What not to do with Signs – Never do this to Zodiac Signs.

What not to do with Signs – Never do these things to Zodiac Signs: We all have a thing that puts us off or an easy no-no and a clear boundary about certain things. Although these things can be very distinct for each individual, we can try and analyse them in general on the basis of astrology and Zodiac Signs.

In this post we will look at one such thing that should not be done do signs.


Aries is a fire sign, so it goes without saying that they have immense confidence and a no-nonsense attitude. In addition, Aries is also competitive and quite eager to always be higher or ahead of others. Although no sign should be played with, it is an absolute no-no with Aries. As the Mars ruled Aries is not happy-go-lucky when it comes to their emotions and image.

If they are played they would bounce back with public humiliation and would retaliate with a mission to win. They thrive on challenges but can become impatient with those who play mind games. To maintain harmony, it’s best to be upfront and honest when dealing with Aries individuals.


Taurus is an earth sign that is firm and grounded. They have a very strong holding on whatever they believe in. Moreover, they take good time before forming an opinion on something or trusting someone. Thus they expect to be respected for their belief system, and more often than not their opinions are mostly closer to reality. So one thing that should be completely avoided is second-guessing or doubting a Taurus.

Second-guessing their decisions can lead to frustration. Also, Venus-ruled Taurus may not just feel offended but also hurt as the other person fails to see their perceptiveness. In future, they may conceal their honest opinion from you or may just get a little aloof.  Instead, trust their judgment and be reliable in your interactions.


The Mercury sign of Gemini is one Curious sign that is always on the lookout to learn or know more. Gemini have a volatile and fickle nature, which makes them easily bored with current situations and seek a change. But one thing that the Air sign cannot deal with is people not accepting them as they are. The sign has a high standard for themselves and it would not be an exaggeration to say they put themself on a pedestal.

Now, it’s not like they overlook their own flaws, but rather see it as how their lack also adds to their unique personality. It is advised to not expect Gemini to change. They cannot deal with people who want them to behave in a certain way or start telling them how Gemini’s way must be changed. Gemini would run away from such people or would casually and humorously humiliate them as toxic people. Instead of trying to change them, embrace their versatile nature and engage in intellectually stimulating conversations.


Cancer is a water sign and its ruling lord is Moon. They are very much in sync with their emotion and are one of the most affectionate people around. Cancer is a sign that gives it all in any relationship, Whether family, friends or partner. They also tend to be honest and supportive. In an instance where anyone close to them may be suffering from something, whether physical or emotional. Cancerian would try and soothe them with their unconditional care, compassionate gestures and sympathetic yet wise words.

One thing that Cancer is reluctant to do and does not like being on the receiving end of the same is… false hope. For they know that hope is something that saves people and they can really hold on to it to break free from the sufferings. When a false hope is presented Cancerian being sensitive would be terribly hurt when the illusion breaks. They may turn petty or could get hyper-sensitive. It’s important to be honest and empathetic with Cancer individuals.


The fire Sign of Leo is one force to reckon with. They are brave, confident, fearless and like to be at the centre of things. Leo takes great pride in whatever they do. And it would not be an exaggeration to say that they tend to feel they are best at what they do. So, it goes without saying that they can be anxious when they have strong competition, but they give it their best as an opportunity to shine more.

But a thing they cannot handle well is when they are challenged on anything. When someone targets them personally, to prove them wrong, it can shatter the exterior and interior of Leo’s self-respect. Challenging their authority or ego can lead to conflicts. Instead, appreciate their talents and achievements.


Virgo the earth sign is closest to the term perfect. It is all due to their detail-oriented nature and their tendency to make sure everything is as flawless as possible, that makes them the ideal. Virgos also tend to be honest and request integrity in relationships or professional endeavours. They try to be at their best and most truthful to people around them. Thus a half-hearted effort does not make them happy. They would never appreciate cheating or dishonest efforts in a work or life.

