12 Houses in the Birth Chart or Kundali

Houses in the Birth Chart or Kundali

Since, many millenniums, Vedic astrology has served humanity on numerous occasions. With a basic understanding of your stars and planets, you can help accomplish happy, lucrative, and spiritual growth.

The birth chart is the prominent aspect of learning Vedic astrology. Birth Chart provides connotation, understanding, and significances of astrology. With the help of a birth chart, one can illuminate their daily experiences and help themselves to recognize their inner abilities.

A birth chart is an astrological chart representing the positions of all celestial bodies taken at the very moment of your birth. It’s like a candid portrait of the sky illustrating all the stars and planets. The Vedic astrologers use the birth chart to predict your future and lead your present life. The birth chart consists of 12 dynasties of our planets, which are commonly known as Houses. In Vedic astrology, these houses are known as ‘Bhawans’ aids an individual to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and Opportunities.


Vedic astrology is known as ‘Jyotish’ or ‘science of light.’ It states that our stars and planets have dominant and prestigious roles that govern our lives.

In the teachings of the Vedas, karma plays an essential role in human life. Karma enumerates that every action and thought in your present will have significant reactions in your future.

Karma has a direct impact on the positions of your stars, planets, and birth chart. Each house in the birth chart provides the human with guidance, opportunities, and precautious measures on their life’s journey. It also offers invaluable insights into your personality, features, and talents.

Each of these 12 houses signifies crucial aspects of life and operates as a single unit to enhance your growth. In a nutshell, houses create a roadmap to understand your past, present, and future.


The 12 Houses in the Vedic Astrology represent various significance. But for our basic understanding, we will segregate essential and meaningful aspects of each house. 

The first six houses represent the “personal traits” of an individual. It deals with the themes of our daily life, family, friends, and society at large. While the other six houses represent the “interpersonal traits” of an individual. It governs the relationships, professional, and social life of an individual.

First House in Birth Chart or Kundali

The First House in Vedic Astrology is also called Ascendant or (Lagna).  This house defines your appearance. It represents the physical and attractive features of your body. While studying this house, one can ascertain the physical and mental health of an individual. After all, the first impression lasts forever! This house also reflects your destiny & misfortunes. Body Parts associated with the first house are the head & upper parts of the face.

  • Vedic Name for 1st House: Tanu Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aries
1st house astrology
Second House in Birth Chart

It represents the materialistic aspects such as personal finance, education, assets, and valuables. While studying this house, an individual can learn which career or profession is suitable for them and work passionately to accomplish their ambitions. This house is popularly known as The House of Money. It indicates your family wealth profile and your early childhood. Body Parts associated with this house are cheeks, eye, nail, teeth, tongue, and mouth.

  • Vedic Name for 2nd House: Dhanu bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Venus / Jupiter
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Taurus
2nd house astrology houses in the birth chart
Third House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It governs the mental fitness and memorizing ability of an individual. The third house encourages expressions and enables you to build close connections with your siblings, coworkers, and society at large. This house determines your communication skills, habits, interests, creativity, journey. Body parts associated with 3rd house are ears, collarbone, arms, hands, upper chest.

  • Vedic Name For 3rd House: Sahaj bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Gemini
3rd house in astrology
Fourth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

You will find this house at the base of your birth chart, which symbolizes home and family. Hence, this house is related to the household happiness of an individual. Furthermore, the fourth house encourages us to invest in infrastructures and real estate for our family. You tend to make your close people happier and safe. Fourth House also reveals relationships with your mother & maternal figures. This house represents the chest, neck, and shoulders.

  • Vedic Name For 4th House: Bandhu Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Cancer
4th house in astrology
Fifth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It represents creativity, romance, and emotional aspects. This house is very fertile as it rules all the creative aspects of nature. It also relates to the concerns about your reproductive health and the physical well-being of your child. This house talks about your analytical skills, judgment, intelligence while taking any decision in Life. It indicates your luck & good fortune in gambling, stock exchange, lottery, casino, betting, and so on. Body parts associated with the 5th house are the stomach,  upper and middle back.

  • Vedic Name of 5th House: Putra Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Sun /Jupiter
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Leo
Fifth House in Astrology - House Number 5 ZodiacReads
Sixth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It addresses the difficulties you have or will be facing in the upcoming days. The complications can be related to health, professional or personal life, or any critical diseases. This house helps to predict the facts and factors about such calamities. After all, precautions are better than cure!

