Seventh House in Birth Chart

Seventh House in Birth chart or Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 7th house in birth chart is known as Patni Bhava and is ruled by Libra. The planet Venus acts as a natural significator for this house / Libra sign.

The 7th house is associated with how we relate to the opposite gender and our need for commitment in a relationship. It also represents physical intimacy, shades of passion—and related matters like attraction; these are aspects that it affects between you and your partner The body parts connected to the 7th house include kidneys and lower back. genitals

it also known as the House of Partnerships. It represents deep, committed and long-term connections in a person’s life. These connections include romantic partners, business partners, and deep friendships. 


Are you going through the feeling that your romantic relationship is in some eerily phase? In this case, it is not you to blame but your 7th house in astrology, which focuses on long-term partnerships. 

Zodiac Signs Significance- Seventh House in birth chart or Astrology

There are 12 zodiac signs. Each sign placed in the Seventh house could signify the personality and traits of individuals. 

Let us look at what it is like when signs are placed in the Seventh House

Aries in Seventh House

Natives born with Aries in the 7th House in Astrology often tend to be attention seekers. They are likely to have an assertive lover, as when they are romantically involved, they tell their partner to work hard and invest time to make their dream come true. These individuals’ partners must be flexible and open to taking risks. Also, these inmates may get aggressive, but to feel complete, they need to learn to be accepting and stop criticising others.

Taurus in Seventh House

Having Taurus residing in the 7th House in Astrology means having a very homely and committed relationship. These inmates are all about solid love, loyalty and long-lasting relationships. Trust and loyalty matter the most for these individuals to build a foundation of relationships. Also, they want to have a well-settled life and partner with these individuals, and you will never be disappointed. They ensure that you will have what you need and care for the whole family lifelong.

Gemini In Seventh House

If the 7th house in Astrology is set in Gemini, it is evident that there is a lot to talk about with this social butterfly. These individuals are known for their communication skills as it helps them get close to people and control any situation. In addition, they have an inquisitive nature that makes them ideal dating material. However, emotional deep talks, forgiveness and childish joy can make this Gemini and your relationship as happy and light as it should be.

Cancer in Seventh House

When Cancer resides in the 7th House in Astrology, the natives usually resent their relationships and must be shown love, affection and care. Emotional inmates require a nurturing, caring, patient partner with their inner child-like heart. So, when these individuals choose their partner, their relationship is filled with tenderness, emotion and intimacy, leading to healthy family life and functional marriages that last.

Leo in Seventh House

Having Leo residing in the 7th House in Astrology indicates that they will want to show off their relationships. Therefore, the natives need confident partners who will not take things personally and be willing to discover ways in which they can be irrational and fierceful. Thus, these inmates’ primary challenge is finding a partner who is not scared to be put out and is an innovative, strange, and unique individual. Also, they expect the relationship to flow with respect from both ends, which will help form healthy bonds filled with warmth with their loved ones, friends and business partnerships.

Virgo in Seventh house

The Virgo natives in the 7th House in Astrology bring humility and prioritizing relationships to the table. These inmates are focused on relationships as it means everything to them. They also tend to have a caring and helping nature- that may be helping you file your taxes or giving a helping hand to clean up the house. You may find them constantly coming up with many questions, but don’t worry. They do that to get to know people better.

Libra in Seventh House

Libra, residing in the 7th House in Astrology, believes in outer beauty, make-up, pose and romantic relationships over anything else. These inmates have a natural approach to relationships and marriage. They are attracted to elegant and lovely people and can choose someone who can mirror their core personality. However, they face challenges getting intimately involved with others. They need their emotions to be cherished and respected, which may intimidate others.

Scorpio in Seventh House

When Scorpio resides in the 7th House in Astrology, it means that ultimate intimacy is necessary. These inmates can be very hard to please and satisfy as they need to express their love and desires on physical terms. They make a great sexual partner and a dedicated one. However, keeping physical intimacy aside, these natives tend to withdraw, retreat and put up walls, making it tough to create the emotions necessary for continuing the relationships. They get jealous and possessive instantly, but the relationship can be much more meaningful once trust is established.

Sagittarius in Seventh House

When Sagittarius natives reside in the 7th House in Astrology, they often tend to be distant and unreachable to others. These inmates cannot materialize desires which often leads them to have long-distance relationships or simple bonds with people that do not get stable, close, or intimate. They fear commitment and are always willing to explore things which may be unsuitable for everyone. So practically, to be a partner of these inmates, the person needs to be open-minded, a travel lover and open to exploring new things.

Capricorn in Seventh House

The placement of Capricorn in the 7th House in Astrology often indicates that its natives are dedicated, full of restrictions and guarded. These characters are a complex combination of one’s personality, as they are driven for success without mattering if there is any ambition in the first place. However, with their determination power, they are someone with intense solitude and will do anything to keep the partner, business partnership or friendship for life. They usually do not fall easily in love, but when they do, they are devoted wholly.