When someone lies at work, it does not sit well with their work ethic and would turn into an authoritarian or disciplinary mode. Whereas with the people in their lives, Virgo may seem cold and critical on the surface but are caring, attentive and helpful. When they have been cheated by close people, it may not sit well and they may just retaliate with starking remarks to contain their self-respect. It’s essential to be transparent and accountable in your dealings with Virgos.


Libra is the air sign with the rulership of Venus. They are social, love to be in harmony and peace and have a child-like adorable aura about them. Libras tend to be romantic at heart and see beauty in all people’s hearts. Thus it goes without saying that strong connections and relationships matter to them a lot. Libra are also a little bit of a people pleaser and has a hard time making an important decision where they have to choose someone or something over the other.

One thing that really ticks them off is pushing them to pick a side or to do better. They do things their own way and hurrying them or asking them to pick one feels like betrayal to them. Instead of pushing them, offer support and help them make choices without pressure.


The water sign of Scorpio is intense, sensitive, deep and observant. They are playful but detached and almost come across as intimidating to others. When it comes to people, they may be most outgoing and yet introverted and would not like to reveal their innermost selves. The mysterious sign can also be emotionally manipulative. Scorpio does not trust easily but when they do they give it their all. It’s like taking down the throne wall to let certain special someone in their life castle. Likewise, they also like to be seen as trusted as they value trust and authenticity.

Either it is their innate intuition or their keen eagle-eyed attention, but they can always get a gist of when someone is lying to them. Lying or keeping secrets from them can lead to betrayal. Also, Scorpio can go into revenge mode where they would try to hurt you in an equal or more severe way. It’s crucial to be open and honest with Scorpios.


Sagittarius is a fire sign who is brave, honest and independent. They are one of the most free-spirited and playful signs. Sagittarius prefers to be unchained and unrestricted. They think that no rules or laws can bind them or even stop them from doing what they wish to do. It is unbearable for them when anyone whether family, friends or bosses question them or puts them in a position to justify certain things or reason behind them.

As they believe in freedom of choice and being able to live life the way one wishes to. When restricted, they may retaliate in a more rebelling way and would start cutting off the people who tie them down.  Instead of restricting them, join in on their adventures or support their need for exploration.


The earth sign of Capricorn is hardworking, loyal and ambitious. They are dreamers but not dreamy, who not just wish for a better life but work hard for it. Capricorns are aloof, even dark and detached on the surface but are slow, soft and shy people inside. Moreover, they do not commit easily to anything unless they are completely sure of it. So once they commit to something you know that they have put their heart in it.

In their own practical way, Capricorns try to nurture people around them with realistic bits of advice and help. Although seems unbothered, betrayal is not easy to deal with for the Saturn-ruled sign. They start questioning their faith in everything and everyone. It’s vital to be reliable and committed when dealing with Capricorns.


Aquarius the Saturn-ruled air sign is innovative, humanitarian, unique and intelligent. The sign is carefree, almost rebellious and highly intellectually curious. Their vast interest in various topics is commendable and to add to that they like to know as much as they can. Thus they can be seen as someone who’s a nerd but not the stereotypical one we see in movies. Rather they are the geek who is almost outgoing, and observant of everyone but may keep away from people.

The reason for their distant way is not insecurity but rather the superiority and confidence that they have and feel in their research and know-how. One thing one must never do is, argue with Aquarius… as they might well as know much better about the discussed topic than anyone else. Also, just like Libra they do not like being involved in silly arguments and would wish to have healthy open-minded discussions. Instead of arguing, engage in constructive conversations and respect their unique ideas.


The Water Sign of Pisces is sensitive, empathetic, compassionate and helpful. They have a wide heart that has space for everyone. With non-judgmental listening, unconditional support and an ability to understand unspoken feelings, Pisces can be a favourite among all. They are also great empaths and tend to feel the pain and suffering of others while never leaving their side. With intense emotions, they become habitual of loved ones and would want to be surrounded by them all the time. They can also adapt to the personality and habits of loved ones.

Abandoning them is the worst thing one can do to a Pisces as it breaks their heart as well as personality. Many times they get into self-sabotage and existential crisis. Even being insensitive to their feelings can cause emotional pain. It’s important to be supportive and understanding with Pisces individuals.

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