Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

ZodiacReads Compatibility is a new series where we will see how two signs are fair in love and relationship. In this post, we look at the compatibility between the zodiac signs of Virgo and Aquarius.

Please note that this is just an analysis between two signs and can not completely determine your relationship. Whether two people are compatible in various aspects needs an in-depth study of both charts. Click here to check your compatibility through vedic matchmaking.

Understanding Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo is the second earth sign and sixth sign of the Zodiac. Being ruled by Mercury it is practical, intelligent, and pays attention to detail. Virgo is all about analyzing, organizing, and improving things around them.

Aquarius is the last air sign and eleventh sign of the Zodiac. Being ruled by Saturn it is independent, original, and has a humanitarian spirit. Aquarius is all about innovation, progress, and positive societal changes.

Virgo & Aquarius Initial Attraction

Virgo and Aquarius are opposite signs on the Zodiac wheel, which creates a magnetic pull toward each other. They are both attracted to each other’s intelligence, wit, and charm. When they meet, they tend to engage in deep and meaningful conversations, which can be intellectual, emotional, or spiritual. They share a common interest in exploring new ideas, challenging old beliefs, and discovering the truth.

The Love Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius have respect for each other’s intellect and individuality. They value their intelligence and independence in their own way. Their own flaw is the other person’s quality. Like pieces of the same puzzle. They may seem too different, yet they can be somewhat similar. The love compatibility between these two can be challenging with their varied personalities but if they feel, and stay strong, they may just work.

The Emotional Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius have different approaches to emotions. Virgo tends to be more practical, analytical, and grounded but seeks emotional stability. While Aquarius is logical but tends to be more detached, idealistic, and cold towards emotional needs. They both have a need for problem-solving and would want to solve issues in their own way. A healthy communication can overcome the emotional imbalance.

The Sexual Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius have a unique sexual chemistry. They approach sex in a cerebral and experimental way, exploring bodies and minds. Virgo is sensual, and attentive to details but is rigid and takes time to be comfortable with experiments. Aquarius is non-conventional, bold and adventurous. They may enjoy trying new things and keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom. Sex can be intense and raunchy… almost illicit.

The Issues in Paradise

Virgo can be critical, nit-picky, and trivial, which annoys Aquarius.

Aquarius can be aloof, unpredictable, and rebellious, frustrating Virgo. Virgo may control & micromanage the relationship, suffocating Aquarius. Aquarius may want more space and freedom than Virgo is willing to give. They are different in socializing and making friends, causing conflicts. Virgo prefers gatherings with intimate conversations, while Aquarius prefer large groups and stimulating debates.

Challenges That Needs Work

Virgo is a worrier and Aquarius is detached. They must learn to support each other emotionally and find a way to bridge the gap between their practical and idealistic sides. Another challenge is their different communication styles. Virgo tends to be straightforward and detail-oriented, while Aquarius tends to be abstract and unconventional. They must talk to listen and actually communicate, and not always to prove themselves right.

Virgo + Aquarius Relation

  • Opposite signs, Curious for each other
  • Intellectually stimulating and respectful of other’s individuality
  • Experimental and cerebral sexual chemistry
  • Possible conflicts due to control issues, aloofness, and different communication styles
  • Can be Similar but have many differences.

is Virgo and Aquarius Good match ?

Compatibility Verdict: A challenging match, but with love and communication, may create a sustaining relationship.

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