Virgo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Virgo woman with Pisces man.

On cover image- Famous Virgo woman and Pisces man – Nicole Richie and Joel Madden


He would keep no girl in the Neverland against her

I know this sounds weird and unorthodox, but the first thing this man and woman may discuss together when they’re initially attracted to each other is .. . well, it’s not very romantic, but they may become involved in a thrilling conversation about their feet.

It’s an interest they have in common. Their foot problems, their favorite podiatrist and the difficulty of finding the right shoes. At least one or two, if not all three of these topics. Pisces, you see, “rules” the feet. Every Sun Sign is aligned to a particular part of the body, since men and women were formed in the image of our co-Creators (which is, by the way, why medical astrology is so unerringly accurate and helpful, as Hippocrates wisely knew). Because Pisces is associated with the feet, shoes and foot idiosyncrasies are intriguing subjects to the typical Fish. Likewise to the typical Virgin. Her concern with feet and shoes is seeded by several causes, one of them being that her true ruling planet, Vulcan, is the “lame goddess of Thunder” (so called for reasons there isn’t space in this book to explain, but they’ll be covered in a forthcoming one). Also, most Virgo women have a slight obsession about practical shoes.

If you’ve ever wondered what ever happened to “the little shoemaker” or the cobbler on the corner, he’s still there, tapping away with his last and tiny hammer, taking care of his Pisces and Virgo customers (and a smattering of Cappies). Virgos ordinarily do not purchase their footwear casually. They expect the shoes on which they spend their perfectly good money to be serviceable and worthy of repeated repair, not the kind of fragile, fancy booties that fall apart after you’ve worn them only a decade or so. There are, naturally, some female Virgins who escape this odd Virgo quirk, but most of them have what amounts to a fetish about footwear. They may scrimp and save on clothing, furniture, pleasure, recreation and luxuries, but when it comes to health food, medicine, toilet paper and shoes, they’re amazing. Their bathroom cupboards overflow with the softest brand of squeezable toilet tissue (which some of them buy by the case) and Ivory soap galore. The shelves of their medicine chests groan with a drug store-sized inventory of bottles and jars and bandages, their kitchen cabinets are well stocked with vitamins, their refrigerators contain so many boxes of alfalfa and wheat sprouts, they resemble a frozen greenhouse – and their bedroom closets frequently are bulging with shoes.

It’s not that they’re extravagant (Virgo extravagant? Heaven forbid!) and it’s not that they buy that many pairs of shoes, but they save them till they accumulate alarmingly, have them repaired and keep them for their children and grandchildren, whose feet they measure carefully every year in the hope their foot size ends up the right size to wear the hand-me-downs.

A Virgo girl will be delighted that the Pisces man is so interested in listening to her Cinderella slipper stories. As for him, he’ll be likewise delighted that she’s so clearly fascinated by his own foot fables. The Fish is so kind about listening to everyone else, it’s a rare treat to discover someone who enjoys listening to him for a change. He’ll snuggle closer (I told you at the beginning of this chapter that the Neptune-ruled can be sneaky and devious. He has romantic strategies in mind related to more than her toes)… so, he’ll snuggle closer, unobtrusively, and tell her how, when he walks on the beach barefoot, even in summer, he always has to come in afterwards and warm his feet before a fire, because they’re so chilled .. . how humiliated he is sometimes, because his feet are so uncommonly large (or so uncommonly small, for a man – Pisces feet are either huge or tiny, never in-between). She’ll sympathize with him charmingly.

Then he’ll tell her about the time he earned money to pay for his college tuition by posing anonymously as a male model for Dr. Scholl’s bunion pads … . she’ll laugh her silvery bell Mercury laugh .. . he’ll move a little nearer, encouraged by the sudden sparkle in her clear Virgo eyes, and confide that his feet always get cold at night, so that sometimes he has to get up out of bed to look for a hot water bottle as a foot warmer, or plug in the heating pad. She murmurs gently, visibly trembling, that it’s the same way with her too, sometimes at night, no matter how many blankets and quilts she’s sleeping under. “It’s a common complaint, I suppose,” he says, his voice very gentle and soft now, “of people who sleep alone. I’m sure lovers never have that problem. They keep each other warm all night… all over.”

That will usually win the first battle for the Fish. Not even a detached, cool Virgin can resist melting at those words, despite all her inhibitions and reservations. But only, of course, if by then she’s known him and secretly wanted him for a respectable length of time. Never on the first night. Well, almost never. The lure of the male Fish can be unexpectedly seductive, especially to a woman born under the opposite Sun Sign. Their opposed natal Suns do exactly what they are meant to do – attract, in the manner of bar magnets. Buy a pair at any hardware store, try them and see. When you hold them with their two positive or their two negative sides facing, try as you will, they won’t go together. Ah! But when you reverse one, so the two bar magnets are facing in polarity or opposition (negative-positive) they join and come together with a powerful rush, no

matter how hard you try to prevent it. Actually, buying a pair of bar magnets and experimenting with them in her spare time (of which she has little enough usually) would be a very practical investment for a Virgin in love with a male Fish. It will be a dramatic demonstration to her of what she can most likely expect when she’s alone with this man, and they drift into a conversation about feet. It won’t protect her from the inevitable, once he’s already wrapped himself around her heart – but at least she’ll be prepared, and being prepared is only common sense. (Virgos are very big on being sensible.) The sexual empathy between the Virgin and the Fish is empathetic indeed.

