Gemini And Leo Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini and Leo.

Air – Mutable – Positive
Ruled by Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Day Forces – Masculine

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

“Back, twins ……………”

As Gemini calculates the sunny but sometimes insufferable antics of the Lion, the Twins wonder: “Does the big cat actually possess such complete self-assurance? Or could Leo only be trying to prove that the reality is as infallible and fearless as the image?” – a typical Gemini mind trip.

As the Lion or Lioness lazily studies the Mercurial Gemini Twins, he (or she) has a similar thought: “All that mental and physical activity must be a compensation of some kind. Survival alone isn’t sufficient reason for so much unnecessary maneuvering. Is Gemini trying to span East, West, North, and South all at once to hide the fact that he (or she) is lost in the woods with a broken compass?”
They’ve both guessed the truth about each other. Yes, Leos are trying to prove to themselves and the rest of the world, through a show of arrogant bravado, that Lions and Lionesses are as brave inwardly as they outwardly seem. And yes, Gemini is trying to prove to the Twin Self and everyone else that he-she is racing straight ahead, in the right direction, and not really running around in circles.

Because their two Sun Signs are sextile, creating a 3-11 vibration between them, they’re intuitive about each other, are inclined to friendship, despite any differences between them from time to time, and they have a mutual talent for whistling in the dark. When they whistle a tune together, in harmony, it’s easier to convince themselves that all is well. Unlike Scorpios (except for the Grey Lizards), who are deeply and unshakably certain of their superiority, the Lion and Lioness believe that if they roar loudly enough, no one will suspect that they tremble with apprehension over their private fear that they may not be completely equal to every occasion that may arise. The King and Queen of the jungle pride – or of any kingdom, classroom, office or home – must never lose face before their adoring subjects, who respect and worship the monarchy, only because their rulers are capable of handling any minor or major emergency with majestic finesse, regal dignity and wisdom. It’s the quintessence of royalty to project nobility of spirit and strength of character to the weaker masses. Strangely, and rather wonderfully, in pretending to be all these things, Leo actually becomes them, rediscovering through every human crisis (to his or her secret surprise and delight) that the Leonine courage really is as powerful and awesome as the Lion’s roar insinuates.

Geminis have the same sort of good fortune with their apparent self-deception. While the Twins are selling others, they’re simultaneously selling themselves the validity of their own dreams. Gemini tells stories, flavored with excitement, always amusing, some of them with a double-switch O’Henry ending, instilling enthusiasm and inspiring more cautious, practical souls. With the brush of imagination, Geminis paint marvelous word pictures of nonsensical things and somehow manage to make them seem real and logical to sane people, as well as to themselves. By so believing, Mercury dreams eventually materialize and manifest.

Because Leo inwardly senses that Geminis are telling the truth as they see it, the large Leonine heart goes out to the Twins in sympathetic recognition of a soul brother – or sister. Of course. Leo understands. It’s like the song from The King and I – “make believe you’re brave, and the trick will get you far. You can be as brave – as you make believe you are!”

What hurts and perplexes the Gemini Mercury Birds is the way others, who are less sympathetic than Leo, interpret their talent for conjuring up imagery. They can’t fathom why it is, when other people do the same thing, they’re called creative, imaginative – astute traders, or shrewd businessmen. When the Twins do it, they’re called con artists, liars – or, at the very least, deceptively slick and quick with the facts. Geminis think they have the world and everyorie in it analyzed down to the last nuance. That is, until they bump up against the exceptions to the rule and finally come to the conclusion that the world may consist entirely of exceptions. It figures. The Twins themselves are.

From childhood, Geminis have been acutely aware that illusion is the most dependable of all riches. No Broadway stage is as packed with drama and color as the “theatre of the mind.” And so, the Twins cast themselves in all roles, from the character actors to the ingenues, from the stars to the lowliest bit players, sometimes slipping into the part of the stagehands or musicians. Why not? They’ve also decided they’re the producers and directors, so they can be whatever they choose to be.

However, when playing the boards with the Big Cats, the Twins best be cautious about grabbing off the plum titles of Star, Director or Producer. If there’s any kind of show going on, anywhere, at any time, actual or make-believe, you can bet your greasepaint and footlights that Leos are going to insist on directing it and producing it – and most definitely will star in it. No one successfully outshines a Lion or a Lioness for very long, let alone upstages a King or Queen.

