Zodiac Signs Are Always

Zodiac signs are always: Comparing someone’s personality to their one prominent feature defined by the zodiac sign may look too stereotypical.

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign, that makes us say… Zodiac signs are always!

Aries – Angry

Aries is pretty much always angry. We don’t mean like Hulk-Angry, but they carry temper on their nose. They are easily irritated and if someone frustrates them they will release anger almost immediately.

Zodiac Signs are Always

Taurus – Eating

This sign loves food more than people and it’s not even an exaggeration. Taurus is not always eating, but even when they are doing other things, they are thinking about eating their fav food. In their free time, they’d be looking at new food to try.

Zodiac Signs are Always

 Gemini – Talking

Geminis love to talk. It makes them awkwardly anxious when the room is quiet. They have to talk to feel at ease & (somewhat weirdly) at peace. Even if no one is around, they like to speak their thought out loud, instead of keeping them in mind.

Zodiac Signs are Always

Cancer – Lost in Thoughts

Cancerians are known to have hundreds of things at once in their mind. This is also the reason why they are moody, as their thought affect their mood almost instantly. Cancerians could be attending a party & have depressing thoughts & vice versa.

Zodiac Signs are Always

Leo – Exhibiting Best

Leos & their need for attention is one long saga. Leos are always pretending or striving to look best in the room, whether about work, partying, or for some random thing. Leo needs to exhibit that they are the absolute best & correct among everyone else.

Leos are best

 Virgo – Correcting / Cleaning 

Virgos are neat freaks, but we don’t mean they are always cleaning like Monica Geller! But more like, cleaning desk or their surroundings, correcting & rechecking things for the 10th time., trying to correct someone’s cloth, hair or makeup and the list goes on.

Virgo likes Cleaning

Libra – Gossiping 

Okay! Hear us out, before take offence! Libras are so tired of being diplomats all time, that in their alone time they are mostly divulging gossip. In front of people, they are always either talking about new movies, or things, or going shopping.

Libra zodiac sign

 Scorpio – Horny

Scorpios have their head in their genitals. Scorpios are always thinking about making out with their partner. It’s not like Scorpios are perverts, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that they very much can be one. Scorpios can be Horny all the time.

Zodiac Signs are always

 Sagittarius – Energetic 

Sagittarius would rant for hours that they need rest, but when they actually get one… they’d spend the same doing something or the other. This sign cannot sit still. They have so much energy& stamina that they feel it’s a waste to just let it go.

Zodiac Signs are always

Capricorn – Laughing

Capricorns are weird & hella awkward. It’s not like they are anti-social or something, but at times it’s hard to gel up well up with people. With their whacky, dark sense of humor that not many get, & their nervous thoughts, laughing is their most frequent reaction.

Zodiac Signs are always

Aquarius –  Weird 

Just like Capricorns, Aquarius has a hard time being at same level as others. Aquarius has reformatory ideas about everything and comes across as weird to others. On the other hand, Aquarius would think others are all shallow & would project more weirdness.

Zodiac Signs are always

 Pisces – Dreaming

Almost every time you’d see Pisces being lost in their sweet dream life. Pisces has a tendency to imagine grand and much better scenarios than what they are in currently. It’s the habit of Pisces that can be both endearing & frustrating.

Zodiac Signs are always

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