Eighth house in birth chart

The Eight House in the Astrology

Every planet, asteroid, or celestial body present within each house of the birth chart provides valuable insights into our personality traits. Moreover, houses are the roadmap for understanding our past, present, and future. 

The 8th house, called the Ayu Bhava in Vedic Astrology, Scorpio is natural sign for 8th house . Mars is its natural significator t for scorpio sign ( Saturn is also natural signifier for 8th house in birth char) —8th house its related to  mysteries and possessiveness but also death. Body parts associated with 8th house are private parts , reproductive systems .

The eighth house can also indicate where an individual may have the ability to transform themselves or their circumstances, and where they can find deep, personal power. It can also show where an individual may have hidden talents or abilities. Understanding the eighth house in a birth chart can help an individual gain insight into their inner motivations and desires, as well as their deepest fears and vulnerabilities. It can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation.

In addition, The eighth house also considered as the house of longevity, or the house of death. It is also associated with sex, regeneration and inheritance. The placement of planet and the zodiac sign in this house will be crucial to understand how these aspects of life may manifest for an individual. Through understanding this placement, one can gain insight into their relationships with others, as well as their ability to transform and transcend their current circumstances.

Zodiac Signs Significance- Eighth House in Astrology

There are 12 zodiac signs. Each sign placed in the Eighth house could signify the interest , death , past life 

Let us look at what it is like when signs are placed in the Eighth House

Aries in Eighth House

Individuals residing in Aries in the Eighth house tend to be impulsive when arguing or to defend themselves. They may suffer from acute diseases and also get into accidents that may bring a dramatic change in their life or even sudden death. They do not take changes quickly and often tend to get aggressive. Their main challenge is to accept anger and instead nurture their instincts responsibly and assertively.

Taurus in Eighth House

Taurus is a sign that they love to enjoy their lives but, residing in the eighth house, tends to destroy the same. Natives born with Taurus in the eighth house are wise, helpful and compassionate. They tend to help their loved ones to make money which can help them to spend life with leisure. 

For these individuals, accepting change is difficult. They don’t take transformations very happily and need time to adapt. That tends to cause problems in letting go of people, circumstances, and career ventures. When talking about life and death, Taurus is a sign of physicality and comfort; even their death is peaceful.

Gemini In Eighth House

The eighth house residing in Gemini makes these individuals always carefree, distracted in life, yet intelligent. Moreover, they are curious and always interested in solving mysteries in an artistic and fun way. These inmates have inherited manipulative qualities and can control others. They misuse their intelligence by playing mind games to get information, which often hurts others. However, when it comes to their health, they need to take care of their respiratory system and take extra care of their lungs.

Cancer in Eighth House

Cancer natives in the eighth house in Astrology are private, reserved and nurturing. They often show compassion towards others and nurture them when required. This caring nature makes these individuals more sensitive than they might seem to others. However, these individuals dismiss their own emotions by not giving them crucial importance. That may be dangerous after a certain point in life as it can lead to an overall downgrade of their mental health and the level of satisfaction they want to achieve.

Leo in Eighth House

With Leo residing in the eighth house, the natives tend to inherit leadership qualities. They love to live life doing all the exciting experiences without paying attention to details. They do not fear death; they love taking risks and believe in going with the flow. Many would know them being generous; however, they are egoistic too. They tend to become destructive when their powerful egoistic sides show up. Thus, to be successful in life, they need to control their emotional side and give respect to others and themselves too. 

Virgo in Eighth house


The individuals born with Virgo in the Eighth House in Astrology tend to be clever, ambitious and nurturing. These people are very clever about using their money and avoiding unnecessary expenses. That is also because they need to be financially secured.  These inmates are concerned with their health and worry about death, making them regularly check their health. They also try their best to avoid accidents, mishappenings and risky situations as much as possible. And when they are looking for a partner, they want someone practical and independent. But due to their overanalyzing and criticizing nature, they may have problems in their personal relationships. They often get emotional and misunderstood, for which they are advised to learn how to express themselves more

Libra in Eighth House

The natives born with Libra positioned in the eighth house in Astrology often tend to make them energetic, flexible, open-minded and thrifty. These people are always eager to make changes in their lives. When making changes, these inmates tend to be flexible and objective and try to adapt in the required way. 

These individuals need to work on their emotions. They often tend to cause damage and chaos in their mind when dealing with emotional problems. They are advised to build a personal approach to partnership, marriage, and all social things from scratch as if their life can be inconsistent with relationships.  However, inmates who desire to be independent find themselves in strangely satisfying relationships before marriage. But, they may have to cope with marriage problems in the en

Scorpio in Eighth House

People born with Scorpio in the eighth position have a deep knowledge of the endings and beginnings of all things in life. They accept the whole cycle of life and death differently than other people in their lives. They believe in reincarnation and mystical practices and desire to be in the occult world.  However, these individuals are creative and open-minded when talking about their nature. But, they can also be inflexible and indecisive. They become irresponsible, and irrational in a critical or intense situation. Their emotions go intense  and complicated- from one moment of bravery to absolutely start blaming others for the mistakes that they made themselves. 

Sagittarius in Eighth House

The natives with Sagittarius in the eighth house are optimistic, efficient and generous. They believe there are good people on Earth who bring good luck wherever they go. This optimistic and generous approach often brings them everything they desire to have in their life. They believe good things will happen to them regarding finances and health. 