These two are natural lovers. Even with an adverse Luminary aspect between their nativities, they certainly won’t turn each other off. They’ll be more likely to discover that they quarrel about everything but lovemaking. Polarity chemistry is potent and powerful. The sheer delicacy of the sexual approach of the Pisces man will cause his Virgo woman to respond fully, as she would never respond to a more aggressive lover or husband. There’s something tender and poetic about his Neptune desire that calls irresistibly to the ethereal in her Virgin heart, while her Virgo quietness, combined with her earthy passion and Vulcan’s pounding thunder, both surprises and excites the Piscean man, arousing all his secret longings to find, through sexual union with the woman he loves, some beautiful dream of ecstasy he faintly remembers … . that’s always haunted him, like a familiar melody from the past. They are both instinctively unselfish in making love, so that their sexual blending is seldom a demanding thing, but a gentle giving that’s mutually fulfilling and peaceful, supported by a genuine affection and a willingness to consider each other’s personal needs concerning intimacy and the physical expression of the depth of their love.

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These two may not, however, be quite so empathetic and blissful when it comes to sharing, not just their hearts and bodies – but their money. He likes to share his, she may be reluctant to share hers. Now and then you’ll discover a rare stingy Fish or an overly generous, extravagant Virgo, who looks upon finances casually – but the number of these you find won’t be staggering. It’s possible that she may think he’s impossibly immature and careless concerning material matters, and she won’t hesitate to criticize him when she believes he’s been improvident by wasting cash on ventures that lack, in her opinion, a sound foundation – or simply giving money away to friends, relatives and neighbors who may never be able to pay him back. (He doesn’t expect them to, really.

Fish seldom loan money – they give it.) He may privately feel that she’s overly concerned about money, and her constant worrying about it, nagging him (and herself) about financial security may cause the soft shine in her eyes to disappear for him, her voice will sound less like a silvery chime, more like the tolling  of warning bells of a restriction of his freedom to be himself.

The most noticeable flaw in an otherwise nearly perfect Virgo woman is her tendency to be unduly critical, and to nag the man she loves. This is most unfortunate, since the one flaw in the feminine sex this man truly can’t bear – is  nagging. He’s frustrated when he feels he’s failed her in some way – in any way at all – and he may be tempted to either retaliate by becoming snappy and cross, constantly irritable – or escape the pain in other ways. Like falling into the habit of stopping in at a bar on the way home, telling his foot fables and other stories to strange but sympathetic ears, then swimming home, because he’s not quite steady on his feet. Or he could turn to the dangerous, deadly escape of drugs. Perhaps retreat into daydreams, until the intimate communication they once shared fades into boredom and the silence between them grows into a high wall of mutual bitterness and resentment.

Since the Virgo girl so values common sense, it would be sensible for her to decide, before it’s too late, that she fell in love with this man because he had a magic way about him of taking her sailing off to his magical, secret Neverlands, where all kinds of dreams she’d love to dream if she thought they might possibly come true – do come true. Or at least, he makes them seem almost as if they really might, if they both believed hard enough and long enough. It’s not very sensible, she must admit, to unthinkingly, without meaning to do so, kill the very enchantment in him that once moved her to tears of tenderness. Neither the loss of money nor the accumulation of it is worth that. Too much criticism can rob the male Fish of self-respect, always a sad thing to do to Pisces. She should remember all the wonders about him that first made her love him, and forget the rest.

As for him, he’ll have to realize that keeping secrets from her can hurt this woman deeply. Earth Signs feel everything deeply. Sometimes, Pisces men keep secrets for no particular reason, except that they get into the habit of doing so with strangers. But she’s not a stranger. She’s the girl with the clear, sparkling eyes, who understands things about him no one else ever did – and who listens to him with affectionate concern, when no one else will. Most of her worrying is because she wants him to be happy. Besides, when he faces the truth, the Fish must agree that he could benefit from a little looking after by a Virgin who really cares about his future and his peace of mind. He’s not very talented at looking after his own best interests, when you really analyze it. It causes her great inner anxiety when a relationship seems to have no clearly defined, purposeful goal. It wouldn’t hurt for him to graciously allow her to guide the ship for a while, until they’ve passed the storms that threaten. Later, she’ll be happy to join him in pursuit of Neptune’s mysteries and beckoning waterfalls, when she feels safe and secure – but she’d rather they paid cash for their tickets, instead of charging them on a credit card, and going deeper into debt.


Because both Virgo and Pisces are Mutable, they’ll enjoy traveling together, talking together – and in general, they’ll communicate very well. The chances are they’ll talk over their troubles and disagreements, analyze them and find a solution. When everything is smooth and happy between them again, and the old trust has returned, they’ll exchange gifts on the anniversary of their first toe talk. She’ll give him a pair of sentimental sandals, for walking on the beach in wet sand .. . and he’ll give her a couple of bar magnets in a tiny box .. . to remind her, in his subtle Neptune way, of what she’ll be missing if he should ever leave her because she feels so restless and unhappy in Neverland with him that it breaks his heart, and he’d rather go away than make her unhappy. She’ll probably get the message, as soon as she opens his small gift. After all, she is a Virgo. Her mind is alert and quick. And she’s sensible. She knows that a heating pad under the quilts and blankets is a lonely substitute for four warm and cozy feet – and twenty intimate toes, that have grown so close over the years, only a touch is needed … . to communicate any wish.

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