Flaws Of each zodiac sign

It’s a myth that zodiac signs are perfect. Everyone has flaws and qualities that make them unique. Here is some information about the flaws of each zodiac sign to help you understand yourself better and the person you are.

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign,

Negative Trait of Aries – Arrogance

Aries knows how to get most things done which usually adds a bit to the ego and cockiness. They have a tendency to think that they have the right and best thought process to deal with the situations. This can still be ignored, but what is more problematic is them looking down on others and treating others with disrespect when it comes to opinions.

Aries Flaw

Negative Trait of Taurus – Inflexibility

Taurus is a hard worker, but one thing they have difficulty being is accommodating. They get fixated on whatever they have set their mind on. Adjusting to new ideas, changes, places, or even people is very tough for them. Even once they settle in with new things, their minds feels uneasy and restless, restricting them to enjoy the moment.

Taurus flaw

Negative Trait of Gemini – Nosiness

Gemini is an extrovert and literally makes everyone feel alive. But their biggest flaw is not respecting boundaries. They wish to know everything about everyone and they can’t be subtle about it. They’d ask most uncomfortable questions and would make remarks that can haunt others. Knowing people’s secrets is fun & spreading them further is more thrilling for them.

Gemini Flaw

Negative Trait of Cancer – Hoarding

Cancer is a Hoarder. They do not just hoard on to things, and possessions but also to love, friendships, anger, grudge and all emotions. They possess good memory too, and have a habit to throw in random past event in front of others, even if it makes them uncomfortable or distressed. They can also get over-boarded with not getting rid of things.

cancer flaw

Negative Trait of Leo – Underplay for Flattery

Leo loves to shine brighter than all. The way they fish for compliments is subtle yet gives guaranteed result. They underplay themselves in front of others in very sheepish way. They come across as humble and modest, resulting in people praising them on grand scale. Leo detects flattery easily but they get thrilled by the attention & can seek it even if its fake.

leo flaw

Negative Trait of Virgo – Detail Oriented

Virgo as we know is said to be perfectionist and critical of all. Usually they are more tough on self. The problem lies in them being caught up with details and at times miss out on the big picture. They also get annoyingly obsessed with correcting what they see as wrong. In this process they may actually avoid something that may be faulty to everyone.

virgo flaw

Negative Trait of Libra – Controlling

Libra may appear like a sweetheart who doesn’t care for life of others. But inside they are very controlling and have a tendency to dictate or at least advice others. They are just and unbiased which makes them presume that their opinions are perfect. This makes them feel their take and decisions on people’s life is most accurate & should be followed.

libra flaw

Negative Trait of Scorpio – Suspicions

Scorpio stays loyal and would be willing to do anything for the partner. But one thing that constantly holds them back is their distrust. They do not trust anyone easily, even the closest relation they can be paranoid that others are out to get them. They have their guard up as they feel the moment they take it easy, they will be hurt deeply by others.

scorpio flaw

Negative Trait of Sagittarius – Justifications

Sagittarius seeks the truth with most things. But they have a way of justifying things in their head, and if they verdict something as rightful.. then they will make countless excuses or sweet lies to stand their ground. For example, if they get caught lying to partner, they’d get all fussy about space & freedom but ignore that they were not transparent.

sagittarius flaw

Negative Trait of Capricorn – Pretending

Capricorn is image-conscious & this very need ends up being their annoying flaw. Everyone pretends once in a while, either to avoid certain situations or not hurt others with their actual feelings. But Capricorn tries to hide or cover their crazy side with sophisticated and aloof pretense. They may suppress their fun side to a level of suffocation of self & others.

capricorn flaw

Negative Trait of Aquarius – Pessimism

Aquarius are known to be looking at the positive side and cling to little ray of hope. But their mind and though process is more pessimist. They see world with black and white glasses, either something is all good or all bad. They have a set standards of the way they see the people and cannot would be skeptical. The pessimism hinders their growth & strains their relations.

Aquarius flaw

Negative Trait of Pisces – Secretive

Pisces is dependent on their loved ones for many things like important decisions or even small things of life. But they may never reveal what they actually think or feel. Their hiding is not cause of the distrust or protecting themselves, but more because of they do not wish to trouble others. They feel the truth only ties down & burdens loved ones.

pisces flaw
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