Virgo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Virgo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Virgo woman with Virgo man.

Mr. Darling was frightfully proud of her, but he was very
honourable, and he sat on the edge of Mrs. Darling’s bed,
holding her hand and calculating expenses, while she
looked at him imploringly.

No matter whether he’s calculating expenses, his income tax, or less prosaic, more exotic exactitudes, the point is that a Virgo man may, for extended periods, miss the message of those imploring looks from his feminine Virgo companion, who is gently reminding him of the true purpose of this man-woman experience they’ve both agreed to carefully analyze for its perfection-potential on the emotional level.

I once knew a Virgo astrologer who spent night after night with his Virgo girlfriend, wrinkling his brow over a midnight ephemeris, as he calculated the split fractions of the Moon’s movements, and consequent aspects to the planets overhead, at five and ten minute intervals. (This is a true story, neither an exaggeration nor a jest.) Infinitesimal planetary calculations of that sort really will give results of amazing accuracy, creating incredible precognitive abilities in any mathematically proficient and intuitively gifted, esoteric astrologer, but only a Virgo would want to spend a lifetime (or a love affair) proving it. All those logarithms – all that trigonometry! Who needs it? Good grief.

Anyway, he did manage to psyche her out with some pretty fantastic zodiac magic during such sessions. Like, on this particular summer night, in the course of just a few hours together, he mapped the precise moment the phone would ring and even that the caller would be her mother, announcing the news of her gallstone attack the previous week (which really blew the girl’s mind)….correctly predicted the newsboy would be six minutes late with his delivery of the evening paper because he’d fallen off his bike near a corner where a night crew was fixing a broken water main in the street (third-house-Mars-Pluto-Scorpio stuff)…. prophesied his girl’s hiccough spell an instant before she first hicced and finally triumphantly topped himself and broke his own accuracy record by clocking (hours in advance) the time of the first thunderclap of the evening’s threatened summer storm – within a few seconds. To be exact, I believe it was within four and one half seconds of the first BOOM. At least, that’s the way I recall the statistics from the memory of his telling me about his perfect score (astrological score, I mean) when he and I were discussing it shortly after they broke up and she married a Leo, approximately a week or so later.

You see, he neglected to calculate the precise moment of the first lightning flash of anger from the up-to-that-evening patient girl beside him. Engrossed in his ephemeris, he failed to notice the summer storm gathering within the breast of his Virgo woman. The Virgo female, for all the rumors about her virginal airs, is possessed of perfectly human urges to touch and be touched, if only an Eskimo nose rub with the man she loves, especially when he’s too close for comfort. He was sitting on her bed that night (believe it or not, the only place from where he could keep an eye on the second hand on the electric clock on the wall) while she trembled inside with the need for true communion – or at least a more tangible expression of love than an intimate wink across the quilt.

Imploring a Virgo man with her always unusually beautiful, clear eyes is seldom a sufficiently lucid romantic Morse code signal, as any Virgin (technical or symbolic) will soon enough learn when she’s in love with a male born under her own Sun Sign. She should try something a little more aggressive, like tapping the message with her dainty fingers on his arm dash-dot-dash-dash-dot and gradually working up to little snowflake kisses on his cheek. Their natural and blissful union should then take place within a reasonable period, if the attraction is mutual, and it most likely is, or he wouldn’t be wasting his time with her at all, and risking the loss of his treasured loner existence. After all, not even a male Virgin can remain immune to love’s powerful chemistry forever. Sooner or later, he’ll surrender to passion, follow his heart, and allow his emotions to rule his tick-tock mind. Sooner or later, I said. Sooner than a discouraged, pessimistic Virgo girl might anticipate – but later than most other Sun Sign males. Everything is relative.

