Taurus And Leo Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Taurus and Leo.

Earth – Fixed – Negative
Ruled by Venus (also by the
Planet Pan-Horus)
Symbol: The Bull
Night Forces – Feminine

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

“None of us has ever been tucked in at night. 

Bulls need lots of loyalty and affection in order to be sure they’re loved and appreciated. Leos need lots of worship and compliments in order to be sure they’re loved and admired. Neither of them get quite enough proof that they’re cherished, even from compatible people who were born in their own elements (Taurus is Earth, Leo is Fire), and when they constantly demand to be emotionally “tucked in” by each other, they can really become frustrated.
These two Sun Signs are square, which means they don’t harmonize too well, unless the Sun and Moon in their respective charts are in mutually agreeable signs. As in all 4-10 Sun Sign Patterns, the square aspect (Taurus is 90 degrees away from Leo) is a tension maker. Yet, the 4-10 vibration bestows giant rewards of peace and harmony when the two involved have demonstrated the patience and selflessness to pass this karmic soul testing in a human love relationship.
With Taurus and Leo, the tension starts like this: Leo is much too self-centered to give the strong, silent Bulls the absolute devotion and obedience they insist on receiving most of the time. Taurus is much too stubborn to give the vain, proud Leos the unquestioning worship they demand continually. They’re both Fixed Signs, so they’re both good organizers, and they each possess an unusual amount of emotional dependability. But they’re also capable of being – well, Fixed. My Thesaurus offers the phrase “pig-headed” as a substitute for “fixed.” (Just for the record, the other two Fixed Signs are Aquarius and Scorpio.)
Sometimes, the fiery Leo will depend on the more tranquil, stable Taurus to cope with an unpleasant situation, then rob the Bull of all credit for the accomplishment. However, this doesn’t bother Taurus the way it would a more egotistical sign. The last thing Bulls are interested in is personal glory. They won’t turn their broad backs on it, should it be offered them, but they can take it or leave it alone. Taurus is more interested in cash appreciation and emotional peace of mind.

I know a Leo man who was tenderly devoted to his invalid Taurean wife for many years. She outlived most of the doctors who predicted her death every six months or so, and continued to manage household affairs from her bed for triple her life expectancy. The Lion took full credit for her amazing stamina. After all, wasn’t he giving her the best possible tender, loving, expert care, under conditions which would have put a weaker man flat on his back, or driven him into a mental breakdown? Yes, he was. But her Taurean iron will was at least partially responsible for her medical miracle.
Strangely, although they had many other areas of constant contention and argument, she quietly permitted him to take the credit for her courage without a trace of resentment. She well knew how much she owed him, and she also knew how much effort her strength and cheerfulness over the years cost her. But Taurus seldom fusses or quibbles about being overshadowed by the Leonine ego. She allowed him, even encouraged him, to take all the bows, and smiled to herself. Worship, however, she refused to give him, which made him a most unhappy monarch, and for which he perhaps never quite forgave her. But credit she willingly relinquished.

I once knew a Taurus man who worked as a registrar and assistant to the president of a Barber School in New Jersey. The president (the Bull’s superior, of course) was a warm-hearted, brilliant, generous, typically proud and arrogant Leo – a Lion, whose name was Dr. Andrew Julian. As a matter of fact, it still is. Why should he change it, when it’s lettered in gold, stenciled, stitched or mono- grammed on all his cuff links, shirts, briefcases, under-garments (allegedly), towels and silverware? My Taurus friend and Dr. Julian benefit from a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between their birth charts, so they still fondly admire and respect one another, although they no longer work together. Nevertheless, their business association fairly bristled with daily examples of the 4-10 Leo- Taurus relationship, its mutual helpfulness – and its pitfalls.
There was the time Dr. Julian held a private conference with an investor who wished to buy an interest in his Barber School. The investor was a millionaire, and uncommonly loose and magnanimous with his cash. He didn’t care how much he invested, as long as he could visibly appear to run the operation – as long as the school would bear his name (never mind that he had no barbering experience).
Naturally, the Lion roared loudly at this double threat to his authority and affront to his prestige. For several hours, angry voices rose and fell from behind the closed door of the Lion’s plush den – which is the only way to describe any Leo office. A plush den.
Finally, the door opened, and Dr. Julian commanded imperiously, “David! Come in here immediately!” (Leos seldom ask, they command, as befits royalty.) When the cautious Bull slowly walked into the firing line, the Lion waved a disdainful hand toward the angry investor and directed majestically, “Talk to him, David.” Then Leo swirled around in his expensive swivel chair, pouting in injured dignity, and staring out the large picture window of his den – as though the other two men were not present. (The King did not deign to take any further notice of the peasants.)
After a few minutes of quiet questioning, the Bull uncovered the basic problem. The potential investor was an Aries. A Ram. It was his money, and by golly, he was going to be boss, and his name would be on the school. Nobody was going to order him around. The Taurean explained patiently that Dr. Julian was loved by all his teachers and students (he really was, they adored him, pride, arrogance and all), that he was furthermore highly respected by all the companies which did business with the school, with whom he had established a warm rapport over the years (true).

