Zodiac Sign of Captain America / Steve Rogers

  1. What sign you think Steve Rogers(Captain America) is of?

    Steve Rogers the weak but generous man who went through SuperSoldier experiement program to become Captain America the First Avenger. 

    Steve was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 4, 1918. With parents dead and only best friend named James Bucky Barnes, all that steve wants is to be able to serve and fight for the country. 

    Now that he has lost everything after being awaken from sleep of 70 years, he is left in world and era that is all new, all those he loved are lost, his best friend is long dead and his only love Peggy Carter is old and captured by Alzeimers. Yet the man determines and keep fighting for the nation against evil. 

    Being born on July 4 makes him a Cancer, His amazing leadership skills, emotions and loyalty towards friends and country hints towards him being either Taurus, Leo or Capricorn

    What is your Pick? What sign Steve Rogers belongs to?

    1. ARIES
    2. TAURUS
    3. GEMINI
    4. CANCER
    5. LEO
    6. VIRGO
    7. LIBRA
    8. SCORPIO
    11. AQUARIUS
    12. PISCES
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