Meaning behind the anger of zodiac signs

The zodiac signs are well known for their characteristics and specialties. They will always keep you in your track. This article talks about the meaning behind the anger of zodiac signs.

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign,

Meaning behind the anger of Aries – Feeling Disrespected

Not really to stereotype but Aries has a low tolerance to a lot of things and are usually agitated about smaller things. But they cool off as quickly as they got angry in the heat of the moment. Aries however get angry when they feel someone disowning their efforts or disrespecting them. Disagreement is hard to accept for them but anger is mostly due to disregard and contempt.

when aries is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Taurus – Feeling Annoyed

Taurus is a sign that looks most chilled out and relaxed. This is the very reason they have many things that easily irritate them. Taurus can be unpredictable with what annoys them. Something or someone they liked can turn into dislike when it gets too much. Taurus thus is quick to anger with even slight disturbance in a way to protect their personal and mental space.

when taurus is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Gemini – Feeling Defensive

Geminis usually do not bother to justify themselves or get angry with someone, they’d just ignore and forget. But when in a position where they feel attacked on their opinions, values, or personal stuff they lose their calm carefree composure. Gemini in such a situation would not let go easily and make sure to fact check arguments to defend themselves properly.

when gemini is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Cancer – Feeling Suppressive

Cancer is a sign that can get angry and cool down quickly. They have intense mood swings and with that rage frequently occurs too. Cancer tries to suppress or bottle up their anger, as they know how the people around are affected by the same. Usually, their anger is due to extreme irritation they feel due to suppression of feelings & anger that is ready to burst out.

when cancer is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Leo – Feeling Neglected

Leos get angry quickly and quite often. But mostly their anger is directed at people when they have disregarded them in some way or the other. Leos don’t get affected by disagreement much because they feel and know they can persuade easily. But the ignorance or intentionally not acknowledging them is something that can make them feel low and full of rage.

when leo is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Virgo – Feeling Exploited

Virgos are more disappointed in everything than angry. Their dissatisfaction is seen as rage but it is not. Virgos though cannot deal with people taking their advantage and playing them badly. Virgos show extreme anger when their helpless nature is manipulated. They feel exploited, which makes them angry at the people who treated them badly and at themselves.

when virgo is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Libra – Feeling Hurt

Libras can be genuinely kind and generous at heart. They do often hold grudges but mostly let things go for the sake of it. But Libras can not really hold it when someone has hurt them deeply, especially when they know it was done on purpose. Libra is quite fair and just, in a position where they are treated unfairly or harmed in any way is enough to trigger their angry side.

when is libra is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Scorpio – Feeling Humiliated

Scorpio is assumed most angry, it is neither right nor wrong. Scorpio is an extreme and intense sign thus they do come across as angrier than others. Scorpio’s rage is very fierce, and they do not forgive. They get angry when contradicted, hurt. or wounded emotionally. But when they are humiliated especially publicly, it is game over. The wrath of Scorpio is the worst that is there.

when scorpio is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Sagittarius – Feeling Cheated

Sagittarius can not deal with missing out on things or people. Sagittarius tries to be content with everything but when they feel they are being left out they feel betrayed Sagittarius feels anger when they feel even slight disloyalty or cheating. Again as stated earlier it is not just cheating for them is not just infidelity but anything that they label as such

when sagittarius is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Capricorn – Feeling Passive

Capricorns are a tough cookies and even when angry they do not like to show it to others. What they cannot tolerate is being used or being put in a powerless position. Capricorns can’t deal with being stagnant and easily lose their calm when made to act passive. Capricorn’s anger also reflects a lack of authority or power that they feel, again correlating to passiveness.

when capricorn is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Aquarius – Feel Suffocated

Aquarius is not short-tempered but has reasons to get angry often. Aquarius usually tries to be understanding and let go when people irritate them. However, they are not this lenient to those who try to overpower others or try to push their way into the lives of Aquarius and others forcefully. Frustration from the rules & feeling helpless is the cause of their anger.

when aquarius is angry

Meaning behind the anger of Pisces – Feeling Invalidated

It takes effort to have Pisces display anger. Not because they don’t rage easily, on the contrary, the sensitive fish gets angry easily although they may not show it. Pisces do not like when people are pushy, and controlling and do not consider their feelings or ideas at all. Pisces shows a good level of patience and gives many chances before they lose their calm to reveal stormy rage.

when pisces is angry
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