image- Famous Virgo woman and Libra man – Jada Pinkett Smith and Virgo woman


Fancy Wendy snapping. But she had been much tried, and
she little knew what was to happen before the night was
out. If she had known, she would not have snapped.
Not the pain of this but its unfairness was what dazed
Peter. It made him quite helpless. He could only stare,

Despite her Sun Sign compulsion to criticize, to detect flaws and correct them, a Virgo woman doesn’t go around spending every moment of her time splitting hairs and being picky-picky. During the large majority of her waking hours she’s an appealing feminine creature, with a gentle, pleasing personality, a sweet smile, and sparkling eyes (all Virgo eyes, like Gemini eyes, literally sparkle, as though tiny stars shone out from them – a tender touch of magic to both Sun Signs from twinkling, wing-footed Mercury). Just to be near her relaxes the Libra man – or any of the rest of us. She is a soothing presence. There’s something refreshing and cool and woodland green, something pure and white and soft about the aura of this woman that seems to penetrate the atmosphere around her, calming the spirit of the troubled and depressed.

One particular Libra man I know, who lost his wife through divorce, has still not yet recovered from his terrible sense of emptiness and loneliness .. . and it’s been five years since the tie was cut, the bond between them broken. So it’s really worthwhile for astrology to attempt to prevent the suffering of similar pain by all the other thousands upon thousands of Virgo-Libra lovers or mates in the world. As any practical, sensible Virgo will tell you (Virgins lean toward platitudes), “An ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure.” Even a fraction of an ounce. To Libra’s way of thinking, a mistake may always be later atoned for and rectified – resulting in a reconciliation. But the typical Virgin has a somewhat different attitude, one she really can’t help, because it’s such an  intrinsic part of her nature. Virgo sees mistakes in a different light. She believes, first of all, in not making them in the beginning. You must admit this is quite clear-headed of her, because one does not have to atone for or rectify mistakes which aren’t made. Sheer, uncluttered logic. Therefore, this lady of the Virgin-Mary-Blue philosophy bends over backward, like a mental and emotional contortionist, to avoid making mistakes she’ll later regret – and also to help her Libra man avoid making them, in respect to their relationship.

When her Herculean efforts fail, she figures she’s tried (too mild a word for her placid patience), and that’s all anyone can expect, even of the angels. Consequently, facing up to the conclusion that it’s time the tie should be cut with her Virgo scissors is somewhat easier for her.

For years, a Virgo woman will cheerfully and willingly accept the res trictions, the disappointments, and the hurts that rock all human relationships now and then far, far beyond the call of love’s duty (as normally viewed). She’ll sacrifice her own yearnings .. . the morning song of her own free spirit, longing to be released .. . her own ego and pride, her need for personal identification and devote her whole self to the comfort, contentment, success, and happiness of the Libra man she so purely loves (and respects too, of course, respect being an inseparable and integral part of Virgo love).

The Libra man tries hard too, because to Libra, Life is definitely a huge zero when it isn’t being shared with someone special. Therefore a Libra man will twist his torso (symbolically) nearly as far backward as Virgo does to hold together a love affair or a marriage. Without shared and reciprocated love, without involvement in a partnership, the romantic Libran is truly lost. To this man, his love relationship is a precious and priceless treasure, so he insures it against damage or loss as best he can – and in all fairness, his “best” isn’t half bad.

Ruled by Venus, the typical Libran pours out upon his Virgo woman a cornucopia of gentleness, tenderness, consideration, and affection – except for those occasional Wednesdays and Fridays when he’s truculently transformed into the crankiest of crocodiles because someone (it doesn’t have to be her) knocked his Scales out of balance, and he feels crisscrossed, lopsided, miserable, and upside-down. But he quickly recovers and returns to being his normal, happy, pleasant, sweet self – and Life becomes lyrical and lovely again. Oh, he may still scatter his socks on the floor for her to pick up, leave his cups and glasses around for her to remove and wash flirt a little at parties perhaps study too long and hard or indulge in the bubbly a little too much on rare occasions. But even with all these mild flaws, he’s so full of winsome charm and dimples, dazzling smiles and delightful conversation – not to mention his usually brilliant mind – he’s still a pretty neat fellow, even for a Virgo (who uses a severe yardstick to measure any form of neatness).

