Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aquarius Man with  Pisces Woman.

On cover image-  Justin Timberlake (Aquarius) and Jessica Biel (Pisces)


In her extremity an instinct told her to which of them to
“Tootles,” she cried, “I appeal to you.”
Was it not strange? She appealed to Tootles, quite the
silliest one.
Grandly, however, did Tootles respond. For that one
moment he dropped his silliness, and spoke with dignity.
“I am just Tootles,” he said, “and nobody minds me. But
the first who does not behave to Wendy like an English
gentleman I will bloody him severely.” 

Trust a Pisces girl to know instinctively what less sensitive, less perceptive maidens often miss. Despite his strangeness, his undeniably odd behavior, the curious way his ears wiggle; despite his absentmindedness, and the faraway look in his eyes – this man was born under the influence of a masculine sign, and  he is, in addition, ruled by a masculine planet. Besides all that, he is an idealist protector of the weak. No one is more suited to play the role of male animal than the Aquarius man. He can be unexpectedly Flash Gordon-like, or Clark Kent-like, capable of great courage in the clutch of calamity, and therefore, totally equipped to defend his lady against danger at all times. A magnificent macho hides behind his freaky facade. He’s a man’s man, the kind who used to make women faint in the movies. Actor Clark Gable, who played Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind, was a Sun Sign Aquarian.

This works out rather nicely when his faraway look accidentally lights upon a Neptune girl. In beautiful and marked contrast to his maleness, is her femininity. Pisces, remember, is a feminine sign, and she is also ruled by a feminine planet. Talk about polarities, about opposites attracting! These two will usually feel the pull of Nature’s basic magnetism within minutes after they meet. If there’s any female who can turn a Water Bearer’s interest away from his hobby of people-watching and all forms of investigation, to research of a more personal nature, on a more intimate level, it’s a girl Fish.

Aquarian men are, as I’ve pointed out elsewhere in this book (and also in my first book, Sun Signs), as a rule, not terrifically hung up on the attraction between the sexes. Yet, when he meets a Pisces girl, the Water Bearer may suddenly become acutely aware of his sexuality (not to mention hers), causing him to behave in a very strange manner. That is, stranger than his normal manner, and this could be very strange indeed. It might make her believe he actively dislikes her.

She should not allow herself to be so misled, just because: when she drops her white angora sweater, he walks on it with his muddy boots – he takes her to the theatre, then wanders up to the balcony to munch his popcorn alone (because he’s forgotten where they were sitting) – he calls her up and asks if he can borrow her dog to take for a walk, without asking her to go along – or he blows up a paper bag and pops it near her ear, then laughs hysterically, when she’s wondering if he noticed her new perfume. He has noticed it. He has, he has! That’s why he blew up the paper sack and popped it. It kept his hands busy, when they were straining to reach out and gently touch her cheek. Only sissies behave like that. And he is no sissy. What will his pals, his buddies, all his  friends think? That kind of nonsense is for romantic sentimentalists, not for him. Wait. He’ll come around.

The Pisces lady who weeps herself to sleep because the Aquarian man she’s fallen in love with has been treating her with (calculated) detachment, as though she totally turns him off (when he’s actually so turned on by her he’s forgotten what year it is), should memorize these few lines from a poem I once wrote to expose this sort of situation.

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I must go now … don’t hold me with your eyes and reach your heart across the room like that or my own will break love you? of course I love you that’s why I have to go … before you know how much* These two will make love on a mental level rather nicely. In fact, on their honeymoon. Yes, they got as far as the honeymoon. Once a Neptune girl has caught on to this man’s romantic pretenses, stops crying, and starts seducing, he hasn’t a chance. On their honeymoon, they could spend lots of hours trying to figure out the answers to nutty questions, like: If their two Mickey Mouse watches keep ticking the time farther and farther apart from each other, at a definite rate, how long would it be before both of their watches tell the same time? He’ll try algebra, she’ll try meditating.

In her confused Neptune way, she’ll remark that it couldn’t happen, because her grandma taught her that two wrongs never make a right. He will not hear her. He is busy figuring. Then, in her “confused Neptune way,” she’ll ask him if the answer is supposed to be: When will both of their watches tell the same time – or the correct time? This sort of question will, of course, negate all his careful calculations, causing him to throw his pencil sharpener across the floor in a sudden Uranus fit of frustration.

She will remain as calm as can be, and in her “confused Neptune way,” she’ll smile at him dreamily, then murmur that, as far as making love is concerned, “any time is the right time.” His ears will turn red, he will grin, remove his Mickey Mouse watch … . the lights in their room will go off…. and .. . I usually don’t describe the physical relationship between couples of the various Sun Sign Patterns this soon into the section, but with a man who is all man, and a woman who is all woman, this kind of thing begins early. There’s really no need to cause them to blush (both blush easily) by detailing the joys of their sexual compatibility. Everything is as Nature intended it to be, and this means a smooth and harmonious blending of two separate individuals into the explosive Oneness of mating. Only if there is an aspect of tension between their Luminaries (Sun and Moon), or otherwise negative mutual planet positions in their nativities, will this man and woman have any difficulty achieving real happiness through the closeness of their physical union. I believe we’d best leave it at that, since both Pisces and Aquarius resent even the slightest invasion of their personal privacy, from Big Brother – or Big Sister. Of course, this isn’t altogether fair of either of them, since she’s so adept at psychically knowing so much about everyone she meets, and he’s able to investigate every “hello” from his friends (and even strangers) and come up with practically their entire life history from this one clue.