Aquarius in Seventh House

If anything, an Aquarius residing in the 7th House in Astrology needs nothing but dependence. These inmates need a balanced system of equal perception of themselves and others. They require liberation to bring excitement, joy, and a constant spark into life. They must stay honest to themselves for which they need their space. That can be challenging for their partners, but that’s what it takes to be their constant. However, natives’ health can be a concern, so follow a healthy diet and routine.

Pisces in Seventh House

As Pisces resides in the 7th house in Astrology, matters of trust must be given the utmost importance for a healthy relationship to continue. It has been seen that in many cases, these inmates get attracted to other strange partners. These individuals go through many emotions, understanding and romance here as long as their minds don’t go haywire. But, if they continue to help and explore new territories with their partner, they will advance towards more and more fulfilling relationships throughout life. If there is a magic solution to that, it’s only that faith and devotion are the requirements to reach the fairytale ending.

Planet Significance- Seventh House in Birth chart or Astrology

Planets describe the basic human purposes of every person. Astrology believes that the position of the planetary bodies- Sun, Moon, and other planets- directly impacts a person’s character. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise the ruling planets in each house to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Sun in Seventh House

The Sun in the 7th House in Astrology, showers you with personal and professional gains. The natives are seen to rise quickly up the ladder and have a wealthy status in society. Therefore, there is a high possibility even of seeking a partner of high class and reputed. Moreover, they are blessed with good health and fortune; they can even protect their partner from disease and illness.

Mars in Seventh House

Mars resides in the 7th House in Astrology, indicating that the natives are passionate and devoted lovers. Therefore, these inmates look for a partner who is active, courageous and will stand by their side. Unfortunately, these individuals prefer to do things their way, which could create problems in marriage or business. They also may get aggressive and impulsive, which can lead to problems in marriage. However, these inmates have a positive business and career paths aside from personal matters. 

Moon in Seventh House

When Moon is positioned in the 7th House in Astrology, the natives will likely have a loving, compassionate, emotional and supportive partner who can handle the family very well. As a result, these individuals will have a blissful married life with a kind-hearted partner. However, due to their emotional nature, the individuals are advised to control their moodiness in marriage and business; otherwise, it can be affected immensely. 

Jupiter in Seventh House

Having Jupiter positioned in the 7th House in birth chart or Astrology, the inmates are generous and liberal in relationships. Therefore, these inmates will get many opportunities to gain wealth and high status through marriage. Being optimistic will call you ample wealth, knowledge, wisdom and fortune. Nevertheless, in business also, this placement will bring name and fame.

Venus in Seventh House

Having Venus in the 7th House in birth chart or Astrology, the natives will enjoy a well-balanced and blissful married life. There is also a high possibility of improving financial and social status due to marriage. These individuals will experience eternal happiness due to the intense emotional and physical bond with their partners. Remember to maintain a balanced attitude in love and not have higher expectations from your partner.

Mercury in Seventh House

Mercury, positioned in the 7th house in birth chart or Astrology, states that these inmates will possess excellent communication skills with their partners and professional life. When it comes to personal relationships, these individuals are kind, honest, truthful, and cherish togetherness. And in professional life, these natives will make financial success and unexpected gains in wealth and fortune. However, due to their indecisiveness, they may be afraid to commit as they typically prefer enjoyment over hard work, commitment or consistency.

Saturn in Seventh House

Saturn’s position in the 7th House in birth chart or  Astrology indicates that the natives are bestowed with wisdom, knowledge and the most loyal and romantic partners. These inmates are likely to marry for their emotional security over love; for them, mutual understanding amongst the partners is crucial. Hence, they may fall for older or more mature partners. These natives are passionate and ambitious about their love lives. However, they may sometimes feel a lack of fulfillment in personal relationships. Nevertheless, their relationship will last lifelong.

Rahu in Seventh House or Astrology

When Rahu holds the 7th House in birth chart or Astrology position, the natives will experience a blissful married life and business partnerships. Their marriage will be filled with love, compassion, affection, attention and respect. These individuals have an emotional compulsion to be connected with others which is a strong indicator of faithfulness. However, if their marital life deteriorates, they may want to get rid of their partners and feel that their life is useless and meaningless.

Ketu in Seventh House or Astrology

When Ketu resides in the 7th House in Astrology, it is considered inauspicious by the natives. They may experience hardships in their married life regarding their health and their partner’s health. Along with personal relationships, it is equally unfavourable for business partnerships. As a result, these inmates may have to face conflicts and suffer loss. However, on a positive note, these individuals may bring happiness, love, and attachment to their lives.

Final Thoughts

The 7th House in Astrology is all about relationships. By understanding the virtue of your planet and zodiac signs in this house, you can take precautionary steps to eliminate the risk of personal and professional broken relationships. The primary goal of Astrology is to enlighten you on how planetary bodies can impact your future and let you be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

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