The sexual pull between them is neither all-consuming nor mild, but somewhere in between. Barring a Luminary affliction between their birth charts, this man and woman usually discover a rare kind of quiet contentment and fulfillment within their sexual embracing. There will be those times when she feels he’s too romantically abstract for her – other times when he’ll feel she’s perhaps too prosaic in her approach to physical intimacy. But the Virgo woman who is treated tenderly will gradually awaken to a sensual comprehension of passion, because her basic nature is “earthy” and contains unexpected levels of response for the man whose lovemaking is delicate and subtle enough to encourage her latent desires. Libra is. He may even, after a time, gain enough of her trust to actually turn her into a sentimentalist like himself – and teach her that her instinctive pursuit of “realism” doesn’t belong within the scope of their sexual expression. Eventually, she’ll be able to give and receive love with as much spontaneous, unrestricted affection as her Venus-guided mate. It’s easy for a Libra man to take for granted the uncomplaining devotion of a Virgo woman, persuaded by her overall manner of courtesy and compliance that she’ll always be there to balance the Scales and restore harmony, that she isn’t really aggressive or determined enough to demand a lot for herself.

No Libra man who has read the Virgo Woman chapter in my first book, Sun Signs, would ever make that mistake! This lady is not a sweet, blushing concubine or a genuflecting geisha a man can pat on her pretty head now and then, and softly mold into a shadow of himself, a pale reflection of his own life-style and ambitions. She too is an individual, just as he is. In addition, her true ruling planet, Vulcan – the lame goddess of Thunder (see the Virgo-Virgo chapter) – is presently exercising a steadily increasing magnetic influence over all Virgos, like a call from afar heard echoing within the soul. She may answer the call some day by simply leaving – to follow her new star, Vulcan to see if she can fineout there, somewhere herself. And maybe also an answer to the elusive
mystery of love.

The Libra man who mistakenly (and blindly) believes his Virgo lady is happy with the crumbs from his heart, sitting by the hearth like a submissive Cinderella, safe and secure, immune from unconventional behavior, should review the situation with his Libra logic. He might also note that Sun Sign Virgo Margaret Trudeau, the lovely, mild-mannered wife of Sun Sign Libran Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, of Canada – she who was the very image of a complacent, completely fulfilled wife and mother – shattered that image with startling suddenness by softly, sadly (but firmly) informing her shocked husband and the world-at-large that she was leaving him and their children, because she couldn’t bear the pressure any longer. Then she soared into the beckoning sky of her long-imprisoned dreams, as a restless, uncertain bird will do when the door of its cage is left open accidentally some bright morning. Actually, this Virgo woman is a “perfect” picture of the Virginian female of today, urged ever-more insistently by thunderous Vulcan to try her wings.

Margaret Trudeau is probably unaware of the deeper implications of her personal declaration of independence – on a conscious level. Still, her remarks in a 1978 magazine interview reveal a dawning knowledge of her new self, transformed by Vulcan into a searching creature, practicing lessons learned from her Libra mate’s Golden Scales by trying to balance her Virgo rational reasoning, “earthy” common sense, and realism – with an unaccustomed imaginative daring and impulsive pursuit of “Life, liberty, and happiness.”

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In her own words… “I miss my children dreadfully, and I love my husband. It’s the best relationship I ever had in my life. My leaving was just a
statement of freedom. I really have no idea what will happen, because perhaps I can never leave him. Whatever relationship we can work out together will be good and right for us – whether it be a marriage or just the closest that two people can be in helping one another survive in a life that isn’t easy. If it were within my power to wave a magic wand, I’d be happily married, with lots of little children at my feet, baking bread, canning preserves, pickling, singing… happy.” Then she added a wistful message, clearly channeled by Vulcan, whether she was aware of it or not… a message that echoes the silent, silvery hope of all Virgo women everywhere, when they think about the Libra men they loved and left. “Maybe one day,” mused Virgo Margaret Trudeau, “a thunderbolt will strike me .. . and I’ll go back to my loved one, my truest one, Pierre.”