That’s usually just fine and dandy with the airy, detached Geminis. The Twins are, if the truth be told, actually far more interested in changing the scenery than in hogging the encores. They appreciate press notices as much as Leo, and they’re equally if not more adept in the art of getting heard about or written about. But they’ll normally, if they’re typical Mercury Birds, move gracefully aside and allow the vainer Leos to take most of the bows before a live audience.

Is it because Gemini is a Mutable Sign? Not necessarily. The Twins have another “method to their madness.” When you’re out front, headlining the show, you see, you’re vulnerable to being inspected by a bunch of curious Strangers. It makes many Geminians in the entertainment field uncomfortable if he/she can’t wear the many-colored cloak of multifaceted identity, which is so handy for disguising a Twin – or even Triplet – personality, who’s pretending to be one single entity.

It’s been said that inside every plump person is a skinny twin, longing to escape. That’s especially true of the chubby Geminis, who have gained weight in
an unconscious effort to hide their secret selves – to stop running so fast – because they were bored into eating by a lack of opportunity for physical activity
and mental challenge – or through some hidden guilt and frustration connected with their tangled emotions. Gemini fatties, however, are rare, since the skinny Twin is normally the more insistent one, because of being aware that the ability to flash around, thin, and therefore less noticeable, is a more effective means of masquerading. This is the real reason why the few plump Mercury Birds are so very much more miserable than people of any other Sun Sign (except Scorpio and Pisces) who have gained weight. They don’t mind the burden of extra pounds so much, and they’re not unduly concerned over their health – it’s just that it makes them so visible, spoiling all their fun and games.

The difference between the Geminian and Leonine natures regarding visibility and public exposure was rather gloriously demonstrated when I was giving a talk in Washington, D.C., in May of 1971, before a very large crowd, consisting mainly of the press, at a banquet honoring Martha Mitchell (who provided them, undeniably, with some of their most colorful copy).

When I asked how many Leos were present, hands shot up all over the place instantly – and they remained up, as high as possible, many of them waving frantically in an attempt to be noticed. When I followed that request by asking the Big Cats to please stand and be recognized, heads started bobbing, right and left, as all the Lions and Lionesses present in the ballroom of the Hotel Shoreham that night rose grandly to the occasion. Then, while the audience loudly applauded, all those Leos, as if on cue, immediately began bowing quite formally, graciously accepting their rightful homage – even the Shy Pussycat Leos, who saw their chance to finally be on stage and take a few curtain calls. It was truly, astrologically and otherwise, hilarious. My tape recording of the event clocks the resulting roars of laughter from the other Sun Signs present at a full three minutes, during which time the applause grew louder and louder, as the Big Cats kept bowing repeatedly.

As a sort of test, a few moments after the general uproar had died down, I invited all the Geminis present to raise their hands. “Come on,” I urged, “let’s have a show of hands from all the Twins here tonight.” Not one single hand was raised in the entire, huge ballroom. Quickly, a ripple of whispering passed among the audience, as everyone wondered why the Geminis weren’t answering the astrological roll call, especially since I had just pointed out that there are, statistically, in several countries, including the U.S.A., more June births than any others. Obviously, percentage wise, there should have been at least one Gemini in that large crowd.

The audience had no idea what was happening, but I did. Any astrologer would have known. The Twins prefer to observe, without being specifically identified themselves. Geminis are seldom anxious to be recognized by a crowd. Also, some of them were undoubtedly present at the banquet after telling a friend, mate or relative that they were going somewhere else, following which they changed their minds – and they didn’t want to get caught by those present later remarking on their presence because they had become publicly visible to the entire group. The rest of them were reluctant to expose themselves for as many assorted reasons as there are individual (or dual) Geminis.

I made all these remarks aloud to the audience – and repeated my invitation to the Geminis. Very slowly and hesitantly then, only about three or four hands were partially raised in the packed room. Suddenly a wave of laughter burst forth from everyone, as heads turned toward the rear of the ballroom, where what resembled a conga line of a dozen or more Geminis were attempting to sneak out the door without being noticed. As the laughter rose, and people began calling out to the departing Geminis they knew by name, they all began actually running past the astonished doorman. Everyone present, myself included, completely broke up. And thus did I discover by sheer accident what turned out to be a most enlightening, as well as hilarious, way to prove the validity of Sun Signs to a large gathering of skeptics and believers.