Now and then, not being perfect, the Pisces woman will unintentionally do something to trigger her Water Bearer’s unpredictable temper. All Aquarians have a problem leaving well enough alone. Instead of ignoring any angry incidents between them, as he should, considering this woman’s ultrasensitive feelings, he’s tempted to leave no stone unturned to prove he’s right, and she’s wrong. Let’s say, for an example, that they live in the country and have a large vegetable garden. One day, he’ll plant some flower seeds near the cabbages and tomatoes, carrying out some complicated green-thumb idea he hasn’t bothered to mention to her. She’ll be watering the cabbages someday, notice them, and pull them up, thinking they’re stinkweeds. He’ll erupt into one of his Uranian electrical storms, causing her to retreat into wounded silence, her eyes misting, her hands trembling. If she makes the mistake of insisting they’re weeds, to defend her action, he’ll sure enough take one of the seedlings she pulled up and plant it in a brass spittoon. He’ll nurse it secretly, talk to it, sing it the “Flower Drum Song,” sprinkle it with plant food … . and when it blooms into a beautiful, velvety-petaled, yellow and purple pansy, plunk it down in front of her granola on the kitchen table some sunny noontime, and say triumphantly, “Here’s one of the stinkweeds you missed in your purge.

” She’ll run upstairs, slam the bedroom door, and weep, because he’s gone to so much trouble to prove she was wrong – and he’ll probably not have any idea why she’s so upset. In such manner does the disruptive influence of Uranus sometimes disturb the delicacy of the Neptune vibration. After a few years together, he’ll learn to tread more softly on her tender heart, and she’ll learn he doesn’t love her any the less just because he’s so dead set on proving himself to be right in every minor and major matter. But before they both learn, there will be some pain.

As with all 2-12 Sun Sign Patterns, she’s more tolerant of him than others may be, because he represents to her the twelfth house of Karma, where she has resided more recently than she likes to even subconsciously recall. She doesn’t want to return to such concentration on investigation and curiosity, because she’s advanced in her present existence to accepting many things on faith alone, but she remembers the pitfalls of the Uranus experience, and sympathizes, because they’re familiar to her Higher Self. She represents to him the next lesson he has to learn in human evolvement, and he’s not certain he wants to enroll in the course. But he peeks at the textbook now and then, through her eyes … . and learns a great deal through her example.


Unless Venus was afflicted at her birth, the typical Pisces woman is spared the torture of jealousy that plagues some of her other astrological sisters. She  will seldom suspect him of unfaithfulness, and that alone smooths out a lot of the wrinkles in their relationship. There’s not a whole lot to suspect this man of anyway (barring, of course, an afflicted Venus or Mars in his horoscope, which happens once in a while), because the typical Aquarian man finds quite enough emphasis on the man-woman relationship with one female without running around looking for complications. Romance and physical passion are very nice, he has nothing against either or both, in fact, he’s investigated them and found them to be surprisingly satisfying in every possible way – but there’s little danger that he’ll concentrate on this to the exclusion of all the other fun they have together, and practically no danger that he’ll flirt with the neighbor, even if she comes to the door in a bikini to borrow his hedge clippers. He may enjoy the view, and tease his Pisces woman a little after the neighbor leaves, but then he’ll get right back to his latest interest, whether it’s running for governor of the state, reading his Sherlock Holmes book, working on the plans for their new solar-heated house, or feeding his parakeet.

She’ll smile, and busy herself too, helping him when he needs her, but otherwise leaving him alone to putter around in his mind. It’s rather wonderful to be in love with – and be loved by – a genius. Life may be a little mad, but it’s never monotonous. She never knows what to expect next. Like just now, he told  her to look in the bottom desk drawer. Wondering, she did, and there was a white angora tarn, with a scarf to match. “Surprise!” he says, and winks at her. “It’s lovely,” she replies, “but what’s the occasion for the gift?”

AQUARIUS: No occasion. It’s no special day or anything. I was just remembering yesterday, about that time I walked on your white angora sweater with my muddy boots, seven or eight years ago, and how you didn’t even mention it.
PISCES: But that was so long ago. How sweet of you to think about it, after all this time on an ordinary day, for no special reason. Thank you! It’s really beautiful. A lovely Wednesday morning surprise.

Actually, today is their wedding anniversary, and he hasn’t the foggiest notion of it (on a conscious level). But she won’t say a word. She’ll just smile, blow him a gentle kiss………and water the purple pansies on the windowsill.

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