Naturally, the situation could always be reversed, and she’ll have her nose in an ephemeris, newspaper, book, or her knitting, ignoring his imploring  glances. Then he should tap her arm gently, and so forth, adding any purely masculine aggressive ideas which might pop into his alert Virgo brain, which, on occasion, does agree grudgingly to cooperate with the Virgo heart in a mutual endeavor like love. Undeniably, he is bright. So is she. They’ll admire each other’s minds, never run out of verbal communication (unless one of them has an Earth element Ascendent or Moon Sign), and take turns polishing their love nest, counting Brillo pads, reading to each other, working crossword puzzles, playing anagrams – the possibilities are staggering and endless


As for their sexual harmony (I thought we’d already covered that. No? Well, maybe not….) it will gain depth, as is the case with every Sun Sign couple, if their Moon Signs and Ascendents are mutually compatible. But essentially, these two usually know exactly how to please one another, and unless he or she has a severe planetary affliction to Venus or Mars in the birth chart, they’ll never offend each other with vulgarity or obscenities. The typical Virgo shrinks from cheapening sex. Their intimacies will probably be tinged more with tenderness than with sensual eroticism or fierce passion. Yet, there’s always a lurking danger that those old Virgo taboos may materialize to plague them, bringing rigidity of viewpoint and frigidity of manner or approach, which can cause disagreement regarding details of their lovemaking. There could be complaints about their sexual union being either too brief, or too prolonged, from the initial embrace to final fulfillment. Someone should tell them that neither emotions nor passion can be stop-watched – or forced to fit into the exact dimensions of a measured schedule.

Aquarian Age Virgos who ignore the twin urgings of impatience and cool, critical detachment, for so many centuries implanted in their natures by their foster ruler, Mercury, and allow themselves to feel instead, the slower, wiser, soul-stirring thunders of their to-be-discovered, true ruling planet, Vulcan, will be richly rewarded. They’ll gradually grow more aware that sex isn’t meant to be either analyzed or criticized between two people who love. It’s intended to be unashamedly given and received, joyfully and gratefully shared for the blessing it is – the most natural way for two searching souls to unite – and thus to deepen and renew their mutual dreams through becoming one flesh.

Admittedly, however, even using the binoculars of honest love, such pure sexual truth is difficult to see through the smog of smut presently enveloping all   lovers, including Virgos – Virgins or otherwise. Indeed, increasing numbers of Virgos, whose souls have been torn asunder by a false interpretation of Vulcan’s unaccustomed thunders, have consequently been confused into the frantic reaction of promiscuity. Such a seamy expression of sexuality is as inwardly uncomfortable as it is outwardly unbecoming to Virgos, since it’s a total polarity reversal of their Sun Sign birthright of simplicity and pure-heartedness. Undeniably, the Virgo emotional quandary is aided and abetted by those who seem determined to kill sex, by downgrading it as insensitive lewdness, and this premeditated murder of sex is a crime against love.

Astrology is an integral part of Nature, and Nature doesn’t like it when you fool around with the Virgo essence on the planet Earth. Virgo vibes are designed and intended to provide the necessary weight and measure to keep the sexual Scales of the following sign, Libra, properly balanced, lest the awesome energy of sex should get out of control and combine with other explosive energies which are already out of control on this waning, terminal, spinning ball we need a while longer for the survival of the human race in its present form. But the Universe is wise. Planetary influences are so justly designed and executed through karmic control patterns that sex creates its own torturous path to misery and hell for those who abuse it – just as surely as sex, when it’s exalted by love, becomes one of the swiftest of star-blazed trails toward Heaven. For the sexual blending into Oneness experienced by true lovers brings the first dawn in the light of comprehending the Oneness of all Universes, and ultimately – man and woman’s joyful birthright of reunion with their co-Creators. Just look at all this sex talk in a double-Virgo chapter! You probably expected to find it in the double-Scorpio chapter. The study of astrology is full of surprises. It depends on what facet of sex you’re discussing. Its purity belongs to Virgo, its mystery to Scorpio, its romance to Leo, its sensuality to Taurus, its elusiveness to Gemini… and so on. No one Sun Sign owns sex. Any Libran could tell you that wouldn’t be fair.

