The Zodiac Signs and Love Letters

The Zodiac Signs and Love Letters.

Who does not like Love Letters, Kids, Young Teens, New Love Birds, Married for years partners, the Old couples… Who does not like words are written with all the Love and Affection by someone special.

Today let us look at the type of Love letters that the signs adore.

  1. 1 ARIES


    Write a poem or love letter that's all about him or her! Aries guys and gals are very "me" -oriented. After all, they are the first sign of the zodiac. 

    Furthermore, write out his or her name vertically & write words that describe your lover's personality at the beginning of each letter.

  2. 2 TAURUS

    taurus zodiac

    The bull loves it when you please the senses. 

    So, write a love letter about the way her hair smells, the softness of his lips, the feel of her skin, or the strength of his muscles. If you can make it all rhyme, even better!

  3. 3 GEMINI

    Gemini Symbols

    Make him or her laugh! Tickle them pink with a funny letter or poem. 

    Twins love comedy, so be sure to make your poem or love letter fun!

  4. 4 CANCER

    Cancer zodiac sign

    The most sentimental sign, so be sure to write about a special day from your past. You may even start a journal for him/her & write about them every day in it. 

    Start by reminiscing about your first date, and how you felt the very first time you laid eyes on him or her. 

    Keep writing in it from here on out & allow him/her to take a peek whenever they want. This will be a gift Cancer cherishes.

  5. 5 LEO

    Leo Zodiac Sign

    Lions love compliments about the way they look and dress. Recall in a poem the first time you met. How their hair was backlit from the sun. 

    Go into detail the first moment you discovered their true beauty!

  6. 6 VIRGO

    virgo zodiac sign

    Describe how perfect your Virgo lover is. From their physical features to their personality traits, describe why you think he or she is the perfect mate for you.

  7. 7 LIBRA

    Libra Zodiac Sign

    This Venus-ruled sign will love it when you talk about their beauty, as well. 

    Much like Taurus, you should go into details about the taste of him or her, the smell, the sounds, anything to get all 5 senses roaring!

  8. 8 SCORPIO

    Scorpio Zodiac Sign

    Write Scorpio an erotic letter. This is the sign that rules sex, so go into great detail about a sexual fantasy you've had about him or her. 

    Scorpio will probably attack you half way through reading it!


    Sagittarius zodiac sign

    If you've traveled a lot together, which I'm sure you have with this sign. Put a journal together of all your favorite travel photos and be sure to add some notes along with it all. 

    If you can make it a poem picture book, even better. Get on your MAC and start making a book on your computer.

  10. 10 CAPRICORN

    Capricorn zodiac sign

    This sign is all about achievement and getting there first. Write a letter or poem about how you admire their work ethic and desire to succeed.

    Be specific with your writing. Generalizations won't hit home as much as details will!

  11. 11 AQUARIUS

    aquarius zodiac sign

    Write a letter or poem about how your Aqua man or woman stands out from the crowd. 

    They love to dance to the beat of their own drummer, so make sure you let them know you admire them for all their quirks and eccentricities.

  12. 12 PISCES

    pisces quotes

    Connect with your Pisces man or woman through a love letter that's from a higher realm. 

    This person's a dreamer and highly spiritual. Write about his or her soul.

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