Also, they are always keen on going on adventures, exploring new things, and about people. They even ask them personal questions to know them better. Although they are very manipulative, they tend to ask lots of questions to use the information when they want to teach these people a lesson if such a time comes

Capricorn in Eighth House

Natives born with Capricorn in the eighth house inherit the quality of being honest, forgiving and active. However, their self-esteem is vigilant; they usually stick to their partnerships to make them feel fulfilled.  However, when it comes to money matters, no one can be more serious about it than these inmates. They tend to have the blessing of knowing how to save money and only spend money when it is required.

Aquarius in Eighth House

Individuals born with Aquarius in the eighth house in birth chart bring positivity to them. They are independent, responsible and also spiritual. Some of these natives may even possess or are a medium of supernatural, paranormal powers when it comes to being spiritual. However, these inmates tend to see only negative sides to this sign and handle the changes very poorly. It shows their inability to open up to progress and new things. They should leave unrealistic expectations from their loved ones, which causes them stress and mental pressure. Instead, enjoy the solitude and freedom, and let the relationships grow and nurture.

Pisces in Eighth House

The eighth house residing in Pisces indicates that these inmates are constantly associated with dangers. Dangers may be related to uncontrolled debt, corporate business borrowed funds, and difficulties with inheritance which may also put them on the verge of bankruptcy.  The natives believe in the philosophy of you live only once. That is why they don’t think twice before spending money or doing anything. But they get judgemental and have an opinion about everything, which may lead them to failure and betrayal.

Planet Significance- Eighth House in Astrology

Planets describe the basic human purposes of every person. Astrology believes that the position of the planetary bodies- Sun, Moon, and other planets- directly impacts a person’s character. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise the ruling planets in each house to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Sun in Eighth House

The Sun in the Eighth House in Astrology shows that the natives like to explore the deepest mysteries of their lives. That may also influence your interest in occult, mystery and psychic matters. In addition, the natives have the ability inherited to be a healer.  Although, health may be an issue for the inmates. They may suffer from sudden fever, heat strokes, and skin ailments. They may even get into some life-threatening illnesses due to the malefic influence of the Sun.  Also, they may have an unpleasant relationship with their in-laws and relatives post-marriage due to an afflicted or weak Sun.

Mars in Eighth House

Mars is the planet of passion, determination and war, making the natives passionate, ambitious and highly focused. They can achieve almost anything with their passion and hard-working nature. However, inmates’ impulsive and reckless nature may make mistakes which can lead to severe consequences in personal life. They may even face financial problems due to their partner. When talking about the natives’ longevity, the positioning of Mars in the Eighth House does not favour them. But on the positive side, these natives are blessed with energy and vibrations to tackle hard times and go on in life with full enthusiasm. 

Moon in Eighth House

The Moon in the 8th house in birth chart Astrology makes the inmates quite reserved, emotional and moody. The natives are likely to be private and prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. Moon also shows that the inmates are hard-working and serious about their life goals. They are always full of ideas, making them stay calm in unpleasant situations.However, the Moon faces a water sign in the eighth house. Thus, it makes them prone to dangers related to water bodies. Therefore, the natives are advised to refrain from swimming.

Jupiter in Eighth House

In accordance with the planets, Jupiter is considered the planet of philosophy; Jupiter in the eighth house  birth chart gives you an abundance of luck, fortune, success and generosity.These natives are optimistic and cooperative in nature. They are lucky to have financial gains by inheriting property and other assets. Financial gains also come to them through their partner and in-laws. And when we talk about life and death, Jupiter in the eighth house has death-inflicting power, which tends to give you a longer life. 

Venus in Eighth House

Venus is the planet of luxury, which indicates the natives accumulate financial gains and wealth through inheritance. However, the outcome may be that these inmates may turn out to be lazy and over-obsessed, which could be painful and lead to committing mistakes.  Also, there are chances that they must be addicted to being indulged in sensual pleasure, which could cause their downfall.

Mercury in Eighth House

With Mercury in the eighth house or birth chart in Astrology, the natives are likely to have a penetrative, investigative and inquisitive nature. Their curious minds longes for secrets and depth in matters. They are likely to become writers. However, they are also associated with death in one way or the other. It may be through wills, funerals, cemeteries or criminal investigation.

Saturn in Eighth House

Being Saturn positioned in the eighth house or birth chart indicates that the inmates are hard-working, self-disciplined, patient and prudent with expenses. It also indicates that their hard work makes them disciplined and self-made, which ultimately doesn’t stop them from making a few sacrifices to reach the ultimate goal.  However, Saturn, the planet of fear, challenges the natives to be restricted from making life changes. It also causes delays and obstructions in matters related to inheritance, debt and sexual satisfaction. It may also interfere with inmates’ health, making their illnesses chronic and prolonged.

Rahu in Eighth House or Astrology

In the eighth house in Astrology, Rahu tends to make the inmates impulsive, lacking sincerity and seriousness in life. This placement can often cause disastrous consequences. The inmates have to face both financial and health issues. Economic losses can be due to spending unnecessarily upon unworthy people or court cases. And speaking about health, they tend to have body weakness and lead a poor lifestyle. However, ironically, a well-placed Rahu indicates that you will be mindful, healthy and wealthy. It will bring you luck and success in life.

Ketu in Eighth House or Astrology

When Ketu is placed in the 8th house in Astrology, it indicates positivity for life’s spiritual and mystical side. These inmates are brave and may adopt occultism as their profession. They have good character, happiness, successful career and longevity.However, an afflicted Ketu inmate must be aware of accidents, illness, or other mishaps. In addition, they may undergo surgeries due to firearms, weaponry, insects or animals.

Final Thoughts

Hence Eighth House becomes the famous house of the horoscope for the most hateful reason— death. It deals with our emotions, relationships, and sudden good and bad events for which you are not prepared. However, it can transform your mind or soul as in Latin; death means Reincarnation.

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