This house also indicates how we deal with our Fears & Challenges in life, how we share relationships with our co-workers, seniors, domestic helpers & maternal relatives. Besides that, it also represents debts, enemy & legal matters, and your eligibility to manage them. Body part associated with the 6th house are the intestines and digestive tract.

  • Vedic Name for 6th House:  Shatru bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Virgo
6th house in astrology
Seventh House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It signifies the features and personality of your spouse or partners, you will come across in your lifetime. Apart from them, it also addresses your business partners, employers, or coworkers. This house enables you to know the positive and negative sides of the relationships you might enter in the upcoming times. It also relates to physical intimacy, sex, infertility, attraction to the opposite gender. Body parts associated with this house are kidneys, lower back, lower pelvic, and genetials.

  • Vedic Name for 7th House:  Patni Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Libra
7th house in astrology
Eighth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It is popularly known as the House of Reincarnation or Death. All the transformations, sudden events, or tragic activities will fall under the realm of this house. This house answers all the mysterious happenings in your life and fluctuates expeditiously on your karma. Good planetary position in this house indicates sudden gain & interest in occult science. This house also caters to research works, astrology, mining, spiritual life, etc.

  • Vedic Name for 8th House: Ayu bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
8th house in astrology
Ninth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It determines the religious aptitude, ethics, and etiquettes of an individual. There is a strong connection of individual growth related to global travel, higher educations prospects, and spiritual learning. In a nutshell, it helps to predict the religious values and knowledge of the person. 9th house reflects relationships with your father, mentor, brother-in-law, sister-in-law & teacher. It also refers to the good karma of your past life. body parts are associated with this house are the buttocks, reproductive system, thighs.

  • Vedic name for 9th House: Dharma bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
9th house in astrology
Tenth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

This house relates to the career and work of an individual. It is at the very top of your birth chart. It helps to predict the profession, suitable as per their charisma to earn prestige and reputation in the society. There are higher chances of success if you attentively follow the career path as mentioned in your birth chart. Body parts are associated with the 10th house are knees, thighs.

  • Vedic name for 10th House: Karma Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
10th house in astrology
Eleventh House in Birth Chart or Kundali

It is a strong indicator of wealth, fame, popularity, and valuable possessions in one’s life. It seems like an auspicious house in astrology. It is associated with our future hopes and ideals. The Vedic astrologers predict the aspirations and desires of an individual by studying this house. This house also rules friendship, teamwork. Body parts associated with the 11th house are the ankle & calf.

  • Vedic name for 11th House: Labh Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
11th house inn astrology
Twelfth House in Birth Chart or Kundali

This house is associated with the endings, the last stage of the projects, life, or partnership. Most Vedic astrologers will always avoid talking about this house. With the connection between your subconscious mind and imagination, you can get information about your after-birth life using this house. This house indicates secrets, emotions, dreams, fear, anxiety, jail, and hospitalization. Body parts are associated with this house are feet, left eye, leg.

  • Vedic name for 12th House: Vaya bhava
  • Natural Ruling Planet: Saturn / Jupiter
  • Natural Ruling Zodiac Sign: Pisces
12th house in astrology

HOUSES                                                   SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH HOUSE

1st House:                                     Self, Physical Features and Traits, Personality, Characteristics

2nd House                                  Wealth, Finances, Family, Primary Knowledge

3rd House:                                    Communication, Skills, Hobbies, Younger Siblings

4th House:                                     Happiness, Mother, Property, Land, Vehicle, Secondary Education

5th House:                                     Creativity, Love Affairs, Progeny, Past Life Experience, Higher Education

6th House:                                     Profession, Diseases, Enemies, Debt, Advocacy

7th House:                                     Marriage, Spouse, Relationships & Long-Term Partnerships, Public Image

8th House:                                     Longevity, Unexpected Events, Research

9th House:                                     Luck, Father, Mentor, Beliefs, Religion, Long Distance Travel,  Higher Learning

10 House:                                       Job, Career, Profession, Karma or Actions

11th House:                                    Income, Gains, Ambitions, Elder Siblings

12th House:                                    Expenditure, Losses, Moksha

We hope this article answered all your queries and provided you with a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology and its 12 Houses. Stay tuned for more updates.
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