I can’t say whether it had any bearing on the hasty departure of the Mercury Birds, but perhaps I should note that the late FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover was seated on the dais that night, making one of his extremely rare public appearances. Mr. Hoover was, quite clearly, intently interested in the exodus, and I received the distinct impression that he desperately wanted to signal someone to check out the identity of the guests who sneaked out rather than be recognized – maybe even have them followed home. But, being a Capricorn, he was, of course, aware that one does not so behave thus improperly at a social function. It would be against the rules. The twin Mercury gifts of charm and glibness make the typical Gemini an expert Lion trainer, cleverly cajoling Leo to docily jump through his (or her) double hoops.

For example, Leo might ask Gemini, “What am I really like? I mean, how do I appear to people?”
And Gemini will answer, “Well, you’re incredibly egotistical and arrogrant. But you’re also open-minded, friendly and generous.” (With Leos, you let them have the painful truth near the beginning, then quickly slam in a compliment at the close.)

But the Lion or Lioness may persist, stroking his (or her) vanity and demanding, “Do others see my virtues as clearly as you? If so, then why are they always underestimating me?”
Gemini: “Of course they do. Everyone knows you’re a fantastic person, a little conceited, and stuffed full of yourself, but you’re a terrific organizer. It’s obvious that you have a wiser head and cooler emotions than the average person. Anyone who doesn’t give you credit for it is jealous, and not worth concerning yourself about.”

You see how it works? When you’re conversing with a Lion, you sandwich the cold facts in between thick slices of warm flattery. There’s a Mercurial technique to it – like, grovel while you’re leveling with them.

Actually, Leos are excellent organizers, expert at delegating authority, and Fixed enough to wait out with composure the final success of their grandiose schemes and promotions. But they may not show as much patience with Gemini’s changeability. The Big Cats can become indignant over the Twins’ tendency to speed through life, discarding former convictions like yesterday’s newspaper, tossing away homes and jobs and friends with minor flaws, too soon, with absolutely no reflective retrospection, but simply dashing off blithely to the next fascinating interest. To the loyal, more languid Lion or Lioness, fast is not always best, or right. Then Leo will feel obliged to enlighten Gemini with one of those regal Leonine lectures.

“You’re pretty good at dabbling in the dairy and skimming off the surface cream, but it’s always turning sour on you. That mental sharpness you think is so great cuts a lot of large holes in your common sense, and they’ll trip you up when you least expect it. Someday you’ll thank me for warning you.”

Leos, the eternal Big Brothers and Sisters, are unable to resist predicting that the people they benevolently guided are going to want to look them up someday and seek them out to thank them for their unsolicited pearls of wisdom. As if Gemini had time to stop and make out a list of such obligations. The Mercury Birds are too busy selling that sour cream as buttermilk. As for the holes Leo cautioned them about, Geminis will simply leap out of them, land on their feet, and skate across the same thin ice again, while Leo pouts and asks petulantly, “Don’t you ever get caught?”

Well, yes, sometimes Geminis do get caught by their own cleverness. But why worry, when the brave King (or Queen) will pull them out in a splendid, technicolor, last-minute rescue? Then, Leo will blush and bow (modestly) as Gemini sings Leo’s favorite lyric of flattery. “Boy! You sure were right about everything you said. Thanks for warning me in time. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” cry the Twins, quite probably sincerely, who have now managed to have their cake and eat it too (royal protection – plus freedom).
“It was nothing,” modestly replies the Lion or Lioness, purring and rolling over happily in the catnip of Gemini charm. “It’s the duty of the stronger and wiser to protect the weak and foolish from the folly of their ways. Just remember in the future to do as I tell you, and you’ll stay out of trouble.”
“Okay, I promise!” cheerfully call out the Twins, as they wave goodbye and dash off. But Gemini knows, deep down inside, that what Leo said is true. Frustrating, annoying, often infuriating .. . but true.

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