Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Scorpio woman with Scorpio man.

On cover image- Famous Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man – Linda Evans and Yanni

Not so much as a sorry-to-lose-you between them! If she
did not mind the parting, he was going to show her… that
neither did he.
But of course he cared very much.

This man and woman, boy and girl, or whatever the case may be, will wander, hand-in-hand, down essentially the same intensified character and personality path as any other 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern couple with conjoined Solar Luminaries, but with a few vital differences. One of these could be termed a lack of the slightest touch of the “casual” in their mutual natures – therefore, in their relationship. Scorpios unite for keeps. They part for keeps. They reconcile for keeps.

Nothing they do is meant to be temporary. At the time the action is taken, the intention is rock-bound permanency. Should something change the direction in which they’re swimming (which has to be a near Act of God, considering they’re both Fixed Signs), the new line of action instantly assumes the permanency of the old or the former.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself if I’ve become confused (and it would be no wonder, with all this complicated mixing and matching of mates) and have made a mistake, allowing a couple of Geminis to hoppity-skip into this ScorpioScorpio section. No. I am not confused. I have made no mistake. There are no Geminis within sight.

These Scorpio lovers will make a change in their relationship (or anything else) with extreme rarity. I was only attempting to point out that, on those rare occasions when they do make a change, the word “permanent” still applies – and it’s not only well-nigh impossible to swerve them from a declared intention; it is, in addition, dangerous to cause a change in a Pluto heart, because a split will usually be as permanent as the original union was meant to be. Scorpio anger is also permanent. There’s much less chance of kissand-make-up with two Scorpios than with other Sun Sign twosomes. They’re both self-protective enough not to want to get stung twice.

There does exist the faint possibility that a couple of Scorps will meet, mate and marry (or meet, marry and mate), then split in divorce, then legally remarry. Very faint. I know of exactly one case in which this occurred between two November lovers, a husband and wife who are now more deeply in love than ever. Divorcing and then remarrying the same person occurs surprisingly often with Sun Signs other than Scorpio, very much more often than few but astrologers realize. Most people would be amazed (and I hope pleased) by the actual statistics of multiple marriages to the same mates, but it’s not a pattern that normally fits a man and woman ruled by Pluto. Anything that could cause a change in the affections is carefully considered by each of them, since they’re always aware both of their own and of each other’s Fixity.

Those other Sun Sign couples just mentioned .. some of them wed, divorce and re-wed up to as many as three and four times, or more. If such a marital double-feature is ever indulged in by Scorpio and Scorpio, one such second chance is the absolute ultimate limit they’ll grant each other.

If you happen to know a couple of Scorpions who’ve broken that record, you can be sure that there are either heavy Gemini, Pisces or Sagittarius influences in both horoscopes – or they were adopted. The latter is another thing that occurs with far more frequency than people other than astrologers suspect. I’ve personally stumbled upon a shockingly high number of nativities that reveal, in intricate but unmistakable ways, that they could not possibly be the birth charts of the people they are supposed to represent, resulting in the bringing to light of many secret adoptions, which would otherwise have been buried forever – for at least the life of the unsuspecting adoptee. I happen to be of the opinion that every human being has the inalienable right to be told the absolute truth regarding his or her precise birth data, and never mind the emotional hang-ups of the real and the foster parents.


In astrology the planet Pluto, along with Mercury and Jupiter, governs matters of adoption. This means that there are often reasons why a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman become involved in the adoption of – or in the giving up for adoption of – children. Naturally, the adoption syndrome doesn’t apply to every double Scorpio combination, or even to most, but since it applies to Scorpio with so much more frequency than to other couples, it’s a subject worth mentioning here. Since Scorpios tend to believe that keeping personal matters secret is a solid virtue, they need a reminder that children deserve a voice in the matter, especially after they’ve become adults. More times than not, the tendency of Scorpio to retain secrets, to keep private matters totally private, is a positive thing. In this instance, it is decidedly negative, and this is a good time – and a good way – to remind the Pluto-ruled that there are occasions when complete frankness should be honored over and above the natural Scorpion tendency to be discreet.