The Libra man who loves a Virgin, and hasn’t lately unbarred the door of her gilded cage, might beneficially gather together his Venus fairness and justice – above all, his Libra wisdom – and ponder those intelligent and genuinely heartfelt words a long, long time.

In 1969, I had a curious experience. A Virgo friend of mine had written a fragile, yet powerfully surging, melody that haunted me. It had no words. One December afternoon, in the middle of a snowstorm in New York, as he was playing the melody in a recording studio, I was compelled to reach for a pad and pencil and scribble down a lyric to this Virgo’s song. The words poured out on the paper, first draft, in perfect meter, within no more than five minutes, and so of course I knew that I was not really the author – that they were being channeled through me from a higher source, for some reason I couldn’t comprehend at the time. In honor of the Virgo composer, I called it “Vulcan’s Song.” But as he softly played the melody again and sang the new lyric, an amazing phenomenon occurred.

Suddenly, his voice was drowned out by repeated loud claps of thunder . . . over and over again. Thunder in December.. in the snow? “Vulcan is thundering her approval,” said the Virgo, smiling (for Vulcan is not a masculine, but a feminine planet). The next morning, New York newspapers carried the story of the “unprecedented thunder” the previous day, during a heavy snowfall. I couldn’t help wondering if Vulcan’s thunderous voice was confirming as a valid prophecy the feeling I had impulsively, Aries-like, written in my book Sun Signs a year earlier, that this planet would be rediscovered within approximately a decade or so, orbiting near the Sun and Mercury (Virgo’s present foster ruler). I wondered because I am not a prophet, nor have I ever desired to be one.

That was at the end of 1969, the beginning of 1970. As I write this, it is 1978. And I still wonder. Because I find myself inexplicably moved to dedicate that humble, nearly forgotten 1969-70 lyric to Margaret Trudeau .. . and to all Virgo men and women who have recently felt within themselves the stirrings of a vague longing… giving them a sense of approaching change, an easing of restriction of some kind. Perhaps not tomorrow or the next day, perhaps not to be measured in weeks or months. But in a couple of years from now… who knows?


VULCAN’S SONG … “Virgo’s Quest”
there’s a Star I have never seen
lost inside a prayer
and somehow, the answer to love is there
I must go where that Star was born … many years ago
then somehow … the answer to love I’ll know
hidden by midnight… yet near to the Sun
high on a far off cloud
how can I see it, with eyes ever blind?
just stumbling along with the crowd?
though I must search for my Star alone
just a dream or two behind
yet somewhere … the answer to love
I know … I’ll find

Even now, Libra’s Venus glows a little brighter beaming a silent message that the weary time of waiting is nearly over, and the lost shall soon be found again .. . the long-ago separated will soon be reunited. Yes, Vulcan’s hour is imminent. Never mind what scientific astronomers say. Before too many moons have passed, somewhere, on a clear twilight, one of them will excitedly point toward the softly singing heavens, and shout, “Look! Up there, near Mercury! A new star!”

At first, they may call it by a false name. But no matter. As astronomers were guided by their Higher Selves to eventually change the name of the planet “Herschel” to Uranus, unknowingly obeying the ancient prophecies of Aquarius .. . likewise will they once again be guided by a Power beyond their scientific control to finally call the new “star” Vulcan … and so fulfill another of astrology’s destined births. Because Vulcan, the lame goddess of Thunder, orbits near the protection of Apollo, the Sun god, the planet can’t be seen in the daytime brightness – or at night. Vulcan is “hidden by midnight, yet near to the Sun,” lyrically and literally. It must be discovered near Sunrise or Sunset. Sunrise is better. Sunset holds sad memories of tragedy for Vulcan .. . memories she’d rather forget, concerning Set and Osiris. Yes, Sunrise is better. At dawn, just as the new day begins, at the moment when the Morning Star (Libra’s Venus) is fading from sight over the horizon, to dream awhile .. . before returning at dusk.

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