The success of a relationship between a Virgo woman and a Virgo man depends largely on their ability to recognize their own flaws in the reflecting mirrors of one another, then correct them – and an equal ability to see their own virtues mirrored in each other’s appealing manners, then acknowledge them, frankly and proudly. For all Virgos do possess qualities which endear them to others, and should endear them to one another as well. Both these lovers are graced with a natural courtesy, intelligence, and twinkling humour. An indefinable gentleness and purity of spirit shines softly through those clear, steady, beautifully placid eyes. They’re both cheerfully willing to listen while the other one talks and to work while the other one plays, without resentment. Virgo couples who love would greatly increase their chances of harmony, compatibility, mutual understanding, and tenderness by comprehending the compulsion behind Virgo Martha Mitchell’s famous “fireside chats” with the press. That these were often irritating, misguided, and insulting is undeniable.

The same accusation is often made against all Virgo women by the Virgo men who love them – and vice versa. Martha’s remarks perfectly illustrated the typical Virgo trait of pointing out the glaring (to her) imperfections in whatever person or situation struck her critical fancy at the time. It’s important for two Virgos who love one another to meditate a most relevant statement once made by Martha, after she’d blithely announced her intention to book some speaking engagements on college campuses, because she genuinely wanted to try to communicate with the youth of America – and was told by horrified friends that she didn’t dare face the irate students, who would surely (they said) pelt her with rotten eggs, if not actually take a shot at her on stage. We’ll never know what would actually have happened if Martha had succeeded in booking her lectures. But we do know this much. We know Martha’s reaction to the warning.

With her clear, bright Virgo eyes mirroring sincerity, and a total lack of guile, her Virgo brow creased with fleeting worry-wrinkles, she reacted to the advice by remarking, in honest puzzlement: “I swear, I can’t see, to save my life, why the young people of this country should be so angry with me, why they should think I’m against them, or their ideals. All I’ve ever done is to speak my mind openly about what I believe is right or wrong – at the time – and isn’t that what they profess to admire, and claim the right to do themselves?” Yes. As a matter of fact, it is. Precisely. And it’s my strong conviction that Martha’s vividly revealing Virgo reaction to critical attack from others deserves wider circulation in this chapter of this book. It illustrates perfectly the Sun Sign adage that Virgos are compelled to criticize and analyze, then speak out that they exercise this mental quirk with the lack of any real malicious intent and with Virgo willingness to grant the same analytical and critical freedom to others.

But the Virgo talents of discrimination are so refined, these men and women also can see quickly any flaws in the original analysis they made themselves. Then they’ll obligingly and courteously change it, to fit their new and more careful microscopic examination. Virgo Martha deserves to be remembered with respect and gratitude by all those who share her Sun Sign. It would behoove not just Virgins, but all the assorted animals in the astrological zoo, to ponder Martha’s Vulcan-inspired courage in refusing to be suppressed by threat, in bravely informing us of her roughing up by government “hit men,” via the diminishing outlets of the still free and critical press. Ex-Attorney General John Mitchell is a Virgo too, and so Martha and John’s marriage was a 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern vibration – like yours. Virgo and Virgo


Martha has been forgotten too soon. Her children should be proud of their mother, and if no one else will say it, I’ll say so, frankly, myself – here in the  chapter of this book where we’re analyzing the relationship between two Virgins – in an attempt to clarify the image of a troubled but a very great Virgo lady of admirable  courage, who has been so unjustly maligned. Too late to benefit Martha, but not too late to help all Virgo men and women understand each other a little better – and to treasure the honest love between them. The same kind of love Virgo Martha and Virgo John once knew .. . and were proud to admit to the world .. . then lost.

Since Virgos are forever searching for definitions, here’s a definition of love for them: Love is the visible proof of all men and women’s deep, overwhelming need for total acceptance by at least one other person besides their Makers Who, by the way, channeled a wise message to Virgos (and all of us) through the gentle Galilean: Love one another, even as I have loved you.

That clearly means quirks, flaws, mistakes, goofs, errors, sins, eccentricities, and all. All right, Virgos, go ahead and criticize God and His mate, and see how far you get! Now do please hush up. Stop nit-picking and nagging each other and the rest of us too, won’t you?

Even if you don’t, we all still love you anyway.
Sometimes, Virgo criticism is both brave and necessary,

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