There are few things on Earth more beautiful and commendable than adoption, than taking a parentless child into one’s heart to care for and love. There’s no chance that the child itself, when it’s old enough to comprehend human emotion, will fail to recognize the unselfish devotion involved in its adoption. But deceiving the child in order to protect the feelings and privacy of adults, is a sad blot upon the beauty and benevolence of the original decision. I pray that this truth is realized by all Sun Signs reading this section, not just Scorpios. For it’s time this injustice ended – time we all spoke out honestly concerning a denial of human freedom too long permitted to exist under the protection of the courts.

In addition to ruling childbirth and adoption, Pluto rules death, or what we call death – the transition to another level of awareness – or the moving from one flesh body eventually into another. A chapter written to reveal the areas of harmony and discord between lovers and mates may seem a strange place to find a mention of death. Not when the lovers or mates are both Scorpios. It is a natural subject. It is, in fact, often the very thing that draws them together – or that, if it does not draw them together – causes a deep bond between this man and this woman. They may share highly unique ideas on the subject of death, which others have thought far-out, making them feel lonely and uncertain until they found comprehension in each other. Perhaps each has suffered the deep scars of a great bereavement (or more than one) in childhood or youth.

One or both might have been married before and is a widow (or widower) at the time they meet. One might have nearly died at one time and feels that he or she was “brought back” for some as yet unsolved purpose. In some way, at some time, death, in its positive as well as its negative aspects, will be a powerful influence in the relationship in some extraordinary way.

In all 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern associations, and especially so in this one, there is an added dimension to love .. . the inexplicable joy of discovering another human being so very much like oneself that there is little need to explain things other people have considered queer or crazy for so long. Someone understands.

Someone sees – and knows! Such timeless moments of trembling joy are rare. The kind of warm “I am home again, at last” feeling experienced when this man and this woman recognize their secret selves behind each other’s deep gaze is a beautiful thing, a gift to be treasured, which each can give, one to the other.

Pluto also governs, in astrology, the deeper mysteries of religion and reincarnation. Since all Scorpios are ruled by this silent, powerful planet, many Scorpion men and women experience unusual reincarnational or other religious enlightenment through their love. Some facet of the mystical, the spiritual or the occult is usually woven within the threads of their emotional bond. Religion leads naturally (for Scorpios) into the subject of sex. Other Sun Sign readers may wonder what on Earth could possibly be the connection between sex and religion. These two will not wonder. For, to them, the physical.

expression of their love has about it a haunting and indefinable nuance, which may elude them on a conscious level but which mysteriously and beautifully magnetizes their hearts and souls and minds into a rare and singing harmony of Oneness, experienced by too few men and women. The mutual sensitivity and deep wells of need they both possess cause their lovemaking to be an extraordinary source of fulfillment for them. Of course, if there are afflictions between the Sun and Moon, and other planets, in their respective nativities, the sexual compatibility between them may not be so ecstatic. There can be, from powerful Pluto, the extreme problems of frigidity, impotency – or promiscuity.

But sex, in all its pure and impure aspects, is an inseparable part of the Scorpion essence; therefore, it will play no small role in the relationship of two Eagles.

One of the most serious threats to happiness for two Scorpios will be the tendency of each to get even when hurt – or worse, to hide his or her true feelings from the other because of false pride and a reluctance to reveal vulnerabilities. This is regrettable, since it only leads them into a series of misunderstandings, like an endless circle going nowhere – or the pain may break out of the circle, and drive them to seek their separate ways, without ever hinting to each other of the mutual need and desire for reconciliation.

For weeks, months, or even years, then, the Eagle and his Pluto lady may contain all their longing within themselves, when all it would take is a confrontation with truth together. Instead, they keep their secret, and speak with each other only astrally, which is far from satisfactory, silently communing .. .

the odd-shaped things I save
that smell, and feel of us …

a crumpled book of matches from the pizza place
some wilted flowers
picked outside the door

                                                                  you couldn’t enter
a bleached and crooked twig
washed ashore at that spot on the sand
where you first said you were lonely

                                                     and surprised me into tears
a hotel room key
stuffed inside an airline ticket envelope

I guess you saved the bird verse
and the memory of my last smile …
they take so little room in your scrapbook *

* Venus Trines at Midnight, by Linda Goodman (New York: Taplinger Publishing Company, Inc., 1970. Republished by Harper & Row, 1979).