Of course, these solid compliments were not missed by Leo. They rained like fragrant roses on the Lion’s head, which was still turned away and facing the window. Then the Bull’s rich, Taurean voice, deep and soothing, was heard by the secretary, floating over the transom, as he spoke calmly to the Aries investor. “Don’t you think it would be smarter if Dr. Julian’s name were to remain on the outside of the building, in all the advertising, and on the school’s letterhead? Since he’s had over forty years’ experience running a Barber School, wouldn’t it be better if he continued to do so? However, it makes more sense, and it’s more practical for you, Sir, to be the one who signs all the checks, so the people at the bank will know you’re the Financial Backer and Advisor of the operation. Why should you spend twelve hours a day here, as Dr. Julian does, when you have more important things to do? Your time is too valuable for you to be tied down to a desk, as he is, from nearly dawn till midnight, seven days a week.”

After that masterpiece of manipulation, the Aries investor beamed happily, like a child who has just been given a lollipop and told he could play hookey at the same time. He was delighted to be called “Financial Backer” and “Advisor,” to know he’d be respected by the bank and the bankers (however much cash they may possess, for some odd reason, Rams are seldom ever truly respected by bankers) and that he wouldn’t have to spend twelve hours a day, seven days a week, working. (He hadn’t thought of that – Aries never does.)
The Lion swirled back around on his padded, swivel throne then, and offered everyone a cigar to celebrate the closing of the deal. Later, after the new Aries partner had left, Dr. Julian, his dignity now completely restored, walked over to the busy Bull’s desk and remarked, with his large, handsome Leonine head and pride both held high, “I certainly told him off, and let him know who runs this school. I think I handled the situation rather well, don’t you?” The Bull, patiently and respectfully, allowed as how he certainly had.

One area of potential agreement between Taurus and Leo is promoting and building. Leo loves to promote grandiose schemes and large ideas, and all Bulls delight in contemplating the financial return of what might be the seeds of the Taurean empire they’re always building in their minds. The path Taurus follows is steady, purposeful and relentless. Obstacles don’t disturb or upset the Bulls as they do Leo, because Taureans accept limitation and delay as part of the price they have to pay for eventual success. One of the favorite mottos of the Bulls is: If a thing is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well – and also worth waiting for.
Leos, who are fanatically fond of freedom, refuse to accept, or even to recognize, limitation. Their attitude is ever hopeful and determined. It never even occurs to them that they can’t win all the chips with one grand and glorious toss of the dice, whether the game the Lion or Lioness is playing is business, friendship, romance, matrimony or gambling. The Big Cats will almost always take a chance, and in Kipling’s words, “make a heap of all their earnings, and risk them on one turn of pitch and toss – and lose, and start again at their beginnings – and never breathe a word about their loss.”

The reason Leos never breathe a word about their loss is because they convince themselves they didn’t lose. It’s all a mirage. Taurus, to put it mildly, is not nearly so quick to take a chance, whether the Bulls are risking their money or their hearts. And when they lose, the memory of the loss will linger a long, long time – long enough for the Taureans to profit by the experience. Yet, when the chips are down, the Bull and the Lion or Lioness can match each other’s contempt for misfortune. Neither is inclined to make a big deal of it, although they both might shed some private tears of sharp anguish. Leo and Taurus equally dislike public weeping or open admissions of failure.
In the long run, the Bull believes the safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and place it back in your pocket. That pretty much sums up the Taurean philosophy about either romantic or financial gambling. When the Bulls are young, they think the security of having cash in the bank, combined with the devoted love of a member of the opposite sex, is the most important and vital thing in life. When they grow older, they’re positive it is.
The only thing Leos are that positive about is their own ability to make it happen. Not surprisingly, the Leonine warm-heartedness and nobility of spirit, when blended with their faith in themselves, draws others to them, including Lady Luck, who often showers upon them generous amounts of both love and gold.
Leos are all Big Cats, with huge hearts and splendid strength, who sometimes see themselves as neglected kittens when their own ego images aren’t constantly reflected back to them by others and kept alive by extravagant compliments. (But the compliments must be genuine – Leo sees through insincere flattery as shrewdly as any monarch who’s being appeased for favors – barring an afflicted natal Sun.)

Although Leo wants to lead, and the Lions or Lionesses sometimes impose on the Bulls’ patience unintentionally, these proud people also enjoy protecting those they love, and lavishing gifts and kindness upon them. Isn’t that the way all good kings and queens feel about their subjects? A Taurean will be secretly and deeply pleased by this Leonine protectiveness, demonstrative affection and concern over his – or her – welfare. However stubbornly they may deny it, no one needs or appreciates kindness and affection more than Taurus men, women and children. Their loyal, dependable hearts ache for it. That’s another nice similarity between these two. The Leo and the Taurus hearts are equally loyal. Often, the warm friendliness and interest projected by Leo will make Taurus feel all snuggly and secure. So they are attracted into the same circle of empathy.
It’s only when Leo starts giving those royal commands, which Taurus interprets as being shoved, that the trouble starts. After a time, Leo’s bright Fire may scorch the Bull’s endurance, until the Taurean buries the Lion or Lioness beneath a ton of earthy stubbornness and negative reaction. But Leo is ruled by the Sun, symbolizing warmth and light, the Great Life-Giving Force of the Universe. Taureans are softly ruled (until Pan-Horus * appears to claim and influence them) by Venus, symbolizing Peace, Love and the musical Harmony of the Spheres. Between them, these two heavenly bodies keep the world spinning. All the other planets are merely supportive. The Sun is Life. Venus is Love. Is there more?

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