What Your Moon Sign Says About You


The sign, in which the Moon is placed at the time of your birth is known as Your moon sign. In India, each Moon Sign or Chandra Rashi are allocated letters of the Indian alphabet, when a child is born they are named by using an allotted letter of their moon sign. The Moon sign reflects the mind, intuitions, needs, attachments, emotions, & insecurities & yearnings. It also defines your subconscious or a personality that is hidden from the world. If you don’t know your Moon sign, then go to the link Find Moon Sign  

Have you ever wondered what your moon zodiac sign traits say about you? Take a look at your zodiac sign and find out what it says about

Traits According to moon Sign Aries 

Moon in Aries makes one emotionally short-tempered. They are hot-headed & their mind is more active than the body. Their mind finds ease & peace in situations or with people that stir their excitement, giving them the feeling of attaining something. Aries Moon also gets sensitive when self or loved ones are hurt. & uses their emotions or anger to protect themselves.

aries moon

Traits According to moon Sign Taurus

Taurus Moon makes people a bit worrisome & Controlling. They prefer cozy atmospheres, delicious meals, & material or luxurious possessions. Their mind is at ease when they achieve exactly what they planned even if it is getting lazy, if not they are restless. Taurus Moon makes them think & worry about what every person in their life is doing, & mostly what they think of them.

taurus moon

Traits According to moon Sign Gemini 

Gemini Moon makes individuals child- like & youthful. They can be flirty, artsy, or impulsive. They are more inclined to do fun activities than indulge in something with feelings. It’s not like they do not feel, they surely do, but Gemini Moon likes to keep it hidden & concealed with their curiosity & exaggerative personality as a distraction. Hardly anyone can decode their emotions.

Moon Sign gemini

Traits According to moon Sign Cancer

Moon is a natural Ruler of Cancer, thus Cancer Moon makes one driven by emotions. They are empathetic, nurturing & considerate. Their intuitive abilities can be really strong. Cancer Moon seems to just know when a loved one is not doing okay emotionally. They possess good memory & like to treasure the same as a material possession. They are more likely to have mood swings than other signs.

Moon Sign cancer

Traits According to moon Sign Leo

Leo moon makes one passionate & feel a strong sense of visibility. They can be really over the top, & dramatic for the smallest of things. They can be warm, generous, kind-hearted & try to help others. They are confident and capable to achieve it all but the Leo Moon makes them anxious with constant worries & fear of other people’s perceptions, judgments, appreciations & criticisms

Moon Sign leo

Traits According to moon Sign Virgo

Virgo Moon makes one analytical, critical & powerful. Their mind feels at ease when they can’t find flaws in something. Thus they usually are seen picking out mistakes in everything & everyone. They can get extreme with overconfidence or under- confidence. Virgo moon likes systems, & structures and is really good at creating the same. They love to be helpful in practical ways.

Moon Sign virgo

Traits According to moon Sign Libra

Libra Moon makes one intellectual & rational. They can be obsessed with facts more than feelings, in fact, they’d try to find logic in emotions. Their minds prefer justice & fairness. They seem gullible but they hardly let emotions affect or drive them. Libra moon wants people to praise them, but may not really care or get affected by the opinions. They can get attached or detached in perfect balance.

Moon Sign libra

Traits According to moon Sign Scorpio

Scorpio Moon makes one intuitive, strong & shrewd. They are intense in whatever they feel or do. They have a strong influence on others with their words & the way they emote their ideas. They can possess an wild amount of belief in themselves or feel a massive breakdown & yet could hide it well. Scorpio moon makes them intriguing & they’d like to know everything possible. They are hardly flustered.

Moon Sign scorpio

Traits According to moon Sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius Moon makes one straightforward & spontaneous. They are fairly simple & have no filter. They believe in being true in their minds, & would express opinions as felt. They need adventures a little more than others. Sagittarius Moon is an intense thinker, & likes to analyse every piece of information. They also love talking about the purpose & meaning of life.

Moon Sign sagittarius

Traits According to moon Sign Capricorn

Capricorn Moon makes one secretive & perfectionist. Their mind can’t rest easily if they are not working. They are quite critical & very hard on themselves as well as others. They can be rigid with emotions & prefers to keep what they feel hidden. To keep the anxiety of failure away, they’d work dedicatedly & without any breaks. Capricorn Moon is fulfilled through successes and achievements.

Moon Sign capricorn

Traits According to moon Sign Aquarius 

Aquarius Moon makes one smart, honest & fond of uniqueness. They see terms like bizarre or weird as compliments, rather they fear copying someone unknowingly. They’d roam in large groups & would mostly be surrounded by people and yet their minds would keep everyone at an emotional distance. Aquarius Moon is almost always honest. They can voice the needs of others while remaining detached.

Moon Sign aquarius

Traits According to moon Sign Pisces

Pisces Moon makes one sensitive, empathetic & creative. They are usually driven by emotions & they proudly accept the same. They do not shy away from expressing what they feel. Their minds can detect the feelings & thoughts of others too. Pisces Moon is often taken for granted due to its generous & kind nature. But they can easily get hurt & can cut people off in a rude or a really cold manner.

Moon Sign pisces
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