Now, isn’t that a sad and unnecessary scene? Two Eagles, pasting their love in a memory book, when they should be exchanging it with each other – in the spirit of regeneration and rebirth represented by the Phoenix rising from its own ashes – which is the higher octave astrological symbol of the Sun Sign of Scorpio.

Pluto’s placid mask of indifference is not the entirely safe defense against pain he and she imagine it to be. It can turn Valentine’s Day into a very frightening Halloween for them both. The fear of rebuff and rejection is behind the Scorpio pose of “it doesn’t bother me at all.” But I have a question for both of these intensely emotional lovers. If you can’t trust your hearts with each other, then with whom can you trust them? Somehow, someday, someway.. you must trust someone. And no one will treat your secret more tenderly, guard it more loyally, than a Scorpio .. . like yourself.

There are the usual number of hidden dangers in this, as in any relationship. With these two Scorpios, such dangers can in some way be related to unfaithfulness (resorted to by the Pluto-ruled only under the most intense misery and confusion)… to hypnosis, mind control, alcohol, drugs .. . and negative facets of the occult.

They are both frequently unnecessarily suspicious, a problem that can be eliminated only by total honesty exchanged between them. They’re also both a little selfish – and much more than a little violent, just beneath the surface. These traits are magnified in the Scorpio-Scorpio love vibration, but then, so are the Scorpion courage, durability, gentleness and protectiveness magnified. If they both make a conscious effort to control the negative and stress the positive qualities of their characters and personalities, they can wish on each other, instead of on a star or the new Moon .. and make all their dreams come true. Forgiveness is the magic key to every Scorpio difficulty. If they can master this greatest of all virtues (for all other virtues are as nothing without it), their love can last as long as all love should last… forever-and-a-day.

It’s important for both of them to remember this: He is not as self-sufficient, poised and in control of his emotions as he pretends to be. Nor is she as aloof and unmoved as her silences indicate – as her detachment would make her seem. Wearing a mask is such a bother. It may be necessary in public, but when you’re in the arms of the one you love, it’s time to remove the false face and the dark glasses of pretense to simply be yourself. That’s what love really means, you know – acceptance of another person, with all that person’s imperfections. In fact, sometimes the imperfections of the one you love make you love him (or her) even more, because they represent the familiar, the intimate … . the secret flaws revealed only to someone with whom they can be trusted … . someone who won’t laugh at them or judge them.

When the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman have quarreled, and each secretly aches for one more chance to make love return between them, it can be a very sad thing, because neither of them dares to make the first move, to say, “I’m sorry I hurt you.” Or, “Please come back.” Somehow, they just don’t know how. They’ve practiced self-sufficiency so long with the rest of the world, never admitting dependency. Maybe the wisdom of a child will help.

Once upon an enchanted time, in 1975, a little Scorpio girl then aged eight, who lives in Falls Village, Connecticut, fell in love with a young Scorpio boy – a few years older than she, who lives in New York. Following the Pluto pattern, the “love relationship” between these two young Eagles was shadowed by the consecutive accidental deaths of four of the little Scorpio girl’s beloved dogs, within the short period of one year.

For months, the tiny Eagle struggled with her feelings, with her natural Scorpion reticence to reveal them – for fear of rejection or ridicule. Finally, after what must have been much painful soul searching, love won, in a triumph of emotional courage. She sat down and wrote the Scorpio boy a letter. In typical Pluto fashion, it was brief, direct – and to the point. No words wasted.

I’ve asked her permission (and his) to share it with Scorpio lovers everywhere .. . and with a touching and beautiful victory over their Sun Sign’s innate sense of personal privacy, they have granted it. Both said they didn’t mind and hoped that grown-up Eagles would use it as a guide when there’s something heavy in their hearts which they feel will make them burst open if they can’t find a way to express it.

Here, then, is her letter – a genuine communication of truth and courage, from Scorpio to Scorpio – in her own words, including even her own spelling.

Dear Mike,

This is going to be a short note … becase its a short note.
Some of my frends think I am dumb to like you. But that
won’t ever stop me from loving you. I like you becase we
both beleeve in fairees, elvs and druides .. and we both
beleeve in magik and the THIRD EYE!!! I gess that
means we love each other… doessnt it?

Suzanne Chinatti

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